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  1. Or it could be the entire region. That is, a region that is not subdivided into smaller chunks is just one big parcel. That's pretty much answered in my first response. If you carve one one small parcel from the entire region, the remaining part of the region is, by definition, another parcel. It may be under water, but it's still a parcel and it belongs to whoever owns the entire region. On the Mainland, that's Linden Lab. Theoretically, if LL wanted to lose a lot of potential income by creating a watery region with one small island in the middle, they could (but they don't). If y
  2. You can do that on any parcel that you own or rent. Just stand in the parcel, use World >> About Land >> Options, and UNCHECK the box that says "Avatars on other parcels can see and chat with avatars on this parcel."
  3. Ah, no. I think you misunderstood. It is not particularly difficult to write the sort of script that I described. It's sort of a beginner's level script, although it would need to be customized to use meaningful trigger words and responses for your own use. We almost never provide complete scripts here, because this forum is a place for scripters to trade ideas. If you want to hire someone to write a script for you, you should ask in the InWorld Employment forum.
  4. My guess is that you are not doing anything wrong at all. As others said here, the homes in Bellisseria have been very popular, so you sometimes have to wait until someone else abandons one in the style you are looking for. Be sure that you are looking only for homes in Bellisseria, by the way. You will find plenty of old-style Linden Homes like the one that you just abandoned in Bee Springs, which are all on 512 sqm parcels, but that's not what you want. Just follow the advice that others have offered in this thread, and be patient. Take heart. If you follow the chatter in the Lind
  5. It sounds like a chat bot, the 21st century equivalent of Eliza, which was a silly conversational program in computers back in the 1960s (and possible before, but that's when we used to play with them). Go talk to the parrot on Social Island. To make one, train it to listen for a list of possible trigger words and then respond semi-randomly from a list of odd comebacks. If you want it to seem to be its owner, just give it the owner's name.
  6. Yeah, ABM is an AntiBallistic Missile. One that works on a mobile phone would be scary. 🚀
  7. That's a really good question. The easy answer is that you start with the Destination Guide or use your Search function to look for "skiing" or "safari" or whatever. It does take patience if you do it that way, but it works. A quicker way is to ask in the Favorite Destinations forum (or just scroll through archived posts there). That forum is designed specifically for sharing favorite spots. Another possibility is to visit some of the themed experiences that Linden Lab provides. You can reach them through Portal Park ( http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Portal Park 1/128/128/2 ). Some
  8. Or, if you do, allot a space or an extra L in the middle of it.
  9. Tilia is Linden Lab. The lab created Tilia to handle its financial side. Any time you send money to LL or receive it, the money goes through your account with Tilia.
  10. You can try submitting an Abuse Report, but I predict that Linden Lab will disregard it as a Dispute Between Residents, since it does not appear to violate the TOS.
  11. Well, that plus anyone who owns a Linden Home is obviously Premium, but you wouldn't know that by looking at the person's profile. You'd have to go around knocking on doors to find out who owns each home. Plenty of tedium there. 🙄
  12. It sounds like you saved it as a 24-bit image instead of a 32-bit image, so it doesn't have an alpha channel. You'll have to check your software to look at what your format options are called. In Photoshop, you have to put the areas you want to be transparent (the white areas in your image now) in a new alpha channel and then select the "32 bit" option when you save the PNG file. In GIMP, I believe you need to use the "Save For Web" option.
  13. Like Chic and quite a number of other people I know, I have never been a Premium member in my almost 14 years here. I can't remember the last time I bought L$, but I'm guessing it was at least 10 years ago. Still, I've owned a private estate since 2012 and have managed to pay for it with rental income, scripting commissions, and small but steady sales in Marketplace. I've never taken money out of SL, so I typically have enough of a cash cushion to cover the next month's land fees if I need to. Over the years, I figure I have contributed a fair amount of effort in SL and have made my corner
  14. Stylish poltergeists, owning one, keep DUCKS.
  15. That looks like an alpha conflict. Since both the window and the water prim have 32-bit textures on them, your graphics card can't figure out which one of them is "in front" of the other, so they both appear. It's expected behavior, and not peculiar to SL. It's a "feature" of OpenGL applications. The way to beat it in this case is to replace the texture on the window with a 24-bit version of the same texture, so that it does not have an alpha channel. To be clear, it doesn't matter whether the window glass is transparent or not (and in this case, you don't need transparency anyway). What
  16. Use llSetRegionPos or use llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast and set its PRIM_POSITION parameter. EDIT: Or, of course, use llSetKeyframedMotion or llMoveToTarget.
  17. I'm sure you're right about a lot of people, although you might be surprised by how many people are curious enough to have at least poked at a script to see how it works. To get any good at it, you do need to have patience and an odd passion for puzzles. It's like doing crosswords, or writing poetry, or playing the piano, I guess. It takes a bit of work but can be fun if you have a mind for it.
  18. The best idea is to post in the Wanted forum to attract a scripter to write something for you. I suggest writing out what you have in mind on a notecard, with enough detail so that the scripter can give you a fair estimate of the cost. It shouldn't take much work.
  19. Did you do as I suggested earlier? >>>> Read about the bridge here >>> https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_bridge .
  20. Perhaps, but as both Xijia and Qie pointed out in this old thread, any method like that leaves the textures or their UUIDs vulnerable to theft. If you know that there will only be a half dozen textures to change, it makes more sense to hard code them into a list in the script and then use a menu to give users the option to chose among them. That's easier for the user, who doesn't have to keep track of a separate notecard or a gesture, and it protects the permissions on your textures.
  21. Yes, I'd suggest asking people in the Machinima forum about HUDs they use. I'm sure there must be one out there that meets your needs. If you don't get an answer there, post in the Wanted forum. If you are writing your own script and need help digging out of a hole you've created, this is the right forum.
  22. The Firestorm bridge is a set of LSL scripts that are an integral part of the Firestorm magic. Read about the bridge here >>> https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_bridge . No, don't detach it. If you do, Firestorm will lose many of the features that make it distinct. If you're walking funny, you may have animations competing with each other or, if it's a classic "duck walk", you have turned off your AO completely and are using the default SL walk animation. That's one of the stupidest-looking anims you can use.
  23. 1. Creating anything is fun, but it does require patience. Scripting requires a love for solving puzzles. 2. You don't find friends. You make them. If you're an introvert like me, that takes time, but it's worth it. 3. SL is a big place. I can understand getting tired of exploring, but it says more about attention span than about running out of cool places to explore. That happens to me when I am taking a long vacation too. So, take it easy. Don't explore every day. Explore for a while, take a break, do something else. 4. It's not about dancing. It's about sharing time wi
  24. 1. Script something ..... anything. 2. Float in my pond with friends 3. Explore in Bellisseria ...or anywhere, actually 4. Dance in a friend's back yard
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