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  1. Welcome home. 😉 Here's a good place to start:
  2. Yup. And if you read the comments in this thread, almost everyone agrees that you have every right to make whatever rules you wish. Just don't try to hide behind some misunderstanding of what the TOS says. Linden Lab will not come down on you for allowing avatars who "look young" in your region. That's your rule, not theirs. You don't have to explain your rule, so I would advise you to just stay quiet instead of looking like a fool by putting the responsibility on LL.
  3. There is only one Wanted forum. If you are looking for someone to write a script for you, however, post in the InWorld Employment forum.
  4. From that region, maybe. After all, it's their own rules they are talking about, so they can ban you if they want to. LL won't. There's nothing about your avatar's appearance in the policy about role play. Read it yourself and see. They are uninformed and trying really hard to keep themselves out of imagined trouble. That's their problem, not yours. Help them out by avoiding the place. As I said before, if you're not there, it's their loss.
  5. Yeah, nobody said life is fair. You're right that the landowner can eject anyone for any reason at all, even if it's a dumb reason. Just add that venue to your personal blacklist. It's their loss.
  6. 1. If you're new at building, the first few dozen things you make won't be good enough. Don't let that discourage you. You're learning, and we learn by making a ton of mistakes. 2. If things you make in world aren't good enough, then they aren't good enough to put in a Marketplace shop either. Wait to sell stuff until you can be proud of it (or at least not embarrassed by it). 3. If you have loads of ideas, just start playing with them. Make loads of stuff and have fun. Worry about giving/selling them to other people later. 4. Start reading Knowledge Base articles about creating (like this one) and selling (like this one) 5. Consider taking a free class from someplace like Builders Brewery (search for it in world) to get a feel for the basic tools and the permission system. 6. Familiarize yourself with resources in the SL wiki (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Main_Page) and the Creation subforums in this forum. EDIT: Oh, and if you plan on making things with mesh, start with basic prim building anyway. You still need to be able to handle those tools. Then start Googling for SL-relevant tutorials (or at least search for relevant threads in the Mesh subforum). And plan on spending a lot of time learning and practicing.
  7. You've made some good observations, @Wulfie Reanimator, and I think they account for much of your success with this method so far. I am not personally convinced that I can count on a listener being active on rez, so we differ there. Lag and odd server behavior have shaken my confidence over the years. From a very practical perspective, though, the best reason I can think of for preferring to handshake is that it reduces the number of ways that I can screw up absent-mindedly. Like most scripters, I often direct scripts to reset on rez, to be sure that they (1) know who the current owner is, (2) have re-initialized key variables, (3) have as much free memory as they need, (4) are starting in state default, and a host of other things, all of which add up to starting on rez with a clean slate. I don't always do that by any means -- I can achieve most of those outcomes in other ways, after all. The more complex a script is, though, the more likely I am to reset it on rez as a safety precaution, just in case the script is remembering prior conditions that I would rather have it forget. I suspect that many scripters do the same (although not necessarily thinking through the laundry list of things I just listed). It is also my frequent practice to communicate with newly-rezzed objects on unique channels. I can do that either by generating a random channel number to send as a startup parameter on rez or by creating a channel number from the UUID of the new object. That way, I can rez several objects in a row and be confident that they won't have crosstalk problems with each other or with the rezzer. I wouldn't bother to do this with very simple objects but again, the more complicated the setup, the more important it is to be sure that rezzed objects have unique ways to communicate with the rezzer. I can think of other reasons why I very frequently start with rezzed objects that don't -- and shouldn't -- have open channels. Whether they do or not, it's safer for me to assume that there's no open channel until I've completed a handshake. That way, if I have not reset the script -- whether on purpose or because I forgot to -- I have at least reduced the chances that there's no open channel to receive valuable information from the rezzer. By very loose analogy with RL, this is similar to what I do when my son is about to drive his family home after a visit. As he backs out the driveway, I say, "Call me when you get home." I'm pretty sure that he'll get there in one piece, and he does have a cell phone anyway. Still, when he makes a simple call as he arrives, we have rebooted the link between us and we can both relax and get on with scheduled activity.
  8. And if you would like to propose a new way of doing things, the way to do it is to submit a JIRA report and classify it as a New Feature Request. Lindens will not respond to requests like this in the forums.
  9. And, sadly, "rude and boorish" knows no boundaries. You can be a jerk anywhere.
  10. You're not alone. There's a grid-wide issue ATM. Just be patient. Go read a book for a while, or call your mom.
  11. Rolig Loon


    The quick answer is NO. The Land Impact capacity of your land is defined by its area. If you want more land impact capacity, you have to buy more land. The more complicated answer is that under some rather rare circumstances, the landowner on a private estate can add a bonus to the L.I. capacity of some parcels at the expense of L.I capacity in her own land. The total capacity for the region remains the same, but the landowner has redistributed it carefully to give renters a little extra. (For example, that's how Linden Lab gives parcels in the Horizons regions a bonus. If you have bought land in Horizons, you get more L.I. capacity there than you would normally get elsewhere.)
  12. That's a classic method, and it usually works well. I've used it myself for years. As @Oz Linden noted in this forum a year ago, though, recent changes in the way that event timing is managed can sometimes make this method fail. Specifically, even though a channel should be opened in the new object on rez, the object may be slow to rez or its scripts may be slow to execute. If you send information too soon, the new object will never hear it. My routine way to beat the problem had always been to put a short llSleep -- 0.3 - 0.5 seconds -- in the rezzer's object_rez event before sending vital information. As Oz reminded us, though, that small sleep may still not be sufficient in a laggy region. The safer solution is to use handshaking: 1. Pass the newly-rezzed object the channel as a startup parameter in on_rez. 2. Open the channel with llListen. 3. Have the new object send the rezzer a "Here I am" message to announce that it is ready to listen. 4. Have the rezzer transmit the information only after it receives the "Here I am" message. Most of the time, handshaking isn't really necessary, but you can't count on that always being true.
  13. That's a decent question, even a decent peeve. All of that aside, though, a landowner can always define his/her own rules for the land as long as they are at least as restrictive as the region's G/M/A rating. So, whatever the landowner's motives may be for wanting an Adult-rated region, he/she is completely within rights to decide that nakedness is not allowed. You could be ejected for breaking that local rule or, in fact, just because the landowner doesn't like the color of your hair.
  14. The current Maitreya body (v5.1) doesn't use those shapes, so I don't know how it works. They seem to have stopped using them after v4.0. I have my old ones, but they are no trans too. If you're just trying to make her shape fit her head, though, do you have to mess with anything other than the neck size? I would guess you can do that empirically pretty easily.
  15. Terra del Fuego, maybe? When did you become Premium? If it was fewer than 45 days ago, you still have to wait. In fact, 45 continuous days. THEN you'll get your one-time signing bonus.
  16. But was it a good one? Don't kick a gift horse in the teeth.
  17. It's not even a well-written one. Tell him you'll forward the query along to your brother-in-law in Interpol, who will probably be glad to help.
  18. The answer is exactly as I phrased it for the OP in 2012. Unless you have scripted a sit target in your object, the physics engine will try to seat anyone at the spot where the person clicked on it. Unless you are pretty lucky or have designed well, chances are good that the object's physics shape at that spot won't allow someone to sit. The solution is always to define a sit target rather than leaving it to chance. EDIT: Since your script is defining several sit targets, my guess is that they are either too close together to allow more than one person to sit or, possibly, you have defined more than one target on the same link. You can sometimes manage to seat more than one person on the same link, but only if you move the first person out of the way and still have room for a second one. It's usually easier to seat additional people on other links, using llLinkSitTarget and llAvatarOnLinkSitTarget. BTW, this is a resident-to-resident forum. Lindens rarely come here and respond even less often.
  19. Most landowners prevent anyone other than group members from building on their land. If they don't, it's an open invitation to griefers and squatters. So, if you have just rented a parcel for your store, contact the landowner and ask to be added to the group.
  20. If your hands are huge, there's a very good chance that you are wearing a DEMO avatar. Creators typically make some body part (often hands or feet) unusually large and ugly on a demo to discourage people from just continuing to use it instead of paying for the real thing. So, if you like the shape otherwise, buy it.
  21. Rolig Loon


    Anything above ground level can be a "skybox". Just a flattened prim that you can walk around on and use for storing stuff works.
  22. How can you do that? You just wear the HUD and forget to take it off. After all, you only need the HUD when you're changing outfits or fiddling with your alpha or whatever. If you do all of that fiddly stuff before you leave home, it won't be adding to your complexity while you're out shopping.
  23. I am so sorry for you, Cindy. It's a terrible decision to make. I cried for a long time after I had to have my 18-year old cat put down. She was arthritic and incontinent, in pain all the time, but she was my companion. My kids grew up with her. In the end, letting her go was the right thing to do but it broke my heart. I know what you are feeling.
  24. All colors are defined in terms of combinations of Red Green and Blue, expressed in the form of a vector: <R, G, B>, where each of the components may either be expressed on a scale from 0.0 to 1.0 or as an integer value between 0 and 255. Take a look at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Color . You can see the exact values of R, G, and B at the point directly under your cursor by opening your Developer menu (CTRL + Alt + Q) and then clicking on Show Info > Color Under Cursor. You should be aware however, that the values that you will get when you set your cursor on an avatar's skin are almost worthless. Color will vary from point to point because of shading, sun angle, and color variations in the actual skin texture itself. If you get a match that looks decent, you'll find that it's different when you go to another region or as the sun moves across the sky.
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