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  1. ooh well i'll try that out @Emma Krokus also @anna2358 hahaha i get you, although honestly i don't mind who buys my things, just as long as someone buys them @Syn Anatine thanks so much! did not know that @Wulfie Reanimator thanks for saving the day once again for one of my silly questions/issues. I will be setting up some regular demo boxes and experimenting now, then i'll update here... EDIT: i've just tested wulfie's idea of using a regular shmegular box and it works perfectly. thanks everyone for your help! i guess this means the issue has been resolved ahaha
  2. Hey guys, so i just bought caspervend yesterday and i finally got the hang of vendors. However, i'm currently trying to set up a SEPARATE demo vendor from my main product (which you can also get a demo from by clicking it and selecting "demo" in the pop up menu in the top right hand corner) for customer ease, and for some reason, when i set it to 0L$ in caspervend in my browser, then go to purchase the product in world, it displays it as costing 1L$. I want all my demos to be free, as i feel charging for demos is kind of unfair, so i was just wondering if there was a way to fix this? As you can see, even people with the group tag on (the second price option) don't get the 5% discount i set. Not that you can really split a linden dollar in half, but you get what i'm saying. the point is, idk where i'm going wrong... in the image above you can see that in caspervend, i set the demo's price to ZERO lindens. soooooo yes, any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks! ❤️ P.S. i forgot to mention but i'm using the headless caspertech vendor for both vendors. 😄
  3. Thanks so much, i'll do that! ❤️
  4. Hi, i didn't receive the official kit. I applied two weeks ago but a friend told me it can take years because the team is supposedly stingy when it comes to handing out the meshes. I started using blender for anything more than square objects a week ago, so i'm really new to the whole meshing thing in general. Also, i've heard about baking but unfortunately don't really know how it works. Does it just apply the in-view shadows to the texture i've applied to the model? If so, i guess i could try it, though i'm really kind of new to texturing so it might take me a while 😅
  5. thanks for the apology, don't worry, i've received worse on these forums (and i've only posted like twice! ahaha 😭). and @ChinRey, yes i'm more of a runner than a crawler 😅. But i do want the back post bit of the earring to stay, for the simple fact that i enjoy second life photography (can't afford fancy cameras and whatnot in real life) and i just like the realism aspect that it adds. I was planning on taking some closeup profile shots of my character, and with the shape of her ears, you'd see the back of them, so i can't really remove the post because it's of "aesthetic value" i suppose. but thanks either way both of you.
  6. ah thanks so much, i've kept that in mind with my most recent upload attempt. see my reply before this, that's the issues i've been left over with. thanks so much again ❤️
  7. Hey, thanks so much for the reply and sorry for my delayed response. Got my wisdom teeth taken out so i've been slightly under the weather. after doing what you said with the export presets in blender, the bounding box is still not showing up correctly in the second life previewer. Here's the square in blender: (set to wireframe for easier viewing purposes) and here it is in second life: also on the topic of your suggestion for the texture: i didn't really understand, sorry for the noob mode ToT, but maybe the texture issue has something to do with normals? also i scaled it in the node editor and not ONLY in uv editor, maybe i should remove the node scaling/mapping and just do it in the uv editor? what are your thoughts? and again, thanks so much !
  8. Hi everyone, so i just created my first real mesh (the only thing i did before this was create a metal bar that was just set to 100% shiny, so no real texturing) and for some reason it isn't showing up in-game properly. Here's a picture of what it's SUPPOSED to look like: and here's a picture of what it looks like in second life: Now, i don't know how to use the vertex groups in the maitreya kit i'm using in blender, so i can't make it appear where it's supposed to on her foot. I'll have to move it around in-game later, so let's not worry about that. My issue is that none of my textures are showing up. Also, the little dark brown bit at the tip of the heel is way too big, as when i sculpted it, it was flush against the rest of the heel. Here's a close up of what's going on there in-game: It just seems quite bizarre to me. I'll also attach a few screenshots with my upload to second life settings here: (the physics model i uploaded is just a square i created in blender that's roughly the size of the shoe itself) (and finally, as said, because i don't know how to use vertex groups, the "for avatar models only" bit is greyed out for me. Idk how to fix this and idk if it's relevant to the issue?? *cries for help in noob") So yeah, if i missed out any important information, please let me know. And please don't scream at me, i know i'm noobish, but i'm really trying to improve and this is just an issue that i don't know how to fix on my own. Sorry guys. But yeah, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance !! ❤️
  9. Ahhh so i should create a bounding box myself and use it as the physics, gotcha. Well, i've just done it and it's brought down the price significantly (i have 36 Lindens left over from something and previously i didn't have enough L to upload it; now it's 32L. But i still have the texture issue. Is there some specific way i can get it to go from looking like this (left image in second life upload previewer) to this (how it looks in blender)? also, here are the other settings i've made. i'm not sure if they're optimal for the object, so i just figured i'd put them here so someone could maybe explain to me in layman's terms what i'm *supposed* to be doing, but am not:
  10. Hey guys, thanks so much for all your advice. I now understand about better seam marking and less edge loops!! After remeshing the triangle, it's now uploadable, but for some reason there's a big ole stretch mark-hole type situation down the centre of the triangle, which is strange seeing as i specifically used the knife to cut down there and added a seam. Also, it'll cost me 35L to upload??? nothing has ever cost me more than 15L to upload, which is making me concerned? Also, and this is possibly my biggest issue - it isn't applying the textures correctly in the preview. This is what it's supposed to look like: and this is what it looks like in the uploader: here's a view from the side: are the models supposed to be slightly transparent in the preview window, or did i do something wrong? thanks again everyone for your continued help! UPDATE: when i select "triangulate" in the export options, it gets rid of the seam, but the preview is still kind of transparent and the scaling of the textures is still way off.
  11. thanks so much for this! also here are the pictures of the triangle in edit mode. I had to split the front and back bits because of the seams, so there's two screenshots: the front: the back: also, for some reason scaling the object down doesn't help either. the triangle bit is still preventing second life from uploading properly. also, unfortunately i don't have avastar. Maybe i could try using that, but as you said, it's just a plaster and not a real fix...
  12. Okay, i tried uploading each part individually. It seems to be the big triangle part of the earring that second life has an issue with, every other .dae file was okay uploading-wise. What can i do to make the triangle uploadable? it's kind of the "main attraction"... here's a screenshot of the earring: And the back bit:
  13. How do i upload lower lods? i've never uploaded separate lods. I didn't even know individually uploading them was a thing, i only do the one .dae file with whatever's inside
  14. Let me just add, every time i export the earring from blender, it says it exported 8 objects, as there are different materials to the earring (metal parts and a patterned part). i created UVs and set up nodes and all that so that shouldn't be the information that's missing. idk, maybe the extra info could be helpful?
  15. I tried scaling the earring down and it also didn't work, i still got the same dae parsing issue with the triangle/vertices set as "N/A" ToT
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