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  1. menu: Develop \ Render Metadata \ Bounding Boxes
  2. this is fair comment stick with the Linden viewer (as is working ok for you on your computer) and wait til Firestorm EEP catches up to the Linden EEP and again goes ok on your computer Firestorm team shouldn't be to far away from a next release, as Linden have been advancing EEP quite a lot and Firestorm won't want to be left to far behind i am on the Linden LMR5 viewer at the moment and a whole lot of the previous EEP issues have/are being resolved. Mainland default sky/environment is looking more and more like I remember Windlight default sky/environment. The scene is a whole
  3. yes Linden are pretty good these days about restarting mainland regions i have had it go the other way as well. The terrain having a soft spot. Avatar sinking into the ground like quicksand
  4. if all else fails then file a Support Request and ask for a region restart, which should fix the problem
  5. Harry was born Prince Henry of Wales because at time of birth his father was Charles Prince of Wales. Wales is by royal protocol the family name of the male heir to the throne and he is not using his HRH title by command of the Monarch. He gets not to because the Queen said so. The Queen did remove his royal work posts titles tho, accepted his resignation from those roles because not employed by the firm anymore is two parts to the monarchy. The family and the firm (the firm does the work/business of the monarchy) the Queen said he can't refer to himself as His Royal Highness Pr
  6. a workround is to use llEscapeURL to encode the message then unescape it after it arrives in your email box example to send: default { state_entry() { string address = "youremail@youremailprovider.com"; string subject = "Some Escaped Message"; string message = "貢獻L$@0到彩池"; llEmail(address, subject, llEscapeURL(message)); } } to unescape the received email can manually use a URL decoder (unescaper). Is quite few free web ones or, depending on your email client capabilities can automate/script the unescape
  7. i read a while ago that Linden were looking at enabling emojis in the viewer. If so then it should mean that UTF-16 4 byte chars (emojis, etc) would also be enabled in notecards, script editor, strings and PRIM_TEXT functions would be good if this was to happen also, in addition to Chr and Ord I wouldn't mind Unicode2Integer and Integer2Unicode this way we could use the Unicode number for the character rather than the UTF-16 binary value. Like: string catface = llInteger2Unicode(0x1F431); integer unicode = llUnicode2Integer(catface); 0x1F431 is Unicode U+1F431
  8. the Everything is Blue fix is here: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_amd
  9. with Maitreya then in the Maitreya folder is: Maitreya Mesh Body - BoM Add-On Parts V5.2 (V5.3) so add that then add the HUD. Maitreya Mesh Body - BoM Add-On Parts HUD V5.2 (V5.3) using this HUD then enable: Pelvis. Which will flatten the pelvis area (to do what you want) can also flatten Breasts, Nipples and Belly Button as well (for BoM tops) and Toe Caps (toes and toenails) so can wear BoM stockings/socks and not have our toes/toenails stick out
  10. what gold ? if Meghan had married Harry for the gold then Harry would still be Prince Henry of Wales, Duke of Sussex. And Meghan would be gold diggery happy as Princess Meghan of Wales, Duchess of Sussex - partner of 6th in line to the throne this is not the case yes Harry did walk away from the throne. and good on him. He should not be forced by accident of birth to live his life as a royal-bred pet of the people
  11. llOrd and llChr follow the naming convention in languages like Python, Pascal and Basic. Ord means the ordinal (index) value of a character in the character set i agree that the functions should be named more consistently with the LSL naming conventions. llChar2Integer() and llInteger2Char() work for me is not said but I think the idea with llHash is integer h = llHash("some string"). a lightweight version of producing a random looking integer from a known string example might be: integer channel = llHash(mySecret + (string)llGetOwner()) and if we want a negat
  12. where I live New Zealand the requirement is that a company cannot retain payment method information without permission and they cannot use any payment method information that they may have to future transactions without permission. So it seems to me that the Tilia Add request is conformant rules change, and while Tilia continues to put those rules in front of the people (as in the Add case) then I suppose that this is conformant. In the sense that if after reading the Terms Of Service, we press Add then Tilia is conformant. If we choose not to read the Terms of Service and press Add then
  13. on the first the US legal rules are that we can trust the information provided by the organisation facilitating/transmitting the transfer of money to us. I.e. Under the rules we can trust Visa, Paypal, etc as they are registered money transmitters. Same that Paypal can trust Tilia when we cash out. Tilia being a registered money transmitter the trust rule is that the money transmitter knows the RL identify of the person, or can trust that the transmitting organisation knows the identity of the person that gave them the money to transmit. I.e. Bank > Visa > Paypal > Tilia.
  14. ord(" ") returns 32. chr(32) returns " " is a number of ways to code these up in LSL. Examples: Pedro Oval's Ord and Chr here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Chr Combined Library Int2UTF here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Combined_Library#Unicode_Integer_to_UTF8 neither of these example codes are complete Linden API functions should be complete, able to handle extended 3 byte UTF-16 codes
  15. read the summary SUG report over on Inara Pey's blog: https://modemworld.me/2021/04/06/2021-sug-meeting-week-14-summary/ Rider Linden: I’m proposing the following three LSL functions llOrd, llChar and llHash. llOrd() will return the ordinal of the first character in a string, llChar() given an integer will return a single character string, and llHash() is a non-cryptographic 32 bit hash. I was looking for a way to just have an integer that had a reasonable change of being unique for an arbitrary string. Use case I can see: Given an owner of two objects I want to select a chat channel w
  16. you maybe already thinking it about, but a thing that you could sell/rent (to offset your costs) would be map pins like a parcel owner could rent a pin and when we (the viewing person) mouse over the pin then we get a short description, a SLURL to the parcel and maybe a link to the parcel owner's web site
  17. assuming that you have been thru looking into: mouselook: Press "M" button on our keyboard graphics: render avatars: none alpha layer: Wear only the classic avatar shape and a full body alpha texture then all that's left is a scripted follow camera which emulates mouselook. Where the follow camera position is slightly in front of our avatar and the follow camera focus is some distance ahead of our avatar example follow camera script is here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetCameraParams Play with changing the parameters and see what happens
  18. the article gets the basics right. I got my understanding of FPS from how FRAPS does it, as mentioned in the article i have my NVidia set to Adaptive VSync. Which for me works out pretty ok in SL. More here: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/technologies/adaptive-vsync/technology/
  19. not sure of the exact details of how Linden do it generally tho is two buffers. The primary buffer which is available to be rendered. And a secondary buffer which is being built. When the second buffer is built/completed then is made available as the now new primary for rendering, and the old primary becomes the secondary. So if the buffer can't be built in a single frame then it doesn't matter. It can take as long as it needs to complete the build of the secondary buffer. Which only gets rendered when it becomes the primary. If on a frame the buffer is the same as the previous frame t
  20. applications on low power devices often only update the display frame buffer between display screen scans with Linden viewer this can be enabled/disabled with Debug Settings: disableVerticalSync. Which Linden have set to TRUE by default. Which means shove updates to the display frame buffer as fast as the CPU can. When set to FALSE then effectively sets a maximum of one update per display screen scan not sure why Linden don't have this set to FALSE as the default
  21. Whirly Fizzle ported a whole bunch of windlights to EEP. Can find them in viewer Inventory \ Library \ Environments
  22. i like browsing thru old school machine language code. Without the comments for each instruction then I would be lost trying to work out what is happening like the examples on this page: https://www.c64-wiki.com/wiki/Assembler_Example i think that was the thing back in the day. Industry standard source code was pretty much always written and documented for the next person, not for the author. The author knowing that the next person following them into the chair, may have zero actual experience in the particular language, even if a competent programmer of other languages for sur
  23. or is clearly something wrong with this scooter. Other people can easy get two or even three times as many geese on their scooters 😺
  24. a conversation about packing a vector into a integer for this purpose is here
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