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  1. Nothing but love and support. Eva. I'm so sorry. Anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to reach out. ❤️
  2. Dawwwwwww! I remember Foxy Luscious telling me about meeting you that day and enjoying one of your cupcakes!
  3. Dawwww! Thank YOU! And everyone who helped to make it, including all the "actors" and "extras" who participated! BTW, this be Baphy ^.^ Name change r sneakeh!
  4. I've set out a Hot Air Balloon rezzer at the following parcels. It seats 4 AVs with cute animations, is NOT ginormously large, can fly fast enough to avoid the 15-second warning, and is heckin' easy (and smooth) to fly. E and C (or page up/down) plus the normal WASD or arrow keys. It's great for sightseeing along waterways, or flying higher and going overland. It will self-destruct after every one jumps out, even in a spot where you have rez rights, so no worries about leaving junk objects anywhere. Just click the white sign, then hop in and go! New mountain lodge regions http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wildecross/18/73/53 Victorian region on the border between North and South Belli, right on the edge of "Mole National Park" http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Banebury/88/226/43 The huge camper region connected to Campwich Lodge http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lake Tatakaka/165/30/37
  5. Stumbled upon both Slenderman and Evangeline at the same time. Lucky!
  6. We miss living next to the Pink Motel! But we're still rolling on lodges, so who knows? 😘 Meanwhile, we're sitting on this lovely view with a private swimming hole right off our front porch, for laps in the morning! Also we're just a short 5-minute scenic drive from the rez zone in Dos Hermanos where you can launch sailboats for the big interior sailing lake!
  7. (OOC) Much love! May you and everyone else here be safe and may your loved ones all be safe! (Back in character) Please don't wreck my train again! That was skeery!
  8. There's a 50L weekend sale Hot Air Balloon called the "Boomerang" that is super cute, flies smoothly, is quiet, isn't janky, doesn't have a huge oversized balloon that's hard to see around, seats 4 AVs with cute poses, and comes as a cute 3 LI rezzer. The balloon itself is only 16 LI when rezzed, so you only need 19 LI total on your parcel to let as many friends as you want (and the public) rez and fly balloons. It's absolutely the best hot air balloon for sightseeing over Belli that I've found so far. Here's the link: https://www.seraphimsl.com/2020/03/14/get-your-shop-on-with-wanderlust-weekend/
  9. The little green tram you see in a lot of my screenshots above also auto-flips when stopped by the switches on the rails. If the maker of any given train doesn't give you a config option to turn that behavior off (and "just stop"), it's not really a hardship to work around. When I get flipped like that, I simply stop right away. Then manually flip myself again to be facing the red light again. Then I simply wait until the light (eventually) turns green and then I manually start moving the train again. @Squeaky Mole has said that there's nothing they can do to automatically deal with trains that auto-flip. Again, it's not an issue as long as you aren't AFK and then travel down the tracks a long way in the wrong direction. If you stop yourself in a reasonable time and flip around, you'll be fine and won't mess up the signal system.
  10. Yes, please please please keep the water features. The new Vic regions being being built out to the east right now are very plain and repetitive without all the typical water features and ponds and canals we have all over the earlier Vic regions.
  11. Found a third rez zone today. This one's directly at a train station platform. It's in SSPE1058 out in the new continental chunk they're building out on the east side of Bellisseria. I'll add the landmark to the list of rez zones in the OP. At the time of this post (7-Mar-2020), the light facing West out of the rez zone is red, which means you should only head East out of this rez zone. The lights facing East are currently orange. I'm sure this will all change within a few more weeks. Third rez zone in SSPE1058: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE1058/60/11/49
  12. Two video demonstrations of things that might confuse you at first until you get used to the SLRR rail system in Belli. Bellisseria SLRR Tip #1 At this date (6-Mar-2020), you can exit in either direction from the SLRR rez zone in Pugwash, Bellisseria. By default your train will auto-orient to head north out of the rez zone, but if you instead flip your train and head south instead, you'll end up on a nice, long endless loop counter-clockwise all through the lower "boot" section of Northern Belli. The way to break out of this loop and head into Southern Belli is demonstrated in the video for Bellisseria SLRR Tip #2. Bellisseria SLRR Tip #2 At this date (6-Mar-2020), the 3-way intersection in Extraordinary, Bellisseria can be a little confusing. All three entrances from all 3 directions are currently flashing orange lights, which means this region isn't part of the finished switching system. And the user-interactable metal green/red ball switches under each light aren't actually working yet. But there IS a simple way to control which direction you take through this intersection! By default, if you take the South exit from the Pugwash rez zone to start the endless counter-clockwise loop through lower Northern Belli (per the video for SLRR Tip #1), you'll approach this 3-way intersection from the West, heading East on the track. And you will continue to head straight through to the East, as shown in the video. But this keeps you on an endless loop in Northern Belli (at the time this video was made). And you might not want that! How do you instead take the rightward branch that will send you towards the big 4-track switching yard, then past the Shallow Springs station right across from Mole National Park, and then onward into Southern Belli and down through the Victorian section towards the Red Hook rez zone? Well, it's simple and the video shows you how. Just pass straight through the 3-way towards the east. Then stop, flip your train around, and start moving again. This time as you enter the 3-way heading WEST, you'll take the left branch and start heading south.
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