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  1. I can usually remember once it's mentioned. It's the time-line that is really fizzy to me. For example, I remember (way before mesh or sculpts or multi-sitter scripts) when sitting on a pose ball and adding or removing part of your outfit (BOM clothing system layer for all you NEWBIES! LOL) - and it would pop you off the pose ball! But I couldn't tell you anything more than the year (late 2006 if I remember right) and I could even have that wrong. It was amazingly annoying during ~cough~ foreplay ~cough, cough~ LOL
  2. Perhaps, though this is the "sledge hammer" I refer to. Clipping hair? I leave it. Brushing out a neck seam? I don't do it. But in the end it's all moot, because these are synthetically-generated illustrations, not photographs, if we're splitting hairs about it. In the end, there is the purist method (the person who uses this simplest Leica that only has a focus ring and a shutter button and nothing else) and there is the gadget-head (the person who who changes what is into something entirely different through many means) - I don't knock either method. It's the art (or lack thereof) itself that I try focus on. The unskilled just tend to always do the same thing over and over again. The truest art form is when one pushes themselves to create something entirely new very time. At least, that's how I see it.
  3. I was here since late 2005, do you mean the login image or the downtime image? LOL I'm not that old in RL, but in SL I'm a senior-senior citizen and things get really foggy when thinking that far back!
  4. I concur, with this caveat: post-editing is useful if done in a skillful way and I don't mean filters a la Instagram. The best post-editing, no matter your editor of choice, is when it doesn't look like it has been edited in post; less is more. Far too many are overdone. The best edits are when they cannot been see by anyone other than the one who did it and only because they know where to look. Sometimes only a LUT change or vignettes is the answer (which requires post editing if not using Black Dragon viewer). If it can be done in-viewer then I'll do it in-viewer. But when it cannot... Because I rarely shoot on a whim, I also like to see my end result in my head before I take the first step in preparing the scene. Among the best cameras in the world is Leica. Smartphones have more features and cost a lot less and Leica can run you thousands of dollar, even more than a good Nikon or Canon in the States. But a Leica photograph when compared to anything else? Yeah, that's the point. The issue is that too many people use Photoshop like a sledge-hammer when they really need a jeweler's chisel. Perhaps, but is that a reason to actually judge the photographer, rather than the merits of the image itself? I see a lot of eye-rolling pictures all the time (I create them myself ~facepalm~) but I never judge the person creating them for it. In the case you example: it is simply that they do not know what they do not know (the reason to change F.O.V. for example.) This also, and I concur completely. ***** Here's the thing, folks: the reason they say "a picture is worth a thousand words" isn't that those thousand words will come from you. It's that a thousand people could come up with a different word. On this general subject, I suppose my pet peeve: people who judge the creator based on the quality of the creation, rather than the creation itself.
  5. That was the login greeting every Wednesday morning at 7AM Pacific time when they shut the entire grid down to update all the servers. These forums went on-fire for that time period which usually lasted between four and six hours. Ah, fond memories; those were the days! Now we have rolling-restarts. Bo-ring!
  6. Just a side note, at the meeting the Lindens mentioned that the official name is "Premium Boost" - and they agreed "Premium Plus" is a better name but "...it's not changing now...". (at this week's meeting - not in the video embedded above) I just thought I'd mention that. LOL
  7. That map tile looks to be from the victorian reveal last Christmas. It's probaby in the same location. That looks suspiciously like the Victorian reveal. Likely a leftover "cached" image in the world map system that appeared when the flipped some switch. If you look closely, it's identical, even the position of the homes and the roads, etc.
  8. LOL That was my neighbor for the longest time. it IS an excellent build. A shame that more people never visit it.
  9. Not even if I ask you to use... ...Comic Sans? ~DUCKS AND RUNS...FAST!~
  10. This is a moot point; Gacha resellers pulling out will not really have much effect on anything. To be clear; I'm not debunking your statement here, only saying that the merchant pool is so large that a Gacha reseller is barely a droplet into the ocean. This is the most common case and why the standard policy works just fine as it is and also why the responses to Gacha resellers is an exception to the policy. (Which makes your first sentence moot - this is where I was going with that LOL)
  11. Linden Lab never refunds fraudulent L$ to anyone. I suspect they are making a special exception in these cases because 1) These people are not the creators of these items and 2) They are no-copy items. Thus, it is a genuine loss of real value: They spent, in some cases, a lot of money to obtain these items and intended to resell them for a profit (it's a lot like how Amazon works: independent resellers of stuff.) So think of it this way: You find a rare painting at a yard, or estate-sale then put it up on Amazon to sell it. Someone buys it and you ship it to them. Then a week later, Amazon says the buyer was a fraudster, and then takes back the money they sent you to pay for that painting (or refuses to pay to to begin with.) Now you've lost that painting AND lost all the money you spent to get it and ship it because what you were paid was taken away (or are never paid.) This is why I think Linden Lab is making a *very rare* exception to their policy.
  12. This is wonderful, though posting Linden Lab communications like this is a no-no on forum rules, so you may want to abridge that.
  13. Send a SL Spam Removal IM: I keep this in a notecard so I can pull it up at any time and use it. Note that you may need to check the groups of the sender (which may be a bot) and send this IM to the group owners.
  14. Note: you also could have blocked him. At that moment he could no longer make any purchase from your MP store. When you block someone in-world, it also blocks them from making Marketplace purchases from you.
  15. I enjoy reading your posts because they are edifying to me; I often net-search to know what you're talking about. In this case, mostly video cards, right? This helps my perspective. So I looked up mine - and mind you, I have no idea what any of it means! I have a "Intel core i5-7400 CPU @3.00GHz" and 8.00 GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB. Where all that sits in the scale of $300 netbook up to %50,000 Mac Pro, I have no idea. Well, near the bottom of THAT scale, I figure.
  16. First thing's first: Never send a notecard unless that persons profile specifically asks you to do that. My SLBFF refuses notecards, states clearly in their Marketplace, instruction notecards and profile to never, EVER (their emphasis) send notecards unless asked to do so. LOL He has notecards set to auto-trash on login (I wanna know how to do that) Okay, for requesting support, I have found this process that I use to work 99% of the time and the only times it doesn't is usually because that person isn't active in SL any more: Always be *polite*. Apologize for disturbing them, express that you understand they are busy, Thank them for their creation and express how much you love it, then mention the issue you have. When mentioning the issues, help them help you: Explain what you did, what you expect to happen, what did happen. (I paid the vendor and expected a delivery, but I never received an inventory offer and redelivery doesn't show the item, but transaction history shows I did buy it (copy transaction history) - I sure would appreciate any help you can offer! (Do. not be afraid to say what you want, as long as it's not a refund) Could you, perhaps, just send one to me directly? I always write all of this into an IM first. Even if they specify to send a notecard. In that case, I usually end the IM with "I know you prefer notecards, but it feels so rude to me to just drop inventory without saying what it is, so that's why I send this message first. My notecard is named 'Productname-Issue-My-Name" Then drop the notecard and be very patient, wait at least three or four days. The reason I send the IM first is because it they are a legitimate merchant or even half-experienced SL user, they will have IMs go to email. Even if IMs cap, ALL IMs go to email. They will see that I have IM'd them, read my description of problem and also see that I follow their rules of dropping a notecard (that I'm not a half-wit). - Now they are "prepared" to (hopefully) handle my case. Secondly, most viewers will open an offline IM box in the viewer if IMs are not capped. This also will show a direct link to the notecard I offered, making it easy for them to get to it and also an IM to me is already open, they do not have to search me then profile me then IM me... In short: Be as polite as you can be (even if you suspect they are an arsehat jerk-o-holic.) Make it as easy as possible for them to help you by being pithy, but detailed. Present yourself as humble, thank them, praise them, let them know that you understand that it is SL and not their fault. And finally, be very patient, allow at least three full days (36 hours). If nothing, then perhaps a quickie follow-up IM - wait another 24 hours. This is the best you can do. And the fact is that sugar works a lot better than vinegar. So be humble, be polite, be thankful. Remember: the world is a mirror/candle/name-your-quote: It reflects what you project: If you are polite, humble, and nice, you will more likely than not receive the same from others.
  17. Oh, that's great! I'm happy my "guesstimates" were actually helpful, at least a little! Yeah, that windlight bit can wreak havoc on this type stuff. One thing that I also find useful (at least when matching colors of two different things) is calWL Windthihgt - it provides a clean, bright, even lighting without influence from shadows or colors, etc.
  18. I get what all your saying (I wont say I understand it all ) - My comparison was just my own guesstimate of a reference for an avatar being referenced in one viewer and how the same avatar is referenced in another viewer (that has been years in teaching us the evil ways LOL) As was shown in an example above: If I am dressed a certain way and in LL Viewer and Firestorm viewer I am approximately 100,000 complexity score (they still vary between viewers) then I log out of those and log into Black Dragon my score is now 1.1 million or so, Which scared the heck out of me! The reason I use that "deductive-reasoning" for comparison is mostly for myself as others in those other viewers all tend to see me just fine. It's just a point of reference, something to mentally use as an anchor, I guess. As for the jelly doll others I see a lot when in BD, it doesn't bother me much, except when I go somewhere and there every single other avatar is a jelly doll. So I turn those settings up for myself so there is, at least, a "salt and pepper" sprinkling of rendered agents so I don't feel so awkward (maybe a placebo effect) And you are absolutely right that my TL;DR; is not phrased properly as I should have been very clear that this is how I set my own settings and others' result will vary. I don't have a "Gamerz!" powerhouse computer system, but I am fortunate that it is relatively hefty because of the graphic work I do, and so it may be above average in terms of many, if not most SL users.
  19. My aynahl attention-to-detail. So I'm always rolling around in my head as I ogle others... "His arms are way too short, cannot satisfy himself..." "That one's head is puny, could be a pea-brain..." "Whoa, those fifty-gallon ta-ta's are totally gravity-defying, must be made of torpedo-aluminum if they are in the States, aluminium, otherwise....", "Whoa, just one boobie is twice the size of their head!?...", "That pelvic gap is indicative of giving birth to 50 kiddos..." You know, stuff we all think but generally never say aloud. Bahaha!
  20. But it could be against the Community Standards, which overrides any covenant.. (Just saying)
  21. Yes, the issue you are facing is the "cuddle" aspect. Most foursome stuff is easy to find (search terms "foursome" or "swinger", etc.) - but all their cuddles are by couple-pairs. I have to say, I've never even imagined (as in: never crossed my mind) of a three or four or more person "group cuddle".
  22. That sounds a lot more like Windows Vista. On macOS Catalina you are asked once only. Other than that, it only asks for your password during use when there is a change to the underlying system that could be dangerous (and has always done this at least since the '90's.) Though it's an interesting comparison, just the same.
  23. So much this. I do come from a communication background, so we ensure every image we use tell a story, though we do try to influence the clarity of that story. Anything else is mostly narcissism. LOL
  24. TL;DR: Set the three complexity sliders to maximum for equivalent "150k Complexity Limit" on other viewers. It seems to me that 1 million in BD is around 100,000 in others as far as judging yourself. In preferences for BD, I have *everything* at defaults, except for the complexity sliders, I set all three to maximum (and non-imposters to 8). This allows a good "salt-and-pepper' effect of others that render without having to do so manually. Ironically, a lot more MEN render than the ladies. LOL As for how @NiranV Dean has this set-up: I will not complain. He states directly and frankly that Black Dragon is something he makes for himself and to his own preferences. I see it as a kind gesture that he shares it with us and has even made reluctant changes to help appease other users; something he is neither obligated nor expected to do. And to be clear, I am not debunking your perspective or belittling anything, etc. I am only expressing my own purview on the Black Dragon "settings" subject! Other than the jelly doll "issues", I think the rest of it is outstanding and trumps this little annoyance (annoyance to the rest of us, NiranV, because we've been poorly trained for so long that we aren't used to it! LOL) One thing I *do* like is that notice that "All other avatars can see you" - actually give a count "1 Avatar cannot see you", etc. @NiranV Dean - this. To be able to righ-click an attached object in inventory and have the "Edit" option. It makes it easier when needing to edit multiple attachments that are not easily accessible by click in-world, such as embedded inside the avatar, etc. So: feature request. (I did get this once, maybe twice, but I'm unsure what the criteria was that allowed it.) I use the Side bar (a.k.a. Machinima Bar?) - there is a toggle checkbox for "Use Region Windlight" there.
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