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  1. Thank you. If I close my eyes and imagine myself a lot younger, that could be a cousin maybe, or at least a good friend. At least it's a familiar face for reasons that I cannot explain. The important thing is that she looks happy and probably well-balanced, which is what I feel inside regardless of what I look like on the outside.
  2. Try https://www.artbreeder.com/ . It's pretty cool. You can pay for an advanced version that lets you do special party tricks, but the free version is nice and powerful.
  3. My "good old days" are a little older than yours, so don't bother playing the age card. I know what I looked like during my first weeks in SL. It wasn't pretty. I don't remember thinking of myself as especially ugly, though. After all, most of the people I met looked sort of like me. As you say, we looked as good as we could. I suspect that the difference between you and me is that I didn't feel "forced" to accept what I looked like. I played with sliders for a while but didn't do anything serious about making a "pretty" shape for over a year. Since then, I have modified my shape
  4. As long as you have mod perms on an object, you may link anything you like to it (including yourself, since that's what you are doing when you sit on an object). There are a few limitations like prim limits, of course, but they won't usually keep you from linking a prim here or there. The scripts in an object will make a lot of difference, though. Especially in something like a vehicle, scripts have to keep track of which links are supposed to do what. It's not a good idea to have seats rotating like wheels, after all. A well-written script usually identifies the important links on rez (usu
  5. I guess you are kidding? This look is a nightmare. No, but I am smiling. My RL appearance has changed enough over the years that I have quit worrying about whether I look like a slim, athletic twenty-something (not that I ever really did). My normal appearance in SL is indeed more like a 35-year-old version of myself or at least what I wished I looked like when I was 35. I know who I am inside, though, and that doesn't have to match the outside in either RL or SL. So no, I was not kidding. I like my inner self and I hope that shows, regardless of what appears in a mirror or a phot
  6. You can't retexture clothing that is no-mod. However, you will find several merchants in Marketplace selling clothing templates -- basically the mesh models and UV maps for clothing. Search for "template" under Apparel. Be very careful to read and adhere to the seller's terms and conditions.
  7. There are three places where you might be trying to change the maturity rating: (1) in Preferences in your viewer, (2) in the Marketplace, and (3) in Search. The three are independent of each other, so eventually you may want to change all three. At the moment, though, I assume that you mean #1. If you are not 18 yet in RL, you cannot change your maturity rating. You will be rated General until you are 18. Linden Lab will not change it automatically, though, so if you have turned 18 since joining SL, you will need to submit a support case. If you were at least 18 when you joined, you
  8. It's not a very good idea. As Linden Lab says, "A common cause of payment method failure is the use of unsupported card types. At this time, the majority of prepaid cards are not compatible with our system, even if they bear the VISA/AMEX/Mastercard logo. This includes cards purchased at retail stores, rechargeable credit cards, and bank-issued check cards." Pre-paid cards include most of those cards that you can buy with a fixed balance (gift cards) but they also include many debit cards and rechargeable cards that you can add more money to. Basically, the issue is that a valid payment meth
  9. Or, if you have been using Google Chrome, go to Settings >>> Passwords to see the full list of passwords that you have stored there. Personally, I get paranoid about losing passwords so I use LastPass to save all of mine in the cloud. Going forward, that's something you might consider.
  10. I think that's certainly part of it. To feel truly invested in any activity, I think you have to find some meaning in it. The meaning may come from the outside, as in the case of your young house painter, or it may be largely something that you find in yourself. I find many puzzles engaging, for example, because they challenge me to discover connections or patterns in apparent randomness. That's what draws me to scripting. I love working my way through the logic of getting from one condition to another; the more complicated, the better. As I finish creating a lovely, Byzantine script, I get
  11. Me too. If I understand Ceka's example, that guy with the stopwatch would probably be the same way if the company didn't keep changing the machinery every once in a while. He'd get bored. It sounds like he likes the challenge of getting dropped in from of a new machine, figuring out how it works, and coming up with his own scheme for getting the most out of it. He's not motivated so much by sitting on the porch swing and sipping tea as he is by figuring out how to get there.
  12. Visit any of the big animation businesses in world and spend a lot of time on their pose stands, testing stand animations. We're not really supposed to recommend specific merchants here, but you'll find the best places with a simple Search in your viewer.
  13. I am certainly glad that I have been fortunate enough to move on when I found myself in a position that was uncomfortable /frustrating/non-productive. I recognize that many people don't have that choice, for a lot of reasons. I also recognize that some people work very hard in jobs that they hate and cannot leave. My point, though, is that people who enjoy what they are doing say that's the main reason why they work hard. They get pleasure from being able to do work that they are not only qualified to handle but that gives them a sense of accomplishment and -- quite importantly -- is value
  14. Well, maybe. I'll agree that's why most people have jobs, but I suspect that's not why they work at them. It's certainly not why I have ever worked at anything. I work because I enjoy what I am doing and I would go nuts if I didn't have something worthwhile to do. There were a couple of times in my life when I took a job -- both times with a pretty nice salary bump -- and found that it was not intellectually challenging or put me in a position where I felt uncomfortable, so I left at the first chance. Surviving is kind of important, but living is a different matter.
  15. That really sucks pond water, Lindal. I hope the logjam breaks soon for you.
  16. A lady seductive and handsome Became wedged in a hotel room transom. When she offered much gold For release she was told That the view was worth more than the ransom. Clearly in the days when hotel rooms had transoms....
  17. Yes, but are they things that do something? I mean something useful? When my son was about 8, I wired up a black box for him that had a dozen buttons and a few rheostats on it. Basically, it was a tone generator with a some odd filters and a bunch of flickering lights. He loved that thing but it did absolutely nothing but startle the cat. Maybe your AWS panel is a grown-up version of my black box.
  18. I remember that mine was like that once but now that it's past warranty, its little parts keep needing more frequent attention and they cost me more every time I take it into the shop.
  19. You're probably right, but it is abusive and it is a reposted IM. The OP made his point very well without needing to post the message.
  20. Rolig Loon


    Você está no SL há menos de 30 dias. Muitas regiões de Adultos não permitem que novos residentes entrem em suas regiões, porque é muito provável que eles estejam lá para causar problemas. Espere um mês e depois tente ir para essas regiões. You have been in SL for less than 30 days. Many Adult regions do not allow new residents to enter their regions, because it is very likely that they are there to cause trouble. Wait for a month, then try going to those regions.
  21. I suspect that you are the victim of mistaken identity , or maybe a really sick joke. In either case, mute, block, and move on. You've done what you can by submitting an AR. This person doesn't deserve any more of your attention. It's probably a good idea to delete the IM from this thread. You are violating a couple of Community Guidelines by reposting it.
  22. That is definitely odd. I wish I had a good answer. Maybe if I sleep on it ..........
  23. That should not happen if you are teleporting with a landmark or by using a direct SLURL. If you are using your Map view to teleport, though, you do need to enter the exact coordinates, including the Z (height) component into the map's coordinate controls before you click the Teleport button. Sometimes, with some viewers, you have to hit the Enter key after you have typed numbers into those coordinate boxes and before you click Teleport. If you don't, the numbers that you typed aren't in memory yet. The Z value that you typed in will actually be read as ZERO, which will drop you at ground l
  24. Must be your machine. (Pause for mild panic attack) Or maybe the region you were in is restarting and you got logged off by mistake.
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