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Found 17 results

  1. I have encountered a great many avatars not able to rez in the past 30 minutes, I myself did not rez to quite a few of them when I asked. I wonder is there a problem? I see nothing on the Status Page yet.
  2. Heya~ I've been searching for good male hair stores for a while now. Besides Dura being a popular choice, does anyone recommend any others?
  3. I'm new to Second Life and am finding I'm actually not bad at creating good face shapes. I would like to sell these face shapes, customised for different heads. I'm a reasonably competent coder and LSL looks accessible. My immediate thought is to distribute face shape scripts which automatically update the required Appearance Editor slider values. However, I cannot find an API for the Appearance Editor, not in the standard API docs nor in the RLV. Maybe there isn't one. So, option two is to save out a shape object and distribute that. Two problems with this: First, if I create my shape on, say, a Genus head, the original creator remains Genus and the properties are locked. I could maybe get round this by creating my face, noting the slider numbers, manually applying them to a default avatar, then saving that out as the shape object. Which leads to the second problem: I only want to change the shape of the face, but the shape object contains dimensions for the whole body. I can't script something that reads the end-user's existing rest-of-body dimensions at runtime because.... there's no Appearance Editor API. But people do sell face shapes. How are they doing it? TIA
  4. This may sound like a dumb question, but I have to ask: what is the difference between an SL skin and a shape? So far it seems to me that a skin includes a shape, but a shape may not include a skin.
  5. I'm making my second avatar and for this one I decided to implement the bones for the appearance sliders, so that people can customize it more. I'm not using Avastar, since I don't have the funds for it atm and I want to understand what happens "under the hood". Especially with how odd SL can be sometimes haha and I'm making everything in Blender 2.8. I've managed to get the collision bones to work properly, but I've been having a very weird issue with the appearance sliders since the beginning. Let me illustrate, see the attached screenshots for reference: When first opening the appearance editor and moving the sliders the mesh changes as expected. In this example I slide the belly size all the way up and the belly grows as it should. However when I click 'save' and exit the editor the mesh resets to normal and when I open the appearance editor again (or use the collision visual debug) I see that the slider and the bone are still in maximum position. So the change does get saved, but somehow the mesh resets. BUT it gets more interesting: When I then slide the belly size back to zero, the bone moves back to that position too but... it actually transforms the mesh along with it as if the mesh was unchanged, thus causing this essentially inverted effect. When I re-wear the mesh while the belly slider is still set to max, I get the same inversion effect. It's almost as if the mesh is re-worn every time I exit the editor. This issue is with all the collision bones. The normal bones (mBones) seem to work fine without issues. So the bones and sliders seem fine, the issue seems to be with the mesh but I have no clue what it could be. The collision bones in my rig are ones copied from the SL wiki template (Skeleton.Female.blend). I did this so I could copy over all the custom parameters Blender bones need to work with SL, since the armatures were originally made in Maya and that program works with joints instead of bones. I also selected "keep bind info" in the exporter for things to work proper. Since I copied over the bones from that template I also exported the template and tested it in SL, to check if maybe that had wrong data. No issues though with that mesh. Anyone got a clue what the issue could be here?
  6. Why am I seeing avatars with detached body parts and clothing ? It's this way with the most recent SL viewer and Firestorm - some avatars are a collection of mobile parts. Is it a setting I can change to allow for the complexity, or is the avatar's product badly made? Teo examples: the one with the dress at right angles and the guy whose head and hat are floating about.
  7. I have attached a photo of a random resident, some people (Not all) started looking like this about a week or two ago and i don't know why. I've been one SL for about a year and never seen this (I am using Firestorm Viewer) I asked a friend and he said he sees it too, advised me to turn up all the sliders in my graphics setting but it didn't fix anything and made SL laggy so i changed it back. Please let me know if there's anything else i can do, thanks
  8. Hey guys, so this might be a bit of a strangely niche issue, but i'm having some troubles with my avatar's eyelids. I want her to have monolids, and i've tried messing around with the eyelid sliders, making them completely flat, etc, as well as trying various monolid "makeups", but to no avail. The above image is my avatar without any "makeup" on her eyelids. As you can see, even though the skin i have specifically doesn't have an eyelid fold, there's still a very visible crease. Now in this image, i've applied a mask to the eyelid area, but they're still very visible. It's really irking me, because i have no idea what to do to fix this. I've tried various windlights, but it really makes no difference. I've raised the opacity on my genus hud's eyeshadow region to 90% (for some reason i can't get it to 100), but even so, whether it's set to 60% or 90%, it seems to have the same coverage -- which is not much. Does anyone have any possible solutions? i'd appreciate it a lot, thanks. ♥
  9. Accidentally posted this on another thread: I am newly back to SL after several years. I realized my classic body, though I loved it so much, is very inferior compared to the new mesh bodies, and also it is very hard finding any new clothing. So I got an Ebody which I LOVE, however I cannot get any shoes to work. Not even the Ebody ones from the ebody store, set to the right height and all that. My foot is way above the shoe, no matter what I do, and the heel is way behind my foot. I have been trying for hours to get my new self in one piece and looking good So frustrated! I have a wrong colored head with no hair right now as well...I guess I have to get a different head somehow, but cannot figure out what to do to match up. Mesh has so many different things to figure out, I don't know how any newbie can manage it! Sorry...back to the shoe thing..anyone have any ideas? I tried hover height and all that. Any help so appreciated!
  10. Is it possible for there to be a script of some sort that references outfits? Instead of having to open up the Appearance window and doing all the clicking to change outfits, I'd like to avoid the hassle. Ideally, I'd like to be able to use chat commands to switch between outfits (so whatever code is executed when I click "Wear - Replace current outfit" is run by the command I enter). If, even possible, is something that can only be accomplished though a HUD, I'd be fine with that.
  11. Hi, Back on my very first avatar, I had a lot of trouble adjusting shapes and I sought out a friend of a friend who helped me by having me stand on a pose stand and he told me what areas to adjust and what numbers to put in the slider area. Now my questions are: 1. How did he do this? 2. Was he using a special software program? 3. Is there written instructions somewhere? I have searched and searched. I have read Penny's blog, Catnap Kitty's information, Strawberry's blog, the Golden Rule on SL wiki, and watched videos. I am still, even after 4 years, confused as to how to alter my shape so it is more realistic looking. Thanks in advance for any and all help. Krickett
  12. I saw folks with eyes similar to those pictured here (they may or may not be the right ones). What sets them apart is the ring. I'm looking for the texture, specifically, and I know they are compatible with the Catwa Animated Eyes, as I've seen the pupils "dilate" in-game. (I don't think they come with the Catwa Eyes as a default option, though I may be mistaken.) However, marketplace keyword searches and googlings have given me very little to go on. I would appreciate any help: a marketplace link, vendor name, in-world store location, photo... Thanks in advance : )
  13. Hello, since this morning I noticed serious problems to change premade outfits saved in appearances. It either takes age to change or won´t change in anyway and will be ignored. Only partial changes are possible via inventory. I use Firestorm latest release but seems it is not specifically there as it appears in the latest SL Viewer too. Some login issues i noticed too, as there are it takes sometimes ages to log in or it fails in between. I am located in Germany and had this issue in the past too as there had been login issues specifically for german users had been published and it took a long time until this was solved. And i speak not here about lag issues and other several issues that appears more and more on the grid. My internet connection cannot be the reason (fibre optics) and LAN neither the capabilities of my computer. Sorry to say but that sucks more and more and not only I make this experiences. Hope there is any hint how I can at least solve the actual issue with not being able to change any outfits properly. Thank you in advance and best regard JD
  14. In SL, I like to help those in need when it comes to customized appearances. Whether this is your body shape (non mesh) to alter or, finding the right skin texture and 'suit' to reflect you. I am here to help. I help remodel shapes that feel the need for a tweak, to purchase demo's and send those links to you - making sure the right attire sits on your avatar well and that you don't look the same as Joe Bloggs or Jane Doe next to you. I have experience in all corners of categories like type of character and age to define a personality. If you would like a shopping assistant with you, then please notecard me in world to how you see your character.
  15. Anyone Can Figured to you find an Outfit that Included in Flickr. for =ASR= Philosophia Body? Also. If anyone Found the outfit set. so. would you like to Replies to My Topic. Please? I can't find the Mary Janes T Strap Flat Shoes on The Image? Thank You
  16. Can you find an Outfit that Included in Flickr. for =ASR= Philosophia Body? Also. If anyone Found the outfit so. Replies to My Topic. Please? I can't find the Mary Janes T Strap Flat Shoes on The Image? Thank You.
  17. I have received update for Maitreya Lara Body with Bento hands. Im replacing links in my APPEARANCE folders. I did the adjustments to height and body fat (boob & butt too) first and going through and replacing the links for the updated ML avi now. I have x7 main ones to replace and each item to 2 thousand odd places (OMG yes) in the appearance folder. Each set takes my computer about an hour and a half. Really it sounds a lot but once its set up, it runs itself. I open 2 Inventory screens and then the command to Replace Links, find the old link in one (Source) and the new link to the other (Target)....seven times over. Some time later, maybe when I wear the outfit I can delete the old links which still show up but are not active. They just take up space. Lots of space because Ive done this before, a few times, with other changes. My question..... Is there a way to delete the old links, without wearing each outfit? .
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