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  1. I use GetCloudApp.com a lot for one-off screenshots, etc. The trick is after it uploads, is to get the "direct link" rather than the default "download" link. The company I work for uses JumpShare.com - whoch is actually a lot better, though their direct links are sometimes too long for these forums to understand, but always had good results from GetCloudApp.
  2. For others who use the Second Life Viewer (a.k.a. LL Official Viewer) - the same is found in Preferences-> Chat-> - the setting is at the very bottom of the panel. Because these forums should be inclusive of all SL users, not only elitist Firestorm users. (Yes, many FS users are very elitist greater-than-thou types, though I'm not accusing those in this thread of same.) LOL
  3. Yes, the rest of the world knows what it is, no need to be condescending. As for being "compliant" - if it doesn't store any data, then it is compliant. Even if it does store data, it doesn't have to be compliant (as long as a notice of such is posted., and basically stating 'EU people keep out" LOL) My point being that you may not be asking the right question; the real question is does the system store any data other than what is dropped onto your local system, right?
  4. Train-crash at region crossings is very rare (even on the crusty-rusty-rickety-old SL RR track in Heterocera). You may want to try a different train with more up-to-date scripts and lower LI as that can be the only plausible reason you'd experience this in Belliserria. Just a suggestion, nothing more. Ditto. And there aren;t that many RR Stations, I'd have hoped they would have planned for rez zones at them. But,k alas... 😭 I'm not sure where Belli is, but hopefully regarding Belliserria, you're correct on that. (Yes, I am Intentionally calling out lazy typing of place names.)
  5. Rez while Edit Tools is open is wise. As for items not rezzing where you thought, keep in mind that if you're viewer camera is *inside* a prim or solid object - you may not know it. Since you cannot rez an object inside an already-rezzed object, your new rez will end up on top of the object your camera is inside. So, if you cam high (looking down) and your camera is inside that low ceiling of your LL home, which is a solid chunk of mesh from ceiling to rooftop, and you rez something on the floor... Guess where it ends up? LOL (You're actually trying to drop it inside the ceiling.) Just a little answer to the mystery; no magic SL here, no aliens, or UFOs, or Linden conspiracies, nothing to see, move along...
  6. Answering the question: Brands do not matter. An animation is an animation, provided the creator did it *correctly* it will be a smooth transition from one to the next.
  7. Use a Mac? (Seriously, using a Mac it's easy") - BUT the ™©℗℠ are all emojies that are one-click in macOS and I think available in "KeyMapper" app on Windows.
  8. Just a heads-up for everyone: the "Phototools" feature mentioned above is a system feature. The way to acheove what the OP is asking if by changing the Field of View, rather than camera angle. To change the FOV in any viewer: CTRL+0 "flattens" the scene (narrows FOV, a.k.a. "zoom-in") and CTRL+8 "expands" the scene (widens the FOV, a.k.a. Zoom-out) and CTRL+9 reset to default. When modified with ALT+CTRL and ALT+CTRL+SHIFT the arrow keys will move the view angle in any direction you can think of. Now for the useless trivia: With respect to "flatten" or "expand," we are really referring to "Depth of Field". I know, you're thinking "But Depth of field makes the background all blurry!" That's actually called defocussing, not blurring, and Linden Lab has it misnamed "depth of field" effect, that is actually "Focal Plane". Bahaha! So, in the real world, if you decide to speak pro-photographer, understand these terms.
  9. There, fixed that for you.
  10. All the BOM stuff I make (my alt) is modifiable specifically for tinting (a lot of it starts out a white.) Thus, when shopping for any BOM stuff, check that it's modify permissions.
  11. Alyona Su


    https://secondlife.com/destinations You're welcome.
  12. This. Peruse the Marketplace Tattoos section and sort from oldest to newest. If any catch your attention, they will often describe how it comes: If it has appliers, they will say so; if it has "layers" (or "system layers" or "Tattoos layers) they will usually say so. If neither Applier or Layer are described, you can usually presume it is a system layer. Also, it is a good idea to look at the CONTENTS tab, if it is not boxed and you see an item called "Tattoo" - then that is a system layer. Those are named for the type they are (Tattoo, Undershirt, Shirt, Jacket, etc.)
  13. Most people are cynical about most holidays. And too many are for synthetic commercial reasons (such as Valentines). As an eight year-old kid in school? Sure. As anyone more mature than that? Seriously?
  14. If you misunderstand the writer's intent the cause is one of two things: It's not written well or you are not reading it well. (This happens to all of us all the time). Word and reading of them should be literally, especially in a case such as the OP's subject. As for the subject proper: If there creator does not want anyone to resell their creations there is one and only one method to prevent that: No-transfer permissions.
  15. It could be a re-rez. AR it again. Maybe even mention it is a suspected re-rez since it's been so long since the previous AR and it obviously against the Covenant. (I'm sure they can look under-the-hood of the grid to see whether that's the case or not.)
  16. I see friend list as a doorbell, nothing more (I don't rely on a list to determine if someone is a friend or not). The purpose of the friend list is to notify you when they come or go, so you can get together to do stuff. If you want to be on my friend list and we don't ever do anything together, why should I suffer the ding-dong every time you come and go? This is why there are Calling Cards. I actually use those.
  17. It is a setting in some viewers that the user must opt-into (actively turn it on, it is off by default): "Show group notices in group chat". So it is a per-suer, per-setting thing. Meaning that if you set this, it only affects you, the person who set it on their viewer. You who creates a notice have no control over that.
  18. Last names were so much fun back then! I do have a third alt that I made and logged into it just once, because I *had* to create it: "Needellin Haystack: Bahaha I couldn't, for the life of me, even remotely remember the credentials on it. I kind of wish I could, it would be awesome running around in an original 2007 System default avatar right now, crappy purple shirt and bluejeans, to boot! (And in case anyone is curious: Chernov is my very first ever alt back in 2006 (Cannot even remember the original) - and that one still has stipend of L$400 a week and all kind of whatnot - That is my "Super-Main" that I don't risk getting suspended or anything in Forums or in world. Even her profile is amazingly conservative. She is innocent girl-next-door because that is forever account. LOL (And why post count is so low.)
  19. But do they both have the same first name? LOL (Mine do ~snorts~)
  20. There are two rez zones for Bellisseria RR - and each of those is a dual zone: track and ground (so vehicles, also). One is at the RR Station at the very southern tip of Bellisseria,(Red Hook) - the other is one the middle of Campsite zone (Pugwash) (As others have said above - I'm just conforming these because I RR a lot.)
  21. Your screenshots are also all cropped. Take a snapshot that shows a Beacon in it. Then we'll see if your screen shows an arrow or not. (Rhetorical, I couldn't care less about it, just making a point about it.)
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