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  1. I've watched dozens of tutorials and they're all extremely confusing when it comes to baking textures in Blender. I'm making a choker atm in Blender and I'm looking for a good tutorial, preferably step by step since I'm a newbie, on getting realistic lighting and shading on a leather texture. I'm mostly confused about the UV unwrapping part.
  2. Yes pretty sure McDonald's or Walmart is hiring and fits both of your requirements.
  3. Seriously who gifts demos? Just link your friend the MP link to get the demo themselves? That's like packing one of those food samples at Costco and mailing that to your friend. That's not what a gift is. Idk if I'm in the minority here but I'd be pretty damn embarrassed if my friend/partner got a gift notification from me and turned out I mailed them a frickin demo.
  4. Solution: put a "last log in date" next to the merchant's name in the product page. Problem solved. Of course there might be alts that act as store owners and for some reason the creator might decide to never log the alt, but this is an extremely rare edge case. I mean if you're gonna keep all your physical inventory on one alt, why wouldn't you log them on? Sometimes creators leave SL and actually leave a msg on the product page saying something along the lines of "you will receive zero customer service even if items defective, account inactive, but I'm gonna keep all my stuff full price anyways so have fun buying them" which I find just hilarious. I guess since LL doesn't charge monthly fee to list your items, easy way for them to keep a steady source of spare change while investing zero time or effort other than maybe selling lindens once a full moon.
  5. That's exactly what I did in my review. And they flagged it, and LL removed it. They definitely did this on purpose because nothing else would explain that script that was left inside. If they didn't do it on purpose they would've responded to the 3+ notecards/IM's I sent and the box would'be been either completely empty, or contained a LM or something.
  6. I got scammed on marketplace after making the payment (not gacha reseller item) and getting an empty box with a script in it that essentially sums down to these words, "haha f you". So I left a negative review for this scam warning others to not buy this and the "seller" (if they can even be called that) promptly flagged my review and somehow got LL to remove it. Of course being a shady person like this there was no way I'm getting a refund from them. Thankfully it wasn't an expensive item so I'm not going to waste more brain cells on this, but I'd like to know what is LL's objective in defending people like this and screwing paying players? This is part of the ToS? The seller can do whatever they want with zero repercussions and the buyer is completely at their mercy in terms of the item they receive?
  7. You're entitled to buying stuff that other people think aren't valid commodities, I'm entitled to my own opinions for thinking people are idiots for buying them. End of story. I think selling physics is about as dumb as selling bottled air (https://vitalityair.com/ if you don't know what that is). Don't agree or feel butthurt? Feel free to ignore my message, I'm not gonna lose sleep over someone disagreeing with my opinions, just like I couldn't care less what people do with their $L's, I'm free to state my opinion. Also, kids playing in traffic? Lol. Try harder next time cause that insult might not even work for a 6 yr old.
  8. People actually sell physics, which anyone with half a brain can make in like <60sec. Now that I find funny. Next people should be selling landmarks too. Shapes? Personally I never buy shapes, but at least they take slightly more effort to make, I guess? What's the point of even playing SL if you can't be bothered to spend some time making your own look? I also find it funny people try to sell shapes without demos. Like yeah sure I'll spend 500L on a shape based on one picture, totally can picture what it'll look like with my skin or if the ad was photoshopped in any way. 🙄
  9. No demo = no confidence on your products worrying people won't buy it due to how bad the demo is + relying on tricking newbies into buying your crap. End of story. There are zero excuses. You spend hours or days in Photoshop painting your skin but can't be bothered to spend 2min slapping a demo watermark on it and exporting the png? Save me the bull. Any excuse attempting to justify this, just refer to the first sentence.
  10. I'm packing rarely-used clothing and textures into boxes to save inventory space. I get this annoying "inventory creation in-world failed" whenever I try to drag more than ~20 into the box at the time, which is not helpful at all because I don't know which items failed to create, so I have drag everything again and then spend time deleting the duplicates. Doing it ~15 items at once, then waiting like ~20sec for SL catch its breath to reload the inventory in the box (cause rapidly dragging in ~15 items at a time before it finishes "reloading" will also throw that error), is painfully slow cause I have a huge inventory, is there any way around this? Some script that can automate this maybe?
  11. It's funny when you politely contact a creator MULTIPLE times via both notecard and IM regarding a defective product, they completely ignore you (despite being online on multiple occasions), so you leave a negative review, then they flag your review and get LL to remove it. This type of BS happens all too often.
  12. I mean this is pretty much proof that the people behind it really couldn't care less that their reputation is in the gutters after the TMP fiasco, and is completely ready to do the exact same thing. Long story short they basically slightly tweaked the breast shape of their Legacy body and is now re-releasing it as a complete standalone product. Any other mesh body creator, especially Maitreya, would release it as a free update (and they already did, free 3x HP nipple shapes + bunch of other enhancements in last update) or a very cheap upgrade price like 500L or something, especially considering Legacy already costs 2-3x as any other body, but nope, that'll be another 5000L please if you want "updated breast shape". What's next? Slightly smoother shoulders for another 5000L? 10% thinner waist, another 5000L please. Pregnant shape... oh wait they already have this for another 5000L. 🙄 No I'm not some shill for other body creators. I just find this hilarious and wonder how and why people would defend this.
  13. Not gonna name the product in question for obvious reasons but I just noticed that within the span of a week a couple of negative reviews on a certain "popular" high-priced product have all be removed. Obviously the seller is butthurt and flagging all of them to LL, but it's sad and pathetic that LL is actually actively removing them as well. None of the reviews including my own broke any of the "rules" stickied at the top by the linden (since I was actually interested enough in reading all of them), they were all objective and listing major flaws and poor design choices of the product. But apparently if your product is "popular" and generating a lot of revenue for LL it's perfectly fine to have a linden watchdog make sure you product stays perfectly 5 stars for all time. Then we have the other end of the spectrum where underrated products are getting rated 1-star by idiots who don't know how SL works and leaving BS like "why I only got a box? I bought heels!!", and those reviews are there to stay.
  14. Why are so many people recommending this Avmatch? Spent a few minutes looking around and concluded that site is a complete joke. Unless you plan to spend money you can't do ANYTHING on this site. Want to message another person? That'll be 110L per message, and it costs another 110L to read a message from another person. Want to upload photos? You also have to pay some random amount for "upload tokens", not to mention the site was probably built in 1999 or something and absolutely destroys photo quality (everything is distorted and ends up looking like 240p). They also block you from putting up your SL name in your profile otherwise people would simply use SL itself to contact each other. The only two things you can do on the site: browse profiles, and send completely idiotic uneditable messages to strangers that look like they were written by a 12-year old who just discovered the internet (e.g. "I've got a poseball with your name on it", I'm not making this up). It's obvious they're trying to copy the pay2use formula like match.com or okcupid, but at least those sites/apps are well-maintained, look modern and are convenient to use, whereas this site looks like it was built by high school teenager in 3 days about 20 years ago and never updated and now parading around as a cashgrab. TLDR: AvMatch is a complete joke, people are literally better off using discord to make friends.
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