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  1. Bellisseria's North Coastal Road's easternmost point is, paradoxically, in a cul-de-sac in West End. Some Linden had a sense of humor there. The road runs westward through quiet neighborhoods in Washburn and Abiatti . I have traveled those parts of the road before, so I decided to start today's travel at the grand roundabout in Rutherford. It's quite a large roundabout with a clear pond in the middle. There are no ducks to feed, but there are benches to rest on. I saw no crosswalks to it, but in the ten minutes that I sat there I never saw much traffic. Not even another scooter. Anyway, from the roundabout, the main road hugs the rocky coast. There are stately homes high above the road on the south side and a sheer drop to the sea on the north. It must be exhilarating to live in one of those homes and be able to look out your front window at the sea in the morning. The road follows the coast faithfully from Rutherford through Leera and Ketran, with very few trees on the seaward side. At Venber, it takes a sharp turn inland and up onto higher ground in Emerson Lake. You have little choice but to follow it. Houses from there to the west in Venber are perched right on the rocks overlooking the shore, so there's almost no way to wander that direction without cutting across someone's lawn. Certainly not on a scooter. If you keep looking for city streets that look to the west, as I did, you can find your way into Rourke and then back down to the coast again in Jacinto. I have to say, that's probably the prettiest part of the north coast. There's a beautiful little park by a turnout at the end of the road, full of flowering shrubs. It has a stunning view of the shore in Rourke and beyond, where houseboats are moored in the harbor. If you are on foot or have a scooter like mine that can handle some mild off-road wandering, you can stay on the beach from there. You'll end up on the spit that is part of the Wheelhouse breakwater at the mouth of the harbor. It's a narrow bit of land with a relaxed, sandy beach ( and NO SEAGULLS ! ). Take off your shoes, strip down to your bikini, and enjoy. That was the end of today's journey. This little beach can hardly be a secret but, you know, I didn't see a soul there either. Why does everyone stay indoors when there are lovely places like this to visit in Bellisseria?
  2. I gave up a long time ago trying to decide whether we or our linguistic cousins on the other side of the pond hold the high ground in matters like this. As long as we more or less understand each other, we can get on to more important issues.
  3. If your verified PayPal account already exists, you should be able to link it to your alt's account by using the Add a PayPal account link on the Account >>> Billing Information page in your dashboard at secondlife.com: Once you have linked it, you will also need to click the Change link next to it to indicate how you want to be able to use it in SL. For my alt's account, for example, I have linked a PayPal account but have elected not to use it for anything, so it says Not in use. I would need to click Change and respond to the options there to tell LL what sorts of things I want to use the PayPal account for. That way, I could choose to use PayPal only for paying Land Use Fees, for example, and a credit card only for buying L$.
  4. Yup. I have done it for years.
  5. In any case, it's a symptom of competitive behavior in an environment of scarcity. Personally, I still believe that most people are honest and fair, but I know that it's easy to do some things that create stress for others unintentionally. I am quite sure that I have been guilty of that myself occasionally, and I don't think of myself as "aggressive". I suspect that Linden Lab would not drop the ban hammer on an aggressive bot handler, but if your ARs tickle the Lab into using a velvet hammer to discourage the behavior, it would be a welcome step. 🙄
  6. That sounds reasonable. When you use llHTTPRequest, you get a unique key that you can match to a response in the http_response event, to be sure that you are keeping requests and responses in sync. You can keep a list of those keys off to one side and poll it each time a response comes in, instead of looking for only the key of the most recent request. Then remove keys from the saved list as they are handled, or as the system times out.
  7. Something like that is probably true. It says something about how well (or poorly) some residents understand the process of getting a home. There's no way that you can use a spy bot to tell you that someone is getting ready to abandon a home -- certainly not reliably enough to predict exactly when you have to be ready to click the button to claim their abandoned parcel. The time between release and the next ownership is measured in seconds. Bots are no help there. Therefore, intentionally or not, this sinister theory could be the real motive. If so, all the more reason to submit ARs when you can.
  8. I have close to no experience with breedables. The one breedable client I worked with a few years ago left SL before he ever got his basic models made, and never had anything ready to script. However, I have had a lot of experience with systems that can be jammed up by people who spam-click them. I've decided that some people are just compulsive clickers, and there's not much you can do to make them stop. You have to take measures to simply disable clicking -- flip a flag, change states, set Click Action, build in a timer-- and then include a foolproof way to re-enable it again once the system has either finished its task or timed out. It sounds like that's what you need to do in order to keep requests from piling up on each other.
  9. I agree. These are not like Tyche's bots. I can't see a legitimate reason for visiting the same parcel day after day, other than to annoy people. This sounds like a good case for an AR on the ground of misuse of region resources AND harrassment. These are parcels in Bellisseria, where all regions were created from thin air only months ago. There were no prior business on them. Even if you argue that the bots are targeting universal coordinates, this particular area was open water before Bellisseria. No, these bots are new to the game, new to the regions, and probably not looking for something that was ever around before.
  10. Grey is a colour, gray is a color. I say tomato, you say potato. 😁
  11. Bots doing land surveys provide a valuable service by building a statistical record of land use patterns. Tyche Sheperd has been doing this for years with http://www.gridsurvey.com/ . Typically, a bot arrives and leaves within a couple of seconds. There's no reason at all why those bots need to be at ground level, though ( and I don't think Tyche's are). They certainly shouldn't be entering homes. If you can determine who is running them, ask them to please survey from a non-obtrusive height, like 300m.
  12. There may not be a limit after all. Nobody I checked with seems to think there is one, so I must have screwed up somehow. All better now.
  13. In terms of overall logic, it will need to go wherever you currently have code to set a prim's position. In terms of syntax, you will have to restructure the script to identify each child prim properly, get its current position, and then be prepared to move it. This will require setting up some commands in loops. And if you will not always be moving the same child prims, it will mean setting up a dialog menu to control the right ones. Not a trivial job but not a simple one for a non-scripter.
  14. I've noticed that when I make a change to group abilities, they don't always update immediately for all group members, but I haven't been able to document that. The other night, for example, I changed the abilities for the Everyone role so that my alt could set Home on parcels that are group-owned. It took an hour or so before she could do it, though. SL was acting funny, so it may have been nothing more than normal wonky server behavior, or it could be a flaw in the way that the system applies changes like that.
  15. That's a decent bet. That, or SL was messing with me again. Hard to believe, but it does that sometimes. 🙄
  16. Reverse psychology? As in "I hate you!!!!!!!" == "Ho-hum. You're a bore." ? That's more subtlety than I give the average person credit for.
  17. Hmmm.. I don't see anywhere in the code where a quantity is divided by speed. I see only and
  18. I cannot express how pleased I am that you have interlocutors. We need more of them today. We seem to be overrun by snipers and worrywarts instead. 😏
  19. Typical man - I was wondering how you go about stealing a woman's periods (please steal my girlfriend's) and realised you meant full stops. That was quite my point too, a couple of pages back.... 🙃 /me wonders why anyone in her right mind would want someone else's periods.
  20. Surely Scylla did not mean to encourage multiple exclamation points. That would be an offence against all laws of nature, to say nothing of good taste. Bolding, on the other hand, is fine, if not overdone.
  21. I confess to having been totally blind to that possibility. I have lived by two basic punctuation rules: (1) A declarative sentence ends with a period ( I think that was rule #1 ). (2) An exclamation point is used to suggest excitement or disbelief. I was also taught that excessive use of exclamation points, like excessive use of profanity, blunts their effectiveness. Those two rules have been pretty helpful, and virtually inviolable. I am slowly becoming addicted to emoji's however. They add a flair of punctuation that the classical marks can't match. When I apply an emoji, though, it's either as an interjection 😜 or as an afterthought --- after the period. 😎
  22. Thank you for the reminder. As an unrepentant academic, I confess that I will always prefer a long sentence where a short one would serve just as well. I will use a more specific Latinate word rather than a terse Anglo-Saxon one. I will use punctuation carefully and perhaps excessively to be sure that my writing carries the nuances that only punctuation can offer (especially in long sentences). When I was in high school centuries ago, the English teachers issued a punctuation handbook that terrorized all of us. I do not remember how many pages long it was, but I do recall that it had over 50 rules for commas alone, each with at least one example of proper usage. The English teachers meant business. When our essay assignments were graded, the papers would come back with numbers, circled in red ink, in the margins. We were meant to look up the number of each rule we had broken and to write it out longhand ten times. I recall breaking rule #27 often enough to fill several pages of lined paper. (" #27: Avoid excessive use of commas as a way for justifying run-on sentences" -- a rule that I break regularly to this day.) That experience may have scarred me for life, but it taught me how to use punctuation properly -- and told me which rules I could stretch when I didn't think they served my purpose. There are certainly times when the rules shouldn't apply, when they put your meaning in a straightjacket and make you sound like a pedant. I fall into that trap too often. At the same time, I try desperately to be as clear as I can when I write. I don't like discovering that someone has misinterpreted something I meant simply because I was a clumsy writer. The rules are important to me because they help me fill my end of the communication bargain that I have with whoever is reading. When I break them, I have failed, and we both lose. Like you, Scylla, I use a more relaxed style in chat than I do here. I'm a slow, poor typist, so I use shorter sentences and more slang. I rarely compromise on punctuation, though. Those silly little marks are the road signs I use to signal nuances of meaning, mood, and my frequent changes of direction. They are important paintbrushes in my kit.
  23. I just used the wrong expression, it seems. As long as i can back to the basic user status, everything is fine. Just found out, i have to abandon my Linden Home first, before i can do the downgrade. My private homestead parcel will not be affected, right? Right. Any SL resident can own a private estate, as I have for many years. Also, any resident may rent land anywhere. Only Premium members may own land in the Mainland estate.
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