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  1. i haven't seen that blue before but it might be a avatar hardware skinning problem with Linden viewer then: menu: Me \ Preferences \ Graphics \ Advanced Settings \ Shaders \ Local Lights \ Avatar Hardware skinning try toggling this off and on and see what happens
  2. may be one day Linden will make it so that a compiled script can be set to an experience. When set then any experience-related script capability applying to the Experience to which it is set, somehow
  3. ah! ok. So if there were things like rain and lightning then this would be scripted particles effects timed to line up with the scripted EEP sky effects
  4. you can file a support request to Linden under what is referred to as the "donut" rule. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Mainland_policies the "donut" rule is under the heading: Policy prohibiting land-cutting: "We therefore may, in our sole discretion, move any parcel of land that is smaller than or equal to 128 sqm where such land is interfering with the enjoyment of a significantly larger parcel of land or region." this is not to say that current owner of the 64m is a land-cutter. Just that if the owner of the 64m is not using the parcel then Linden under the r
  5. i have wondered about this myself. If the L$ is converted to USD and the USD is then used to purchase services from Linden (tier) then is this a trade activity. As income for Linden I think it would be, and I suppose it could be also for the resident being that it takes two parties to constitute a trade. Altho for the resident it would be an expenditure and not income
  6. i think the main impetus was to allow us to create full day cycles of our own design. Quite a few estates, parcel owners and roleplay regions have done this @Qie Niangaomentioned that they have (in conjunction with an Experience) created a stormy weather environment. The sky responds more/less darker and cloudy as the storm gains and lessens. I haven't seen it myself yet but assume that the scripted effects include rain, thunder and lightning on top of the sky environment changes
  7. the question has already been answered by Linden in the EEP implementation. Our viewer will only use a estate, parcel or Experience environment when we enable: Use Shared Environment
  8. it is true. Just have to login to the viewers (Linden standard and Firestorm EEP Beta) to see that it is as I described in first post
  9. the Firestorm EEP menu and debug settings are the same as the Linden viewer. Both viewers do the same things in the same way. They enable us to choose to control our viewer environment as we want it
  10. is best to have a play with a EEP-enabled viewer and you will find that it does what you want with Linden viewer then menu: World \ Environment \ Use Shared Environment is by default enabled. When enabled then our environment will change according to the parcel EEP settings to have a constant environment then same as before. Menu: World \ Environment \ Midday | Sunrise | etc. When set to say Midday we can also modify this (change it up a bit) with menu World \ Environment \ Personal Lighting. Or if we have created our own environment sets then menu: World \ Environment \ My Enviro
  11. is some merit in this argument normally election advertising has to also contain a message saying which realworld traceable person/org has authorised the advert
  12. linden viewer menu: Me \ Preferences \ Chat \ Translation... button (bottom left the dialog page)
  13. i wants emojis. So that when I wear my group tag over my display name I can be squiggly squiggles over moar squiggly squiggles 😺
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