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  1. Why Linden? 2019 and we still don't have good account protection or two factor authentication, its a simple randomly generated code sent to a mobile, hell sign up for google authentication services and offer that. Linden Labs has account issue's almost daily that they deal with, why not just add extra layers of security for users and fix everything with a simple feature.
  2. Sorry for the late response, yes i am sure that its using the RX 560 which i confirmed on installation and making sure its set to high performance in the AMD switchable graphics panel.
  3. hey guys Ok basically i have an inspiron 5576 AMD Gaming Laptop with an A10 9630P CPU and RX 560 GPU, with SL being so heavy on the CPU side rather than the GPU side of life, i have noticed that my fps takes an extremely heavy hit whenever more people are around, I have my settings set to low textures + general medium settings I have physics off, Avatar limit low, View distance 128, flexi low, trees low, water low, no shadows, and complexity low, i am doubtful i will find any debugging optimizations i can do to greatly improve FPS, because as i recall SL was never really modifie
  4. hey guys im just after some advice on somewhere breath taking that i can take somebody special to me for a day. with dances, romance, and yea
  5. as the title says, are there any stores that make mesh avatar specific emo/punk/kitty clothing thats super cute and awsome x.x
  6. hey guys im sure this has been asked before, but i saw a naked profile pic in my friends profile and told her to remove it incase its a bad thing! haha, so im curious if its against the rules
  7. so i guess these dont exsist much anymore? there used to be a phew excellent ones
  8. Hey guys Again im clueless in were to post this so i just go ahead haha i remember there was a club i used to go to years ago that was "Yao/bishi" basically, cute anime based boys, bunny rabbits, and stuff like that Im wondering if theres any clubs still around that are "cute based" with cute boys, girls, and great avatars, i always found the effort these people put into making super cute avatars is quite impressive
  9. Hey guys, sorry i wasnt sure which category to post this under, admins feel free to move it if it doesnt belong here Ok basically. whilst job searching in secondlife out of interest in making some linden love, i discovered a phew companys which i wont name that require you to sign a "contract", calling it a digital contract So i was wondering, how binding, or legally setting is a contract through a game. especially secondlife
  10. P.S - i just checked both viewers. and shadowing is greyed out and not enabled
  11. on singularity no, i see some like darkening and lighting, but no full on shadows
  12. Hey guys Ok basically. ive been experience extreme fps drops lately in all the latest viewers and i cant figure out why or what options are causing the issue Basically. i downloaded the official LL Viewer. and firestorm, set them to the exact same graphical options. and on both i recieve a max of 35-40 FPS , even in non crowded or low prim areas Now. on a viewer called Singularity viewer. in high prim area's i get 120 FPS. with max graphical options so its strange with the sudden massive fps drop for me My PC AMD Phenom 2 955 3.2 BE GTX 460 NVIDIA 1GB 4GB DDR3 RipjawX 1600Mhz G.Skill Ram As yo
  13. you see problem there is theres no "download link" its just repos and apt-get, i use archlinux, not debian
  14. hey guys im trying to locate a very simplistic text viewer for secondlife that will work under linux/archlinux specifically. i tried radegast but its so choppy and chat lag is ridicilious and i cant up the bandwith. and i cant find any download links for omvviewer lite
  15. as i said , its against the rules section 8.2 under that you will NOTS (v) Post, display or transmit Content that is harmful, threatening or harassing, defamatory, libelous, false, inaccurate, misleading, or invades another person's privacy Persay, it does not say anywhere that a profile comment miracely gives you the right to go handing out people's personal and private conversations My only question is, what is linden labs going to do about people with these "disclaimers" in there profiles
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