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  1. Natalya Zelmanov Thank you. I don't know how I could have lost track of her name, except that my idiot brain has never been good at recalling names. She was a very helpful blogger.
  2. To get into PayPal from your SL account, you have to supply your own SL password. That should be enough to discourage most people, provided that you have created a strong password and you have been changing it fairly often. I save mine in LastPass, which can remember the ghastly 12-character strings that I will never be able to hold in my head. Your PayPal account has its own password, of course. If you worry about someone getting into that account somehow, you could verify it with a bank account instead of a credit card, and then only add money to the PayPal account itself just before you need to make a L$ purchase. Linden Lab won't pull money from a bank account through PayPal, so your potential loss is limited to whatever you have already put in the PayPal account's balance. In the end, there's no way to remove all risk, so it comes down to how much you are comfortable with. Personally, I've never had reason to worry.
  3. That's often a sign that your viewer and the SL servers are not in sync very well. If you open your Statistics bar (CTRL + Shift + 1) and look at the top few lines, you may see either that your Ping Sim time is uncomfortably high ( > 150 msec) or that you are losing quite a bit of data (that is, your Packet Loss is over a small fraction of 1%). Those conditions will contribute to some lag but are most troublesome when you are teleporting, traveling across region borders, or flying. At those times, it's easy for the servers to lose track of where you are. If they don;t know, then they can't tell your viewer how to update properly, so you're lost. If you are way out of sync, you'll get disconnected. There's not a lot that you can do about Ping Sim. It's mostly a function of how far you are from LL's servers, so a long transit time is common for people in Europe and can be truly bad for those in Australia and distant parts of Asia. And for people using a satellite connection. Sometimes you can talk with your ISP and get their help in routing your data past a troublesome, slow Internet node, but that's usually hopeless. You can do things about your packet loss, though. The usual suspect is your own router or modem. Reboot them to clear them and start fresh. Check cables and connectors too, and ask your ISP to check their connections. Several years ago, I had very bad packet loss that was traced to corrosion in a connection at the street in front of my home.
  4. I generally ignore forums elsewhere, but I discovered the Texturing section of these forums very early on, in 2007, when Chosen Few was the guru there. I think it was because of something that was posted in that very helpful creation blog (What was her name-- the mermaid? My mind is like a sieve today.) From there, the leap to the Scripting forum was easy. I started hanging out there to learn what I could from Void Singer, Strife Onizuka, and the other grand masters of the day. As far as I was concerned, the forums were places to learn about how SL works, and to establish myself as a creator. Forum software went through two massive changes along the way. About the time that the second one hit -- 2014? -- I started posting seriously in the Answers forum. I had contributed occasional responses to questions there before then, but not regularly. I had ignored the GD forum entirely to that point, mostly because it was overrun by a feisty crowd that I knew would suck me into pointless flame wars. I'm not basically a feisty sort or a drama queen. With the change in software and moderation style and with the departure of some of the rowdiest people in GD, I started following discussions there and adding my own two L$. Sadly, we lost some truly valuable members of the forum community (and SL) about then -- Chosen Few and Void among them. On the plus side, the forums gained quite a few articulate, talented new faces at the same time. They're a very different place than they were in 2007, but still a fine place to hang out and learn things. And friendlier than they used to be too.
  5. I've explored enough to know that there;'s a lot more to Bellisseria than beaches. Almost every region has small parks and several regions have large communal spots (neighborhood swimming pools, canal-side benches and tables ... ), so there's no lack of public spaces. Some of the nicest ones are at the headwaters of streams, where the Moles have often made little picnic areas.
  6. Try storing part of the UUID and an abbreviated timestamp as a single list element ( time + "~" + UUID, maybe). Then periodically -- every few hours, every week, whatever ... -- delete list elements with the oldest timestamps. Those will always be the ones at the start of the list.
  7. The script that I referenced uses compression techniques to jam a lot more unique partial keys into the script. I don't recall how many I have been able to fit in it, but it was something like a couple of thousand. And when it nears a limit, it starts deleting he oldest ones. Even if you're writing your own script, it's worth looking to see how it works.
  8. You have few options. If you have an Experience to work with, you can save information in KVP -- essentially dumping it into an LL server. If not, you'll have to store your list in your own script, shove it off to another utility script, or send it to an off-world server. If you'd like to save it in your own script or a helper script, you might want to look at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Rolig_Loon/High-Capacity_Greeter-Counter . That's a somewhat old script now, but it still works quite well and can save an amazing amount of information in compressed form before it hits a limit.
  9. This is yet another good point. Like you, I have never been a Premium member and don't see enough personal benefit to entice me to be one now. However, I am fascinated by Bellisseria as an environment. Even though I have no desire to live there -- I have my own private estate -- it's a great place to explore. I have visited many times as a mermaid to swim its waterways and marvel at the sights. I thought I had lost my zen for exploring in SL years ago, but this has opened up a new corner of the world for me -- quite literally. Again, it's evolving features like this that give me hope for SL.
  10. Things have evolved, that's for sure. It's not easy to point a finger at what's changed, though, or to explain what the drivers have been. I think we're all being swept into the parable of the blind men and the elephant, each seeing a part of the whole but through a different lens. Like you, I fell rather quickly into the NGO/educational community when I joined, because that was the hook that brought me into SL in the first place. As I have told many people over the years, I came here on a dare. I was told that worlds like SL were going to be the educational platforms of the future. I didn't believe it, but agreed to come take a look. It didn't take long to confirm that I was right, but by that time I was deeply wrapped up in an educational community here -- one of the few that didn't collapse as Linden Lab dropped offering educational discounts in 2010-2011. We had a strong, vibrant community until around 2014, when the original crew started burning out and when external funding for our projects dried up. Most of us have scattered now and many have left. My experience could be read as a tale about a world in decline. There has certainly been a lot of hand wringing about it. Other residents have watched through their involvement with role playing communities, hunts, gaming, real estate development, and other common pursuits in SL and can tell similar but very different stories. I can't see a common thread to define what's changed everywhere in SL, but we've all seen changes in our own corners of the world. Far from seeing these as signs of a collapsing world order, though, I'm impressed by SL's rather healthy ability to adapt to change. I'm optimistic because we don't all have the same reasons for being here. As we change personal interests, we don't have to leave SL to find new ones. We're not all playing the same "game" and this is not a "one size fits all" world. I've reinvented myself a couple of times, and many of my friends have too. New people keep coming. Concurrency is not dramatically different now from what it was a decade ago. I'm fascinated by the surge of excitement about Bellisseria, which has a lot of people involved in decorating, boating, photography, and social activities. As long as there are venues like this where people can rediscover themselves here, SL will be in good shape.
  11. Check to see where you installed it. If you installed it in a different place on your machine than your previous version was installed, you may still be launching the previous version over and over again. On my machine, for example, there is both a Program Files directory and a Program Files (x86) directory. If you were previously using a 32-bit version of the viewer and have started using a 64-bit version, they will be installed in different places. If you haven't changed the default in your startup list, you'll run the wrong one.
  12. I apologize. I typed and edited, but my edits and original text both remained in the final post, so what's there is nonsense. This forum's edit software takes odd bumps. Parhelion is indeed correct. My edited sentence said: I did not say but I could have, since that is correct. Any SL resident (Basic or Premium) can buy a region that is not on the mainland -- as I have myself.The point is that as a Premium member, you can buy land anywhere, including in the mainland estate as well as buying entire private estates.
  13. Rolig Loon


    Patience... we were all new and easily confused at first. 🙃
  14. I'm like you. I don't spend much of my in-world time indoors. I prefer being outside. That's one big reason why I never went Premium. The Linden Homes are lovely, but I prefer having a n extended garden with trees and rocks and a pond.... And I do any "indoor" stuff in a skybox. Personal preference. OK, so there's nothing special about a skybox. It's just the same as a box or platform on the ground. Just lifted up. Try this ..... Find a nice quiet sandbox (use your Search function to looks for "sandbox" and then choose one that's fairly far down the list and less likely to be really busy). Then, rez a basic cube prim and sit on it. Select the prim with your editor , go to the Object tab, and change the value of X in the Position boxes to 1000.0. You will seem to disappear, but in fact you have just moved yourself and the prim to 1000.0m in the air. Hit the ESC key to tell your camera to follow you if necessary. See? That's how you move anything to a higher altitude, whether you are sitting on it or not. You could move a large platform or a house the same way. (When you want to come down again, change Z back to 23.0 or whatever it was. and get off the prim.) A parcel of land is a basic chunk of a region. Parcels come in all sizes, up to the entire region. Regions come in two flavors. There are Linden-Owned regions and there are Private Estates. Premium members can buy land anywhere. Basic members can only buy Linden-Owned land -- land that's in the HUGE estate called "mainland". In fact, "mainland" is an agglomeration of several semi-independent continents, all in the same estate. So, you may buy or rent wherever you like. Having done that, subject to the local covenant, you can build on the land that you own. If you want to build a skybox, that's fine. As long as it's OK with whoever owns the region, do it. I suggest looking for the great free class that Lindal Kidd teaches at Caledon Oxbridge University every Saturday noon SLT about this stuff. It's a good way to get your head around all the jargon. Also, start reading articles in the Knowledge Base (link at the top of this page) That's why we are all here. Some day maybe you will want to be among the "experienced" crowd here too.
  15. In that case, I suggest looking at Void Singer's original script at
  16. Personally, I can't imagine ever wanting to have a mobile client, for most of the reasons that everyone else has offered. I use my phone for phoning people, mostly. I read e-mail when the phone is my only option, and I very occasionally open a web browser to look up something vital (like the weather or a train schedule). I don't play games or send texts except to my daughter, who is remarkably patient with my thumb typos. Other apps leave me cold. Blame it on clumsy thumbs and an aging brain. I just came back from three weeks in the Canadian Maritime provinces, where I could not log in to SL. I kept in touch with a few friends by e-mail, posted a few responses in the forums each day, and paid my monthly land fees (yes, you can do that stuff without needing to go in world, at least if you are not paying an in-world rent box). It's next to impossible to write scripts on a cell phone, so I had an enforced vacation from that end of SL, which I truly needed. I survived quite well.
  17. Same here. I have certainly blocked a couple of annoying shops that keep sending spam messages despite the fact that I never joined a group, and I have blocked chatty furniture a few times. Other than that, I've never felt a need to block a person. For me, it's easier to simply ignore and walk away. YMMV, of course.
  18. Oh, I agree that it's not the original ExDepart, but I've seen a couple of lookalikes that riff on the theme. As a scripter, I am confident that I could write something nasty like myself that if I went over to the dark side. You and Whirly may well be right, though, so the advice to submit a note to the Fraud Hotline is smart. It certainly can't hurt. The OP's friend should know that Linden Lab will respond by freezing her account while they investigate, so she won't have access either.
  19. Yeah, that's when Rolig Resident was born -- not because of impersonation paranoia but because I wanted to remain the only Rolig in SL. R2 is my identical twin, or was until I upgraded myself to a mesh body. I had great fun for a while confusing the crowd with a doppelganger. Some people don't look carefully past a first name, so it's easy to pass for your double. These days R2 spends most of her time in the closet. I haven't wanted the expense of outfitting her with a fresh, new body and the poor girl is self-conscious about her appearance. I hope she isn't getting paranoid. I haven't asked recently.
  20. Rolig Loon


    I don't understand the question. You don't "download the grid," so I don't know what you are trying to do. When you log in with your viewer, you are in the main grid. JUdging from your other posts recently, it sounds like you probably need to read
  21. Yeah, and you even stole appropriated one on my alts before he even became one: Bill The Pirate. He has never forgiven you. As far as I can remember, I have three alts plus the real me (not counting Bill, who never made it out of the warehouse). Of those, one was a cat whose sole purpose was to guard group assets and who has gone off chasing mice somewhere. I can no longer remember her password. I haven't ever needed more alts than that, though I have been tempted a few times. Most of the time, I split my time evenly between the Real Me and my hardworking scripter alt, leaving the other two for backup as occasional test dummies or for social silliness.
  22. Take a look at https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/exdepart , which describes the spoofing exploit that I was referring to earlier. I haven't had to deal with it for a while myself, but it is a remarkably persistent griefer device in SL. I have seen two or three different versions of the script, which does very much the sort of thing that your friend is dealing with.
  23. You don't need a home at all in SL, of course. The Premium membership land fee waiver is designed to give you flexible options. It's not truly "free," because you paid for it with your membership. Like any Basic member, you can buy a parcel of land anywhere in SL and build a house of your own choosing. The difference is that as a Premium member you have two additional choices: (1) you can buy that land anywhere on the Mainland, where Basic members are not allowed to own land and (2) you can get a Linden Home. Your land fee waiver covers the monthly fees to Linden Lab in either of those two cases. A Linden Home is basically a rental directly from Linden Lab. The home is their property (although you get to choose the model) and it doesn't count against the land impact allotment for the parcel. That means you have the full use of all of the parcel's L.I. allotment for decorating. If you own any other land (or rent), you have greater freedom to build what you like, but then the house counts in your land impact allotment, leaving you with less to do other things with. So, if you're in a Linden Home and would rather not be, just abandon it (Stand in the parcel, select World >> About Land, and click the Abandon Land box). Go shopping for land that you find attractive and build the house (or skybox) you want. If the land is on the Mainland, your land fee waiver applies automatically. That's all there is to it.
  24. It's not a "hack".That sounds very much like your friend has accidentally picked up an object that has been scripted to spoof her identity, sending out spam messages that appear to be coming from her. There are several different versions of that script. It's been around for quite a long time and it's hard to get rid of. I haven't had to do it for a while, but @Whirly Fizzle will probably have the best suggestions about how to deal with it.
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