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  1. Turtles actually zoom zestily above LAKES.
  2. Check your e-mail filter.
  3. Being able to play Dungeons and Dragons doesn't guarantee that you will be able to run SL on that computer. Unlike online games that you may have played, SL requires a solid, continuous connection between your computer and the LL servers at all times. Data is exchanged between them 45 frames a second to keep your viewer in sync with the servers. A wobbly Internet connection can mean loss of data or a serious delay. Try rebooting both your router and your modem. Avoid a wireless connection if you can.
  4. Just as in RL, you can't ever take your skin off. It's kind of necessary. Unlike RL, however, you can replace skin. So, as Lillith says, use a different applier (or apply a different skin using the applier you have already).
  5. I figured that was the connection. 😎 Maybe you should have cross-posted to the thread about Pubic Areas in Bellisseria.
  6. That's not an option I would have thought of, but who knows what might catch on? We are living in peculiar times. πŸ™ƒ
  7. And some of us who are just tired and achy. The spirit is willing, but some days the body has a hard time getting out of low gear. I wish I was an nimble as my avatar.
  8. Unless the rezzers are actually doing something, the amount of load on the servers is minimal, so "super" is a bit of an exaggeration.
  9. No. Campwich Forest is the name of the region just west of Porthole, where the Campwich Lodge is. The vest area of camping trailers, largely to the south of Campwich Forest, has no name -- hence the quest for a fitting one. I would have suggested something literary like The Hundred Acre Wood or something more sports-oriented like The Tiger Woods, but those are both taken, sadly, so we'd have to worry about trademark violations.
  10. Well, deleting on a rolling basis is a different proposition than locking. There might be some merit in that since, as you imply, it's hard to think of a reason to go back and consult most of the old stuff in GD. Still, because storage is pretty cheap, there's not a big cost savings in deleting older stuff instead of archiving it or just letting it grow in place. I think the easy, practical solution in GD -- and probably most of the People subforums -- is to do nothing.
  11. I don't see an easy one-size-fits-all solution for any of the forums. There are some timeless threads in the GD forum that have been going on for years and have a huge, loyal following. It would be a shame to lock those or any of the game threads. Those don't invite necroposting anyway. And yet, you're right that some others would be better archived than left open like festering wounds (not to put too fine a point on it). There are also plenty of threads in the Creation forums and in Answers that contain outdated information that is either misleading or incomplete or flat out wrong today. I'd love to be able to lock some of those and hang a flag on them that says "Historically interesting but not current," the way that LL labels some parts of their wiki. No matter what anyone did with all those old threads, you can be sure that there would be a fair amount of argument over individual cases. There'd be lots of judgment calls, and loads of clock hours -- at sizeable cost -- to do the work. In the end, I don't know that we'd be much better off than we are right now either. If I were doing corporate planning for LL, I wouldn't recommend making it a high priority project.
  12. Huge ones like evergreens, surely. PINES
  13. I'm going to have to adjust my geographic nomenclature. I have been referring to the camping trailer regions south of Campwich Forest as South(ern) Bellisseria. Now that a huge landmass is emerging south of all the camping regions, today's "south" is becoming Middle Bellisseria.
  14. There were inexcusable clerical errors. AUDIT
  15. Oooo! Truth is stranger than fiction. I had no idea. BTW, The regularly scheduled game now stands at YIKES. ( IGNOR was used earlier this afternoon )
  16. How about using llSetLinkTextureAnim ?
  17. The Start and End parameters that you use for cutting a prim only apply relative to the Z (vertical) prim axis. If that's what you are doing, then yes, you can set Start and End to any values you like between 0.0 and 1.0 to get the cut that you like.
  18. Those are excellent points. There's certainly more than one way to approach finding space for a party. There are also plenty of people who usually avoid parties but would still like to gather with a few friends just to chat. These days. my main alt spends most of her in-world time just sitting somewhere with a handful of close friends and sharing the day's news. Sometimes we dance or exercise, but often we just find a friendly spot to enjoy the scenery while we talk. A neighborhood park or a stretch of beach is great. That's what I use public spaces for -- that and exploring.
  19. Absolutely. So do I. I think the necro responses that annoy me most are the ones that point out some "error" -- often with derogatory language -- that was perfectly correct at the time of the original posting. Until about 2014, for example, scripters did not have a PRIM_ROT_LOCAL parameter that we could use to get or set the rotation of a child prim easily. At that time, if someone asked how to set a local rotation, we would have to walk through some rather laborious logic to answer. Every once in a while, I will see a necro response from some moron new person who says, rather impolitely, "All of that is a stupid waste of time. Anyone knows that all you have to do is use PRIM_ROT_LOCAL." I do my best to bite my tongue when I see that sort of response, but I'll often at least point out that it's a necro thread.
  20. Igor grants no ordinary requests. SNARL
  21. Exactly as Alyona says, sign up for a new account the same way that you signed up for your first one. Each account is unique, even if two or more are owned by the same person. As far as Linden Lab is concerned, your two accounts are strangers to each other. Each has its own inventory, its own L$ and USD budget lines, its own friends list .... You can use the same payment method for more than one account if you wish, and you can use the same e-mail account (although that can get confusing, so I recommend setting up a separate e-mail for your alt account, just for peace of mind).
  22. As I think I commented here quite a while ago, you have a right to be right (or wrong, for that matter). If you are wrong and don't correct the error, however, you may be left behind -- which is not right but to be expected. Still, be upright and downright righteous. Go forward, and be sure to back up your side. Do as you chose, and almost everything will turn out right. And the stuff that's left will be wrong. Right? ( Once again, from the top .... ) 😡
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