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  1. Why Linden? 2019 and we still don't have good account protection or two factor authentication, its a simple randomly generated code sent to a mobile, hell sign up for google authentication services and offer that. Linden Labs has account issue's almost daily that they deal with, why not just add extra layers of security for users and fix everything with a simple feature.
  2. Sorry for the late response, yes i am sure that its using the RX 560 which i confirmed on installation and making sure its set to high performance in the AMD switchable graphics panel.
  3. hey guys Ok basically i have an inspiron 5576 AMD Gaming Laptop with an A10 9630P CPU and RX 560 GPU, with SL being so heavy on the CPU side rather than the GPU side of life, i have noticed that my fps takes an extremely heavy hit whenever more people are around, I have my settings set to low textures + general medium settings I have physics off, Avatar limit low, View distance 128, flexi low, trees low, water low, no shadows, and complexity low, i am doubtful i will find any debugging optimizations i can do to greatly improve FPS, because as i recall SL was never really modifie
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