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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate everyone who can relate to my problem as well. I guess, judging by the responses in this topic, we all have our quirks. I guess I'll chalk up my misophonia (thanks, @Arduenn Schwartzman), to one such quirk and that I shouldn't beat myself up for it.
  2. Good take. It's just that this leads me to have a very unpopular opinion about certain things than from most of you, then I will feel the need to "come clean".
  3. I mean, I know everyone gets angry one way or another, but I get angry from certain types of loud noises. Maybe it's due to fear, but I can't help but feel angered when I hear these noises. It comes to the point where I feel like screaming or shouting. I know, you're thinking, what kinds of noises? Unfortunately I cannot tell you right now because I'm afraid of the backlash. But it's bothered me my whole life and affected my personality and outlook on life.
  4. A concept taken from Science Fiction, "uplifting" is basically raising animals' intelligence to the level of sapience through artificial means (technology.) I wouldn't be in favor of it for the animals' sake. Uplifted animals might feel discriminated by humans who may consider them "unnatural". I would try to treat them with respect and dignity, but I can't say the same for everyone else. (Second Life-related: Uplifted animals remind me of users with animal avatars in Second Life!)
  5. Ah, I see. That rings a bell. That's quite dark, though....
  6. Whatever I say goes. (There is a hidden meaning behind my words. You can go ahead and find it if you want.)
  7. Or to put it more precisely, an Extraterrestrial. It's fun being an extraterrestrial in Second Life. I don't even "act weird" (because I'm naturally a weird person in "real life" anyway.) I'm just acting as my real personality with an otherworldly body.
  8. I'm sorry...maybe this topic was in bad taste.... --- You guys seem very opinionated on this! I read all your opinions - pretty interesting.
  9. (And I guess this applies to most members of the royal families of limited/constitutional monarchies.) He's basically an ordinary person in an extraordinary set of unwanted circumstances. He's a regular Joe Schmoe with a set of titles he inherited which are only good as status symbols. And yet, he still seek to use these titles (which were forced upon him) as a vehicle to advance goodwill such as humanitarian causes.
  10. I think by cute humor I mean stuff that is wholesome like pictures of cute animals or something like that.
  11. (Besides the fact that it's bad.) I tend to laugh only at stuff that comes at the expense of others...but I actively avoid wholesome forms of humor such as "cute" humor. I guess that's the reason why I have such a bad sense of humor in the first place....
  12. I watched one of the British dudes get chased by a tiger and called him a "chicken"...is this bad?
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