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  1. this has been driving me up the wall when wearing bom tops on my maitreya body because the nipples are so defined. i cant find anything on the hud that's a pg mode to make them subtle or smoothed off, i only see other shapes for the nipples. i never had this problem with lucybody probably bc its a simplier body with less features. I just want to make sure i'm not missing something on the maitreya hud.
  2. so i finally got the grip of how to make a bento head that is able to edit its shape in second life world. but my problem is when i upload the mesh the head have a cut in the middle and shapes it down i tried to play with the vertax group in blender and delete the unnecessary attachments like legs , fingers etc but it still comes deformed: any help please?
  3. so i created a head which is rigged and sitting correct on the avatar second life neck, and now i dont know where to start with the bento head ? is there any trick or tips or even forums that explain? i have blender and avastar
  4. Hi folks, I took the plunge and got the single available HDPro for dudes. Nevertheless, I'm finding there are some issues that I was not equipped to deal with. So, I am coming to you good folks to see if you can lead me down the path to enlightenment. 😉 (...enter the trolls). 1. My first issue is hair / hairbase. I've downloaded the HDPro BOM M but when I apply the tattoo it jacks up my head. So, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but I cannot find out what. 2. I cannot find any functional and/or good looking hair for Black men that are Catwa HDPro compatible and fit this head. So, if anyone knows a store that the algorithm is not showing me, I'd appreciate it. The same goes for facial hair. 3. Animations! What the hell is my mouth doing? On the HUD I've chosen a static pose, then selected options form the animation HUD. I think I figured it out, but to say the least it is nowhere near perfect. So, I'm wondering, if I'm doing the right thing? I look forward to your feedback as I would really like this L$6k investment to go my way. 😅
  5. Hiya! ...I debated on whether to put this in the Avatar or Merchant part of the Forums, but I ended up figuring Wanted was the safest spot. Feel free to move it, if need be. I just wanted to comment on my experience with the weekly sales and different heads, really. It's very simple. I got the CatWa Queen HDPro as part of the freebie promotion when it came out (I'm guessing around March of 2021). I absolutely love it! And I also love all the weekly sales (addicted is more like it, actually)! ...But I have noticed that there are a crap-ton more makeup options for Lelutka Evo X than CatWa HDPro (or even BoM) featured in the weekly sales. I have asked a huge group (that always chats about their appearance, inventory, etc.) as to why that is, and their response was mostly because Lelutka Evo X is the new trend. It got me thinking. I don't remember as many sales or promotions for makeup on CatWa's HDPro when it came out, as I have and now see for Lelutka's Evo X. I feel like I missed it, missed out, or something! Like, what happened?? And it looks like Lelutka Evo X came out around the same time as the CatWa HDPro, according to what I could find on Google. ...So did Creators just assume that everything BoM/system layers were "old news" and that's why they're more focused on Lelutka's Evo X? Because I see something pretty and I still have L$ to drop ...but it's only made for Lelutka Evo X! Doesn't actually make me wanna go buy that head, actually causes me the opposite reaction. ...Why it's a bit annoying, is because Lelutka Evo X can do BoM, but their BoM is applied differently, so their BoM is NOT universal with all BoM compatible heads (their BoM, if it shows up at all, ends up under my chin). Well, I have also been told this is to deter ripping (copybotting texture stealers), which, like, what is to stop one copybotter that owns a Lelutka from ripping off someone else's Lelutka? And again... I mean, I see something pretty and I'm just gonna end up keeping my L$, sadly! So... if you're an awesome Creator who sells pretty things and participates in the weekly sales... Yeah, yeah, Lelutka, yay, and all that... But... Can you please make it for other universal BoM heads too? I mean, is it really that much of a pain to create for both kinds of heads? My goodness! Thanks so very much!!! ♥
  6. Hello, i would like to know if theres any bom tattoo or whatever, to put some muscle in ones legs (like the thousands of abs that you can find in marketplace). I wasnt able to find any. I have maitreya body and a skin that i love too much to change, but i find that to a lightly fit character, legs look to under developed and i was very surprised that there is nothing on market about this topic. Maybe there are not any, in this case, do you know some good creator that take comissions? Thanks
  7. I am looking for a BOM (system layer) buttondown plaid shirt, like a lumberjack shirt. I would even be OK with a texture file to upload. I am not looking for mesh, I have those, I am looking to layer the shirt underneath a sweater. I'm sure I saw a freebie somewhere but I don't recall where.
  8. I have purchased the Belleza Jake body. I am currently creating outfits.The problem is that some of my BOM outfits make my hands look really bad. I have to completly clear the Alpha. including my hands. What am I doing wrong? I hope that you can help me out with this. I really like the naked body I created to use as a basis for adding clothing too. I do know that I need to buy clothing for the body with Jake tags. But there are are a few I want to see if I can use a few items in particular. Thanks in advance. Mograhm
  9. hey so everytime i put on a hair base there are lines going through it i only been on second life for 2 weeks so i don’t know much about it i really need help! it doesn’t matter which one i use it’s like these lines are there i don’t really know what i’m doing so please help!!
  10. **NEWBIE ALERT** I am new to working with system layers and am wondering how to fix the line that shows when using the 2 layers (shirt and pants) when creating high waist leggings. For instance, I have a black pair of high waist leggings and there is a white line showing across the belly where they meet. Any tips to remedy that? Thanks!
  11. Since midweek last week I have repeatedly logged in as a cloud only to rez after about 20 seconds. Occasionally thereafter I've been told I arrived at a location unbaked (a cloud) again, only to reappear after I removed or added any random item. If this had been just me I'd've suspected my connection or some aspect of my AV or Firewall, but over the past few days I saw dozens or reports of this from all over SL, via not just the Firestorm support group but via mesh body and head groups. It seemed that the common aspect is that either the body, as in my case, or the head, or both were using BoM. I saw many avatars arriving in locations where I was as clouds and all prresent saw the same, not just me. In nearly all cases either an appearance update or a relog solved the issue, but there is clearly some issue. I have seen nothing on the Grid Status Page about this, so I wonder whether LL are aware of it at all. ETA 5am PST Monday 29th: Well today I logged in and rezzed instantly, the first time that's happened for almost a week , so I guess that whatever was faulty has been fixed, whatever it was!
  12. Hello all. I am wearing a Genus head with BOM activated, and everything seems to work fine as far as the hair base and additional layers. However, when showing these layers on the head, there is a fine white line surrounding it, and I cannot remove it. Is there any way to fix this on a Genus Head? Any advice or help is appreciated.
  13. I am entirely confused on where to start on SL to begin making a boutique. I created a marketplace store. I searched and searched YouTube for tutorial and All the information I received is that blender, marvelous designer, photoshop, avastar, and other programming tools are needed. I just want to know which one is the best. I want to understand the difference between, rigging, textures, BOM and all the different SL verbiage. And how do i get approved for kupra, legacy, maitreya body dev kits so I can become a fashion brand?
  14. Hey guys, I hope you are doing great! I am trying to find a good looking tattoo for Belleza Jake V3 Maybe you can recommend a store where I can find it. I already got some on my head so something matching would be nice.
  15. So ive been having an issue with taking off some things off my items like for example when i apply my genus baby face head it has a demo skin that i cant get off even when i ( replace ) it with a new skin it just applies to the body only and my other head also the strong faced one it has a lip gloss that won't come off, i cant even find it under current outfit i really dont want to have to re buy these heads because they are already expensive.
  16. Hi Everyone, I know I saw this answered somewhere, but I can't find the solution now: I built an avatar that is Catwa (head) on a Maitreya Lara (regular size) body - all set to BoM - the skin for both the head and body is L'etre - matching tones - all seems to work fine except for the avatar's toes - which look like they are merged together in a sock - I don't believe I had any layers on in the Maitreya HUD (like tattoo) when I built her - can you advise me how to correct this problem? Thanks in advance! - James
  17. Hi All. I just started using the BOM feature on my Maitreya Body, but when I place some clothes on I get a glitch under my breasts. The clothes just vanish in that area. These are mesh clothes not system clothes, so I am not sure why they are doing this and how to fix it without also removing the BOM feature which I use to wear old tattoos I have. Anyone have an idea why it is doing this and how to fix it? Thanks all Image Here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/rtaKFCfcicfYo2eE9
  18. Hi, before purchasing a really expensive skin, it comes with a no eyebrow option, wich is great becos i dont like the eyebrows but i like the skin. Is it possible to wear an additional layer for eyebrows instead, that is also bom? i tried the demo, it didnt work when i tried. Its a catwa HDPRO majersoft im wearing and the skin is HDPRO compatible from Sessions. Comes with one tone only, and there is no demo for no eyebrow option. but i tested it on other skins, without no eyebrow option, it also wasnt allowing an extra layer of another bom eyebrow to appear...please let me know if you guys have better knowledge as im not very good at understanding how the bom skin works if there is a way. Thankyou. Also have anyone brought skins from sessions know if they just come with one tone pack only? in demo its only got 1 tone, if purchasing it will it show up all the tones?
  19. Servus in die Runde! Ich bin zwar nicht neu in SL und habe auch reichlich Erfahrung mit Mesh-Avataren etc., aber dieses BOM-Gelumpe bringt mich zur Weißglut. 😂🥴 Bin jetzt vom Niramyth Aesthetic Body auf Belleza Jake umgestiegen und will meinen Avi mit BOM-Layers verschönern, doch ich bekomm es einfach nicht hin. Is mir zu hoch😂. Hab Youtube schon durchforstet und bin auch fündig geworden, aber leider ist eigentlich jedes Video dazu auf Englisch, was erstmal nicht das Problem ist, aber ich zieh mir kein volles Tutorial, was über ne Stunde geht, auf Englisch rein. Also wenn sich wer deutschsprachiges findet und mir eventuell ingame per Voice helfen mag, kann mir gerne ne IM oder NC zukommen lassen. ingame-name: otisshottler Bis dahin schonmal danke im Voraus! xx, Buck😎
  20. Servus in die Runde! Ich bin zwar nicht neu in SL und habe auch reichlich Erfahrung mit Mesh-Avataren etc., aber dieses BOM-Gelumpe bringt mich zur Weißglut. 😂🥴 Bin jetzt vom Niramyth Aesthetic Body auf Belleza Jake umgestiegen und will meinen Avi mit BOM-Layers verschönern, doch ich bekomm es einfach nicht hin. Is mir zu hoch😂. Hab Youtube schon durchforstet und bin auch fündig geworden, aber leider ist eigentlich jedes Video dazu auf Englisch, was erstmal nicht das Problem ist, aber ich zieh mir kein volles Tutorial, was über ne Stunde geht, auf Englisch rein. Also wenn sich wer deutschsprachiges findet und mir eventuell ingame per Voice helfen mag, kann mir gerne ne IM oder NC zukommen lassen. ingame-name: otisshottler Bis dahin schonmal danke im Voraus! xx, Buck😎
  21. I have the genus classic head and received a cute eye gift which used an applier to add the different colors on top of the genus eyes. I recent got a new pair of eyes which i just add on if i want to wear them. Ive tried lots of things to remove the gift eye layer from my genus eyes but they just wont come off. I turned to removing the genus eyes completely and just wearing my new ones but now whenever my avatar looks around the sclera of the new eyes are red. Would really appreciate help on either or both of these issues. Thank you in advance
  22. Alright. So, I've been trying to make a custom tattoo for personal use for a bit. I've tried other tattoos I've had, but, around the breast/butt/hips/waist area, Kupra has some really bad stretching problems. I've looked up the default BOM and SL UVs, but none of them work. The image comes out super distorted and transformed. It looks very strange. I tried looking up specific UV/layers/whatever, but I couldn't find anything. I know Kupra has a dev kit available if you apply, but... considering I'm not pro at developing cosmetics and I literally just wanna make a single tattoo... it seems like a waste. Not that I'd even get accpted.
  23. With this thread I want to encourage residents which either gave up to learn BoM or consider to start to learn BoM and wonder, if it is worth while. Feel free to add you own pictures, edited or not.The only requirement: the displayed avatar must be built with a mesh body/head/, classic skin + BOM. No skin appliers please. Please add a short info, what mesh body/mesh head brand you used. I would be glad, if some find it a good idea. Ok. I start with a Kalhene Anya meshbody. The head is Kalhene also and comes with the body. The skin is a random skin I purchased on the market. Random means, it's not meant for a specific brand. Shape is my own creation. The pictures are not edited. I use custom EEP light settings.
  24. Hello I’ve been working on some BOM skin textures. I was wondering if anyone had any tips as I am new to this. The face comes out abit blurry and I always have problems with the rest of the skin texturing e.g Back of head and neck.
  25. Aloha to other newbies. After some frustrating trial and error I was able to replace my system avatar with one that looks more like me. Yay! But the search for upgraded body, head, shape, and hair were super frustrating, and I hope this post will help you to avoid some of the irritation I went through. To be fair, I got annoyed at this whole process because I was searching for stuff on the Second Life Marketplace website, which feels like some Angelfire or Tripod site from the 1990s. Ugghh. No Boolean search terms are allowed, so every search gives thousands of useless results. I gave up on Marketplace and started doing searches via DuckDuckGo, StartPage, Google, YouTube, etc and found a bunch of relevant blogs and videos outside the official SL universe. Those sites allowed me to identify some items to try inworld. This SL Forum was a great resource too! There are plenty of bodies and hairs, but I'm mixed race so my search has been for modifiable stuff appropriate to East Asian, Southeast Asian, Polynesian, and African American looks. For me that means slimmer body, no hips, no butt, practically nothing on top, flatter face, etc. Not much to hold onto except a heart :-) Sort of a difficult match for most North American or European creators, so I don't hold toooo big grudge against Marketplace. Even after wading through all the huge anime eyes, botoxed lips, and overly sexualized stuff there was little to choose from though. Sorry boys, not all of us are voluptuous pole dancers! So, here are some inworld sites I found useful. Bear in mind that tech and life are always evolving, so I should point out that these places have interesting items now, in February, 2021. Blink and they may be gone. Bodies Maitreya Lara http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maitreya%20Isle/128/133/23 Slink Physique http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Slink/36/123/25 Heads Genesis Lab http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Genesis%20Lab/229/170/25 GENUS Project http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Genus%20Project%20Mainstore/100/130/34 LAQ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LAQ/135/122/76 Lelutka http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LeLutka/128/128/39 Skins and Shapes 7 Deadly Skins http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shadow%20Crest/81/59/43 Genesis Lab http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Genesis%20Lab/229/170/25 Glam Affair http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beauty%20Avatar%20couture/153/72/32 ItGirls http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cedar%20Springs/49/43/2003 Jael http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cedar/101/144/2002 Monso / Mudskin http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sweet%20Isle/205/52/28 Not Found http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mountains%20of%20Spirit/186/67/27 Pepe http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pepe%20Skins/68/58/20 Sublime http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Official%20Munkin%20Island/89/202/3001 Hair AD (Analog Dog) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Analog%20Dog%20Hair/174/133/22 Dr. Life http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fashion%20Boulevard/84/131/1949 Homage http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/XODOHTRONU/127/131/3152 Stealthic http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rapture/106/142/106 Truth http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Truth/107/129/28 I've seen a some really beautiful avatars with Slink Physique bodies and Genesis Lab heads, but in the end I decided on a Maitreya Lara body (because of clothing options) and Lelutka Ryn head (it looks a little more like me). With BOM, maybe clothing options won't be so big a draw for Maitreya in future. I added an ItGirls Ryn shape/skin, but have to admit that all the shades are pale for me. Maybe after another year of COVID quarantine I WILL be that pale though :-)
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