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  1. I can evidence this is not true. I am one that tries as much as plausible to make proper LOD's to everything, and even my things with proper LOD that should (If your explanation were true) appear on the tile somewhat with the right shape, they ususally do not. Builds that should be square on map, sometimes appears round, with 6 edges just like rounded prims. They seem to have better chance to be identifiable, but in no way they hold their true shape on the lowest LOD. If this is no clear indicator that the render process simply does not reads mesh well (and even prims, making circles with 6 co
  2. Why not use the opportunity to update the rendered image too? That part seems has not seen an update even before sculpties were introduced.. now that mesh is very popular, we got maps that are mostly made out of random color shapes instead of clear structures and objects. Why are we conforming with such broken renders on something so used like the map tiles?
  3. I actually made my own trailers shortly after they revealed those campers.
  4. I have to say it, i would dig trailer parks more than campers myself.
  5. They already answered most of that on their preview at the SLB. It is a "camp grounds" theme, forrest setting, camping feel. So there are trees, rivers, dirt paths, lots of nature. I would say the correct term for those are "campers" and not trailers, since trailers can give the idea of "trailer parks", and thats not it.
  6. I know there was a lot of last minute doing with them to have something ready to show for the SLB, they were not by any means ready or final, atlest most of them weren't. There was clear issues with continuity and optimization, and getting those trailers all worked out correctly, revised/fixed several times, and approved would definetly take some time. They been working on the SSP couple regions in what appears to be a slow pace, would think they are in the process of getting the final concept ready so they can just work the same thing across the continent. Regions are already there to st
  7. Looks like SSPE185 wont be related to trains, but will be the proposed community market area.
  8. it only takes couple mole rocks to fill that
  9. I have to stop responding to their problem callings. They seem to miss me when i am not arround.
  10. Inform yourself better on the subject. This is not just "Pixels", is a communication channel.
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