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  1. i could live in a street like this i saw some chat from some Moles on these forums previously about how parcels would need to be partitioned to do something like this the 4m parcel seperator might need to be removed for some of this styles of homes. Given that the biggest visual obstacle to direct adjoining parcels is on-screen banline tape leaking thru walls, but also given that parcel banlines can't be set on the new Linden Home continents then this visual obstacle would not be present so what could work with terrace housing is parcels 16m x 64m. Long and narrow. Home fronting the street, with space for a garden and/or garage at the rear. Some of the houseboat parcels are shaped like this
  2. sort of we have to use animated textures on appropriate shaped mesh objects to simulate fluids
  3. which enclosed spaces are safe and which are not, is not the rationale for closing non-essential business premises. The rationale is to minimise travel to and from those spaces outside of our homes. Which is working where I live
  4. agree that the longer this goes on the tighter it is going to get for all companies and people just on a personal note tho, I have been unable to spend all my discretionary budget, admittedly small, that I did before. Am not able to go out clubbing or to the theatre, or for small item retail therapy. Up until now I have been saving it up just in case things go really bad. But the longer things go on then I am going to splurge a little bit on things that make me happy for happy sake first up is a whole lot of more easter eggs than normal which I already got at the supermarket when I did my grocery shopping for next month the other day. Our PM says that the Easter Bunny is an essential worker in these times and the inner child in me, along with about 3 or 4 million other real and inner childs, totally agree. Seems we going to be in our bubbles for an extra week now, so the easter bunny is welcome in pretty much every home if having to stay in my bubble goes on much longer than this then I am going to start spending my discretionary budget on what makes me happy for the sake of being happy like I mentioned. Which is going to include outfits and stuff in SL. Basically if I can't have nice new little things in my RL to cheer me up in these times, then my avatar can and I can be a little bit more happy for that reason
  5. can have the inworld search not find your Profile in the Linden viewer: menu: Me \ Preferences \ Privacy \ Show my profile info in Search results (untick) other limiting viewer functions are your Profile page Privacy tab, set the options to the most restrictive settings
  6. if you into water vehicles then an informal gathering place inworld is Blake Sea - Sirens Isle. Is a Linden region in the sea Some Linden turned on the music stream, not sure when, and people go there on their boats, to hang out, chat and play their dance AOs to the music. Depending on the time of day there can be quite a lot of people there. Other times less so. I went by there about 3 hours ago. Was about 14 boats parked up and about 22 people at that time
  7. staff fatigue probably. The LDPW people have been on this project for months now. Some of the people probably need a holiday, rest up and come back refreshed
  8. try The Temple of the Collar on Arcadia region inworld quite a few free collars there. All of them can auto-update to the latest version. The updater you can get for free from the kiosk also
  9. we have dedicated liquor stores that are open as well. Being able to buy alcohol with the rest of the super market shopping is quite convenient tho my vent wasn't really about the beer. It was more about what happened at the door afterwards. It was funny to me, because of how well the door people handled the conversation. The guy fell right in
  10. my local supermarket has been doing a pretty good job at managing us their customers. Long lines to get in because restrictions on the numbers allowed in at one time. Most people just queue and want patiently at distance. I was in the queue for 45 minutes when I went first thing in the morning there are two queues. The main queue is for us non-essentials who have all day to do our shopping. The short priority queue for essential services workers, which us non-essentials accept as necessary. There are some burly people on the doors who manage all this with a light touch, so all good my vent is people who have begun to treat the supermarket as a daily social outing because everywhere else is closed. They come to queue and chat to whoever will listen, linger about in the shop for ages, buy one or two things and then come back the next day and do it again the burly people are now putting time-bans on some of these people when I was in the queue there was this guy. He gets in ahead of me. Wanders about with a trolley with nothing in it for the whole time I was in the store. Then he buys one box of beer and that's it. The checkout person never said anything. Just did their job and rang up the sale. The burly people on the door had plenty to say,. I earwigged on the conversation. It went: You have plenty of food and toiletries at home sir!. The guy says: Yes I do. The burly person asks: Enough to last you for 3 days? Beer box says: Yes I am fine. Burly person: Great! here is a trespass notice, don't come back here for three days. Have a nice day sir! i was laughing all the way home, still am
  11. Patch Linden has put a new sticky at the top of this forum about what is available and has said they will endeavour to keep this updated as time permits
  12. a fyi there is a Knowledge Base article about what characters can be used in display names here:
  13. this gets to where you and I differ to me these are choices that a designer makes for themselves. It is their choice. As it should always be. That a person's choices might not work out for them in the market, is neither here nor there in terms of their right to make these choices also, as you point out the designer has learned from their previous market experience, and have made a Legacy developer's kit available. From my own pov it is pretty pricey. But is the price, and people who make stuff for avatars can pay it or not as they choose
  14. no I am not. If I say what it was on here then everyone will know who this person is i can't do this, as we are not allowed to disclose personal information about a person on Linden services without that person's permission
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