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  1. Meanwhile she/he feel nothing strange about the dragons or vampires in SL, may be those were scientifically proven. 4d is very popular in other gaming platforms and I'm not going to mention all of those games as it might be against the forum terms to advertise in here. I wrote here as this is a creation forum to get some new ideas about the project that I'm currently working. So I appropriate if others could contribute something valuable to think instead trying to attack just because you see something new.
  2. Something like this to implement for SL.
  3. Well, in physics yes, as far as Newton's physics. But according to String theory, it says time is not a dimension. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/String_theory The fourth dimension is shapeshifting. You see the distance is the common variable in all dimensions. Hence all dimensions have some distance. Also, you get more directions as you increase the dimensions. 0 dimension (a point) has 0 directions 1 dimension(a straight line) has 2 directions (X, -X) 2 dimension(a plane) has 4 directions (X, -X, Y, -Y) 3 dimension(cube) has 6 directions (X, -X, Y, -Y, Z, -Z) 4 dimension (tesseract) has 8 directions (X, -X, Y, -Y, Z, -Z, W, -W) So all the 4-dimensional directions are possible only with shapeshifting (a rotating tesseract). But in SL since there is no W axis, only we can do is fake it as I explained in the earlier comment.
  4. I wish I could help you by trying it again but we can't see it any more as we already accepted. Best way is sending a support ticket. Also you can try the followings. 1. Clear your browser's cache. If there's a problem with the cached version of the page you're viewing, it could be causing HTTP 500 issues. 2. Delete your browser's cookies. Some 500 Internal Server Error issues can be corrected by deleting the cookies associated with the site you're getting the error on. After removing the cookie(s), restart the browser and try again.
  5. Definition: A fourth dimension is a place we can travel to by going in a direction perpendicular to the third dimension. 4D Facts: 1. We should able to go through an infinite number of 4th-dimensional directions. 2. When passing through the 4th dimension, the world shouldn't change, it would just be seen by different perspectives. In simple terms what we gonna do is a 2D projection of a 3D slice of a 4D object. Even though the 3d dimension has X Y Z infinite directions, in SL it is 256mx256m4096m per each sim. In the same way, we can also limit the W direction as lesser as we want as most of the 4d games have only a few 4th-dimensional directions. That gives the solution for the 1st fact. There are already multi-scene skyboxes and someone could say it is the 4th-dimensional navigation by changing the scenes, but it violates the 2nd fact as the world is changing that way. Unless LL changes the SL sim structure by adding W axis in addition to XYZ, only we can do is fake the W axis just as how we fake the 3d view by adding 2d texture as the environment of a 3d skybox. The easiest way is making linkseted objects and use the alpha texture to make the different dimensions invisible, but that also not the real 4d. As the groups of 2d triangle face made the SL 3d meshes, we should make the 4th dimension by making groups of 3d tetrahedrons. Then we texture each tetrahedron faces using 3DsMax's viewport canvas (or anything similar in other software) and make different maps to get different object shapes. Use the alpha layers to hide the extra tetrahedron linkset groups of different scenes using a HUD script. It is impossible to make very complex objects in SL using groups of tetrahedron due to the limits of SL such as triangle limits, land impact limits and the lag. But we can make boxed object such as in minecraft., besides it has 4th dimension called a hypercube. I wish someone fluent in Einstein's theories of special and general relativity plus SL mesh creation, would suggest a better solution for this concept. (English is my 3rd language, but I hope this note would be clear enough for someone interested in this concept to add more wisdom).
  6. According to my observation the first reason for dropping the clothing price is, due to the full perm cloths re texturing. It is cheap for the full perm buyers to buy something for 250L$ and use for themselves and then sell the re texturing for 50L$ each. At least 7 sales per 50L$ will cover the cost with texture upload. Second reason is the huge competition. Demand is reducing due to the decrease of the SL residents, but the supply getting increase as more and more merchants join every day, causing the "theory of price". Third reason is "obsolescence". Years or more older items are no longer impressing the customers, therefore if need some sales the price should be reduced while creating items with latest tech.
  7. Sum of the open Sell orders at the best 20 rates = L$ 469,839,153 Sum of the open buy orders at the best 20 rates = L$ 44,979,984 USD Demand and supply ratio approximately = 10:1 If this is given for the free fall, the L$ exchange rate will rise over 300L$:1USD. Someone argued as //the more L$ I get for my RL$ the more I spend on said merchants. DUH // but its not true and L$ inflation end up badly for the merchants. Here how it happen. - Residents will not spend L$ only for the merchants. They pay for land barons, DJs/Hosters/escorts etc. - Most of the SL residents are RL men (even we see lots of female avatars, some sources says 50% of female avis are RL men) and when shopping men pay only for what they really wants. So once a man happy with cloths and other stuff they already bought, they don't spend any more until they really want a change. Eg: If a man happy with their suit, they don't want to get something else next day. and I don't say its bad as I do the same as a man, having the same outfit for over few months. - Once most residents (as most are RL men) get more L$ than before due to the L$ inflation, they can have the same previous marketplace consumption by using lesser USD amount. That means merchants get lesser USD amount. That seems really nice in non merchants residents view. But its really bad in the point of merchants as @Luna Bliss has explained above.
  8. I remember saw in this forum, the marketplace inflation in comparison to the inworld store, is no longer an issue. If it is true, is it still possible to give 5% discount for customers who buy from the inworld store? ie: Mention in the marketplace listing that even though the Marketplace price 99L$, if you buy this from my inworld store its only 94L$ That way we can save the increased 5%.
  9. I'm looking someone who can create textures for cloths, so I can focus my limited time more into 3d designing. Job Description:- 1. Create 8 textures for each texture map. 2. Take photos of those and make marketplace display photos. Most of my cloths are for maitreya, but you don't need to have a maitreya avatar as I have friends who like to be models. Qualifications:- 1. You should have average or above average knowledge in Photoshop or any other photo editing software. If its not photoshop, I won't able to help you anything. 2. You can able to finish each job within few days. 3. You should be very open minded and willing to make any textures within LL ToS. For whom:- 1. Those who don't have verified account to have a marketplace but have texturing skills and wanted to earn some money in SL. 2. Those who doesn't care about inworld business but want to do something effective with someone to spend the time. Salary:- Either as one time payment per each job, or as a percentage. We can negotiate it in IMs. If you interested, please contact me (meshpromo) using a notecard (my IMs get capped).
  10. Seems like the roof of the physics isn't attached (Not sure what it called in blender, in 3ds max its called "attach") with the wall of the physics. So the physics uploader take only the roof to stretch for the entire house. Try to make both roof and the wall as one object by "attach".
  11. Update: I could able to fix the issue by selecting "Matte/Shadow" from Materials. (In case if someone will have the same problem).
  12. Hello all, how to get rid of the seam lines printed on the shadow map when baked the shadow using "render to texture" in 3Ds Max? I tried increasing padding, using different render setups, different lights etc but nothing worked.
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