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  1. Melkana, as wrote the script overwrites the uuid of the sender passed in the listen parameter: key id overwrites means this line: id = llGetKey(); which assigns the uuid of the prim the script is in to the variable id. Which is not what you want. Try the script again with this line removed
  2. a tiny point. We are able to sell any program that is built from GPL or LGPL source code. When we do then we must provide our buyer with a copy/link to the source code. Our buyer may then distribute our source code free of charge as they choose as the license grants them in terms of people contributing to the Linden viewer code base then clause 2 d) of the Contribution Agreement. Link here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Contribution_Agreement the Work (viewer) is currently released under LGPL 2.1, the contributors code is bound to this license edit add. what Marissa said
  3. should mention that the last 2 numbers are quite important. With AMD RX cards don't go below x50. Same with NVidia, don't go below x50. Numbers like x40 and less are 3D graphics capable but they are more designed for business workstations where we only need simple animated 3D objects in presentations. Which is also the target market for Intel Integrated Graphics
  4. Chin, yes agree. Sometimes when linking we can think a blocking issue is with a object when it is isn't. In Marianne's case, Marianne's gets blocked when going up the stairs. Immediate thought, must be the stairs. Unlink the stairs. Walk up the stairs, still blocked. Ergo, is not the stairs. Has to be something else
  5. i was inspecting a pair of boots that another person was wearing they go: you know that I can see your crosshairs on me and I go: how exciting is this then !! and they never said anything after that. Which I found to be a little bit disappointing 😸
  6. what happens when the stairs are unlinked from the rest of the build ? Can you walk up the stairs ?
  7. thanks for the clarification as residents we all have different views about the value of Belli Homes to us personally. In my own case I read about the Belli project last year and I was out of SL at that time. When I read about it, I thought that sounds interesting. Interesting enough to come back on SL and to get a Premium account. Then like a week into the Belli release, that Patch Linden killed pre-emptive privacy on Belli, and I was all like nuuuu! so I went back to a classic mainland parcel. Now that I was back on SL and on a classic mainland parcel. when the offer to extend for another 12 months at $72 I decided to take the offer. So while Belli turned out to be a personal disappointment for me, it hasn't disappointed a whole lot of other people, and I am happy for them and am pretty happy with my classic mainland parcel on the more general point you raised. I get that you are worried about Linden. With the deferral of Last Names and Premium Plus coming on top of what happened with Sansar, I get why that can be worrying just going off my understanding (guessing) of how corporate think works, I think that is prudent for Linden at this time to pause any projects for which there is currently no planned delivery date. While the Board takes stock of where the company, Linden Research, is at. And where the Board wants to be and have a corporate plan to achieve this. That until Linden does have a corporate plan then only the current projects be worked on. In the SL case, the current development projects as planned/contained in the current project viewers, and the Belli Homes project. Everything else is paused until the Board decides what is the purpose of Linden Research the company
  8. just on the AMD RX560 graphics card. Is about equivalent to a NVidia GTX1050 performance wise over an aggregate of 3D games. Lots of people run SL on these cards and get reasonable FPS that is easily playable for them on the Recommended Settings. Turning shadows off when a place is super busy edit ps. As mentioned above the AMD vs NVidia was more about ATI vs NVidia back in the day. The AMD RX+ cards made today are fine for SL
  9. this bit: " In the bigger picture I am still worried about the timeline change since many folks opted into Premium simply to get a Belli house (this in the Spring - April to be exact for the first rush). A lot of those folks (just the folks that I talk to and know well) are planning on going back to basic at their reup date. If the new premium was rolled out earlier as planned, that might have been incentive to stay. Without any newness on the horizon it appears there will be an exodus back to "lowly basic accounts" (which of course I was part of for a decade :D)." Linden have indicated previously that any new Premium Plus plan is going to be a Plus plan with extra stuff not in the current Premium plan so anyone buying a Premium today is not going to get anything less than they are now when a Premium Plus plan is available. If people are deciding not to re-up their Premium plan because of the current unavailability of Belli Homes, then a Premium Plus plan which may also include an unavailable Belli Home is not going to help them to change their mind on not re-upping, when the Belli Home is unavailable no matter what plan they have
  10. Chic, as wrote you seem to be conflating the Belli project with the Name Change project, which I don't think you mean to do the LDPW is still cranking out Belli Linden Homes as fast as they can is a bit of a bummer that Names Changes and Premium Plus has been pushed out, but the projection from Linden was/is that these were going to cost extra, over and above, the current Premium price
  11. Honey, sometimes is best to take a simple path to get the smoothest rotation for the least amount of scripting effort. For example, a simple path is: 1) link the candles arrangement to a transparent central prim. The central prim set to llTargetOmega() which will smoothly rotate the candles arrangement 2) the pedestal is a separate object 3) put them both in a rezzer box. Which rezzes the pedestal and then rezzes the candles arrangement above it
  12. yes agree, if what speed we do go at works for us then is good enough I find 10/50 plenty good enough for what I do. Good enough in the sense that before the fibre came down my street I could only get ADSL2 on copper telephone wire. So going to 10/50 fibre was quantums for me a thing about switching up to a faster broadband plan is that before we do this then best to look at our computer hardware and see if we are getting maximum gain from it when matched against our current ISP plan. When our computer is not getting maximum gain from what we do get from our ISP on our current plan then switching to a faster ISP plan isn't going to make our computer run any faster
  13. i stopped using scripted texture organisers since Catznip included a mouseover texture thumbnail preview. The cool thing about this is that it will also do the thumbnail preview of the 1st texture in the folder when mouseover the folder name
  14. ^^ this if you have a 10/100 or 100/100 network adapter card then look at upgrading your network adapter to 1GB if you can
  15. skin and makeup. Followed by shape editing. Shape editing meaning either a mesh head or classic head that responds to the shape sliders as a measure of uniqueness, right now I am on a line dance. 24 female avatars, nobody has a face that is similar to the others. Same with the 8 male avatars. 3 of who have beards
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