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  1. done well that can work i sometimes think about building the 4160m tall Tower of Falling Happiness on my tiny mainland parcel, with a sit elevator in it. When it reaches the top (4095.99) it unsits you and no parachute
  2. when creating gardens I think that what we can sometimes miss in our design is flow. In this case how objects on neighbouring parcels (which we have no control over) affect/reduce the number of flow paths available to us in this photo the dominant object is the pile of Mole rocks. The next dominant thing is the Mole hedge with Mole trees behind is two primary flow paths available to us in this case: 1) we incorporate the rocks and hedge as a featured extension of our design flow, or 2) we de-emphasize them and send them to the background taking the hedge first, and for this purpose we choose 2) de-emphasize we can do this by planting a bed of wild flowers, grasses, and small bushes in front of the hedge. So the flow slopes up with the odd larger bush breaking the uniformity of the flow slope. bed -> hedge -> trees our intent here is to break up the non-wild looking aspect of the hedge (as we can't remove the hedge) with the rocks we think, because we like rocks (for this example) we go with 1). incorporate the rocks as a feature. And we can do this by placing rocks in our garden. We don't need many to do this, just enough so there is a continuity flow then using the same flowers, grasses and bushes objects) to join them to each other and the bed by the hedge that's phase 1 the main rule of wild gardens is that they first look like wild gardens. No man-made objects to begin with. When the rocks and plants are in place, then the next phase 2 is: where in this garden would the animals be if this was a natural garden? Which area would the rabbits seek ? Where would the deer go when left to seek it for themselves. And that's where we put the animals once the animals are in place, the plants are growing and the rocks are just being rocks, then phase 3) we come into this natural environment as our human visitor/guest selves. Without disrupting nature, where can we put our own stuff. Our picnic blankets, fireplaces, swings, rockers, our sheds, wheelbarrows, etc
  3. i think it might be best to start with understanding how to buy a parcel on mainland. A good intro vid for how to do this is: once you have bought a mainland parcel then you can rez your own building. A skybox is a building that you rez up in the sky over your parcel
  4. is an interesting problem this stepping thru it 1) How much bonus land can we buy for 5120 tiers? 5120 + 10% (512) = 5632sqm 2) How to calculate the tier price of bonus land? Formula: Sqm / 110 * 100 5632 / 110 * 100 = 5120 tier 3) How to split this evenly between 2 groups as: 4096 / 110 * 100 = 3,723.636. Rounded up: 3724 1536 / 110 * 100 = 1,396.363. Rounded up: 1397 3724 + 1397 = 5,121. We are 1 tier over which will put us up to the next level 4) To avoid this. What is the closest number to 4096 which doesn't invoke rounding ? 4048 4048 / 110 * 100 = 3680 even 5120 - 3680 = 1440 1440 * 10% (144) = 1584 1584 / 16sqm = 99 even 5) Summary Group A owns 4048sqm for a cost of 3680 tiers Group B owns 1584sqm for a cost of 1440 tiers 4048 + 1584 = 5632 3680 + 1440 = 5120
  5. in my case I don't use the forums Ignore function on anyone i mean that inworld I use the Ignore capability in my head. Get some random chat/IM inworld and is all a bit meh! then I ignore it and don't reply
  6. if you want to keep it going as it is, an ongoing environment, and not turn it into a museum (which it will we be if it goes down the preservation path) is to get creative financially. The only viable path to keeping it on the non-profit discounted program is thru donations donations/tips in the general sense, can be viable when there is no implicit benefit given that is disallowed a thing that I would also look at in return for a donation is Recognition. A wearable group tag over a donor's head is a form of Recognition. A donor guild tag, a donor guild rank, etc. Perhaps collective guild rez rights anywhere on a region set aside for that purpose, etc the other thing of course is that only 1 or 2 regions could remain as non-profit, the binding for the community. The other surrounding regions go full commercial and the rents set to cover them and the 1 or 2 binding regions. It may be that this path allows the community to grow. Other people who already have regions of their own and have the shared passion may move their regions and attach them to the bindings
  7. i only block automated subscribo and bot services that send me adverts for which I never signed up for with people I just put them on Ignore No-Reply
  8. maybe the fandom could do that think of the rental box as a donation to the non-profit. Only becomes a actual rental if people mount their own stuff in the space, or treat the space as for their exclusive use. Nobody has to do that part
  9. alnej eiavhas. Jiak do noav ukpeak orciukh jiak avhink avhough avhaav Orwar iuk ukayaumn ukomeavhaumn abouav naughavausan avhinguk
  10. i think your best chance would be a Windows 7 gfx driver. Maybe this one might work: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/110262/en-us and most likely the LL Obsolete Viewer here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Release/
  11. only in the last yearr was I able to go on fibre (had to wait years for the fibre to come down our street). For all the time before that I was on ADSL and then ADSL2. On ADSL (which was 4 down and 0.8 up) SL ran ok. With ADSL2 (12 down and 1 up) it went a bit better. I also had a very long ping time 300+ on ADSL, 250+ on ADSL2. With fibre my ping is about 160+ to the USA SL went ok in all that time on ADSL/2. The only real issue was getting the assets and textures down into my cache. Took a long time compared to fibre. But once I got them down then it all went ok as Wulfie mentions above. Is not so much about the speed of the connection. It's the reliability. A good hub/router which can handle/cache large numbers of near simultaneous http requests is the key to reliability on a slow connection
  12. this ^^ i think it is the only argument for preservation of inworld builds. Building is not just about art. It is also about engineering. Preservation is a snapshot in time of technique and best practices with the resources and tools available at that time. A museum piece, a recording of history
  13. i think Mimite is asking how to go about writing a shield system with targeting, defensive interceptors, deflectors, and auto response capabilities, defensive and/maybe offensive if so then Mimite, google on key words LSL SHIELD. This will return links to some op[en source LSL scripts and discussions that will get you started down this path
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