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  1. not sure if there is a list of the RBGs anywhere in Linden viewer, menu: Develop \ Show Info \ Show Color Under Cursor this shows bottom right your screen the first 3 numbers are the R G B of the pixel under the cursor
  2. if a bit crazy then can get even more crazy like link a police figure to a anchor prim. Rotate the anchor prim so the police figure is under the ground. When a person is detected walking down the middle of the road. then rotate the police onto the road by the person and shout: Hah! You under arrest for jaywalking!!! Please to follow me into the secret police station, where you get locked up and have to eat cream cakes!!!"
  3. how is the bundle rezzed ? From a user's inventory ? when so then rather than a sensor in the floor then the bundle script on_rez can ask for the presence of the floor and listen for a response. When the floor script responds the bundle can act appropriately. An open listen tends to use less resources than a repeating sensor http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlListen
  4. a thing we can do is to write ('script') our project in a human language. English for example: A. When an Offspring is born: 1) Add a new offspring record to the database table: Offspring 2) Record the uuid (key) of the SL Owner of the Offspring 3) Assign Offspring attributes from database table: Attributes 4) On affirmation by database server, on http request from SL Owner HUD, have HUD rez a new Offspring object inworld 5) From script within new Offspring object then ON_REZ - fetch Offspring Attributes from database using http - apply fetched Attributes to newly rezzed Offspring object B. ... another thing to do ... C. .... and another ... your breedables may or may not work exactly this way. Just script in English the way they do work when we do this then we are thinking in our programming language: English when our English program is working logically then we can translate it to another language more readily. LSL, PHP, etc when we can see/show our program (or part of) in English then the question becomes: What LSL functions and/or events do I need to translate my program to LSL ? We can answer this by looking in the LSL wiki, or we can ask on forums like this one for pointers to the appropriate wiki listings when we are unsure edit add. Escuro, the two questions asked in the OP are really broad. They are more a subject heading like written above: A. Do this. B. Do this other thing there needs to be a bit more detail before a more useful in-depth answer can be given
  5. a whole lot of knowledge is needed to bring these kinds of projects to fruition as you mention there is not much information about all this freely/readily available to us on the web to get you started on the path, it might be better to post in the Wanted section of these forums for a knowledgeable person who can spend time to help/assist you in getting up to speed on all the different facets of this project
  6. pretty much yes this is how it works in the fine print for organisations like Paypal, Tilia, etc it usually says that they will try to RL identify us electronically with the information they already have on us, and/or from the minimal amount of information initially asked for in our account application the fine print usually goes on to say that, when they are unable to do this then they will ask us for additional information to secure our RL identity for example. The minimal amount of information that Tilia initially asks for in establishing our account would be our SL account name, and any Payment Method information we may have on file for purchasing services from Linden (Premium, Tier, L$) this inward flow of money is regulated/governed by the Trusted status of the Payment Method providers - credit card company, Paypal, etc). There is a thing in the regulations called the Chain of Trust where organisations are able to trust other organisations when those organisations are compliant. Linden can trust Tilia, Tilia can trust VISA, VISA can trust the bank, etc for an outward flow (cash out) then Paypal etc must be able to to trust Tilia. For this Tilia must RL-know who it is transmitting money to Paypal on behalf of. Tilia can't use the fact that Paypal already knows who owns a Paypal target account. Paypal has no way of knowing that the person initiating Tilia to transmit money to them (Paypal) is the actual same person who owns the Paypal account. Paypal trusts that Tilia knows who this person is
  7. two scripts are needed for this 1) HUD script that knows about the animation(s) in the other worn object 2) Animate script in the other worn object that contains the animation and holds the wearer's permissions the Animate script listens for a message from the HUD http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Listen pcode basics example for same owner of HUD and other worn object // HUD script integer CHANNEL = -161616; // some channel number touch_start(...) { llWhisper(CHANNEL, "Name of animation"); } // Animate script state_entry { llListen(CHANNEL, "", llGetOwner(), ""); ... request owner permissions ... } listen (..., string text, ...) { // check that script has permission if (llGetPermissionsKey() == llGetOwner()) { // check that 'text' is an animation in Contents if (llGetInventoryType(text) == INVENTORY_ANIMATION) { llStartAnimation(text); ... stop any previous started animation ... } } }
  8. some of the ocean regions have a Linden rez zone parcel. Which is quite nice when we need to open boxes or rez stuff to look at to find these parcels then use inworld Search keyword: Linden Rez Zone as Rolig says under the ocean near a Linden Rez Zone is pretty good, when we are waiting for a new Linden Home to show up on the list on our dashboard
  9. the white spot (indicator) means that you have voice activated to not show the indicator then we toggle Voice off (and on) menu" Me \ Preferences \ Sound & Media \ Voice Chat \ Enabled sound controls also top right your screen. Untick Voice to deactivate
  10. i think that when people do get crossed up in social relationships then is usually because they are not listening carefully for what the other person is trying/wanting to say what people are trying/wanting to say isn't always obvious. And in other cases people will tell us things by inference example of this is when a person I have never met before on SL, asks me my A/S/L within minutes. I typically say 19 / Neko / Fyre Maven. And they go I mean in RL ? And I go: So do I i say 19 because, have to be at least 18 to live in Fyre Maven and I have had my Molly account for about a year now. 18 + 1 = 19 they go: Neko is not a gender, and I go: Yes it is. (which always gives people a moment of pause) by now the person having listened to what I am inferring, has worked out that my disclosing RL details to them at this moment is pretty much zero and it gives them an opportunity at the earliest possible time to withdraw gracefully. Which most people who prefer RL-like social relationships on SL actually do. They say: Nice chatting to you. Take care! And I say the same back and we are done anybody who after having this kind of introductory conversation with me and still stays in contact for a social purpose, knows that I am happy to relate to their inworld character, but that I am not interested in them (or want them interested in me) for a RL-like social purpose
  11. i use Windows User profiles to keep different parts of my RL activities separate for work related stuff I have all that on one profile. For RL personal/family then another profile. And for non-work creative stuff and games (which includes SL ) then a profile for this. Separate Windows profiles helps me to keep all my files in order. My emails and messages as well. Like I have 3 email addresses, one for each profile because my SL is behind my Gamer profile then any one else who does access my computer physically has to get past my Windows User profile login. Same with my Work and Personal profile logins when I create a SL account then I always use the same security question and password. This way I don't have to remember much at all.
  12. a way is to create a mesh object with multiple faces that represent the various arc/length points of the rope, and then use texture animation on the faces to simulate the appearance of movement. Some plants and animals use this technique
  13. if Linden don't pick a name I submitted and give me a winners prize which I o.b.v.i.o.u.s.l.y deserve, then SL is t.o.t.e.s d.o.o.m.e.d and will close down soon after, as all the people will go how lame is this and not come back anymore
  14. mini map is 1 of 6 things that I have a toolbar button for my toolbar: Inventory, Appearance, Camera, Search, Places, Minimap Build is the other thing I do most frequently, but I am used to pressing Ctrl+B for that. Same with Ctrl+H for chat
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