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  1. I think I'll make clothes only for the freely available devkit bodies for now and see where that takes me. Thank you to everyone who replied! I appreciate it.
  2. It did occur me to contact somebody from the Maitreya brand directly, but I thought they must be busy etc etc. I haven't applied for the devkit because everyone I asked in SL told me I need to have a store to be even considered. And that was 8 different people I met in different places. Some told me it doesn't even need to be a clothing store necessarily. See, that might be hearsay to you, but to people who would like to start using the devkit legally , it seems valid. If I understand it right, you give the devkit to people who should have experience with mesh and have
  3. I really do not like when people don´t make demos. But it is a good point about the demo to be in bold letters to catch the eye. Thanks. Thank you. I figured I would ask here first before even starting to try to make it work with Maitreya. I honestly do not want to break any copyright laws. I will look into the Lucybody. Thank you for suggestion.
  4. Sorry for the vague title. If I make clothing for a body that has freely available devkit and then modify it through trial and error, can I list it on MP that it should fit Maitreya body too, or can that get me into legal trouble? Obviously it won't be fitted mesh as I have no devkit to work with and propably will require alpha hide with some shapes. It would be stated on MP listing along with a line to try the demo first. Is it a long process? Yes. Is it worth it? I don't know. But everyone knows how it is about getting the devkits. I understand the reasoning of creators of
  5. I tried making simple item for myself but run into some problem. Is there a reason why my piece moves correctly with the arm after applying weights in Blender, but after uploading it clips through my avatar arm? The shape I have in Blender is the same as my avatar imported through xml with Avastar. Is it rigging error or export settings or Avastar settings? I am kind of new to avastar and first time seeing this, never had a problem like this on previous creations. Thanks.
  6. Thank you! I was using the 2nd method you mentioned but I did not use the substract tool on vertices I wanted to remove from the group (they appeared blue, thought they are not affected). After I did what you mentioned and using Weights - Clean and then reselecting the vertex group, the random vertices are removed from the selected group. @Ada Radius
  7. Hello, I am trying to weight something and after fiddling around with it I realised I can select a bone and then select vertex group in edit mode and it will show me all vertices affected. I have tried to manually deselect all vertices which should not be affected by a bone, but how do you preserve this? After I exit edit mode, the vertices get reselected. If I hit assign, the mesh will break. Do people even do this when weight painting? Do people check in edit mode which vertices are affected by weights? Am I doing something completely pointless? As you can see on the pict
  8. Thanks for your reply! First, I dont know why I thought I could upload a 2k texture. I am guessing its because the window where you add local texture to view them says it can be max 2k. Second, after doing the workflow again for the 5th time, and scaling it to 1k like you said, I managed to make the texture look OK and not blurry any more. No idea what I did wrong before. I am using png format for textures and bicubic scaling.
  9. I made a piece of clothing for myself and textured it in trial of substance painter. My issue is the quality of the texture. No matter if I export it as 2k or 4k or 8k, it looks blurry. After I resize the 8k to 2k it looks the same as 2k. There is no way I can make it any lower and not making ot look like from Minecraft. Ive seen some creations of people and their textures looked sharp and clean. Is there any workflow how to make the textures not blurry? I tried google but all I got is how to resize images for printing and websites. Maybe I'm not go ogling
  10. I have managed to make it work. Thanks Wulfie and Optimo. I have no idea why it did not work before but now when I insert the keyframes it works *shrug*
  11. Is it possible to make an animation to look like floating in the air while the avatar is actually just standing and not flying? I want to make a floating upright animation, but nothing I tried really worked for me. When I previewed the animation my avatar was still standing on the ground. What I tried was to move all bones on z axis up and applying loc rot scale, but that didnt work. Thanks.
  12. Hello, I've been practicing my scripting, but hit a small bump. I wanted to create two objects, one touch start to announce its position in sim on_rez with llGetPos(), and one with a listener that will listen to the position and move to the position on changed_link (avatar sit). I have tried googling as to how to make a script to listen, but haven't found any answer. I know how to make it listen to specified messages, like (if message = "Blue"), but have no idea how to make it listen to a vector? Thanks.
  13. I want to create a male avi with maitreya body + v tech chest mod, but I have been having issues with which head would be the best. I have kemono but I don't really like how childish it looks. I have tried catwa, laq, genus female heads, got some skins and modified the shape to get a more male look, but I wasn't completely satisfied with the look. I never tried male heads, as I don't want a typical male look, aiming for something feminine. Anyone here who has a male avi possibly with maitreya and v tech mod can give me some tips. Thanks!
  14. Any kind soul can help me with my issue. I am trying to make a script with llDialog which will pop up all the avatars in the region. I managed to create something but it shows only 1 avatar in the region and it is an UUID of said avatar. I made it in comparison to a script which does the same in llSay. touch_start(integer total_number) { key toucherID; toucherID = llDetectedKey(0); list ava = []; ava = llGetAgentList (AGENT_LIST_REGION, []); integer Avatars = llGetListLength(ava); list buttons; buttons += [llGetSubStrin
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