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  1. These Unicode emojis ❤️ and ☑️ supporting for MP listing. Are there any other emojis that work for marketplace listing?
  2. Sorry to say but every time if a video play in a website, I just press back button to save my data.
  3. My selling stuff are mod. I think those who sell no mod are expecting that the customers don't add their own textures/colors/objects to ruin it. Also they might not want to the customers having freedom to modify as they wish, so they get more opportunity of making another HUD and sell it.
  4. MeshPromo


    I did custom mesh and here is my procedure. 1. Tell the customer to give me detailed information using a notecard. 2. Establish an agreement: (i). If the customer refuses to accept the final product, it will be sold in my marketplace. (Most of the customers are so kind and told me that I can sell it even after they accept and pay for it. So I'd thank them by giving 50% off). (ii). Once the customer buys the product, the sales are final, and no modifications or refunds. If they need modifications, they have to pay. 3. That means we should accept custom works only if it has a
  5. MeshPromo


    nevermind, its browser issue. please delete this.
  6. I had to change the primary email address of my skirll account because the current email getting too much spams. But my old email is still in the skrill account as the secondary email. Still I can use it to log in to skrill. Do I have to update the skrill email address in Billing Information section of my SL Dashboard page too, for process credit?
  7. Something isn't correct. Either you didn't explain to the linden lab in that report, how that merchant violated the second rule. Need to explain it correctly, use screenshots of product and marketplace listing to show the differences. List your accusations by numbers. Archive the listing page using http://archive.is and add tot he report, in case merchant changed it later. Also there is a chance that your performance settings might be different so you can't see the texture shininess of the product. Or, since the reports checked by human LL employees, they made a human mistake. Most of the
  8. I'm facing the same problem. Used to be logged in for weeks, but now getting logged out few times per day. I already checked "Remember me on this computer" check box but still keep logging out. Since the "Remember me on this computer" check box still in there, its not due to a security concern, otherwise that already be removed.
  9. My FPS dropped to 4 since yesterday and not sure why. As a result its hard to even type. I use the same home, same clothing and same firestorm settings. Tried cleaning cache and visiting empty sim, but issue is same. Still I can watch youtube in the same 720p quality with same loading speed as before. So this seems not my internet speed issue but might be related to my firestorm viewer or SL server. Asking here because if this FPS issue same for others since yesterday, I won't have to try to fix my computer. Appreciate any comments.
  10. @TonyJr8598 Still, there is no LSL function for de-rendering, but I hope LL will introduce it soon just to auto hide heavy lag items. For now, there is an alternative. Go to the "world" menu and bottom of that menu, select "show friends only". Then only the friends will render you. Once you teleport to a new place, just check the profiles and find someone suitable to chat with. The profile information says more about the person than the avatar. Even the avatars showing, it is better to check the profile info before you waste time. Besides the avatar look is no longer important b
  11. I have bit similar issue. When I try to purchase something, I'm redirected to the login page then once log in it doesn't me log in. Redirecting to the offline page. Already sent a ticket.
  12. I can log in to marketplace but can't purchase anything, end up an offline screen. So paid to a friend then bought as gifts.
  13. I can log in to marketplace and even secondlife, but dashboard isn't opening. It keep asking the username and password but doesn't log in. Is this common issue too or just me?
  14. I changed it to yahoo and now getting offline IMs. Thten I diverted it to my regular gmail. Has to get yahoo premium to keep using that divert service over week, therefore hope LL fix this issue soon.
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