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  1. Seems like the roof of the physics isn't attached (Not sure what it called in blender, in 3ds max its called "attach") with the wall of the physics. So the physics uploader take only the roof to stretch for the entire house. Try to make both roof and the wall as one object by "attach".
  2. Update: I could able to fix the issue by selecting "Matte/Shadow" from Materials. (In case if someone will have the same problem).
  3. Hello all, how to get rid of the seam lines printed on the shadow map when baked the shadow using "render to texture" in 3Ds Max? I tried increasing padding, using different render setups, different lights etc but nothing worked.
  4. I just wonder why LL can't just suspend the people who use copybot viewer by mentioning those are illegal viewers in TOS, as its easy to identify which viewer someone is using, by automated server software. Also if LL study those copybot methods, they can make some security tools to trigger when someone using those copybot codes.
  5. Welcome to SL and wishing all the best. Just a tip: In SL, the landlord/renter can break the rental agreement any time and it happens a lot. Therefore its not good idea to promote a store landmark unless its your own parcel rented out directly from Lindens. The best way is selling things in marketplace and promote your SL group by getting customers to join it. If you really want an inword store, rent out store from already popular sim, and put the lardmark in your profile, almost everyone know to find store by visiting the creator's profile.
  6. Assume selling mesh grass with no-modify permission. 1. Will it help to prevent or at least to discourage copybotters stealing that item? 2. It is easy to figure out the UV map of a grass and make our own textures. So if the mesh is no modify, will it help to get more sales by selling different kind of textured versions, as then customers can't add their own textures. Resize script, texture/color HUD can be added. 3. Or will it cause to reduce the sales as customers feel annoying about the no modify items (even though menu/hud there) and they move for modify enabled stuff? We already know customers more like if its not only modify but also full perm. Therefore I specially looking the opinion about this by those who already have marketplace and selling things.
  7. After delete a texture animation script made using LlSetTextureAnim, we can still see the animation. 1. Will it still use the same server resources as before delete the script? 2. If it still use the same resources, what are the reasons to delete that script?
  8. Thanks. It has lltargetomega function. Has to try another script too. And does anyone know why the land impact get increased when done the step2 and step3 in physics window of the uploader?
  9. Creating a House with a rotating door, that takes only 1 land impact. Added the Physics shape for it, set that as "Prim" after finish uploading, so can go inside and use the the door which is scripted using this http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Smooth_Rotating_Door Here how it looks. Even though an avatar can go inside and use the door, there are few problems occurred. 1. Every time the door is closing while the avatar inside, the avatar get pushed away from the house. (Please note that the avatar isn't even closer to the door. It seems like the physics of the house getting change while the door closing). 2. It is hard to enter to the house for more than one avatar. After lots of trial and error testing, found the issue. It is due to the steps of the "physics" section in mesh uploader. The following screenshot shows how the house is created for 1 land impact. That means did only the "Step 1: Pick a physics model". Did nothing for Step2 and Step3. In the above way the house remains for 1 land impact even after attached the door and set those as "prim". But the two problems mentioned before were happened. Then tried both step2 and step3 in the physics window as follows. After done that, it will solved the two problems that mentioned above. Can go inside for more than 3 avatars and the door isn't pushing the avatar away from the house when it closing. But then the land impact rises to 3 for the same size, even without the door once I set it as a "Prim". Does anyone know why this physics issue is happened? Also I'm wondering that is there any way to solve the two problems while keeping it for one land impact. Such As 1. Is there a way to complete step2 and step3 in the physics window without adding more weight for the mesh? 2. Is there any other door script that doesn't push the avatar away while closing the door, while using the step1 only for physics? Appreciate for any kind helping.
  10. Is there any better way to write the following idea or anything else we can include? Its for a banner to place in a hangout sim.
  11. This sandbox is newcomer friendly as following those rules, therefore currently set as so. But just wondering what would be the better land type we can choose from the drop down menu to have a better traffic?
  12. I have 4096sqm parcel and deeded for the group-A. Another 1024sqm parcel deeded for the group-B. The extra lands I can have, will be deeded for the group-B as there are some lands for sale in the same sim. So how much extra land I can deed for the group-B, within 22USD tier? Thanks a lot for any useful answer.
  13. Oh then it wont be an issue. Thanks for the explanation.
  14. Since the land owned by the group, isn't it consider as another owner? Once the land subdivided, it will go out of the group and allocated for its original owner. So aren't there two owners? For example if I deed some object for a group, the object recognize the group as another owner.
  15. One of my friend bought a 1024 sqm mainland land, which is set free of tier under the premium membership. She bought that land for a group owned by her, and that group originally created by me. (Because she doesn't want to visible her name as land owner as its my shop). She already set her land fee donation as 1024 sqm in that group land fees section. We would like to have 5 separate cloth changing areas (aka fitting rooms) with parcel privacy on the land, by subdividing it into 5 of 16sqm parcels. My question is, if we subdivide a group owned land, will the new land pieces add extra land tier for the first month? (Because the system already calculated the tier for the group owned 1024 sqm land, then there are new 5 pieces of lands, and the system calculate the tier based on the maximum land ownership someone had during a month) Thanks for any legitimate answers.
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