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  1. Might not have worded it quite clear, but I have no issues with Neve. It does everything I want. I'm just looking for another head for the sole purpose of getting bento accessories and animations (e.g. piercings, tongue open animations, food that actually goes into the mouth, etc) and wider skin support (cause right now you literally can't find any skins that work with LAQ heads other than LAQ skins).
  2. I watched some videos but I don't see a really significant benefit to this BoM besides skins? Yeah you no longer have to chuck out old skins now, but besides that is there anything else I'm missing? I mean it's great you can now paint system layer clothing onto your mesh body, but who even does that when it's the exact same affect as applier clothing, which no one uses? Even for lingerie and stockings you'd want some 3D depth so everyone buys mesh versions of those as well. BoM pants or skirt? Yuck, yeah if you want to look like a 2006 avatar I guess. If the whole point of BoM was just to salvage old skins... well then I guess disregard this post.
  3. I have LAQ Neve which is not a popular head and has virtually zero support for anything (not even appliers), but the reason I chose it is because it's the only head that is somewhat kawaii skin friendly as it has a relatively smooth jawline/chin and upside down pear shape (almost like a realistic anime face) and resembles those pre-bento VCO heads. Anything else from any other store I've been to has those square-ish jaws and gaunty face and looks terrible with most kawaii skins as they're mostly designed for mainstream skin stores. Besides that, omega support is pretty much the only other thing I need. Is there another Bento head that I can take a look? I've already demo'd every single Lelutka and Catwa head, as well as Genus head.
  4. Anyone know where the above hair's from? Store name or style name, not generic search terms please. I've already searched on marketplace.
  5. Posting this in adult section otherwise the overly sensitive folks in the fashion section might get a heart attack. Anyone know where this bikini's from? No it's not the slingshot bikini from Cerberus Xing as I have that one and looks slightly different.
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