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    Possibly nothing. Most groups, other than commercial groups associated with a shop or land groups that are meant as a way for tenants to share access to group-owned land, are not connected to a specific place. A group is just a collection of people with a common interest. If they do have a meeting place, that's what the URL you have is meant for. You'd still need to contact the owner of the group to find out when group members get together. Some groups share events information on group chat or they send group messages when they are planning something. Watch for those.
  2. You select Detach, not Drop. Detaching anything makes it go back to your inventory. (Well, almost anything. Store demo items and some attachments used in games are "temp attached," which means that they disappear after you detach them. That's fine, because those items don't really belong to you. They're "on loan.") If you want to rez things in world, as opposed to attaching them with the Add or Wear option, you have to be in a place that allows you to do it. That includes land that you own, land owned by a group that has given you permission to create objects, or a sandbox. You can
  3. When it comes right down to it, most lyrics sound like poorly-translated Bulgarian to me. I couldn't tell you what most songs are about. As long as there's a good melody, though, I'm happy.
  4. That happened to me on Thursday night, when they were just starting the upgrade, but it suddenly cleared up mid-morning on Friday. I think it's going to take a while for all the flags to get set properly so the system will settle down and behave "normally" again. I've watched LL upgrade or completely change forum software many times over the past 13 years. There's always been some bumpiness at first. It's all like trying to do aircraft maintenance while all your planes are in the air.
  5. Oh, OK. That makes sense. I couldn't understand other parts of it either, but I get the general idea.
  6. What's that line supposed to be?
  7. That's a decent point. It adds one more step to the process of creating a group, though, probably one that requires a human to make the decision. It's much simpler to let a machine follow a one-size-fits-all rule.
  8. Right. In general, however, take TURNS. [Yeah, I know how this started, ages ago, but it's a lot more fun to follow each post with one that continues a conversation. That's harder to do with a jumble of letters. ]
  9. I hope you understand that you can change the model of home that you have by simply using the controls on the House Controller (mailbox) out in front of the house. If you are in a Victorian themed area, for example, you can choose among four different models without leaving your parcel. You cannot choose a Log Home or a Camper, for example, because those are in different themed areas, and you cannot move to another parcel without abandoning the present one and reapplying. Read carefully here .....
  10. Sorry. That's the way it is. Login names, region names, group names .... are all unique. If it were any other way, there would be way too much chance of confusion, too much possibility of assets being assigned to the wrong accounts, ....
  11. Nope. Once a group has disappeared, you can't revive it. Like avatar names, group names are unique.
  12. Well, we're all a little beat up by 2020, but most of us are pretty much the same fun-loving people we used to be. Inside, anyway.
  13. That's what happens when you look in a 4 year old thread for a Knowledge Base article that you can find by clicking the link on the top of any page in the forums. It's changed since 2016. It is now
  14. I got older. Oh, did you mean someone else?
  15. And to be sure that both scripts have the same version number, ask one or the other in state_entry to check ... integer CheckVersions() { integer i; list Versions; while ( i < 2) { string name = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_SCRIPT,i); list temp = llParseString2List(name, ["v "],[ ]); Versions += [ llList2String(temp,1) ]; ++i; } if ( llList2String(Versions, 0) == llList2String(Versions,1)) return TRUE; else return FALSE; }
  16. Just go to https://jira.secondlife.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa and click the menu button labeled Create at the top of the page. Actually, if you have never been there before, it's smart to visit http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_Tracker first, and to do some searching to be sure that someone else hasn't already posted something similar. It's mostly self-explanatory.
  17. SL is a very big place. Find somewhere else to enjoy, and choose a different friend. Ignore this person.
  18. Yeah, as a default, always sort your inventory by date, so that if you have duplicate scripts with the same name, you'll at least be able to tell which one is the most recent. It would be very handy if the system allowed for automatic versioning, but it doesn't. To compensate, I try to remember to assign my own version numbers to successive upgrades to a script: Tricky script v1.0 Tricky Script v1.1 Tricky Script v1.2 Tricky Script v2.0 ........... That puts the full burden on my own cluttered mind, which is not a safe guarantee that versions won't get muddled,
  19. Can't follow just a pile. WORDS [ It kinda kills the game if we don't end with a real word. ]
  20. Not that I know of. You could always fall back on the very simple script that I posted above, I suppose. I've never had any trouble scaling it.
  21. Race conditions can be very hard to track down, especially when there are several competing events. Sometimes it takes more patience than others. If you have the heart for it, you might try designing a way to make that final response time more flexible so that the system allows more delay time if the region is really busy and relaxes if it's pretty empty. Or not. It all depends on how big a deal this is for you. There's a limit to the value of fiddling, after all.
  22. Then the first thing I'd try, as a relatively unsophisticated test, is to increase the delay as the timer is set at the start of state Send. I gave it a second before HUDs start attaching. Try increasing that to see if it helps. If so, then consider ways to make that delay depend on the number of avs in the region, or something more elegant.
  23. That's my own guess as well, or a version of it. It is a race condition. As I said in my last note, I think there's just too much going on as a new av is logging in, a HUD is being rezzed, Experience permissions are being verified, the av's UUID is being passed to the new HUD, and it's being attached. My solution is to delay that last step until the rest catch up.
  24. The "orange smoke" is Firestorm's version of the Ruth cloud that appears when an avatar can't rez fully because its appearance information is not available to your viewer. It's normal behavior for all avs in the few moments right after the account logs in to SL. It takes time for the servers to complete their handshake with the new av, get its appearance information, and rebroadcast it for everyone else within range to see. Usually, that takes only a very short time, but it can take ages (or can stop completely) if there's a problem in communication. The suggestions that are on that wiki
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