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  1. As a very active person I talk too much with people, sometimes I have to go and leave the conversation without ending it. Sometimes I wish I could open an app just like WhatsApp and continue wherever I am without needing to bring my lap top with me. It would be really cool if just that was added, i don't ask for a fully SL app, but just an app to keep with the chat. What do you guys think, you guys feel the same way? Let me know! 😆
  2. *Instert Billie Eilish* I'm the baaaaad guy, duh! 🎶
  3. Still giving a post that much of importance? GET ON WITH IT.
  4. We all need a hug sometimes 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Well, I've been here for a few years as well, I had an avatar which only had an AO control, which it wasn't so complex, but now I have an aesthetic mesh body, literally you have to unpack almost every part of it. (It included a bento hands and bento head) that means that it let's you control almost every part of your body. It let's you change your skin color and its gloss, it has alpha layers for E-V-E-R-Y part of your body, and expression hud, a bento hand hud. That was something I wasn't used to, so yeah, basically they're getting more complex.
  6. Omg, I loved it. I'm laughing so hard rn
  7. You guys were the ones who gave this that importance, not gonna say anything else, JUST DROP IT, okay? I already reported my post, and "Show off?" my GOOOOOOOD, this is a VIRTUAL world!!! As long as I'm not harming anyone it's correct my GAAAAWWWWD.like it's ONE post.
  8. And no, I never wanted to make fun of an illness, I am a very empathic person, but this is just... Ridiculous!
  9. It's funny how a phrase with a simple picture can get to "this", to me being the bad guy because using the word 'triggered' is now bAd and not a meme anymore, smh...
  10. I can't delete it 😂 so stop minding HAHAH
  11. I'm gonna take it down if it bothers y'all, but I still don't get why 🤷🏻‍♂️ and I gotta say sorry, kinda thought it was PoETic the "Wondering what the future awaits" and the pose, as I've said before, I'm gonna take it down if it bothers you that much.
  12. Yo! That's because you're not a WEREwolf lmaoooooo 🤣 and you haven't see me yet hahaha, also cool pic
  13. Hi Saraya, first of all, I'm sorry if this triggered you or something (not sure exactly why?) I don't think it's wrong if I want to include an image to go along with the text, I mean, you can get it in two ways, 1 is that you look at it READ it and continue with your life, 2 is to get triggered by some guy's post because he's shirtless and that's 'Sexualized' (Because we live in a society 😂 lmao), you decide how to take it. If it makes you feel better drop all your negative thoughts and feel relieved, I won't stop you. 😌
  14. It may not be part of the AO, I have a "Stand still" pose that came with my avatar, I guess you can buy a pose like that by free in the Marketplace
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