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  1. I agree. You're likely to be able to raise more money outside of SL. Also, with the exception of some well-established and well trusted funds like Race for Life, fundraising efforts in SL are usually met with a high degree of skepticism. There's nobody watching to be sure that they aren't ripoffs.
  2. Second Life is really a lot like RL. All the land here is owned by somebody. If you want land to live on, you can either buy the land for a one-time price and then pay monthly fees to Linden Lab -- think of it like property taxes or a condo fee -- or you can rent it and pay a weekly or monthly fee -- rent -- to whoever owns it. If you live on land, you pay somebody all the time. Is one way easier than the other? Not really, and both are a LOT easier to handle than they are in SL. If you want a good introduction to the basics of buying and maintaining land, lake a look through the la
  3. See the Second Life logo at the top of this page, with the blue hand? Click it. 😉 Really. It works. We asked for it first thing when they introduced this InVision forum software a few years ago.
  4. Don't worry. That's a very small amount of money, only about 40 cents in USD. You either have a quiet admirer or an accidental friend. If you feel at all bold (or friendly), IM and thank the person. If not, just smile to yourself and walk away. If there's a tiny chance that the L$ were stolen, you have covered yourself by submitting that AR.
  5. Cool. Then I would expect it to trade fairly soon. The longer your offer sits in the queue, the closer it gets to the top. Once others that were placed before yours are completed, you're up. As I said, that's usually been within a couple of days for me. If a lot of people suddenly dump L$ on the market at a higher rate, or if the number of residents buying L$ drops off a bit, it could take longer. If you start to feel desperate -- if your land fee payment is due tomorrow, for example -- you might want to improve your chances by canceling that order and placing a new one at L$240.
  6. It really all depends on how far you set your offering price from the rate where the greatest sales volume is at the moment. When I am selling L$, I look to see where most sales are taking place and make a sell offer that is within L$ of that price. When I do that, a sale usually goes through within a couple of days. The greatest volume of sales ATM is at L$238/$1. If you set an offering price much below about L$237/$1, I would expect it to take a week or more. Of course, if the market goes up in the meantime, your sale could take forever.
  7. The best sale price recently has hovered around L$238 to L$239 / $1 USD. If the rate you were offering was much below that, the sale will take quite a bit of time.
  8. Hello and welcome to Second Life. This is not a game, at least not by most gamer standards. It's a social platform, an economic system, a building environment ....... whatever. You don't earn points or gain levels. You don't slay dragons or capture territory. It's very similar to Real Life, in which you can create things, start a business, chat with people, dance, buy or sell property, .... It is, in fact, a second life. To learn the mechanics, start reading articles in the Knowledge Base (link at the top of this page), starting with Then, consider visiting welcome/tu
  9. According to the Knowledge Base, a Display may contain A string of characters up to 31 characters long that contains at least one alphanumeric character. It can include most Unicode script characters, spaces, and some punctuation. It then defines Allowed characters In addition to letters and numbers, you can use the following characters in your display name: ' (apostrophe) - (hyphen-minus) . (full stop) : (colon) · (middle dot) ֊ ֊ (Armenian hyphen) (Hebrew geresh) ״ (Hebrew gershayim) ་ (Tibetan tsheg) - (hyphe
  10. Rolig Loon

    i need help

    And how is this relevant to the question that the OP asked?
  11. Good pointer. They've been helping newbies since well before I got here.
  12. Linden Lab's brief experiments with an Oculus Viewer lasted a little over a year in 2013-14. As I recall, the beta viewer was underwhelming.
  13. @colleen Criss What is "NEGGNE"? I've never run across it before.
  14. From the specifications for Limits in SL: Profile > Picture - native aspect ratio; thumbnail cropped to 72×72 pixels; zoomed uncropped up to 300×300 pixels
  15. If that is the worst thing that happens to you, you are doing quite well. The words of a total stranger have no value. You did the right thing by walking away.
  16. A mediocre board game and a tasteless breakfast cereal, still harmless ways to pass time rather than worrying about something worse.
  17. Just rez them all and set them individually for sale. No fancy script needed. A group I once belonged to was releasing a region and wanted to sell off all its transferable assets, so they did it that way.
  18. From the Knowledge Base: There's a lot of useful information in the Knowledge Base, always a good place to look first.
  19. I've done the same thing. I keep a copy with my will, here in my library, and another in a safe deposit box. Like most people these days, I have loads of ongoing RL commitments, things that renew automatically or have regularly scheduled payments. And then there's the region I own in SL and have tenants on, and all sorts of other people in SL who really ought to be notified if I suddenly disappear. Over the years, I have had several SL friends die without warning, so I know how many projects and ongoing relationships can be thrown into chaos in the uncertainty after a death. I hope that my
  20. You should be aware that the LindeX is a currency exchange, not a shop. Like all RL currency exchanges, it handles trades between individual sellers and buyers. In this case, that means you are never trading with Linden Lab, but with other residents. If you choose to use the Limit Buy/Sell option, you are offering a proposed price at which you will be willing to trade. Once your offer has been posted in the LindeX, you will have to wait until some other resident is willing to match that price. If you make an offer that is ridiculously off what most residents are willing to consider, you m
  21. Be patient. Seven days is hardly a disaster. Linden Lab puts that limit there to give people time to think about what they are doing instead of changing display names several times a week.
  22. It's hard to imagine making any major change in a system as complicated as SL without having some unexpected problems. Part of the challenge is sorting out which unexpected problems were caused by the major change and which ones are purely coincidental. We have all have TP, rezzing, and lag issues as long as we have been in SL. They come and go, and a lot of them are caused by problems on our own computers and Internet connections. I spent almost two weeks recently cursing at Linden Lab because I had a dramatic increase in chat lag, only to realize slowly that it was caused by software int
  23. Not really. That's just when they replaced the ancient forum software with the extinct version (which was followed by the very old version and then the old version and a couple of modifications since). In 2009, they messed up our join dates by setting them to the start date of that forum version. Surprisingly, they didn't wipe out other parts of our forum profiles. I'm older than you think, in SL and RL. There are several places to look. Start with some of the posts here by Xiija, like this one
  24. You could do that either by hosting the data bank of URLs on an external server or by having an (as-yet-unavailable) grid-wide Experience so that you could store the information in KVP. Failing those two options, you're stuck with the old standby of setting up a server somewhere in world and communicating by HTTP or e-mail, realizing that the system will be very hard to manage if you ever have to change the server.
  25. As long as the name itself is not trademarked or otherwise legally bound, yes. So don't use "Disneyland" (the mouse's lawyers are really stern), but something like "Emerald City" or "La La Land" are fair game. If you are in real doubt, you should use the Internet to do a trademark search. EDIT: You can also save yourself a lot of time by looking on gridsurvey.com to see whether the name has ever been used for a SL region before. Many obvious names have long since been used by other people, but a surprising number of names haven't been.
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