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  1. i think OP was meaning that they hadn't yet found these on MP at the time of posting. There are lots of these and smilars on MP so I think OP has since found them
  2. may be OP dressed up and went to Korea1 and asked everybody there on voice where all the koreans at
  3. that's true. Some of the more advanced orbs have the option to immediately eject an avatar. The advantage of these orbs is that they also have an admin list. When we add our friends (and/or alts) to the admin list then they also have the capability to immediately eject and/or ban avatars from our parcel
  4. @Gryphon Ronas 😛 i was just messing about really with the helicopter thing i think that what LL are hoping to achieve re. community, for this project is worthwhile and I think the absence of banlines in this case is probably worth it, as is the 15 second orbs. At least for this Bellissaria community building aspect
  5. in the past a helicopter person could hover over your house for 0 seconds
  6. Mollymews

    Land Auctions

    when a parcel is set for sale then there is an option to sell the parcel with or without the objects on it. For the objects to be sold then they must have Transfer permissions so that the buyer will actually get the object. Which they won't when the objects are No-Transfer permission, no matter how the sale is set. Pretty much your thought that its window dressing is correct in most cases. You won't get the buildings far more times that you will
  7. the shield is banlines. LL decided no banlines on the new Linden Homes continent because helicopters
  8. i continue to pay LL even though I actually signed up to Premium to get a new Linden Home. I decided that a ordinary mainland parcel is a better experience for me than what I originally signed up for
  9. not sure but it might be that LL are now staggering them around the clock so that people in other time zones have a more even chance of getting one. If they are then I think it's a better way to do it
  10. the topic does come up sometimes, but LL is never going to do it as the inworld is a shared experience. The basis of a shared experience is that we can't opt other people out of it, we can only opt ourselves out. A bit like the real world in this sense. All we can do with other people, same as the real world, is ban/prevent people only from our own properties/groups/etc. We can't ban/block/prevent them from the shared (public) space. Only LL can do that as the owner of the public/shared space
  11. it depends on what you mean by rent. If you mean that you rent the parcels from another resident (the parcel owner) then you will have to get them to join the parcels if you are the owner of the parcels then: 1) menu: World \ Show \ Property lines. (You will see your parcel boundaries colored green. Move your camera a bit until the boundary lines show) 2)) Right click on the terrain (ground) inside your 1st parcel 2) right click menu: Edit Terrain. (will show a dialog window. Leave this open) 3) Left click on the terrain and drag your mouse from the 1st parcel to the 2nd parcel. (You will see yellow band lines on the terrain following your mouse) 4) When the yellow lines cover 1 or more squares on both parcels then on the dialog window the Join button will enable. Click the Join button and done
  12. yes as Lindal says above. Blocking only means that you can't see or hear them. They can see and hear you. Hear includes all types of chat
  13. this is relatively easily doable LSL scriptwise. Basically check if the agent position is inside a XYZ box (or an arrangement of XYZ boxes when the house is L or T shape or whichever shape) the issue with this for the new Linden Homes parcels is the covenant requires 15 seconds warning. No insta-kill allowed. I think that it doesn't make a lot of sense really to reduce the kill zone in the 15 second warning case. Makes more sense to deploy this kinda orb on regular mainland where insta-kill is allowed
  14. if the parcels were long (like some of the houseboat parcels) 16 x 64 then there could be terrace houses also. Butting the 16m sided walls up against a 4m wide building joiner piece to get that seamless terraced look. That would be a big internal floor plan, 16 x 28 about. 16 x 8 about for the frontage, leaving something like 512m for a backyard garden
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