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  1. If the item is transferrable, then... [highlight above is mine] - this is why it is an ambiguous scenario. And based even on the TOS, the right to resell leans toward a "yes". Though, et's also look directly at the elephant in the room: the creator doesn't;t want people to sell it; they want people to come to their region to get it so they can generate traffic. As though traffic actually means anything like it used to.
  2. End User License Agreement is not a "DMCA Notice". A "DMCA Notice" is a demand to cease and desist. It is a reactive thing, not a proactive thing. As for the selling of transferable items, it's the holder's call whether to do it or not (in the real world in the United States there is a part of the law called "First Sale Doctrine" - which says that once you buy it, you can do anything you want to it, except redistribute it unless it is *used*. With regard to software licensing, at least, this question was answered by the U.S. Supreme Court, which stated that First Sale doctrine applies only to the original buyer and does not include a right to redistribute (in the case of software code) because it is not considered "used"; Software is synthetic code, for lack of a better description, and when copied, it's "new" again. All of this being a simplified explanation, of course. So in the case of what the OP is asking, they could resell their transferable prize if they want. The chances are high that nothing will come of it. However, there is always the risk that the creator could file a DMCA Notice, where Linden Lab will be forced to take it down. So the question comes to this: If it is taken down by a creators DMCA Notice, and the seller files a counter-claim, is that enforceable? Theory states yes: the seller has the right to resell the item because it is not an intellectual rights question, it is a question of "method of authorized redistibution". If the creator allows the transfer of said item, then the holder is given the right to transfer. There is no stipulation in TOS or otherwise with regard to the *method" of transfer, so long as the system supports it. So my best guess on the subject is: Yes, you can sell your transferrable items on Marketplace or in-world by right. However, it could open a large can of headache-inducing drama. That is the true risk.
  3. Thank you. I love that scene and I wondered "how can I tell a story with that?" Inspiration comes easily in the right settings.
  4. Yes, Maitreya did this also, though their implementation is a single-layer body, and the onion skins are add-ons (you wear only the ones you want if still using appliers) - so you never have to change the body, you're always wearing the base. In other words, all the onion layers are there, but they are separate attachable layers that you attach at-will and only the ones you want at the time. I was told the Aesthetic did this for applier clothing, though I'm not sure, that wa s along time ago, though I remember thinking "Huh, that should be a no-brainer". LOL
  5. Thank you @Conall DeCuir for sharing a great photo-op location.
  6. You obviously haven't seen Maitreya's implementation of BOM. I have Belleza, Slink, Eve, Tonic, Legacy, and Maitreya and Maitreya is the new high bar to reach in terms of how to Implement BOM. This is how I look at it. To each their own. Everyone is gonna have a different look at how BOM was implemented on the body, and say that is the best. I think the bodies that have implemented BOM, implemented BOM in the best way they could. But hey, that is my opinion. I agree. Though the post I replied to has nothing whatsoever to do with the Legacy body, so the specific subject was implementation. I find it ironic that the makers of what is, in my personal opinion, the lowest-quality of top-tier mesh bodies has the best implementation of BOM. Specifically, the deformer add-on for BOM-specific items so the system layer stuff doesn't look painted-on, and the way they hide toenails with system socks or stocking. Basically taking the Legacy deformer idea and using it to make BOM even better than what it naturally is. The Legacy people already have the deformer technique down pat; I have Maitreya clothing that fits better on Legacy than it does on Maitreya. They, the Legacy people, need only create "BOM' versions of those deformers the way Maitreya has. Now we are left to see what Tonic, Eve, and Belleza do with their implementations.
  7. I get your point, but you didn't get mine. [By the way, when inserting editorial into a quote, square editor's brackets are usually the norm.]
  8. I can be an evil empathic sometimes. I'm attempting to tell a story (It's valentine time, right? LOL) If it's the story you mean, there are many ways to tell it. 👍
  9. Or better, yet: people who judge artwork/image/creation based on their attitude toward the creator, rather than the merits of the creation. Precisely, do it for the art in you, not you in the art.
  10. You obviously haven't seen Maitreya's implementation of BOM. I have Belleza, Slink, Eve, Tonic, Legacy, and Maitreya and Maitreya is the new high bar to reach in terms of how to Implement BOM.
  11. It is cultural mind set (and many Asian cultures). It's not outright "offensive" as long as you do it *right*. /me hunts for good article because better than trying to explain it herself... AHAH! Here we go: From this web site - https://boutiquejapan.com/tipping-in-japan/ Edit to ad: It comes down to how a guest is treated. If you want to "tip" your host, rather than money, bring a small gift, even better of it's from your home more hand-made. If all you have is money, then pay for their coffee or something. Money is a trading token, a true gift of thanks comes from inside you, not by throwing more of what you throw around already. It's sometimes difficult to explain a why about something we just learn while growing up. LOL
  12. Yes, and at those times, people went ballistic! LOL Then the unannounced things, like, well, remember "Gray Goo" shutting down the grid? Hahaha! I was in world, in some TV shop looking around. The Lindens turned of all scripts across the grid, trying to get a handle on it (about an hour before the entire practically crashed, or they shut it down to prevent it. This was before I knew I could cam elsewhere then sit on something to get out (scripted sliding doors) - So I spent a half hour reading all the info on every product they had because I was trapped! I couldn't;t get out! If I could just get outride I could, at lease, explore the grid! OMG! I got bored after a half hour and logged out. Hahaha! And I never did buy anything from that store!
  13. This weeks' Web Group meeting, the Lindens said it is now in the home-run stretch (my words) - they are now rolling our the Simulator software that contains the name0change feature in it, so the next region updates will make the grid ready for it. This is often one of the last few steps of implementing a feature. Though they certainly will continue to test it. A lot. But it is coming and a lot sooner than later.
  14. In Japan, a tip is an insult. It is your message they are not doing their job to the best of their ability. In SL, a tip is a gratuity. If you're not tipped, you're not doing your job to the best of your ability.
  15. If you mean tagging other people, it is the AT symbol in front of their name, like so @Linnrenate Crosby - As soon as you type the @ and the fist letter of the name a list appears. The list starts filtering down as you type more letters. When the name you want to tag appears, click on it and it will highlight in orange. It you mean Forum Tile - the little title under your name, I believe you can change that after your 500th post.
  16. I disagree that it's wrong. My response was directly to the OP, no one else. If you want to call it misguided, errant, whatever along those lines, then fine that could be (albeit begrudgingly) "fair". But it's not wrong. With that, I will agree to disagree.
  17. Sure, after a long, deep investigation that yields chargeable evidence. In the terms of what the OP is describing, good luck with that. There's nothing in the TOS that describes what OP describes. OP can file an AR and let the Lindens determine any wrong-doing or not. They can surely sensor the forums, but cannot otherwise prevent a discussion on such things. I could have explained all that, created a wall-o-text no one cares to read, but no: I choose the pithy, direct explanation, which is 100% correct and you know it. You can debunk me by proffering the details I know about and that no one cares about because irrelevance to the conversation at hand, it doesn't make my OC wrong. It's a contextual thing that many in the forums seem to miss a lot.
  18. Blasphemer. Heretic. Music is that which most call classical, a.k.a. Composed and orchestrated, i. e. Beethoven. The rest is just white-noise. Hahahaha!
  19. I use minimap, then just start walking and avoiding the green dot. S.I.M. P.L.E.
  20. These were available a long time ago. I'm not sure, but I believe they were deemed as briefer tools and so they are against Community Standards. Anything that "orbits" is. Though it's not difficult to create a simple "push"-shield" that bumps people back if they bump into the shield. Perhaps it is a great opportunity to learn about LSL scripting? I'm not a "scripted", but I know enough about LSL that I'm pretty sure I could make something like this. Your better solution is to use a MOVE-LOCK tool or HUD. It's built into some viewers and there are attachments and HUDs that do the same.
  21. In the U.S., at least, calling an idea or speech about something that could be illegal is, in itself called "Prior Restraint" and not a legal thing to do. So until said product exists, there's nothing anyone can or should do about it. If you yell "bomb" in an airport, they will take you into a back room for a couple hours, but they cannot arrest you. Eventually, they slap your hand, wash your mouth with soap, then send you on your way. Talking about it is not a naughty thing. Acting on it (as in following through) is a naughty thing. Know the difference.
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