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  1. Sometimes super-cute outweighs LI cost and crossing efficiency. This is truth, it is known.
  2. Careful, you could be sued for using that word. LOL https://apple.news/AhitRufHOR2SvpJyQpciSKg
  3. If it's not in this list, treat it at phishing: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory
  4. Except for minimap. Friends will show the same color as you on the minimap (or otherwise a different color that the default from others). As for the OP description: @Talligurl - did you attach anything with regard to that AFK place? Mostly rhetorical question, because if this person saw any indication other than what is show on the minimap, it would have to be some kind of attachment you are they were wearing what could have created particles between you (there are some magic HUDs that will do this automatically, but must be invoked). I wonder if that person could have been wearing some thing that does this as some kind of "friend locator" and they forgot they were wearing it, or didn't;t understand how it works, etc. There could be hundreds of plausible explanations. But the most important one is how laughable it is that anyone thinks they are that important and paranoid over being "looked at". I do not turn off my look-at pointer and I'll alt click you in a heartbeat. And if you jump angrily into my IMs about it, I'll tell you to stop me if you can and that "ll just leave my pointer on you until you or I leave the reagin, whichever comes first. Then block you. Because Ima biotch thataway. Hahahaha!
  5. The main caveat with that (and some older trains) is the prim count (that one is 123) - which isn't usually a problem, though with Bellesserian rez zones I'm not sure how much LI is allotted to them. The main thing would be region crossings. Newer train will have lower LI and better-optimized scripts. Just pointing out a thing or two to think about for everyone when shopping. The Bellisseria RR isn't complete yet. Switches aren't working and many of the crossing gates, etc. Most trains will just stop when it cannot find the rail guide (a transparent object that the train actually follows - highlight transparent and you can see it down the middle of the track). The one you were using may have been designed to auto-flip when it reaches an end-of-line like that as many are setup so they can run remotely or autonomously.
  6. This. Develop the "knee-jerk" reaction (muscle-memory) to always click CANCEL as the default (without thinking about it) action and you'll be alright. This also doesn't really affect incoming purchases, etc., because you're usually actively waiting on those.
  7. For text, use OpenTyupe fonts, not TrueType, there is a big difference in the sharpness of the font edges. Use heavier fonts, use bold styling if available and if not, then create a bold with outlines of the same color. If the text is overlaid onto some other graphical element, use screen or mixed layer overlays, this will kill any potential halos that Photoshop tends to add to small knockouts (small elements on a transparent layer.) Unless the text on a tattoo is the primary focus of the tattoo, it is better not to use display-style fonts unless designed for "billboard-sized" projects. 2048x2048 is a good working size for your document, but it also should be set to 300 PPI, not 72 or 96 PPI You may want to investigate Affinity Photo, it is superior to Photoshop in many ways, especially with text compositions because of its direct hooks into Affinity Designer (Illustrator alternative) and Affinity Publisher (InDesign alternative) and all of these are fully capable of doing anything the Adobe stuff can.
  8. It's a fun idea, though I doubt there would be enough demand. Also remember that on a technical basis, the Linden Homes are designed to be starter homes and it is unlikely a new resident will jump into the mermaid genre of avatar because it is very expensive to do it correctly and there are no mermaid starter avatars as of this writing. Sorry to be the one party-pooper here. LOL
  9. That's good to know. It sure would be helpful if Marketplace allowed merchants to create those kind of categories, huh? LOL
  10. This said, I have seen one animesh style (@Alyona Su could tell you what it is because I saw it on her) which looks incredibly realistic, and reacts to actual avatar movement. That one is really good. It is the "Verge" from... I forget the hair creator name (I'm not a regular customer of theirs, I suppose LOL) - ANYWAY - the hair style is called Verge and it a long, braided ponytail style. Vista animations makes an Animesh version of the ponytail part only. So you can buy just the hairstyle as a typical mesh hair or you can buy both: the mesh hair and the Vista version of the ponytail. (It also comes with an AO HUD proper for the same animations, so one must remember that you are purchasing an actual "mini" AO with it, which may or may not justify the price.) Both can be purchased at Vista Animations in-world (250 for hair, 900 for Animesh ponytail). The hair has a built-in AO that animates your full body. It *does* work with your existing AO (it overrides your existing AO while you wear the hair) - 6 stands, one walk, one sit, etc - very simple and actually very nice animations. Two caveats to Animesh hair: 10 Too expensive to be getting many styles and 2) Animesh can crank your complexity up a few notches.
  11. 'Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it' Ironically, both of these go together, one begets the wiseness of the other.
  12. If you know how then your OC was rather disingenuous, was it not? Just asking, that's all.
  13. Some people are more prudish than most and others a lot less so than most. (And this is not meant as any type of insult or social commentary other people's sensibilities.) There is "porn" and "erotic" and "sensual" and on down the line. But the divide between each genre is foggy and fuzzy at best and each must decide for themselves. As for "bare butts" - I have at least one posted here (along with you, Talligurl) and it went just fine. Though a repost of it was flagged for "bare butt no-no" and removed (which makes me laugh). The original is still there (Now I wouldn't be surprised if one of my haterz goes through every page in this thread just so they can flag it LOL) In general, if any image in this (or another) thread is ever removed, there is one and only one reason: Someone flagged it and the moderators agreed (and sometimes they'll just remove it to placate the complaint - I get it). BUTT the way I see it (see what I did there? ) - if there's any kind of covering, even if so sheer it takes a double look to see it, or a deep-deep thong-ish-thingie, then it's (technically) not a bare butt. But that's just my own purview on it. And, frankly speaking, I would think a bare butt would have a lot more lenience than, say, a bare loin or groin (a.k.a. frontal) or nipples. //justsaying.
  14. With the right Four-Wheeler, you wouldn't even need a driveway! And some are even amphibious!
  15. "Sock-in-trouser" theme, woot! No... wait... Hmmm... ~ponders some more~ I seem to recall some mentioned about "Beach" or "Beach house-is-ie-ish" something or other. So, maybe MAUI THEME! Yes! And remember, silence is an implied YES!!!
  16. Alyona Su

    best veiwer

    I agree, though the interface takes getting used to, and most of the "world features" are basic as with the LL viewer. But performance is astounding and the picture-taking tools (and just the default graphics) are OMG AMAZING! I have make the conscious deliberate decision to suffer the "getting used to it" curve to make it my main everyday viewer and now it all feels very natural to me. It can for anyone else as well. (Though you may want to add some keyboard mapping for moving around unless you're a gamer LOL)
  17. But anticipation is half the fun. Once it's here and once you use it (or not) it will become a ho-hum feature. It was the same with all previously-announced features, like FLEXI! and WINDLIGHT! and SCULPTYS and... well, pretty much all of it.
  18. Almost 14 years in SL and I never knew about this one! Is it a Black Dragon feature or a standard one! OMG! The CTRL+ALT+X doesn't seem to do anything for me, but that one is mostly moot in my own workflow anyway. I've experimented with the alpha layering thing in BD and it is a definitely fix for the scenarios I've needed it for, though the compositing idea is a good one. Thank you for these! Seriously, that "Freeze" command is like Batman Spotlight aimed right into my face from sic inches away epiphany! hahaha!
  19. Oh my gosh! I was able to do it! I am now able to create KODALITH look 100% in-viewer with Black Dragon. This is 100% unedited except for one thing: I added some film grain for a more authentic look. (Okay, okay, then: 99.99998% unedited!) What is kodalith? Believe it or not, this is shot against a white background. ***** Edit to add (because I thought it would be fun) - here is the original normal "viewer-look" (a second snapshot); the above was achieved 100% with viewer settings:
  20. It's even photo-realistic for top quality props. 👍 You all have it wrong. Can't you see what's going on? It's obvious! They want to make a room in the attic and it gets too hot up there; they need *shade*.
  21. This is funny since (as I've read in science magazines) the science of human vision states that human eyes can see a maximum of 45 frames per second (which is why movie films are 24 frames, doubled-up to 48). Anything more does nothing to improve "motion perception" whatsoever. Must be some silly placebo thing: "Itz moar, so itz BETTAH!" This already exists, somewhat, though not dynamically. Create your graphic settings for crowded places and save it as a preset. That's what I do. I have a present I call "Crowds" with drops settings significantly, and varying levels of grahics eye-candy up to the Ultra level. Then I just hover over that press icon in the top right and with one-click: graphics changed to maintain frames-per-second and mitigate lag.
  22. Just so I understand... this script is placed into the media prim (in your example: into the two televisions)?
  23. Their in-world shop is the most horrific shopping experience ever and should be AR'd as griefing. I only got past it when the Legacy body demo was on Marketplace, else they would have never gotten a sale from me. Do you mean Linden Dollars? Because if the Lindens are all over you then chances are you are a naughty, naughty person.
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