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  1. ...Or is this not possible in the current engine? Almost all good hairs contain alpha textures in at least some strands, and I'm sure pretty much everyone uses mesh heads and some makeup layers or clothing that has alphas. Simply masking some layers is just not possible considering 99% of things in SL are no mod for some annoying reason (whole other discussion). Also, right clicking on the attachment doesn't really fix the issue in most cases, not to mention it's only a client side fix even when it works. I have lots of hairs that go over my chest, would be great to not have my nipples completely visible when I'm wearing tops that has so much as 1% transparency or a lace texture. 🙄
  2. Yeah I know, I just found that really funny. Not only does it take pretty much zero effort to create one, isn't the whole point of SL to be individualistic and create your own avatar? I also found people selling physics on marketplace as well... just wow. What's next, selling landmarks? /4head
  3. People actually sell and buy shapes? LOL.
  4. If you don't like the style, let's see, then don't shop there? Really, no one gives a *****. Must be rocket science. You sound like one of those weirdos who thinks anyone wearing heels higher than 2 inches, showing 1 inch of cleavage, or using boob size larger than 50 is automatically a *****. Just because you like to roleplay as a 10 year old doesn't mean 99.99% of the population does. And really, such a legit threat, one person refusing to shop at a store. I'm sure all shops will be threatened into revolving around your tastes now cause their entire livelihood depends on it. 🙄
  5. I'm getting "despite our best efforts something has gone wrong" issue when trying to sign in, as it's stuck at the "logging in" part of the loading bar. Status page is not displaying any maintenance right now. Anyone else getting this issue? No issues on my side with connectivity.
  6. Why do these even exist? Or a better question is why do people donate? Don't get me wrong, there are lots of creators I support. But isn't the definition of tipping to provide you an actual, personal, catered service, or to award services that exceed expectations? What service are they providing you buy selling a virtual copy of something which costs them $0 since it's just 0's and 1's in a server? If people want to support the creator... uh why not just buy stuff in the store?? I don't get the logic behind donating 100L, vs just buying something for 100L cause I assume you love the store's items to even bother donating to start with... Would people donate to Apple for letting them download a copy of iTunes..? No offense but if you put a tip jar in a store stocked with a solid collection of items, that just shows how little confidence you have in your items in making enough to cover overhead costs.
  7. Yeah I know, which is why I said it's highly unlikely there are actual collections or stores dedicated to this. Rigging with Lara + implants will mostly be guessing work so only minimal coverage clothing like kinis or crop tops will work, hence the only stuff I'm looking for. I've tried various searches with no luck, since everything is an applier.
  8. Is anyone aware of any fitted mesh clothing (not interested in appliers) that are rigged for Maitreya Lara worn with fitted mesh implants? For example, Lara + Eclipse implants or Lara + Nifty Bits implants. Not looking for a vast collection cause it's highly unlikely there are any, but perhaps some bikinis or crop tops would do. So far the only thing I've found is one bikini top from Nifty Bits from the implant creator and nothing else.
  9. Character fails to rez and stays stuck as cloud, can't attach/detach anything, and can't even take/delete items (though oddly enough can rez/create items on ground). Already cleared cache to no avail. Beta completely broken atm or something? But I don't see anything in status tracker about it?
  10. Seems Doux is pretty popular right now due to its use of more smooth, realistic looking textures. Some other stores I already know: Truth - recently decided to convert to this style as well, but only a handful out right now Magika - though not really a fan of her styles since they're too "girl next door" looking Bonbon Anyone know of other stores with a similar style? Once you've got a few hairs in this style you really can't go back to the outdated playdough-looking hair most other stores create.
  11. Question probably been asked a million times but I still haven't found a good answer. Where are some places in SL to meet like-minded people other than afk sex sims? I really don't know what the "really active" places in SL are that are actually interesting. I have a unique set of interests that include horror (e.g. silent hill) but not combat, board games (e.g. chess), alternate fashion (gothic, lolita, fetish, doll, etc. One of those people with the 100k+ inventory and spends way too much shopping and dressing up) and building/scripting. I've tried exploring countless places that are even remotely related to these interests but they're always deserted. It seems the only times I see more than 10 people around are day 1-2 of shopping events, or sex sims. Apparently I'm one of those people with an overflowing friends list but having trouble finding people who I can actually hang out with regularly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Might not have worded it quite clear, but I have no issues with Neve. It does everything I want. I'm just looking for another head for the sole purpose of getting bento accessories and animations (e.g. piercings, tongue open animations, food that actually goes into the mouth, etc) and wider skin support (cause right now you literally can't find any skins that work with LAQ heads other than LAQ skins).
  13. I watched some videos but I don't see a really significant benefit to this BoM besides skins? Yeah you no longer have to chuck out old skins now, but besides that is there anything else I'm missing? I mean it's great you can now paint system layer clothing onto your mesh body, but who even does that when it's the exact same affect as applier clothing, which no one uses? Even for lingerie and stockings you'd want some 3D depth so everyone buys mesh versions of those as well. BoM pants or skirt? Yuck, yeah if you want to look like a 2006 avatar I guess. If the whole point of BoM was just to salvage old skins... well then I guess disregard this post.
  14. I have LAQ Neve which is not a popular head and has virtually zero support for anything (not even appliers), but the reason I chose it is because it's the only head that is somewhat kawaii skin friendly as it has a relatively smooth jawline/chin and upside down pear shape (almost like a realistic anime face) and resembles those pre-bento VCO heads. Anything else from any other store I've been to has those square-ish jaws and gaunty face and looks terrible with most kawaii skins as they're mostly designed for mainstream skin stores. Besides that, omega support is pretty much the only other thing I need. Is there another Bento head that I can take a look? I've already demo'd every single Lelutka and Catwa head, as well as Genus head.
  15. Anyone know where the above hair's from? Store name or style name, not generic search terms please. I've already searched on marketplace.
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