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  1. Oh, I also forgot to mention that *my alt* makes a complete, high-resolution (1024x1024) BOM Undies Kit - Variable underwear, lingeries, and other totally-useful BOM layers for any occasion and in any color you want , but only as long as it is one of the 16 million colors you can tint with. I'm not allowed to advertise for myself, so I can only suggest that if you want to investigate further, you can search for it on MP.
  2. How dare you suggest such a thing! ~snorts~
  3. As much as I loath the quality of the mesh body itself, I concur with you 100%; on the "technical/implementation" side of things, they are definitely in the lead right now (based on my owning all the leading mesh bodies) - up to now, it was actually Tonic that was leading in "technical/implementation" (Example: the foot-shape auto-change script? Three or four years ago on Tonic - just an example, not a plonk or anything.) Maitreya is now the new leader of the pack in that aspect and so Belleza, Eve, and any other hold-outs have a new bar they really need to reach.
  4. Same. I have never seen a sim, that focused on any non-human avatar be against human avatars visiting. The other way is indeed awfully common, which makes me even more hesitant to go out with my avatars, because I always have that thought in the back of my head, that anything more than maybe elf ears isn't welcome. (On RP sims I can totally understand it, but those aren't the places I go to anyway) I like to visit fury and gay places because I'm usually ignored or, at least, I'm not constantly hit-on to drop my pants. And the local people (or fauna, if you like LOL) are (usually) amazingly friendly and upbeat.
  5. It's an exponentially-difficult problem because it's not just setting up the furniture to be that way, it also requires animations designed for that. If you can provide the animations, I can make the AVsitter you need for any furniture you can come up with.
  6. My alt is at Web Group Linden meeting right now, just thought I'd mention that it is said that 2FA is on the roadmap and among the things being worked on, though no e.t.a.
  7. My dad worked in a tech department, they always told the user "It's okay, it was an ID-10-T ERROR between chair and keyboard."
  8. One "trick" you can use is to search or peruse marketplace and sort by "Oldest First" - there will be pages upon pages of system-layer stuff. Many are junk, but many are actually still very decent.
  9. Well, birthday suit or not, there's still Bakes on Mesh system clothes LOL Besides, Legacy is on my alt. I'm sticking with my Belleza Venus, even if I'm the last person on the grid who still uses it. There is still more stuff for it than I can ever buy, it still looks to me to be higher-quality and better shaping than any other mesh body, and BUTT PHYSYCS, so HUH! ~makes street-cred gangster-looking offensive finger-signs and exaggerated bad-girl stance with blank "can't touch this" stare toward to you, before stomping off with a loud harrumph~
  10. Haha! So do I! Those Maitreya armpits are visible 100 meters away. Okay, exaggeration, but I know you know that I know you know what I mean! Perhaps, but is that also true for many things in RL? I see it this way: By experience: All support for most things in SL is user-supplied through groups. CSRs and Creator=direct usually only for purchasing issues, no? Though the redraw of the body when using auto-alpha is relatively slow, it's a consistent speed: it neither speeds up nor slows down based on region lag. So once I've become used to it, it isn't much bother. As for "past" activities or lack thereof, or past experiences, etc., one cannot plan the future on events of the past. A translation for those who don't like to think: Events of the past rarely repeat themselves; the likelihood of such is exponentially lowered. So trying to predict the future based on those events is akin to the Chicken Little doom-and-gloom that never seems to come to pass in all the other places you see doom-and-gloom so direly predicted. Here's a pro-tip for those in need of one: Second Life isn't going to be around forever; it will stop working one day. When it does, many will be sad. So why do you bother using it (and spending money on it) now when you know this is inevitable? Because you are able to enjoy it now. This also is how I see the Legacy thing - the creators would be utterly stupid to not put forth a full, good-faith effort at top-notch support (meaning system updates, body updates, perhaps new features down the line, etc.). So those buying and using Legacy now realize it won't be around forever, but we are enjoying it now. If that's the cost of higher quality then I'll pay the price.You can derender me if you like; it's your loss. ~snorts~ I have no response to this whatsoever. Except to say: DITTO THIS.
  11. I'm not sure about this. The only true way to know what someone is wearing is with a scanner HUD or inspecting, etc. And it is certainly a niche product, because higher wuality costs more, so the masses gravitate toward the plastic, rather than the leather, so go figure. I am also seeing a lot of "Maitreya Only" creators adding Legacy. Lots of smaller creators who do make some nice stuff, decent, if not really good quality and their products are now specifically saying "Maitreya/Legacy Only.) I'm not saying this is happening en-masse across the grid or Marketplace, but I'm seeing it a lot at sales events and finding Legacy-specific stuff on Marketplace is pretty easy (and the selections is growing at a steady pace.) I grabbed the new Maitreya Lara 5.0 update and decided to try it and the difference in quality was stunningly immediate. I really like the updates Matreya has done, but I just cannot unsee the flaws in the Lara when compared to some others, like Belleza and Legacy. Many do not care and that's well and good, though for people like myself where quality is a high priority, we often find ourselves in the minority. Thus, I don't know if I will (or can) stick with it. I'll give it a couple weeks to see which priority wins out: Newer, better techno-features or obvious-higher-quality mesh with a lot fewer flaws? (Sorry, the Lara armpits and thighs are just plain terrible and too late to attempt a fix, else break years of creations made for it, but I digress.) There are a lot more Fiats and Kias on the road than there are Cadillacs, Mercedes, Rolls Royces combined.
  12. The person who started this thread is why 90% of everything we know about the world is misinformation based on hearsay, because too many others take their words as truth, rather than finding the actual truth for themselves..
  13. According to standard English lexicon: 1k =1000; 1K=1024 Though many are not edified well enough to know the different and too feeble-minded to care. LOL
  14. And... people who start a group chat in a super-group (Like Blueberry, with thousands of users) with something like "Hello! How is everyone?" Or worse: a shortened link to some picture and nothing else. Seriously?
  15. Your logic is flawed. I stopped reading after this line because of it. You are basing the value of the L$ on the U.S. $ and that is not what I am buying; when I am spending U.S. $ to buy Linden $ then the more Linden $ I get per $1 U.S., then that is a higher value of that $1 U.S. Important distinction: When trading L$, the value is placed in the L$ - the source of the trade for you wen buying U.S. $. The opposite is true when trading U.S. $ for Linden $; the value for the source is the U.S $. This is simple-simony arithmetic: The more you get for your trading currency, the higher value that trading currency is.Or do you shop for a new [name anything] and choose the value your purchase based on how much profit the seller is making, or how much you save when acquiring it? So, you'd rather pay $1 for 5 M&Ms because the M&Ms are where the value is, rather than getting 10 M&Ms for the same $1? I don't ever what to go shopping with you. Anyone with half a care (Governments notwithstanding) will always budget themselves and attempt to get the best value they can for their purchase. This is why there are two trading levels on the exchange: a "trading zone" - People buying L$ want as much as they can get for each U.S. $ and vice-versa for those wanting sell L$ for U.S. $. You say you want to sell only L$10 for each $ U.S.? Fine, but I'll buy from the person selling L$11 per $ U.S. - fortunately the system automatically adjusts for this. When I buy L$, I am buying from those who want $ U.S. really fast and willing to spend more L$ to get it (I am selling U.S.$). When you want as much $ U.S. as you can get, you are selling to people who want L$ right now (I am selling L$). In both cases, the value is in what I am selling. The more I can get for each count of what I am selling, the higher the value of what I am selling is. It is fortunate that there are both types and that the system safeties ensure we each get the maximum for our trade. This is how it works in SL; this is how it works in RL. Do yourself a favor, stay away from the LindeX, you might get burned.
  16. I doubt they would ever consider that as a solution or even as an acceptable work-around. There are two issues at play here, with the caveat of a third: The Governance team is surely swamped; they will get to them when they can. The Governance team has visited the complaint and has deemed it to be not an offense (within covenant stipulations) [Caveat] The complaint was resolved with removal of the offending objects; the offending objects were replaced (re-rezzed) after-the-fact In the case of the first: excruciating patience must be observed. In the case of the second: each person has different perceptions of ambiguous or "hazy" scenarios and that includes members of the governance team; not all offenses are clear-cut-and-dry. In the case of the third, multiple ARs over re-rezzing something that has been found in violation will beget a punishment, including a suspension, and in some cases, an outright ban. In the cases of suspension versus a ban: A ban is permanent and difficult for all but the most nerdy of hackers to circumvent. In the case of a paid premium subscription, a suspension is the most likely worst-case scenario unless the offense is *so bad* that governance feels tolerance is not an acceptable answer and will likely escalate the issue to higher-ups for a final decision in this regard. Any time there is a ban, Linden Lab has very carefully vetted everything at their disposal and does not do so lightly. It is the proverbial nuclear bomb dropped onto someone's head. I am with the firm belief that these are the primary causes of an apparently ignored (by Governance) Abuse-Reported activities or objects, etc.
  17. There once was a frog and a scorpion in the middle of crossing a river... And the scorpion said to the frog, upon who's back he sat when stinging him, "I cannot help it, I am a scorpion."
  18. Note that the world map is updated every Tuesday and Thursday, though I'm not sure about Saturdays or at what time on the clock. Generally-speaking, some AR's must take weeks. I AR'd a traditional clearly out-of-theme (and garish) near my very first. Twice (the second time after a week) - I decided to move out a month after I moved in. Either they've always had a massive back-log or sometimes they just wave it off and move on.
  19. Whenever a headline asks a yes or no question, the answer is always NO. Every. Single. Time. As such, it also is true for thread titles. Because the operative word, being the word "need", demands a negative response. There is no need, only want. And why bother wanting a method to chat in-world when you're not in world when so many in-world are hyping chat out-of-world... through Discord?
  20. Try turning the Intensity circle down to 10% (I've never been able to get to to go below that, anyway.) Also, in your example image it appears to be a lighting issue. A moonlit applier or even a skin designed that way may still show a lid based on the shape of the mesh. Have you flattened the face profile (as many Asian faces are flatter than others)? Doing so can also minimize any protrusion of lids.
  21. The best workaround may be in notification settings: In. Firestorm Viewer: Preferences: Notifications: Notify me when I spend or get L$ (ON) -> Report L$ transactions in nearby chat instead of toasts (ON) In Secnd Life Viewer (LL Official) and Catznip Viewer: Preferences: Notifications: When I get L$ (OFF) In Black Dragon Viewer: Preferences: Notifications: Notify me when I get L$ (OFF) Firestorm: This way, you can still see when money is paid to you ( A must for a DJ or Emcee, etc) - but not getting spammed with toasts. The L$1 snapping will just be another chat line among the others, so it should be more tolerable to deal with. LL Viewer, Catznip, and Black Dragon: Unfortunately this will turn off all notifications of incoming L$, so DJ will have to be careful to watch Tip Jar reports (they often name who donates) in order to throw out thanks, etc. I'm not in the situation where I would need to attempt such a work around, though (in theory) if receiving L$ notices is turned off or redirected then any attached messages should be also. The problem with this is that it also blocks all IM notifications and requests are usually made through IM. Though the IMs are still there, one has to manually get to them.
  22. Certainly, Your Honor. I wasn't aware you were privy to the Bench. LOL I posted that more on the "Here's some funny news" aspect than actually to plonk anything anyone says. We all know how the courts like to legislate from the Bench. My purview: There is no constitutional right to be not-offended. LOL
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