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  1. It does sound like a connection problem, exactly as the message says. In most cases, the problem can be traced to something quite close to you. The usual suspects are your router and your modem, so unplug both from the power for a few minutes, then plug them back in and restart everything. That may clear out the cobwebs and establish a firmer Internet connection. Avoid using wireless if possible and certainly avoid using a satellite connection. Check to be sure that your computer meets the recommended standards for Second Life. The problem is not usually the speed of your connection but its stability. Unlike online games, YouTube, e-mail, and most of the other things that you do with your machine, SL is sensitive to momentary interruptions in your connection and to signal lag (long ping time). Your viewer and the Linden Lab servers trade information back and forth 45 times a second. If they get out of sync, you'll get progressively worse performance in world and will have a hard time getting or maintaining a connection. The "region handshake" is the initial attempt at establishing a solid link to Linden Lab servers.
  2. Of course, that only works if the landowner has given you permission to terraform. Most landowners (like me) are very careful about allowing tenants to terraform because they can really mess up a region fast. I had a tenant years ago who decided to make a "tiny" hill in her parcel and ended up with a spike that was more than 100m tall and screwed up the land for quite a distance around it. Since then, I have always offered to do terraforming myself if I'm asked, but I only let a couple of trusted people do it themselves.
  3. A bald cap affects your classic avatar -- the "real" avatar that you add your mesh body and everything else to. Since you're wearing an alpha mask to hide the classic body, you shouldn't see any difference at all when you wear the bald cap.
  4. I doubt it. There are some very steep public roads in SL. Vehicles in SL are a lot more adept at hill climbing that they are in RL. Forget a lot of what you know about mass and friction, or at least be prepared to ignore it.
  5. Very nice work. Compare this with Void Singer's solution at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Unix2StampLst , which also calculates the day of the month, using a different algorithm. It's lovely when independent methods lead to the same result. There's magic in both of your methods. I'd try to figure out how they work, but it would make my head hurt.
  6. It's a good thing he washed his hands first. Otherwise, he'd get histocompatability complexes all over the pages from folding all those proteins bare handed.
  7. Yeah, those of us who came here 12 or 13 years ago arrived in the big expansion wave of 2006-2007. We were the new kids on the block, after the pioneers had started to settle in and get stodgy. It's only by comparison with the "Resident" newbies that we seem like oldbies. I still bow and grovel before my elders. Sometimes.
  8. A while ago, Chic Aeon and I each posted photos of the sunken houseboat in Millers Pond, but I hadn't been back since. I've been curious about what else might be along the river that you can follow from the sea in Stiff Drink and then up through Foxbridge to Millers Pond and beyond. It's easy to do a flyover, of course, but what's underwater? Tonight I decided to find out. Here's the mouth of the river at the west end of Stiff Drink. I stretched and began swimming upstream. The moles were busy in Foxbridge! It only takes a few flips of a mermaid tail to swim from one to the next (that's how we mermaids measure distance). I must say, the river is less exciting along the bottom than I expected. Sort of grassy, smooth, and without any plant life. Not even a fish. Ho hum. The channel widens out in Millers Pond, though, and gets quite deep in the pond itself. That's where the sunken houseboat is, half buried in sand. Don't ask me how it got there, or how it sunk. Maybe it was during one of those nasty hurricanes that Patch warned us about. I didn't bother taking time to explore the houseboat again this time, but kept swimming, now northward, through Oldridge and Wolfeboro. It's an easy swim. I recommend it as a starter trip for new explorers even if the view underwater isn't much to write about. The view on the surface is really quite nice. This would be a fun place to live if you were a land-type person. There are even more bridges in this part of the channel, and some very pretty homes and gardens along its banks. The only thing I found in the river, though, was a speedboat that someone seems to have joyridden into a bridge abutment and abandoned. Kids. And so I swam on from Oldridge to Wolfeboro and into Evard, where I could see houseboats at Guppy off to the east again. There's a choice here. Follow the channel back to the sea, or take the fork northward into Cape Lively and head for Penitent Beach? It was starting to get dark and I was tired, so I decided to head for Guppy and end tonight's swim. Maybe I'll try the other fork another day. According to the map, it connects to the larger river between Ancoraggio and Passwall, where the land is more rugged. Who knows? Maybe there are hidden surprises along that channel?
  9. My guess is that it would be overkill to recompile everything, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to at least recompile ones that are most crucial for you.
  10. Post in the InWorld Employment forum .............
  11. Not to mention marginal doodles, grocery lists, notes passed in class, and super secret diary entries. 🙄
  12. Well, yes, although they do have their own special restrictions to govern which direction they are seen from, how sounds are handled, what your reference frame is for locating points on faces, how lighting effects (fullbright, glow, point light,,... ) are handled, and so on. Those are addressed in general terms at the link I provided above ^^ , and in specific entries in the LSL wiki.
  13. From the Linden Homes covenant on Bellisseria: Linden Homes do not have the ability to set your parcel access to group access only (which creates ban lines for everyone else). You can still eject and ban people by name.
  14. Except in terms of word count, which compares our output only to what a small army of moneys at typewriters can create, the stuff in the forums can't be compared to honest-to-goodness creative writing. Certainly not novels. I have no idea how many words I have typed in the forums in the past 12+ years, but it's a lot. On the other hand, I published two textbooks, edited a couple of collections, and wrote book chapters and technical articles for over almost 40 years. The forums may still win in word count and almost certainly in terms of how many people actually read them, but in terms of "advancement of knowledge" or "lasting impact," my bet is on the real writing. ( I've always dreamed of writing a novel, though. Some day .... )
  15. I agree, it shouldn't. However, there's a world of difference between "it shouldn't" and "it doesn't" Again, if I were wearing Linden shoes, I would want to be double/triple/multiple sure before rolling out an update like this. Just balance the risks. The downside of NOT making any change ... you continue to have some people ticked because they don't like their names. Considering the things that people can be ticked about, the name issue is small compared to, say, lag. The downside of making a change .... you miss something that results in an unforeseen screwup in the asset/permissions/experience/accounting systems and you have a major PR problem, possible legal issues, and loss of revenue. From where I sit, the balancing exercise favors doing nothing unless you are as sure as possible that there are no major uncovered risks. Until then, put your money and resources into projects that have a smaller downside risk and a greater upside potential.
  16. THIS ^^ As a scripter, I know that I have to be really careful when I change a variable that is referenced in any way by other scripts. I can imagine the nightmares that might be created if Linden Lab let you change your username but didn't realize that the change would mess up something that seems totally unrelated .... like your role in a group, or whether you are visible by friends in world, or whether you are still in some parcel ban lists..... Names are in loads of unexpected places, and SL has a ton of cross-linked databases in its servers. If I were in Linden shoes, I would want to be very sure that I had found all the major tripwires before leasing an update to something this important. The downside risks are huge.
  17. Here's a good place >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Creating_HUDs
  18. The same people who brought us super puffy lips. Somewhere out there, there's a trendsetter with a warped view of anatomy.
  19. Real ... and .... soon™. Maybe.
  20. YAY! Welcome to the crowd. There's enough there for all of us.
  21. The description at the top pretty much says it: "Splits a long text string into lines whose character length you get to specify. Useful, for instance, for long floating text to make it tidier. It will not split words at odd places but instead look for the space in the text nearest to the length you have specified." The example script is a user-defined function that you just pop into the top of your script. Then call it with WrapText("Text goes here", line_length); That's what the format at the top of the wiki entry says: Function: string WrapText(string source, integer length);
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