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  1. Aww...that's really sweet of you to say that! Thank you! I appreciate it! I'm also happy for you, too!
  2. You go slowly to your cubicle and get ready to your daily paperwork. The boss, looking as stern as ever, is watching everyone's moves. You sigh and look out the window. "It's such a beautiful day," you think, "Why can't you go out?" As you continue to look out the window, something catches your eye: a handsome or beautiful person of the gender of your preference. You stop and can't help but admire him or her. Your desire to leave the office gets even stronger - such that you desperately want to meet that dreamy guy or girl. What do you do?
  3. Thank you all for showing that you care and understand my situation. Words can't express my gratitude and appreciation for all of your support. It may not seem like it, but I am grateful for you all!
  4. No, I am not female. Although maybe you are right about the seasonal depressive disorder and endorphins. I guess maybe that's what I need. But nonetheless I'd like to thank you and everyone else in this topic for your thoughtful, encouraging input! I read everything you all posted and it helped me look at things in perspective. Again, thank you! I really appreciate it!
  5. Not Second Life. Just...life in general. Right now, I'm just trying to vent out my anger.... I'm so different from other people. I feel like my beliefs and ideas don't fit in with the rest of society. I know some of you will say kind words, and I really appreciate it and thank you for that, but nobody really knows how I feel....
  6. How did you know my alt's hair had poseballs? To answer your question, I have tried them at least once but I don't really use them.
  7. I'd say comedy-drama. There's a lot of drama and humor in Second Life.
  8. My faves: Male: Jack Slade Female: Myah Alanna
  9. Thanks everyone for the comments! @Sukubia Scarmon The hair is called "Velleda hair" and could be found in the Marketplace (you need to be logged in through because it does not have a "General" rating.) I paired the semi version of this hair with DeLa's "Fiona" hairstyle. @FairreLilette And yes, I think that's the longest hair in Second Life.
  10. Probably things SL veterans take for granted, like rezzing and attaching stuff. And I've rarely bothered with sliders to this day.
  11. I'm a cybernetic organism. Human tissue over metal endoskeleton. My CPU is a neural-net processor - a learning computer. I'll be back.
  12. Me: ...a Pumpkin! Maybe I'll get the Jack O' Lantern avatar.
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