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  1. Im really sorry I asked a question on this forum I wont do it again.
  2. Well for now ill stay with the older version and hope people will stop wearing those huds in the clubs. But you know they will.
  3. And to pussycat, I took mine off before tping to club. But i imagine alot lol. And to angelia, if your happily chugging along you didn't need to reply.
  4. Yes thats the message i got. My friend told me the frame rates dropped for her too. Taking off the hud helped but my performance was still affected. on my sim were i run about 50-35 fps. Depending how many friends visit. With tbe body and hud fps dropped to 15-25. Went to a venue of 20 people and fps dropped to 1. Ok i took it all off went back to v4 and all was great on my sim. But at the venue still was bad and i was with my friend and she too was having trouble. We both thought it must be all the new updated lara's Another thing i saw was giant bento heads and ears flying around. Never saw that before.
  5. OK i just got the new Maitreya update and the first thing i noticed was the notification saying it was going to cause me a drag on my system, well i saw my fps go from 50 to 20 damn. so i took off the HUD and 25 OK maybe i could live with that. not a chance, first time i stepped on a venue my fps was 2! OMG! turned everyone off and now I'm a 4 standing up on a dance pad. went home took it all off. and now same venue I'm a 10fps. this is bad. I know a lot of ladies have Lara and i bet there huds are causing this problem. i wonder if any of you are having the same problem?
  6. im confused why you said that. i had to abandon my old linden home to have the option to get a new one. which was all sold out.
  7. They should have waited to release when they had enough for everyone. i never even saw the option for the new homes in the drop down and i lost my original linden home by the lake 😢
  8. ive been gone for a few months and noticed the market place is sooo slow with page loads . then my trail for answers lead me here. so this is suppose to be faster? well its not. thats my take on it.
  9. ok my neighbor has 20 zooby babies on our simm but insists they dont cause lag cause there in there beds. She also has 6 zooby dogs and a hamster. and amaretto(movment off) horses and tons of other stuff on her 1/2 simm. She wont listen the zooby baies alond are over 10K in script memoryeach! the dogs about 5k I guess im asking am i right? i dont see a reply button; the sim dilation rate is 0.9999 i dont know where to find the resorses a sim uses. to see if she still in the 50% range. i own an 1/4 and a 1/16 one for home one for business. we were fine intill she moved the babies in and got new neighbores and they hae very little in objects and scrips in use
  10. yay, saw the post, awesome!! fix my prob too
  11. Its because they checked invisable.(show off line) either in friends list or in pref.(fyi singlearity shows this)
  12. hi all queston? I left a group 6 months ago and im still receivings there notices in my email box? how can i fix this?
  13. hii sense no one has answered yet ill take a stab at it. looking at you compy the only thing i see thats in your way is the 2gb of ram. im running with 3 and barly making it. and I had to scale it down low graphics, no particles and 94 in draw distance. i need more ram and i think that may be your problem too. hope it helps. btw im running duel cores too and a midline nvida and im barly there. and changing over to singlarity helped too. less cpu usage
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