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  1. i think it was Quartz Mole who said a little while ago on here that the Moles have been evolving the buildings rezzing system as the Belli project has gone along. Am not sure exactly what the details are but going off what has been said about it, I think the system can replace items in the mailbox rezzers (or maybe replace the rezzers) on a region from a central console. And I think (again from what I can surmise) that is used at this moment during the build-out stage, to replace buildings that fail Q&A am not sure if this capability has been backward extended to the existing homes oc
  2. looking at the description of the silver mining game then I can't see how it is a ponzi scheme nor how it could be seen as a multi-level marketing scheme. Both of which are illegal in some RL jurisdictions when there is no cost to people who come and touch the mine (start play mining for a no-cost-to-them reward) then is design-wise no different to a money tree, midnight mania board, etc if there is no output or operational difference between Early Mover Mine and Late Mover Mine am not sure tho why anyone would want to buy a silver mine from another player, unless the trade is done
  3. am happy that you got it worked out the escape code \t is documented here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:LSL_String example code: default { state_entry() { string data = "apple\tbanana\tcarrot"; llOwnerSay(data); // output: apple (4 spaces) banana (4 spaces) carrot list parsed = llParseString2List(data, ["\t"], []); integer i; for (i = 0; i < 3; i++) { llOwnerSay(llList2String(parsed, i)); } } }
  4. yes. is always good to start with the data. Ensure that at each parsing step in the receiver it is as you know/expect it to be
  5. just adding a FYI the keyboard shortcut is the same in the Linden viewer. Also in Linden viewer can be done with menu: Advanced \ Set UI Size to Default
  6. CLICK_ACTION_NONE is the same value as CLICK_ACTION_DEFAULT ( =0 ) and would pass touches thru to the root prim script a few weeks ago Linden introduced CLICK_ACTION_DISABLED ( =8 ) which doesn't do the touch pass thru i also think that now when we set the prim in the Edit tool to Click action: None, then it sets it to the new value CLICK_ACTION_DISABLED am sure that this has been done in response to the problem identified in the Bellissaria project (as you have noticed) there was quite a lot of discussion about this on here back when the newer Linden Homes went to root pri
  7. suggest that you set your price according to the level of support you intend to provide. Most people who buy scripts need support, particularly for business/money at this time, is not so much that it has a unique capability not found in other products. Is more about what you think your time is worth to support (and promote) your product.
  8. i know your pain. Without a data set to test against then is all pretty much guessing as to why OP is having problems just a general note for anyone reading. When testing then if we want to find an issue then be systematic comment out all but the first codeblock (make this as short as possible). Say all the variable values. Check them against what you know the test output at this point should be when these are correct, then uncomment the next codeblock. Say the variables and check them against what they should be and so on when we have nested inline code and
  9. this is where I would start to debug. Going one step at a time. Start with: Test 1: ink_message(integer sender_num, integer num, string list_argument, key id) { // do all the messages in the test data set arrive? // say what is received. If some messages are not arriving then the issue is with the transport llOwnerSay(llDumpList2String([num, list_argument], ",")); } Test 2: parse list_argument to list. OwnerSay memory consumed for every message in test suite data. If memory error then look at data set reductions for solution and so on progressively thru th
  10. my comment wasn't aimed at RLVA. It was directed at the atrociousness of the code in the listen event. The OP should not want to learn from this kind of scripting. And nobody with any reasonable level of scripting experience is going to want to proffer a way to hack around this level of scripting. So the suggestion, find another script or failing that find a scripter to write the OP a less atrocious script to learn/begin with
  11. the script debug error message "could not find sound" means what it says. The sound asset could not be found by the asset server. This has nothing to do with the script and everything to do with the asset server so the suggestion to test on more than one region that the regions that you have tested on all produce the same error means what is said on all regions tested. That the sound asset could not be found edit: the only time this debug error has anything to do with the script is when an invalid sound asset identifier is passed to the asset server by the script
  12. if it worked and we never touched the script and then it doesn't work with the exact same inputs then best to try it on other regions, more than one other is best
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