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  1. Separate the task into two parts: (1) Split the total in four parts >> integer sub_part = total / 4 . (2) Give each person a part, if that person is in the region: integer i; while (i < 4) { if ( llGetAgentSize(llList2Key(list_of_avatars,i) ) { llTransferLindenDollars( llList2Key(list_of_avatars,i), sub_part ); } ++i; } assuming that you have put the avatar keys into a global list, list_of_avatars. Then you have to figure out what to do with any remaining parts. I'd suggest splitting them and sending them to the avatars who are in the region, but you could save them for the next time you have cash to split, or you could keep them yourself. Same with any amount that's left over if the total amount of cash isn't evenly divisible by 4. Edit: Oh, I forgot the bit about "too far from the tip jar". Use the result of llGetObjectDetails ( llList2Key(list_of_avatars,i),[OBJECT_POS]) and llVecDist to write a test to see whether the avatar is close enough, once you have decided what "close enough" means.
  2. You should be able to write vector new_size = old_size * 0.1; That's an allowable operation. You also have the function llScaleByFactor, if you want to rescale an entire linkset.
  3. Take a look at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Rolig_Loon/Local_Textures and pay particular attention to the last few lines.
  4. @Leora Jacobus suggested yesterday that I ought to explore more along the coast of Pickle Island. It was a great idea. I already knew quite a bit about the regions near Picards Wharf, because that's where the big mermaid grotto is, but I had only made a short trip farther north. So, I packed an anchovy sandwich and headed for Myopia Falls, just across the sound from the north coast of Pickle Island. (By the way, isn't Myopia Falls a great name? 😄 I really need to spend time there too.) Even from a distance, I can see that the north coast of Pickle Island is rockier than the coast at Myopia Falls. It looks much more rugged. The channel in this part of the sound is not wide at all, but it's nice and deep. I headed off, eager to see what's on the other side ... Well, rocks. And a little green fish. When I surfaced to take a look around, I was truly impressed. See how the homes are all set close to the shore and high enough to get a panoramic view. These are upscale homes, for sure. This is a beautiful shoreline! Look at the size of those rocks, and all the trees! I like the gnarly ones like this ... is it a cypress? (I'm not good at tree identification. Mermaids don't see many trees close up.) Here's the view back from Pantelleria toward the sandy beaches of Myopia Falls. I can just imagine some happy Bellisserian neighborhood picnic in this little park, people sunning themselves under the date palms, fishing off of the rocks, watching sailboats go by .... It's not all rocky here, though. There are some lovely beaches along the shore toward Alala. Speaking of sunning .... mermaids don't usually go in for sunbathing (bad for the skin) but I had to try this spot out. It's relaxing in its own way, I guess, as long as you don't spend too much time out of the water. I can see how land dwellers could get used to this. Here's another view, just slightly farther along. The beach is wide and gentle. This would be a fine place to launch a one-person sailboat or a paddleboard. Just across the channel, there's a narrow barrier island and a string of houseboat slips, with more of those lovely gnarly trees. I didn't see any local homeowners outside as I stopped by for a look, but I bet this little beach is popular on weekends. I only traveled as far as Cadhaire this time. There were just too many things to see, and I was getting hungry. I seemed to have lost that anchovy sandwich somewhere. That's one of the drawbacks of having no pockets. Anyway, thank you, @Leora Jacobus, for having piqued my curiosity. I will be back to travel farther along, especially as the moles open up more of the northeast coast. Pickle Island has some beautiful coastline.
  5. We can't correct anything. This is a resident-to-resident forum. None of us are Lindens and none of us have the power to peek into your account. If you are running a negative balance, it's because to have agreed to pay for something (perhaps a group fee?) and have not been keeping up with payments. Take a good luck at the Account >>> Transaction History on your dashboard at secondlife.com to see who you have been sending L$ to regularly. Once you have figured that out, consider keeping more than L$17 (about 7 cents) in your account.
  6. Welcome to the Dyslexia Before Breakfast Club, Lindal. I don't trust my brain to read anything important correctly when I first get up.
  7. Oh, you can certainly do that, but that's not teleporting anyone. You're simply moving a seated avatar with the region. As someone pointed out here last week, you can also move an avatar to a remote cam position. As long as you are only moving an avatar within the same region, you have several options. You can't seat an avatar on a prim by colliding with it, as you are suggesting, unless you use llSitOnLink to do a "forced sit," which also requires an Experience, but that's a good idea too. To do a true "portal" teleport to a point in a different region, you need to use llMapDestination or llTeleportAgent (with or without an Experience).
  8. Rolig Loon

    banned account

    I am a SL resident, not a Linden. I have no way of knowing, but I can assure you that it was not something simple like insulting someone. You have been permanently banned for repeated or serious offenses. Permanent means forever.
  9. Rolig Loon

    banned account

    Aha! This was a serious, permanent ban, with no option for appeal. Linden Lab does not issue permanent bans without a lot of evidence, and they only do it for serious offenses. The answer you are looking for is spelled out very clearly in that letter:
  10. Rolig Loon

    banned account

    If you were actually banned, then you received an e-mail message at the time that explains why you were banned. It also explains how to appeal the ban, if you were given that option. If you have misplaced the e-mail, I suggest submitting a support case now to ask what to do next. In the meantime, I suggest reading the TOS very carefully, especially section 5: 5. TERMINATION OF YOUR ACCOUNT Do not attempt to enter SL with a new account. That would be an additional TOS violation, and it would reduce your chance of being allowed to appeal.
  11. Before @Love Zhaoying leaps in ..... Classical music lovers will recognize "enema" as one of the Enigma Variations.
  12. I am very relieved to see that nobody in this thread has stooped to schmeckle heckling. (That's sort of like schmeckle schaming, but meaner.)
  13. It is easy .... if you either script within an Experience or are interested only in teleporting the person who owns the portal. The function you want is llTeleportAgent. Take a look at the description and example scripts in the LSL wiki
  14. Yup. It's there and I found it. Good hunting. Edit: Gee, this photo really got stretched vertically. I look sort of "eely." Go figure.
  15. Thank you, Leora. 😉 Picard's Wharf is already a favorite region. It's where the gigantic mermaid grotto is (and it's a great name for a region if you are a Star Trek TNG fan). I started from there and moved to the Pickle coast when I started swimming upstream last week to reach River Run. There's a lot to see along that coast, and I'm sure the moles will add more as they develop the rest of Pickle Island. It's a beautiful part of Bellisseria.😎
  16. I hate to admit it, but much of the sea floor around Bellisseria is dead boring. That's hard news for a mermaid to deliver, but it's true. Vast areas of the sea bottom are nothing but gently rolling sand, broken by occasional hillock or a monstrously deep pit like this one near Porthole. There's hardly even a bit of kelp in most places. I start to get hopeful when I see rocks, usually fairly close to shore. I swim between pinnacles and peer around tight corners, imagining that I am playing tag with the Bellisserian Sea Monster (whom none of us as ever seen -- not even a mermaid). That doesn't mean that the monster doesn't exist, of course, just that he (or she? ) is either very shy or living in some part of the Bellisserian seas where few of us ever go. The rocks are fun to explore in any case. I've seen some very dramatic outcrops. For me, the main attraction around rocks is plant life like some of the fanciful glowing flowers that grow in spots along the east coast ... and some remarkable garbage that mariners have tossed overboard. There are enough crates and barrels to stock a good sized shop, if some enterprising Bellisserian could figure a way to drag them to land. There's also a surprising amount of rum and other fortified ... um... beverages, sometimes in unbelievably large bottles. Still, as I said, these highlights are the exceptions, rare gems in the otherwise unremarkable sea floor. As a dedicated explorer, I will continue to report what I find, and will keep an eye open for that elusive monster, but don't expect to see breaking news often. The sea is a lonely place. Wait .... what's that deep rumbling sound .... ?
  17. That's fortunately quite simple. Scripters don't usually need to worry about Roombas and such, so we don't bother to tell our scripts to obey only avatars. However, that's what the llDetectedType() function is designed for. All you need to do is include a simple test in whatever touch* or collision* event activates your door, as in: touch_start( integer num ) { if ( llDetectedType(0) & AGENT ) { //Go ahead and open the door } }
  18. You're too young to worry about such things. I have more than 20 years on you and I'm not starting to worry yet (although age is a convenient excuse sometimes). Blame forgetfulness on distractions instead. Everyone empathizes with distractions.
  19. When you want to find someone who is willing to make a custom item for a price, post in the InWorld Employment forum. Be prepared to provide rather detailed instructions about exactly what you want done, and agree on a price before you tell the creator that she may begin work.
  20. Not if the region is in a private estate. If it's on the Mainland, yes.
  21. Almost none. Linden Lab's credit processing system requires you to have a payment method that is capable of sending and receiving money instantly, and very few prepaid cards can do that, especially with the additional constraint that the method must have a way of verifying that you own it.
  22. You can always send an IM with llInstantMessage. If the person is in world, she'll get it no matter where she is in world. If she has set her account to forward instant messages to e-mail, she'll get it that way. That's probably your easiest scripting solution. Just send a simple message with the person's name and the time, maybe. And yes, you can send as many IMs as you want. Just aim each one at a different avatar.
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