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  1. second this. My Chesapeake was locked on the first rez. After unlocking it by camming inside, rezzing another type of trailer, and re-rezzing the Chesapeake then it stayed unlocked
  2. yes true. I need to chill and get less snippy. I got to much passive-aggressive of my own to deal with 😺
  3. post in the Wanted forum if you want somebody to write the script for you
  4. adding to this. Because this is really helpful how-to-do-it when we are new to terraforming Liam has a whole region, and after a quick chat the concept was some border hills, a waterfall into a river flowing across a savanna to a little beach on the sunset sea side. Jungle-fy the hilly parts and the savanna being the hunting ground and roaming for large cats - lions, tigers, etc. A home/lodge on the sunrise side and a viewing stand by the beach to terraforim this concept quickly and safely when we are new to terraforming then cutout parcels for each area of interest. Rectangle parcels for the lodge and stand. Parcel for the waterfall, parcel for the waterfall pool, parcel for the beach. Chop the hills into parcelled sections. And make a winding parcel across the region for the river do the parcelling like this, so that if we make a mistake using the terraforming tools then the mistake will be restricted to the parcel. When we don't parcel and we are new to terraforming then we can wreck a whole region's worth of work with a wrong click after we have finished our terraforming concept then we can join the parcels back together. Thereafter have our Size and Strength set to Low/Lowish so when we do click or drag our mouse then the terrain will only change a tiny bit, patting it like clay Liam was last seen mounting all his stuffs and happily patting his terrain
  5. the encoding method means that a list is not needed. Can use a string instead of a list
  6. Liam if you inworld now I can come and give you a help if you want. IM me on my name. Terrain can be a bit tricky when you first start
  7. a way to do this, to avoid the data server event not firing when not a agent uuid, is to use HTTP. This does respond. And if the server is troubled then the http query key will return NULL_KEY example default { state_entry() { key id = llGetOwner(); // some legit agent key // key id = llGetKey(); key queryAgent = llHTTPRequest("http://world.secondlife.com/resident/" + (string)id, [HTTP_METHOD,"GET"], ""); if (queryAgent == NULL_KEY) llOwnerSay("HTTP no response"); } http_response(key id, integer status, list meta, string body) { // for valid agent key, body will be a profile page // or will be a error: page not found integer isAgent = llSubStringIndex(body, "error-page") != 36; llOwnerSay(llList2String(["NOT AGENT", "IS AGENT"], isAgent)); } }
  8. is the same up home where I come from. Shops in the back blocks which have everything, and will get whatever you want if they don't have in stock a big reason these shops survive, is that the shopkeepers let local people run a store account and settle up monthly. Which because rural income is variable makes it simpler for the locals when baby needs diapers now, equipment needs a part replaced immediately if the crop is to be harvested, dad needs medicating, mum needs ribbons for the hall dance, etc also as well when a family's income is a bit down for the month, then the shopkeeper will carry the family over to the next month (months even in some cases). The whole rural we are all in this together. Down today, up tomorrow and thank you
  9. if you are happy to trade speed for memory then can pack/unpack the bits of a string example here:
  10. i had a play with the llGet/llSet MemoryLimit as shown by animats above. Works pretty good
  11. this is actually what I wanted, after I saw at the birthday. But somewhere the style got changed to wood the Shenandoah caravan has this metal texture tho. Dunno why it got dropped from this the Cheaspeake. But oh! well, i can work with wood
  12. i notice that a couple of people are turning their Williamsburg campers into cabins, by boardiing up the wheels :😻
  13. i notice in my area that well over half of the people have chosen the Williamsburg, probably because its the most like a cabin
  14. this ^^ what Prof said a thing with parse to list is that when ":" is used as the delimiter then list cmd = ["config","start"] or ["config", "stop"] etc so can check: if (llList2String(cmd, 0) == "config) { arg = llList2String(cmd, 1) } where this approach gets super useful is when some cmds have 1 argument and others have more than one. Example: "config:color:blue". "config:orient:up" "config:orient:down" etc if (llList2String(cmd, 1) == "color" { tint = llList2String(cmd, 2) }
  15. i ran out of prims doing my moonshine shed and garden. So my trailer has only 3 fake curtains in it . But I have corn and sunflowers for my still is a free moonshine taster on the barrel by the front by the road. If you don't like to get old school animated wasted falling over then best not to take and wear ok 😺
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