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Found 32 results

  1. Bellesseria appears to be made for cycling. The moles did a fantastic job creating an extensive network of roads along with diverse terrain and landscaping. Plus there is ample open space if you just like to ride free form. To get things started, I have created a bike tour that circles the existing connected land (as of May 20, 2019). The "Bellesseria Big Loop Bike Tour" chart shows where it goes but you really need a nav HUD, so I have provided one. Everything you need is at the Beckridge Gallery http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beckridge/201/138/25 , including a guest bicycle. Have Fun!
  2. Since there is no thread yet about it, and it has been pretty much confirmed (atleast the plans) that there should be a Train sometime in the future roaming areas of Bellisseria... here it is! Patch Linden talked about plans of a new train for Bellisseria at the SL16B. No details were really given, but it was mentioned that would relate in some way to the current SLRR. Here is a view of Mole Island 30 where appears to be train tracks in an oval shape, with a locomotive at the north side of the tracks, a small train station and couple track switches (Blue rectangle). This could be or could be not the actual train being developed, but is a good conversation starter.
  3. I'm not sure this is even allowed but I'll throw it out there and see if it sticks (or gets deleted or something. That's possible too). Months after the initial release we're still facing the same questions from people looking for answers, and I seem to be re-posting the same information. I figured putting it all in the same place may be of use to someone. If anyone has any other info to add please share here, or correct me where I'm wrong. I stayed awake all night to type this so there's bound to be a few errors. With that, lets get down to business. How to get a new Linden Home. 1) Login to your Dashboard on Second Life. 2) Click the yellow button on the right side of the screen that says 'Get Your Home Now.' 3) A page will open called: 'Customize Your Home'. 4) Under 'Select A Theme' you will see a drop-down box with a small arrow on the side. By default it should say 'Meadowbrook'. ('Meadowbrook' is an older style Linden Home Region, so are 'Tahoe', 'Elderglen', and 'Shareta Osumai'. They are not homes in Bellisseria, so if you select one of these you will not be able to claim a house in Bellisseria as you are only entitled to one premium home per premium account). 5) Click the small arrow and look for 'Bellisseria'. If you don't see it that means there are NO Bellsseria homes available right at that very second. You will either have to refresh your screen (skip to the next post; Refreshing) or try again later. If you do see 'Bellisseria', select it. 6) Under 'Name Your Home' quickly type anything. It doesn't have to make sense as long as it is over 5 characters long. You can change this later, for now anything will do. 7) Click 'Next'. 8 ) A new page will open; 'Confirmation Page'. Check the small box ('I agree to the Terms and Conditions') in the right hand side corner of your screen. 9) Click 'Accept'. 10) A page will open up; ‘Details of (your name) Home’. The Slurl link will show your home’s location on the map, or you can click on the yellow button ‘Go to your home’; both will give you a link to teleport to your home. That’s it! But if you weren’t lucky enough to see Bellisseria on the Theme Selection page, then you’re going to have to begin the process of refreshing (see the next post Refreshing).
  4. What kind of kitchens are you all using in your traditional homes? Has anyone found a kitchen that isn't prim heavy? I am in the Winchester model and my kitchen's LI is around 55. This is my current kitchen. I like it but would like the LI to be a little lower. How about some pictures of your kitchens!! It's LAQ.
  5. Everyone has heard of the game "Where is Waldo?" How about we start a new tradition in Bellisseria... "Where is Bellisseria Squirrel?" Keep your eyes peeled on the continent of Bellisseria and if you manage to spot our little friend snap a photo of her and post it up here for everyone to see where she is at... Post a photo and post the name of the sim you found her in! Here she is today at her home in Crowsnest enjoying her new hobby of fishing!
  6. Do come join us for Earth day ! (April 22nd) *AWESOM FALLEN's Art Exhibit *10am JOE PARAVANE performing Live! *11am DJ DOC RAST mixing his set for us 💜🎶Defiantly a fun time!🎶💜 https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ruthsburg/125/206/23… @BJoyful @rasterscan
  7. Hello Belli friends! I'm hoping to find some guidance here I am totally in love with the little ponds around Belli, but it is not so easy to get one, o get something that gets closer to our Moles creations. I tend to go back to my Trad, located in a normal region, just because it is placed right next to one. I got an amazing and woodsy parcel today, really private, but I am missing my pond. I have checked around the MP and stores inworld, a got at least 10, but they all look fake to me; they only one that looks nice and not a prim circle with a water texture, is the Snow Garden Pond by ASW Has anyone successfully recreated them, or has any tips? Do you know of any item that might blend with the parcel? I am sure I have missed many great ponds Thank you in advance for your help
  8. Tala and Hello Patch, Lindens, Moles. First I want to say how appreciative we Mers are for all of the things that you, the Lindens & the Moles have put under the water in for us to view, swim through and explore. I know that the plans are already set for how the rest of Bellisseria is going to be built, but we would like to offer up a couple of suggestions. The first is, we were wondering if it will be possible to have underwater Linden homes? I know obtaining a linden home is based upon basically a lottery system but it would still be nice if that could be brought to the table sometime in the future. A potentially possible theme that the underwater creatures could use and enjoy life in Bellisseria. The current homes are beautiful, and we will need to come out of our tails, shells, fins or whatever to be able to live in them. If there were an underwater living environment, we could stay in our true forms. The added benefit of underwater homes, is that it also could allow additional free space for flying above beautiful underwater scenery. The other request is this. We enjoy doing things in and around Bellisseria, but most of the times we have to be out of the water to enjoy them. The events at the fairground have been amazing and in talking with many Mers, other underwater creatures and humans, it has been mentioned that it would be awesome if we could have an underwater type fairground. It could be run like the above water fairground, if someone wants to use it then will just need to be put on the 'list' and what not, or however the process works. A potential name could be be Belli-Atlantis. (That name was offered up in a chat) It could serve as a multi-purpose place, depending upon the size. Campwich for example is a great "hang out" place for many land walkers to go. As Mer's we do not have a centralized location. Belli-Atlantas could be where the underwater community of Bellissera has a place to gather, hold events, and possible a general hangout place. There is another advantage of having an underwater area. Not only will it serve the needs of the underwater Bellisseria community but it can serve the needs for the land walkers also. There could be be a platform/deck/scuba shack-hut type building above it. It can have a water rezz zone like the dock at the fairground, so then boats will be able to sail from that spot to wherever they desire. Also there could possibly be scuba equipment that humans can rezz and wear to dive down and participate in whatever Mer event is going on, or explore Belli-Atlantis. This would also help other groups in Bellisseria such as the diving & fishing groups. Persu Em - Thank you very much Signed: Bev Dymond (BeverlyDynamic Resident), Mahogany Dejavu, Roary McGillivary, Sweet Rebel Tee (Teetah Beck), Bellisseria Mermaids
  9. Morning everyone!! Just a quick question? Has the Winchester model been updated, including new color customization? Maybe there's been a new feature released and I missed it (in that case, I'll ask this thread to be removed) I've just logged in to check a Trad I got last night, and to my surprise, I'm getting the Vic model menu, including options to even change the trim color. I've picked a terrible pinky pinky magenta color, so you can appreciate it. The version of the home is v2.4
  10. Welcome to the Bellisseria's community blues cafe. We wanted to give something back to the community, a place to gather, socialize and enjoy a cup of java (we have whiskey and beer, too) . A place where we could share our stories. The excitement of a new community on a beautiful continent that Linden Labs created, not just for the premium members that are nestled into the houses and houseboats across the regions, but all members of Second Life. A place for those already residing here and those waiting, eager with anticipation to hold residence on this gorgeous landscape. Its a friendly place, set on a bluff overlooking the sea and rows of houseboats below. The most exciting thing about Bellis Blues Café is the music! Offering the only blues music venue on Bellisseria. Our goal is to hold events with live DJs, providing the music we all love. This will include not only blues music, but giving patrons a diverse listening pleasure to all genre of music as they visit the coffee house to mingle among their friends, dance and share their stories. Providing a community place is a work of dedication by many. @Chic Aeon offered her skills and designed the addition to the building along with her interior decorating flare. Cian and I, were very excited to have her onboard to help launch this venue for the community. The cafe is open 24/7 to any and all that wish to stop on by, relax, listen to music, dance and find a bit of solace, or celebration and a slice of Bellisseria they can call their own. Most of all, to those without a home, come to the cafe, make this place your own. Let off a little steam from the frustration, share your thoughts with others seeking a home and find commodity together, become a part of the community with the rest of us. I'll be reaching out to the Pirate DJs of Bellisseria, in hopes of scheduling events at the blues cafe to feature your music style. If anyone would enjoy volunteering their time to host/hostessing here, please contact me. Also, if you have skills at management and would like to volunteer your time at the cafe, scheduling events and making up a calender, send me an IM or notecard in world to: prudenceanton Please be sure to join our group when you visit the coffee house so we can keep you updated on events for the community. Note: This is a faux community establishment and not a real business. Its a non profit place, abiding by LL covenant. (This covenant is subject to change in accordance with LL ToS) Credits and thanks to: @Chic Aeon for her generous contributions to the cafe. @Dick Spad for the photos of the Bellis Blues Café Landmark to Bellis Blues Café : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Domingos/38/241/36
  11. Deck the hall with boughs of holly, fa la la la la, la la la la. ’Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la, la la la la Do you notice something different in this picture of Santa's Hideaway? One of Belli's amazing designers (Christhiana) has placed an exclusive holiday gift for everyone under Santa's tree. Come on over and grab it until January 5th, 2020. If you own a traditional or want one this is a must have gift. You can also pick it up at The Flea Market from Dec. 5th to Dec. 8th and at the Snow Day festivities on Dec. 14th. Both events are taking place on Bellisseria's Fair Grounds. There will be a few more gifts under Santa's tree in the coming days so pop on over and ride the carousel, take a selfie with Santa or the snowman, get your own Santa hat with or without lights, have some turkey, cuddle by the fireplace and don’t forget your free wearable sled located at the entrance! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Jupiter Projects! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shady Corners/186/43/46
  12. Waiomao

    Peeping Tom

    Aloha all. I was happy to get into a Bellisseria houseboat, but recently learned that I have a peeping tom in my area. This should be harmless, right - it's only an avatar - so why do I feel violated? He has been looking in on me while my avatar is asleep overnight, and recently watched me having a little personal fun. I only know this because he comments on what he has seen. Sure he's complimentary, but nice words and propositioning me don't help me feel less violated. I've covered all the windows I usually leave open, but know that anyone can use camera controls to sweep in past window coverings or ban lines to watch whatever they like. It feels creepy, but I'm sure plenty of people are voyeurs and do this - I just don't know about it because most people don't comment on what they see. I waited a long time for a Bellisseria houseboat, but I'm tempted to abandon it and wait for another one... even though the same problem will likely exist at the next place. Am I being overly sensitive? It's probably unrealistic to have any expectation of privacy when everything is so easily visible.
  13. Make abandon land great again! Benefits: It will save on server hosting cost! It could help keeping cost low for SL users? Update mainland Attractive mainland
  14. Just wanted to say something about the spirit of Mainland. This week has been full of wonderful memories of Mainland. I have met more people than I have in my entire Slife living on private land, just on the road, doing every day things. I met a random guy who visited my parcel and we struck up a nice conversation about orbs and ban lines. He said he and his wife were looking for land to be able to enjoy flying and boating without excessive navigational challenges and I shared with him some land landmark NCs I had and he thanked me, and off he went. I met my neighbor and his girlfriend, and it was such a nice, intelligent conversation, that spanned different topics. He invited me to use the public strip of land between us and I invited him to come to the premises and enjoy the view any time. He recommended a nice "Flexible" security system he uses, and I used his recommendations to purchase such security system. We swapped small talk later on as well about some funny issues in our neighborhood. I work with a couple of landlords and they are all so pleasant, professional, and considerate. One especially goes out of the way to be concerned for me. I met yet another neighbor on another parcel, and it was so sweet to meet her! She loves horses and loves running around as a Dinkie, same as I, and we ran around hanging out and exploring all levels of her large parcel. We are now going to collaborate on a building project together. I met yet another neighbor on Bellisseria (still part of Mainland), who acquired my Bellisseria House (still keeping my houseboat but left the house in order to buy more Mainland), and we had an awesome convo about decorating, and her wanting a Bellisseria house so badly, and I offered to decorate for free for her, and now I've got that project and that connection. I met Asadorable Delightful and we had an awesome conversation about mainland and now I will help her with some stuff for LRC. And of course there's Profoky Neva who is as bad-ass as he is on the forums, who advises me time to time and who I shared a prototype of the DiscoverMain HUD with, and with whom I will work with closely on the Mainland Appreciation Society project. Here's some pictures that, to me represent the spirit of Mainland: Collaboration, Passion, Neighborliness, and Friendliness. Meeting my neighbors on my land ❤️ Showing my new Dinkie neighbor the set up of a parcel I'm currently renting. ...And here is us, by the roadside of her land Prokofy touring my Bellisseria house before I abandoned it to free up tier for Mainland. A delightful GTFO hub...Very nice to see a different style of a GFTO hub! Atmospheric shot of one of the beaches on the outskirts of Bay City, isn't this pretty? No matter what corner you're in, Mainland is where a bigger family is.
  15. Obviously we all are entitled to have opinions, I would simply ask if you wish to share yours here, keep it to the topic, try not to make any personal attacks, thread is not intended to divide, but rather collect common ground ideas for the greater good of this new chapter called Bellisseria. I think in the past Linden Home setup, LL learned a lot of lessons from it, I don't think it was a failed exercise, but I do think lots of opportunities of engagement we're lost, or not explored at all. Many times when I joined SL back in 2012, even tho I was surrounded by houses I felt like I never really met anyone, there was never a place where ppl from the surroundings would gather or be motivated to gather and create new relationships, apart from the atrocity of the Safe Hubs (Pandora box on it's own) Very often I drive, walk, horse ride, boat around Bellisseria, often try to stop by and say hello to random ppl that I come across in my adventures, perhaps we have talked before, the majority of the time ofc I try to reach out without crossing their properly line as some are very sensitive about that topic, regardless, after many many hours of exploring Bellisseria, I've noticed, even tho there are some public spots such as the pickle place, some parks, lodge, fairgrounds, even a dog park, and to be fair ofc I know the entire project isn't done yet, but I couldn't help to notice the old yet familiar absence of social spots that are actually advertised or encouraged to be used by LL, these places of which I mentioned above, because of the lack of events and circumstances to facilitate the using of these locations, they all became deserted. The pickle place, it's super cute, yet do we really need 5 or more of them? no, we don't, I think if one was actually used, actually encouraged to be used, certainly one would've been enough. I spoke with a Linden person while watching Moles working, and I brought this up with him. We have this beautiful new continent, but often it is left to the citizens to sort it out, sounds wonderful on paper, ofc it does, but reality is, citizens are the most limited in this scenario, we can't built, we can't change streams, we can't rez things, makes extremely hard to give a sense of "something different", what do I mean by that? a wonderful Bar/Pub/Bakery per example built inside a Linden Home, it doesn't matter how beautiful the build is, how clever, bottom line is still a Linden Home decorated as something else. Why don't we have places built with the solo purpose for ppl to go hang out? socialize, RP, talk, meet, hook up whatever. Why Bellisseria with this massive amount of sims, would allow anyone feel they need to leave the continent to meet new ppl? there's more than enough ppl living here, why LL allows this? I think letting the community search for basic social encounters outside Bellisseria is a massive mistake and works against the whole point of "community". Owning a spot in Bellisseria and all the fun features that comes with the ownership of a spot, sure is value for the price we pay for the premium membership, but as a long term engagement, it's only so many times one will move homes and decorate and redecorate over and over and over, soon that will get old, and the membership won't be renewed, then what? we're left with the old Linden home estates, the infamous " populated desert ". So here are my questions to you; 1. Do you think Linden Labs are taking any steps to not only have a community visually but also stimulating community mentality in Bellisseria? 2. Do you wish Linden Labs should build places with the solo purpose of hang outs? 3. Would you like to have a bowling alley? a post office? a bar? a club ? a car wash? a restaurant? a sports park? a community center building? would you like to be part and "RP work" (for free ofc) at any of these spots perhaps make a schedule with citizens of Bellisseria doing rounds? 4. Do you think Linden Labs involvement (not Moles) in the aspect of the community such as attending events, getting to know ppl at proposed hanging out spots, could be a valuable tool to further bridge the space and disconnection between "us and them mentality"? 5. Would you like to have a monthly agenda based "Town Hall" meeting event where we all as citizens could help Linden Labs have a real time feedback on what has been working and what can be done to improve the community? 6. Do you wish Bellisseria to have either it's own website or a place in the secondlife.com website for all things Bellisseria? I think this new Linden Labs team do have the right heart, I don't think Bellisseria is a marketing only exercise to grab more memberships, but I also think, they as much as we do, need leadership and help understanding that community is not a gathering of houses and sims, community is the bond we have with each other. Hope to read your thoughts here, and thanks for sharing it. Rachel
  16. The House of Exquisite Cuddles – Closing on September 30th, 2019 Inspired by the Victorian era brothels, The House of Exquisite Cuddles welcomes all to RP, chill out, have a drink, dance or cuddle in the bedrooms, terrace or garden. Open 24/7 for anyone to lay their weary head or hang out with friends. Jian's Jack Russel is giving free kisses away until the end of the month. The doors will close on September 30th to make way for the next Jupiter project. Reflects terms & conditions of Linden Homes, SEE rules at the door! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shady Corners/183/42/47
  17. Hi, I do live on my parcel in Bellisseria since mid of April. I don't wanna change my place atm, even if it is not my "dream place" but I want to wait a few months until the great rumors are gone and maybe we can change parcels without constantly clicking on "refresh". Two months ago I did recognice a strange traffic in my kitchen. It was one same avatar popping up in the kitchen every day. Had a strange name and a blank profile, 3 months old, did not say "Hello" or anything to me, just popping up in my kitchen everyday, staying there for less then a minute, then teleporting away. Because I'm a very easily scared person and every time this avatar was popping up beside me I nearly got heart attack, I did ban that avatar. But that did not help me. Next day, another avi, same age, same blank profile, another weird name, was popping up in exactly the same place in my kitchen. And then another avi, all the same features and age in their profile. All there for less than a minute, then porting away. I banned them too. It did not end. It seems that the person who is running their bots or land-bots has got a loooooot of those accounts, because everytime I banned, even more new of those accounts popped up. I placed a visitor counter in the kitchen to get their names to put them on the banlist. At the end I was that stressed, that I blocked the teleports to my parcel, so now they are landing BESIDE my home. But the bad thing is: Me and my friends/alts also do land beside my home. I don't want that. At the end this parcel is useless for me and all the others who eventually will claim that place after me, because of this stupid bot traffic on that place. I hope to get rid of that parcel in future, just wanted to inform, what is going on and... Still I asking myself what sense does make a land bot on linden home places? What are they searching for? Excuse my bad english please! Best regards Uni
  18. Hello All, I am in need of some suggestions. I got a parcel on a sim I was really after. I've tried several things with the yard and haven't been happy with any of it. I'm looking for suggestions. I'm trying not to lay a prim with a grass texture. Help plz!
  19. A warm greetings to everyone in Bellisseria and Secondlife. I would like to announce an event for September for the whole community. Buddhist Center 7 day Retreat. Dates: Sept 1-7 TIme: Each day starting at 8am SLT (10am CT) Location: Bellisseria Buddhist Center. Daily community talks and wellness meditation. Community travels through various spots in Bellisseria including walking meditations. Talks from Buddhist and wellness teachers each day followed by food and community events and spots. Speaker sign up: If you are a RL health and wellness teacher or dharma speaker you can volunteer time to speak or cover a topic during one of the days. Visit our website and email me or call the center phone number to leave a message to set up a discussion that is fitting. All are welcome to come and participate. Speakers may use voice to speak, so try to have headsets to listen in. Website: www.bellisseria.center
  20. One thing I am noticing is there is a really active social scene going on in Second Life. How about a place to post your casual party photos to highlight the fun we are all having... Just a little selfie to kick things off from the pool party that broke out in Hartnell today... PARTY ON!!!
  21. Hello everyone, This post is specially meant to be about the Waterways around Belliesseria I haven't yet expressed my opinion about or shared my suggestions for Bellisseria in any community topic but I will say in general.. Bellisserisa is AMAZING! it's been exciting (still is) and definitely a major step forward.. or lets say a high jump into the sky in terms of improvements, and SL is the only place in which we can fly without limits! It's absolutely overwhelming to see this huge amount of attention, participation and love for the new continent, finally a beautifully-made community connects residents together not only through Bellisseria but also through all of the Mainland. it's all about connecting... and by this I don't mean the gnarly sim-crossings! which is one of the most challenging issues throughout virtual simulators, of course it depends on various factors but mildly still works to get you there and sometimes perfectly - based on a standard - most of the time when it doesn't go wrong. (lets keep it positive shall we? *wink*) So, who doesn't like water and everything associated with it? you probably choose a beach or somewhere near the sea when going on vacation! ... now in the matter of discussing water in the virtual world; it's proven that waterfront is the most desired and valued location for land, either for the view or navigating abilities, a parcel of oceanfront land is most likely to be occupied at all times (evidently the quick sell-out of the new houseboats and the high demand on them in particular). Then why not have more of it? I suggest adding more water sims while LL has done a brilliant job in that matter.. wow, thank you, more please! 'Openspace' Mainland sims; they're efficient and do the job with minimum costs. Let's hope LL is going to add more and more of Coastal Waterways everywhere on the Mainland, This will revive more areas and best of all connect more and open new possibilities for boating and flying and all kinds of fun water activities. Here is a cup of water for y'all.. Cheers! P.S: oops! its water from a Linden Ocean.. is it salty or had LL managed to make it sweet?
  22. Has this happen to anyone else? The other night my alt caught a house. I tried to tp to it and it said I couldn't tp there. And the parcel wasn't available. I waited a little while and I still couldn't tp there. Tried this name and no , it couldnt go there either. I left the claim your house page up and went to bed. When I woke up, it allowed me to tp there and the house was in someone elses name. Like what the heck was all of that! I so can't figure out what that was all about. Has anyone else had that issue?
  23. Alright, lets talk about Bellisseria roads and road vehicles for a second. We all have seen nicely done boat rez zones conveniently placed around the continent. They all have reazonable space and are clearly marked to let everyone know you can rez your water vehicle there. We have also seen couple air strips appearing in the area, each one with their own dedicated rez zone for aircrafts (not clearly maked but atleast they are there), but lets talk about Road vehicles and road rez zones... Bellisseria has a problem with road vehicles rez zones. Current road rez zones seems to be placeholder or temporary solutions. They are all currenly found on undeveloped regions arround the developed areas, nothing in between. They are also lacking any kind of marking to let people know of their existance. Newly developed areas seems to also not take vehicle rez zones in consideration as there is none to be found to the date of this post. I am personally hoping that these rez zones has their own space on the developers list of things to have as road vehicles are certainly important when the continent has so much space dedicated to roads alone, and a large community with big interest for road vehicles. Let's make sure they are not forgotten shall we? Is not lag, or your bad driving... the roads are actually broken. Maybe you have noticed that driving around Bellisseria is not exactly a smooth experience. You are not crazy... roads has some issues you can't really see. Bellisseria roads seems to be the first road by the LDPW made out of mesh pieces and they aren't exactly perfect. After some driving, I noticed my vehicles were pretty bouncy, specially on curves. I also had many issues with my vehicles simply refusing to move, randomly, in some areas.. just revving the engine without moving. Upon closer inspection I realized that the road custom colission shapes had various problems that caused various types of issues with the vehicles. These problems has been properly reported and we hope to see them fixed soon. More on that: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-227210 Bellisseria is a great place to take a drive! The continent is without doubt one of the top mainland areas to take a scenic drive. Let's support improvements like these to help polish that experience!
  24. This isn't about houses, because I don't want one. It's about exploring the new area and what I've found so far. I had issues finding landmarks as only one is in search, so I thought this might help others who don't have time to walk around the whole thing. Other people also might have found some things I haven't, so let me know! The first location is the one in search, which is the fairgrounds. This'll be great for vehicles, as there's an open rez area for the dock and for the airstrip. There are other open rez docks elsewhere, but this is the only one I found for air vehicles. All round, this area is good for flying with the sandbox and security rules. I only got warned once when I was flying a bit lower with my flying boat. The dock/pier area also has a water taxi that goes to one of the lighthouses and the Bellisseria mainland. I didn't find any other similar taxis around the area, so if I missed one, I'd be interested in knowing where they are. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bellisseria%20Fairgrounds/128/128/23 There are a bunch of lighthouses. The most useful is Kuga Lighthouse. It's at the start of a corridor of water sims that end at the old mainland/Pyri Funfair. I don't believe there's a ferry here, though it's set up as though there could be later. The corridor water is deep enough for a small submarine or mershroomie. There currently aren't any points of interest on the route that I could see. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kuga/39/82/21 The Squishy Pickle was tricky to find, as people kept talking about it, but not saying where to find it. I got my free pickle on a stick. No one was hanging out when I was there, but I can see why it's a useful location for parties. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brodovima/116/88/28 I didn't see any signs of the train yet, but there's still a lot of open space in the middle.
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