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  1. All truth hair are now no-mod, check the notecard in the demo, it's probably also written in the guy's profile All Ayashi hair are no mod though they used to be 1-2 years ago, it's written in huge font right on every single ad (NO MOD NO TRANS) I bought a hair from Mina just a month ago, and it's no mod. I'm not sure if this is a mistake or not however I'm pretty sure Sintiklia hair are no mod because it says so in the demo notecard, and probably the ad itself as well iirc
  2. Does anyone know where this collar's from? Various marketplace keywords yielded no results.
  3. I'd prefer 3D renders over crappy in-world shots (most of them aren't even using max graphics settings) that you see in most stores that just sell retextured kits, any day. Why? Because stores using 3D renders generally have high quality products, with a FEW exceptions. Why would I buy something from a store where the creator's own ad for the product resembles something from 2005? Why do you think Blueberry and Scandalize use 3D renders despite offering top quality products and are two of the most popular stores in SL? Because they look much better, simple as that. Are you telling me you never shop in a grocery store either? Because you do realize 99% of CPG's use enhanced photos on the box right? Now if the creator actually takes time to enhance the in-world shots without using 3D rendering programs, I'm fine with that as well. For example stores like Glitz and Zenith have awesome product photography that are simply photoshop-enhanced with better lighting and backgrounds.
  4. Not really the creator's fault when alpha masking on hair looks ugly af. I have never seen a single hair strand that looks good with alpha masking, it all turns them into hair you'd see in something like Morrowind.
  5. Go inworld and take a look at how many of those stores still have modifiable hair. Everyone is hopping on the "let's make everything no-mod because people don't deserve to get creative with something they bought and needs to have their stuff jailed like an iPhone" bandwagon. I think of those only Exxess has modifiable hair now, but I'm not even sure about THAT because no one ever writes clearly what their permissions are and they just all of a sudden change it, like Truth, nasty surprise when I bought a hair and it's no longer modifiable despite having modifiable hair for the last 10+ years. LOL. Playing with material settings or size will turn a creation hideous? You're really self-contradictory there, because in other words you think people are too dumb to know how to play with material settings and tints, which in my opinion are even easier options to fiddle around with than size. Also, you think SL creations are something holy that shouldn't be touched or something? Oh yes I'm sure changing material shine from 50 to 60 will totally desecrate your holy creation into a blasphemous object. Since when did my necklace become the next Mona Lisa that can't be touched by mortals? 🙄
  6. Using resize scripts is like trying to use a compass to draw a square, or using a ruler to draw a circle. Do creators really think people are dumb enough to not know how to use edit mode? I don't know about the rest of you but I can't stand even the tiniest clipping/gap on my attachments, so I only ever use manual editing on stuff. It's fine if creators leave stuff as modifiable and cram in these useless scripts (which I proceed to immediately delete anyways). It's annoying af when they put in these dumb scripts, then proceed to make the item no-mod, as if resize scripts is the answer to all problems and people shouldn't have the freedom to resize stuff they bought. Something else I noticed is more and more stuff are becoming no-mod in SL, even stuff like hair and furniture, which used to be almost all modifiable. There's literally not a single hair store left that sells modifiable hair, which is especially annoying for non-rigged hair. I've also bought stuff like leash holders, cups, animals and collars that turned out to be no mod too... really?? Really sad and pathetic that creators think the average user is too dumb to know how to do simple things like edit size, tint or play with material settings.
  7. Yes I know how to inspect. This was an ad, not seen on an avatar.
  8. Hey yeah they're the same collar, just posted 2 different colours. Checked RE but didn't find it. RE's textures don't have this matte feel, most of their collars are more metallic with jewels.
  9. Does anyone know where this collar is from? Some people suggested it might be two collars (one o-ring with thin band and a second hanging o-ring with thick band) but I don't think so. Edit: the two pics are the same collar, just posted 2 colours.
  10. You do realize you just necro'd a 8.5-year old post right? You really think they still have the same offers or even store right now? Lol.
  11. ...Or is this not possible in the current engine? Almost all good hairs contain alpha textures in at least some strands, and I'm sure pretty much everyone uses mesh heads and some makeup layers or clothing that has alphas. Simply masking some layers is just not possible considering 99% of things in SL are no mod for some annoying reason (whole other discussion). Also, right clicking on the attachment doesn't really fix the issue in most cases, not to mention it's only a client side fix even when it works. I have lots of hairs that go over my chest, would be great to not have my nipples completely visible when I'm wearing tops that has so much as 1% transparency or a lace texture. 🙄
  12. Yeah I know, I just found that really funny. Not only does it take pretty much zero effort to create one, isn't the whole point of SL to be individualistic and create your own avatar? I also found people selling physics on marketplace as well... just wow. What's next, selling landmarks? /4head
  13. People actually sell and buy shapes? LOL.
  14. If you don't like the style, let's see, then don't shop there? Really, no one gives a *****. Must be rocket science. You sound like one of those weirdos who thinks anyone wearing heels higher than 2 inches, showing 1 inch of cleavage, or using boob size larger than 50 is automatically a *****. Just because you like to roleplay as a 10 year old doesn't mean 99.99% of the population does. And really, such a legit threat, one person refusing to shop at a store. I'm sure all shops will be threatened into revolving around your tastes now cause their entire livelihood depends on it. 🙄
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