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  1. Heh.... I had to do a Google search to figure out whether you were giving us a compliment or swearing at us. 🤡
  2. A vaccine is designed to keep you from catching a disease in the first place, or at least to bolster your body's defenses so that you can fight off its worst effects. With luck, a vaccine's benefits persist for a long time. Medicines that treat symptoms (lowering your temperature, opening your airways, reducing inflammation, deadening pain ...) are meant to help you get through an illness that you have already contracted. They don't generally do anything to keep you from catching the disease next time, but they help you survive the current bout. Which is more profitable? It all depen
  3. I'm going to guess that you have placed an offer for a Limit Buy and have set an asking price that is lower than the price where the largest volume of current order are sitting at the moment. If that's the case, you'll have to wait until all those order that are willing to pay a higher price than your have cleared the LindeX. Depending on exactly how low your offer was and how long it's been sitting there, it may take a few days ... or weeks .. or months ... or forever until some seller is desperate enough to sell at your offered price. If you want an instant trade, use the Market Buy optio
  4. Rolig Loon

    Old Account...

    There doesn't seem to be a Spanish translation, but Google should be able to handle it for her.
  5. You can change the parcel's name, but you can't change the name of the house itself, because you don't own the house. That's Linden Lab's property. (It's not even actually on your land. Its root is in the public land out in front of your parcel.) So, a Havana stilt has to stay named Havana, and so forth.
  6. You can try out Linden Lab's release candidate Key Bind viewer, downloadable from https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/ . As a release candidate, it is somewhere between beta test phase and full release, so there are still bugs to be resolved. Still, if you want to give it a field test, it's there for you. I'd suggest reporting any problems that you discover by filing well-documented JIRA reports.
  7. I don't care to start sounding like Pollyanna, but this thought has been rattling around in my head increasingly in recent months. There's no way to deny that CoVid is a Bad Thing. My son, DIL, and two granddaughters are on the recovery side of 2+ weeks with it, and it has not been fun. At the same time, however, they've been spending more time this year -- as I have -- reading, doing long-overdue home projects, discovering new recipes, and learning to be comfortable at a slower pace. That last one is a bit of a surprise. I find myself being more patient with the slow person at the takeout
  8. That's one of the few nice surprises about this trashcan of a year. I was just remarking to myself the other day that I have not had my normal snuffly nose this winter, and didn't have my annual bout of laryngitis last fall. I simply haven't been anywhere to contract them other than my daily run to get a cup of coffee or my weekly trip to the grocery -- and I have been fully masked and socially distant at those times. If it weren't for the annoyance of foggy glasses, I'd be tempted to keep on masking after all of this pandemic is history. At my age, I can stand being labeled as a quirky
  9. Beats me. Just to be sure that the forum software hadn't somehow messed up the posted script, I copied it out myself just now and put it into a simple two-prim mockup. All I did, like you, was to provide a value for gDistance. It works like a dream. My script is in the untinted root prim in front of me. The green sliding door is named DOOR.
  10. The video on this one isn't super, but the music is amazing. Watch the guy on bass. He's having FUN!
  11. Yeah. Clumsy me. I got distracted by RL and .... well.... oops. 🙄
  12. I can only guess that you have made a copying error or have been experimenting with a change that has bypassed or sabotaged the reversing toggle switch gOn = (-1 )* gOn; It's hard to tell which from a distance.
  13. I don't quite see what you are trying to do here, so it's hard to know how to help. Perhaps it would be a good idea to step back a bit and review the structure of LSL, which is not like other computer languages you may have learned. LSL is based on states and events, both of which are blocks of logical instructions. States are possibly easier to understand, because they are like self-contained programs. Many (most?) LSL scripts, in fact, only have one state, named default. If a script has other states, they can be thought of as semi-independent bodies of instructions, capable of stan
  14. Hmmm.. That's exactly the Firestorm wiki article that Lindal and Chic pointed to in their first responses here last summer ^^
  15. Nope. Any time you pay Linden Lab for anything, you have to pay in US$. So, if you have L$ in your account, sell them on the LindeX. The proceeds from the sale will go to your USD balance. If you don't have enough in your USD balance when the fees are due, Linden Lab will charge your payment method for anything extra.
  16. My interpretation is that the language is meant to put all responsibility on the shoulders of the account holder if anything goes wrong unless (1) someone actually hacked his way into the account without the owner's knowledge -- that is "unauthorized access" -- or (2) Linden Lab told the owner that it was OK for someone else to use the account (a really unlikely situation). So, you can't give your account to someone else, and if you let someone else use your account, you are personally responsible for any bad things that might happen. In other words, if you authorize someone else to use yo
  17. You'll have to contact the vendor who sold you that HUD. Nobody else will be able to answer your questions as well. This Scripting forum is a place for LSL scripters to trade ideas about projects they are working on, not a place to expect customer service on scripts you bought.
  18. It's worth pointing out, in fact, that there is no system manual for LSL provided by Linden Lab. The wiki is created and maintained by those of us who use LSL, building on our own experience and experiments. It's a remarkable edifice, detailed and imaginative in many places but with occasional gaps and contradictions in others. We learn by doing, as scripters do anywhere, and we teach each other and develop examples of good practice by making a lot of mistakes and recovering from them. Scripters also suggest new functions from time to time, and developers in Linden Lab sometimes make innov
  19. Rolig Loon


    Nope. You request a home in a specific theme (Traditional, Victorian, Camping, Stilt, Chalet, Log Home .... ) and you will be offered a parcel at random in that theme. You don't need to accept it (or, having accepted it, you may abandon it and request again). Some people participate in that "Game of Homes" for the fun of it, swapping out homes every few months. Once you have a parcel, you can chose among several home models within the theme, and can experiment by changing models at the touch of a button. In most themes, the house itself is customizeable -- at least as far as inter
  20. Superpower: I'd love to be able to teleport, but only if I could aim well. I'd hate to end up in a wall, the way I do in SL. 🥴 Music: I don't listen to bands much at all, and I skip all over the place across genres and performers from opera to jazz guitar and folk music. If I had to listen to ONE performer forever, I'd go out of my mind. TV Shows: I haven't had a TV for a couple of decades, so I don't know what's on TV, but I like getting BBC programs in the Internet -- about 10 years after they were popular in the UK.
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