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  1. Name some. I just use them as props for some of my avatars. My alien avi drinks Coke sometimes for example. I sometimes use food as the avatar, too.
  2. In the Complete Avatars section of the Marketplace, there is an option to buy complete human avatars (male, female, and child). Personally I never thought about getting these avis because I have access to stuff like Catwa, Lelutka, and Maitreya brands. But due to the aforementioned brands and their high prices, I can see why these cheaper avis on the marketplace might be a better alternative for some people. What do you guys think?
  3. Great! Maybe some of my Second Life avis can have Facebook profiles of their own!
  4. I'm not talking about painful things, but rather an excess of pleasurable things like sexuality and partying. To better illustrate what I'm talking about, think about a vacation to Las Vegas. In the Las Vegas Strip you are exposed to many references to sexuality and partying. Beautiful women and men are plastered on signs everywhere. Go-go dancers dance on platforms in the casinos. Bars with all kinds of alcohol drinks beckon potential patrons. And on and on. All in excess. Another example is Second Life itself. There's many references to sexuality in the virtual world. I would say it
  5. Do you have a fear of clowns? What reasons do you think people have a fear of clowns? (Second Life specific): How would you react to a clown character in Second Life? I don't have an innate fear of clowns, but as a toddler I was scared of clowns invited to my 2nd birthday party - I believe I was frightened simply because of their outgoing nature.
  6. Great! Thanks miss! This will make an excellent headline tonight!
  7. Sir, do you agree with my colleague that it was over-exerted?
  8. *holds his microphone toward you* What do you have to say about the current situation?
  9. So I guess I'll have to use gestures from the marketplace then....
  10. I apologize if this is a stupid question, but what's the best way to give an avi a voice (even for just a few phrases) without using a microphone?
  11. Haha...I'm not that clever! I just sung the typical song for Farewells: "Na na na na...."
  12. I just got banned from the Trump HQ sim! Haha! Unfortunately, I have no evidence of my crime though....:(
  13. The ones at that party weren't...I could have livened it up, but I needed some material in order to have fun with them. Y'know...like a "wound" and some "salt" to rub on it. I'm just a wannabe jerk I guess.
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