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  1. I got the cash using skirll twice, so its 6$ fee. But its mentioned as "PayPal Cashout Fee". Its not big issue for me, but some people get confused about this. Maybe can mention as just "Cashout Fee"
  2. @Qie Niangao thanks for the answer. So here is my calculation: premium bonus: 1024 sqm current land 4096sqm Total: 5120 sqm If all the lands donated to a group, then 10% bonus: 512 Total mainland land I can have for 22USD by donating to a group: 5632 sqm One more question: To get the 10% bonus, do I have to donate all the lands to same group or can I donate the new 1536 sqm land to another group? - Thanks for the answer. The only group owner of that donated group also me. So I pay the 22USD for the group owned land too. So what you say is I can have another 5120 sqm for free of tier? If this is true, the above my calculation is wrong.
  3. Please be kind to answer the following three questions: 1. Why "Allowed holdings" are 9216 sqm only? (Please see the screenshot below). What kind of reasons caused to make that limit (not having any LL warnings regarding lands or anything). Is that means not able to buy half sim in mainland? 2. Having a group owned land in mainland for over 3 months, its 4096 sqm. Why it isn't showing in "Current Holdings" in https://secondlife.com/my/account/index.php?lang=en-US ? (Please see the screenshot below) 2. So far all the land holdings are 4096 sqm only. Therefore is it possible to have another 1024 sqm land in mainland without increasing the "Total Monthly cost" as per this https://secondlife.com/land/pricing.php ? Thanks for the answers.
  4. When we create texture using photoshop, we have select the DPI (resolution) value too after select the width and height using pixels or inches etc. As far as I know, DPI is the relationship between an image's pixel dimensions and the physical size it appears. That means it really matter when printing and image in real 3d world. I just wondering that is there any situations that DPI actually matters in SL as its some kind of artificial 3d world?
  5. Thanks for the exact answers. Just after posting the 4th question I realized that the "sell" page shows not that actual sold amounts, but the offering amounts.
  6. Few more questions: 1. How long will it take to sell L$ at the exchange rate of L$250/USD$1 on these days ? 2. If it take too many days, what would be the best rate you recommend to sell L$s that take only one to two days? 3. On the sell page https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/sell.php?lang=en-US you see today best sell rate is L$252/US$1. But on the market data page https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/market.php you see that amount mentioned as best buying rate. Why they mention the same rate as "best selling rate" at one page and "best buying rate" in another? 4. During the last 90 days, I can't see anyone sold higher rate than L$250/US$1 in the table or on the graph. https://gyazo.com/a86c4c9e26d6e7d004877e2ee5780ef8 But the table on the "sell" page shows that some sold higher rates as L$233/US$1. Is that means the sell page shows the data older than 90 days? Any kind of answers will be useful as well as I hope those who experienced in selling L$s in LindeX will answer in here too. Thanks a lot for any support.
  7. Thanks for the answers. Is there any suggestion to write the following sentence more friendly/polite way, without feel threatening to the good customers, but only for bad people? "Violating the above terms will be resulted DMCA / reporting to Linden Lab, as well as real life legal consequences. "
  8. Imagine you are going to buy a full perm item and then you have found different two products A and B from two merchants. Both products are similar in price, look, information, quality etc so choosing one is a tough choice. But the product B has the following consequences statement after the full perm terms. "Violating the above terms will be resulted DMCA / reporting to Linden Lab, as well as real life legal consequences. " That means both sellers will do that for those who violate the full perm terms, but only product B has been mentioned that. So will that statement cause you to choose product A? This might be different person to person, so I would glad to see your answer too.
  9. I'm pretty sure the customers are not just looking for the cheap rates, but the quality of the work. You might do their projects using prim builds for 100L$ but thats not what most of them wants. I'm pretty sure some of the customers even go for these guys who even charge 50 USD per hour (or even more) if their portfolio is a lot better than me. https://www.upwork.com/o/profiles/browse/?q=second-life-mesh
  10. For 3d artists, programmers and graphic designers, there is no much difference between RL or SL. Don't need to believe me, just see the rates of Second Life mesh freelancers. https://www.upwork.com/o/profiles/browse/?q=second-life-mesh This is why I mentioned earlier that its better to discuss using some "scientific method", not just using emotions and opinions.
  11. As you have premium membership, you are allowed either Linden Home plus 512 m² tier allotment from mainland or 1024m² tier allotment from mainland. https://secondlife.com/premium/ Currently you have the first method. So here how you make some lindens from that. 1. Abandon your linden home. 2. Then you get 1024m² tier allotment for mainland. 3. Now find someone who know well about mainland land prices or take time and do some research, and buy a 1024m² land. You may take into account these things when buying the land >> land should be less cost compared to other same valued lands, its better if it next to protected area or river or much better if it next to ocean but it cost you a lot. 4. Put a house and furniture and keep in mind to use minimum land impact items. 5. List that house for rental in forums and announce using groups. 6. You have to make a rental agreement and you have to decide an attractive rent fee based on the other rentals. 7. Its better if you put a rental meter to pay the rental. There are some budget rental meters in marketplace. 8. Even you rent it out, set the land for sale for higher price than you bought. That way you can earn a capital gain in case if someone buy it.
  12. Few people asked from me for some custom mesh builds and then I searched in the forum and found very old threads of individual creators of their custom mesh creation fees. Those are higher as L$100,000 for some serious work but I'm not going to mention those threads here as its not ethical. And those are no longer relevant for current time as now more people into 3d modeling. Therefore I will try to make a fees calculation method. Condition 1: Every mesh MUST include textures using UV mapping, baked shadows, specular map, normals map, LOD upload from files, physics (if needed) Condition 2: If its a cloth, that can be able to use without using alphas of the avatar. That is the standard way to say its a good rigging. Also the cloth meshes must be deformed into good edge floor, not triangles generated by MD. Condition 3: While keeping its high quality, the mesh must be optimized for second life to reduce the lag, including optimum polygons, minimum land impact, minimum texture maps, minimum VRAM usage. Condition 4: Scripts are not included as for that should be calculated separately as its another filed. Condition 5: Buyer should pay only after examine the item inworld. Seller rez the item and set the price so buyer pay it and take it. If the buyer doesn't like to buy then the seller has right to sell that item in their SL marketplace under this agreement. keep in mind the above five conditions, lets see how to scientifically calculate the mesh creator fees. We agree or not the Second Life is a world wide marketplace and buyers more like to go for the minimum price if the quality is same. As 3d modeling is not that hard compared with the animating, its not fair to say European 3d artists are better than Asians. According to this "cost of living index for country 2019" https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/rankings_by_country.jsp the least is Pakistan (rank 119), but I select India (rank 117) because from that country a lot online freelancers are working worldwide even more than USA. In India the hourly rate for 3d artist is Rs 600 or US$8.47. https://www.payscale.com/research/IN/Job=3d_Artist/Salary. Based on the above calculation of hourly rate USD 8.47 while fulfilling the above mentioned all five conditions, here are "my fees" for copy and modify enabled custom meshes that asked for personal usage. For small props such as custom dining set or a tiny shack , that take around 3 hours of work = L$ 6000 For medium complex props such as custom vehicle with an interior or custom cloth, that take around 6 hours of work = L$ 13000 For large props such as buildings and other large scene creations, that take around 12 hours of work = L$ 25000 * The above rates are for general understanding only. The time taken is depend on the details the customer needed. Sometimes a detailed cloth take over 2 days of work while low poly building can be finished within 3 hours. Custom Mesh Heads and custom mesh bodies : Due to the bento heads and bodies, there is no need to make custom mesh heads or bodies any more. It can be easily adjusted based on front and side photos of their reference look within an hour. Custom meshes as full perm: Some people asking that way but I don't see any reason to buy or sell custom meshes as full perm. Because buyers can't able to recover that custom full perm cost by selling what they going to build and mesh creator can earn more money by directly selling in marketplace. You are welcome to add your own opinions. As I mentioned above, it would be more useful for everyone if your calculation also based on some scientific method. Please excuse for my Grammar mistakes as English is not my first language.
  13. Thanks for the answer. As I remember its 512px textures so not the max size, the roof need at least 512px or else it wont visible well. In that photo you could see there is 1 faced object that consumes 5447KB. So for two faces, is 2042KB a lot?
  14. If I make multiple copies of the same object in second life, does the VRAM of those affect to the visitors of the sim separately? For example (as seen in the screenshot), I made three copies of a same roofs. Each roof copy take 2042KB VRAM usage for textures. Total VRAM is 6126KB. Imagine a visitor comes to the visible area that the roof is rezzed, will their viewer has to download 6126KB or just 2042KB only? If its 2042KB only, then creators always try to use the same texture as much as possible. For example if we make trees, we can use the same leaf texture for different kind of trees with adjustment of the color using edit window to reduce the texture lag. I ask this question to optimize the memory usage so appreciate any kind of advises. Thank you.
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