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  1. Pretty much this, especially the statements up where the quote starts! Personally, I feel the Stilt homes demo area we've seen shows that the Moles have listened to the older complaints that the houseboat areas in Belli are packed too tightly for some people's tastes as long-term residents of Belli. I can resonate with that complaint, but realize it's a personal, subjective opinion and other people might like the density and crowded feel of the houseboats. But it's clear that the new Stilt homes layout and landscaping is a thoughtful attempt by the moles to give easy water/boating acces
  2. Yeah, after a year of playing Game of Homes, this one is definitely a "forever" home. For now, anyway? 😄
  3. The Game of Homes gods have smiled upon me and Kat for my birthday. 🙂
  4. Nothing but love and support. Eva. I'm so sorry. Anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to reach out. ❤️
  5. Dawwwwwww! I remember Foxy Luscious telling me about meeting you that day and enjoying one of your cupcakes!
  6. Dawwww! Thank YOU! And everyone who helped to make it, including all the "actors" and "extras" who participated! BTW, this be Baphy ^.^ Name change r sneakeh!
  7. I've set out a Hot Air Balloon rezzer at the following parcels. It seats 4 AVs with cute animations, is NOT ginormously large, can fly fast enough to avoid the 15-second warning, and is heckin' easy (and smooth) to fly. E and C (or page up/down) plus the normal WASD or arrow keys. It's great for sightseeing along waterways, or flying higher and going overland. It will self-destruct after every one jumps out, even in a spot where you have rez rights, so no worries about leaving junk objects anywhere. Just click the white sign, then hop in and go! New mountain lodge regions http://maps.sec
  8. Stumbled upon both Slenderman and Evangeline at the same time. Lucky!
  9. We miss living next to the Pink Motel! But we're still rolling on lodges, so who knows? 😘 Meanwhile, we're sitting on this lovely view with a private swimming hole right off our front porch, for laps in the morning! Also we're just a short 5-minute scenic drive from the rez zone in Dos Hermanos where you can launch sailboats for the big interior sailing lake!
  10. (OOC) Much love! May you and everyone else here be safe and may your loved ones all be safe! (Back in character) Please don't wreck my train again! That was skeery!
  11. There's a 50L weekend sale Hot Air Balloon called the "Boomerang" that is super cute, flies smoothly, is quiet, isn't janky, doesn't have a huge oversized balloon that's hard to see around, seats 4 AVs with cute poses, and comes as a cute 3 LI rezzer. The balloon itself is only 16 LI when rezzed, so you only need 19 LI total on your parcel to let as many friends as you want (and the public) rez and fly balloons. It's absolutely the best hot air balloon for sightseeing over Belli that I've found so far. Here's the link: https://www.seraphimsl.com/2020/03/14/get-your-shop-on-with-wanderlust
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