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  1. It's hard to do without making it look clumsy (or violent) and without going to a lot of trouble. If you're on a region where the landowner has not disabled pushing, you can use llPushObject to give an avatar a gentle shove toward you (the important word being "gentle"). If it works, the effect is like having a helpful friend nudge the shy avatar into the act. A much more complicated way, if you have access to an Experience, is to force temp-attach a transparent prim to the avatar and then use llMoveToTarget or some other process to move the prim and avatar toward you. (Actually, you can do the same trick without an Experience, but the avatar will have to allow PERMISSION_ATTACH and PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION explicitly, which sort of breaks the illusion of a romantic encounter.) The easiest solution, of course, is to move yourself instead of the other av. You'll probably find simple examples of systems like that in MP. Look for "huggers". They used to be pretty popular, so there must still be some around.
  2. It may depend on the account or maybe it's just a random thing. My in-world income and expenses are almost always nearly balanced so, as far as I can remember, I have never processed credit to send cash out of SL since 2007. Still, I have sold L$ regularly to pay the monthly land fees on my region. I did it the other day, as usual at the last minute. I was only asked to check the little box to accept the Tilia TOS. No fuss. The sale went through a half hour later.
  3. Fritigern Gothly noticed that last Wednesday and posted a couple of pages back. 😎 Abnor Mole commented on it later >>> "Just regular old decorating content. We have a budget we have to stick to. It is a reminder for the moles decorating to not go over budget on one side of the river and not leave enough LI for the other side when we get to it. That region is about half done and 6k is roughly half the budget for that region. Mystery solved."
  4. There are quite a few of us around, plus some non-merfolk underwater explorers. I bump into others every once in a while. Bellisseria is a big place with a lot of water, though, so we're pretty spread out. I keep looking for Easter eggs and other surprises that might be interesting for other explorers. I'm not always good about posting photos in this forum, but I've managed to record some of my discoveries. A couple of other mermaids have too. If you find something neat, join the crowd. I'll wave if I see you in world. Wave back. 😉
  5. So you're off to a good start. We all come to SL with different expectations. Some of us realize that there's more to SL than we anticipated, and that our computers aren't quite up to handling it gracefully. Others find that their machines are capable of a lot more than SL expects, and are disappointed that this isn't a game-quality world. No matter what your own first impression is, I think it's probably a mistake to rush to judgment. Give yourself a month or two at least to get a feel for the wide range of places here, and to get used to what your setup is capable of doing. Learn how to optimize your settings to get the best performance you can. Once you've seen what's possible (and have decided that it's worth investing time and money into your SL experience) then start asking whether you should get a better monitor or graphics card, pay for better Internet service from your ISP, and all the rest.
  6. As an afterthought, ...... in an earlier SL era, we would have used flexi prims to make a wind chime like this. Making the prims respond to the flexi wind parameter was a cheap way to get the effect. Sadly, we can't make flexi mesh objects, but there might be some clever way to tack mesh items to a flexi framework to create the illusion. I can't think of how to do it at the moment, but it's an interesting challenge.
  7. Despite your description, I don't have a clear mental image of your wind chime. I haven't spent enough time dangling dinner plates from strings, I guess. However, if the design allows it, you might try making the chime elements physical and giving them an occasional gentle nudge with llApplyImpulse or llApplyRotationalImpulse. You'd have to keep them trapped in a non-phantom transparent box so that they don't wander off, of course. Messing around with a system like that could do odd things to its L.I. and might add a physics penalty for the region, so experiment to see what's acceptable. Anyway ... it's a thought.
  8. The minimum requirements that are listed in the LL web site are just that ... minimum requirements. If your computer doesn't at least meet those requirements, you may not even be able to log in. If you want to have "acceptable" performance, your machine needs to at least meet the "Recommended" standards. Even then, each person's definition of "acceptable" is different. If you are accustomed to gaming quality performance, you will be much more critical of the standards than someone who is comfortable with the quality of cat videos on YouTube. The recommendations on that page, therefore, should be taken with a grain of salt. Yes, they should probably be updated. People have complained about that here as long as I have been in SL, despite the fact that the standards have been updated many times. For the average SL resident, though, they are probably not bad. My own personal rule is that I have always aimed for the highest quality machine that fits within my budget, realizing that I will probably need to upgrade or replace it within three years -- regardless of what the posted standards are.
  9. You can submit an Abuse Report that includes enough information about name, dates/times of his message, and any other information that might be useful. Be sure to note that you believe that he is violating the Community Standard against harrassment. That said, there are some limits to what Linden Lab can do. If, as you say, he cannot log in to SL, that may mean that he has already been suspended by LL. If they were to issue a permanent ban, his account would be closed and he would not be able to send you messages through it. However, Linden Lab cannot prevent him from posting information -- even hurtful information -- on his own web site, or anywhere else. Their TOS does not control what a person does outside of SL. If harrassment is taking place outside of SL, you will need to take the matter to the RL law authorities. Meanwhile, as Alwin says, block him and do not respond to any messages he may send you. With luck, he will simply go away when he sees that you are not paying attention any more.
  10. First, get rid of that script. It's not written for use in SL. It uses commands designed for the OS Grid, and it is using the no_sensor event to drive a repeating sensor that never turns off again. Then write yourself a new script that uses a listen event instead of touch_start and, if necessary, uses llSensorRepeat and has a timer to shut it off after a few cycles or when it has detected CHANGED_TELEPORT in a changed event. Also, reconsider whether you really want your device to sense only PASSIVE objects (that is, non-moving objects with no active scripts).
  11. It's not really much trouble at all. Opening a second account is no harder than opening the first one. Most creators have at least one alt to test their work with, verify perms, handle cash, etc.
  12. Your mermaid area is wonderful. I dropped by earlier this evening to have a look. Sorry I missed you. You have done a nice job decorating with murals and mermaid-friendly critters. It felt like .... home. Thank you!
  13. Light of Aurelia is a lovely spot. Ships tend to hit rocks around places like this too, so I figured it was a good place to go looking for sunken treasure. I'm still not having much luck, though. I swam all around the lighthouse this evening and found nothing but a rowboat, a few crates, and some barrels. Well, and a ship's wheel, which suggests that there has to be the rest of a ship around here somewhere. If there is, though, it's been covered by the shifting sand -- impossible to recover without heavy equipment. The search continues ......
  14. Copyright is automatic, whether you register it or not. Unlike trademarks, copyrights do not need to be registered to be valid. To claim ownership of intellectual property, all you need to do is show first ownership of it.
  15. Even more to the point, here's the official description of what General means: A region designated General is not allowed to advertise or make available content or activity that is sexually explicit, violent, or depicts nudity. Sexually-oriented objects such as "sex beds" or poseballs may not be located or sold in General regions. [ ... ] If you are a region owner and you feel there is some ambiguity as to whether your content and activities are allowed in General regions, it's probably best to designate your region as Moderate. See the full discussion in the Knowledge Base here
  16. The two best bits of advice: To the extent that you can, avoid texturing objects with 32-bit textures unless you really need to have transparency. A disturbing number of objects in SL have textures that contain an alpha channel, but should have been 24-bit textures instead. Even if there are no transparent areas in a texture, it will cause an "alpha glitch" when there's another 32-bit texture in front of it. If you can't avoid using 32-bit textures, at least plan environments where they are not likely to be in front of each other.
  17. Congratulations! Modems and routers seem to get tired after a while, just like other parts of your computer setup. I've found that I have to replace one or both every couple of years. Fortunately, they are relatively inexpensive compared to, say, a mother board or a graphics card. Long before you need to replace them, though, a simple restart can often do the trick.
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