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  1. - Textures/pictures that you use arround or put on frames, etc, be mindfull of the size. you dont need a big texture for a small polaroid or frame, and most pictures saved ends up being 1024x1024 wich is quite big. A lot of peopel ends up using so many big textures around the homes without noticing. If can, resize images to 512x512, or even better, 256x256. - Delete/remove scripts on things that wont be used. Some objects have resize scripts or rezzer scripts that you only use when setting it up. You can delete those scripts and wont make any difference but help with the lag. - Let animal control take care of breedables. They are wild animals and they are dangerous, seriously. - Try to keep objects that use listeners to a minimum. Things that works remotely use listeners. Usually lights that works with switches (and dont require you to link them together to work), door bells with similar functions, etc, will have listeners to communicate with each other. - Make most of the objects Phantom. If you dont need to collide with an object, it can be phantom. Physics also has some toll on regions. Less colliding objects the better. If you know how to set linked objects physics to "none", do it. - Objects that actively use phyciscs engines. Things that moves around are ususally actively physical. Roaming animals are commonly actively physical, and some of them uses pathfinding unnecesarilly. Pathfinding sometimes can be a big infractor. Vehicles that are not properly parked stays physical.
  2. Definitetly gonna fire up the auto-refresher to get one of those.
  3. Petition for a Bellisseria Roman Colosseum
  4. Lets give everyone swords, survival of the fittest. The least wounded at the end gets a home.
  5. Since there is no thread yet about it, and it has been pretty much confirmed (atleast the plans) that there should be a Train sometime in the future roaming areas of Bellisseria... here it is! Patch Linden talked about plans of a new train for Bellisseria at the SL16B. No details were really given, but it was mentioned that would relate in some way to the current SLRR. Here is a view of Mole Island 30 where appears to be train tracks in an oval shape, with a locomotive at the north side of the tracks, a small train station and couple track switches (Blue rectangle). This could be or could be not the actual train being developed, but is a good conversation starter.
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