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  1. One of these days I'm *still* going to make you dance! May your hiatus be brief. Take care, friend. 💗
  2. Let me put it this way: it's a simple thing for LL developers to fix the "rules" of the system so that the system is a bit more fair and equal for everyone involved. It's another thing entirely to fix the RL economic system that enables some RL people to siphon money upward. That said, if somebody could actually tackle the complex economic and political systems that allow for massive wealth inequality, then MORE people would be able to have a nice Tesla and maybe even a vacation home or two. Maybe even you! (And gee, maybe more people could actually eat and live under a roof and have som
  3. Translation: "time and money" = "army of alts". So if you have the money to own a large number of alts and the computing horsepower to have all those alts spam the land claim interface the moment a region is released, you have far better odds to squat the hot properties in the newly-released regions. And then you can trade those hot properties away afterward to "friends", using the technique described above, with a high degree of confidence. This effectively creates a class system among Linden lands, especially Bellisseria. You can argue that it's all "by the rules" and that "everyone ha
  4. Honestly, I still don't understand the process they're using to game the system. How exactly do they target a new specific region with some tasty parcels on it? (Which they do, quite successfully). I've given up on GOH because it's rigged in favor of the people who've figured out how to game the system. GOH is only "fun" when you feel you have an equal chance as everyone else of landing something really tasty. As it stands now, you only stand a chance of that if you get a lucky abandon in a very old region. You'll never get lucky in a brand new region that just released, because of the pe
  5. I'm also quite happy with the Belli grass as-is 😍
  6. Squirrel move like a ninja! She does not fear the EVIL.
  7. *shakes her tail in vain* ..... one of these days I will shock the natural order and achieve SLENDYDANCE
  8. The Bandit 170 is a lot of fun! I also love the Captain's Launch, and the Loonetta, and that new jetski by Cigar Yachts that came out right around the time the Stilt regions were released. Don't forget the new Bellisseria surf beach up on the Northeast edge of the bottom row of the stilt region. The wave generators are perfect, the wave runs are long, and there are rezzers for all the best surfboards. It's a delight to surf those waves on the X-3! Two people can ride the X-3 and the passenger gets involved in the paddling anims. It's really responsive and newbie-friendly! If you have your
  9. One of these days I'll tempt you to dance!
  10. FWIW, I just tried out the new surf beach (scroll up a bit), and it's FANTASTIC. Several wave generators with LONG runs, nice frequency, extremely low lag. The waves themselves are excellent. And they've got board rezzers for all the best boards, including my favorite, the X-3. And if you have your own boards, there's a rez zone just a short walk up the beach to the west at the top left of the same region. FWIW, the X-3 can seat two people and the passenger is involved in the paddling animations in a cute way. It's a very newbie-friendly board and has some nice tricks and excellent (but not
  11. OMG I'm so happy! And does it have a small self-rez square for people with their own boards?
  12. A lot of us do walk/drive/horseride/sail in and around our property and neighborhood in various states of casual nudity. But you hardly bump directly into anyone that way so...
  13. It's really pretty simple: understand the Adult FAQ. And maybe get to know the tone and flavor of various community events that crop up and use common sense about what seems appropriate in one community situation or another. Casual nudity out and around your house? Sure, nobody's going to bat an eye at that. Walking cold into a community dance fully naked? Would you do that in any town or any community even in very progressive, permissive cultures? Probably not. Get to know the local community culture and you can find your way.
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