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  1. Most of those automatic systems are simply looking at height, not breast size and clothing, which a script can't see anyway. It would actually be easier to get in if a human were making the decisions.
  2. Bummer. Now that really stinks. Just for the occasion, can you wear elevator shoes or stilts? Or maybe, can you talk to the landowner and see if he can whitelist you in their system? (Probably not, but it's worth a try.)
  3. That really stinks. There's nothing you can do about landowners who set those minimum height detectors to weed out child avatars except, of course, add those places to your "I'm Never Going Back There Again" list. If they don't want you, it's their loss.
  4. I hadn't thought of it quite that way, but you have made a good point. We don't have to go far back in history -- or at all -- to find situations in which classes of people were considered to be "subhuman". It is certainly hubris to declare that narrow considerations of skin color, ethnic heritage, religious belief, wealth (continue the list ...) should determine whether some people are "more human" than others, or even human at all. So perhaps extending the term "human" to include AI-enhanced robots or extraterrestrial beings is also demeaning in the same way -- saying, in essence, "You are
  5. That's an interesting question. By asking it, you seem to be suggesting that our definition of "human" is biased (or maybe "limited" is a better word) by the fact that homo sapiens has some capabilities that make us unique among living things, so we have a hard time stepping outside our own narrow perspective on "humanity". You're separating the biological definition of "human" from some other practical considerations. As you suggest, is there a point at which "humanity" does not necessarily depend on being one of our own species? It's a very old question, maybe more relevant now than in pa
  6. I won't argue for or against that point. I'd only say that if you don't feel that it's worth your time to treat a philosophical question as genuine, you should probably leave the question alone and pay attention to other threads. I do that all the time.
  7. Regardless of what intent anyone has in starting a thread, I prefer to approach a philosophical question as if it were a genuine attempt at discussion. It's sadly true that many discussions here are derailed quickly, sometimes by cynics and sometimes simply by people who want to drop in a humorous aside. As far as I am concerned, though, big questions about who were are, what our place in the universe may be, and how we decide to make moral decisions are important enough to be fair game here. They are part of our personal search for meaning. We don't leave those questions behind as we step fro
  8. Ooops. Missed that part. In that case, your advice to contact the Billing Office is right on target.
  9. It sounds like you have been trying to buy L$ with the Limit Buy option, which means that you have ordered a quantity of L$ at a specified price and are waiting for some resident to be willing to sell at that price. Once you place an order like that, LL takes the money from your payment method to cover the eventual purchase and places it in an escrow account, pending completion of the purchase. When the transaction is complete, you will have L$ in your account. If you decide to cancel the order before completion, however, the money that has been held in escrow will be transferred to the USD
  10. When you teleport, information about your avatar and everything it is carrying has to be sent from one region's servers to the other region's servers. If those servers are already busy doing other things -- like keeping track of a pile of other avatars -- your TP request can time out or simply get lost. That's even more likely if your av has a high complexity. TP failure has been an issue as long as I have been in SL. There have been several technical improvements over the years, but avatars and the environment have been getting more complicated too. We're in the middle of a never-ending a
  11. Yes. It's a two-step process. ... 1. Create a group ( read this >> https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/creating-managing-moderating-and-disbanding-groups-r48/ ) and then SET (not Deed) your land to that new group ( Open World >> About Land >> General to do this). 2. Invite your friend to join the group. She may now Set Home To Here. You may want to use About Land >> Options to allow group members to rez objects or bring objects onto your land.
  12. It would be much easier to make a meaningful response if your script were readable. Please use the code widget < > when you are editing to put your script in a format that works in the forum. It would also help if, instead of showing the entire script, you could post the part where you are getting an error.
  13. Or sponges. That's less prosaic, but fits the mood. Sort of like shape shifters in SciFi. Humans adjust their appearance, moods, attitudes, and beliefs to fit their immediate surroundings. (Not always successfully, but we try.)
  14. You seem to be here now. So, if you changed something to get here, that's your answer.
  15. It happens. Maybe someone flagged your post. Don't question it. Just move on. When they get back from lunch or wherever, it will resolve itself.
  16. True. If anyone with modest skill knows your old name, she can easily write a short LSL script to find your new one.
  17. Try posting in the InWorld Employment forum instead of this one.
  18. Rolig Loon

    name problem

    And avoid using goofy characters next time.
  19. If I remember correctly, the big building on Learning Island has a central garden ( an atrium, a concourse ) where you end up after you have completed the walking/hopping/flying movement tasks. When you go there, you see a talking parrot next to the portal that takes you to Social Island. If you bailed out before you got there, you can never go back. Don't worry, though. The "game" doesn't mind. Remember, there's no goal or quest to Second Life. Just like RL, this world is whatever you want it to be. And you can fly.
  20. I think you may have misunderstood. Items in the Library folder are not "in" your inventory; they are accessible from there. And they were not "left in there by a previous owner". The library is a collection of items that Linden Lab makes available to all accounts. To use any of them, you need to actually copy it into another folder somewhere in your inventory. You do not need to reset the parameters on your recent tab. As you said correctly, as a new resident, everything in your inventory has been added there within the past 30 days. When you have been in SL for a longer time, though,
  21. It really does seem that you have been tripping over the bug that Rider Linden highlighted in his post yesterday. You may also be tracking memory use with a flawed monitoring script, but my money is on the bug. Unless you are actually seeing some loss of performance, I'd be inclined to note it as an annoying curiosity and then move on.
  22. The reality is somewhere between those two. I can't remember the last time I bought L$, but I sell them each month to cover the land fees on my region. I always use the Limit Sell option, and set a rate that is L$1/USD above the market. The LindeX usually estimates that it will take two days to fill. In practice, it often fills within an hour. It has sometimes taken as much as two days. That's the nature of estimates and currency exchanges. Knowing that, I usually place my order at least 4 days before the land fees are due. If I were buying instead of selling, I would follow the same logic
  23. I don't think we are disagreeing, except maybe about which factor is most significant here. The advantage you get by using the Limit Buy option is important but doesn't amount to a lot of money until you are buying more than a few thousand L$ at a time. It doesn't make much sense to use Limit Buy for a small purchase. You and I agree that transaction fees amount to a serious proportion of the total cost when you buy small amounts of L$ at a time so, again, it doesn't make sense to buy just a few L$. If you are buying through the viewer, chances are pretty good that you are getting hit both
  24. The biggest expense for them is the transaction fee. Any time that you buy L$, you will be charged a 7.50% transaction fee with a minimum of US$ 1.49 and a maximum of US$ 9.99 per transaction, regardless of the size of the purchase. So, if you bought L$500 (about $2 US), you would pay $2.00 PLUS a $1.49 fee = $3.49. That means 43% of your charges will be for the fee. That's why it's silly to buy small amounts of L$ at a time, as you almost always do if you are buying L$ through the viewer. If you buy, say, L$10,000 (about $40 US) through the LindeX, you would pay $3.00 in fees (0.075 x $4
  25. This is a duplicate post. The original is at Please do not put posts for employment here. They belong in the InWorld Employment forum.
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