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  1. Oh no! I thought Blender 2.8 might work well because it has an option to export to SL when exporting dae files. I'm not sure the error is due to having high poly count or multiple textures. I'll describe the process for recreating this error: 1) I open the female avatar from the second life wiki in Blender (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Rigging_Fitted_Mesh#Download_links) 2) Make any mesh, a cube will do. 3) Export to .dae with export selection only and export to SL (under the arm menu) ticked. These options are in the settings tab on the top right hand side of the export
  2. Hi, I'm trying to make some rigged clothes in Blender 2.8 without Avastar. I can upload the unrigged mesh, but when I rig the mesh, I get the "Error: Material of model is not a subset of reference model" message. I've tried uploading models with all of the other settings and have narrowed this down to the step where I parent the mesh to the skeleton. I would be most appreciative if anyone could give me some advice on how to fix this.
  3. Hiya I have just discovered BOM and its amazing possibilityes for layering. I'm sure you all know how hard it can be to layer mesh clothing. I was wondering if there are any good stores still for classic avatar clothing? I went to a huge multi level store that had heaps of cheapish classic clothes back when I first stsarted. Unfortunately I forgot my avatar password and had to start again so I lost the TP in my history as well. Would anyone know what I am thinking about? Thanks so much, Leila
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