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  1. In a way, it has - at least somewhat. Having some female avatars helped increased my confidence for some reason. I guess because I don't feel as strong a need to have a girlfriend in "real life" because I can make my dream girl in Second Life already. My female avis also helped me understand how creepy men can be when they try to pick up women, so I learned some lessons as what not to do when courting someone.
  2. I admit when I'm angry I troll on the interwebs and see if I could get away with it.... I know it's bad, I shouldn't do it....
  3. I just wanted to make a (harmless?) observation....
  4. Maybe I'm being Captain Obvious here, but I think it's safe to conclude that a recurring theme of Second Life is vanity. We Residents are obsessed with our looks and making ourselves even more beautiful. We admire and envy others' looks as well.
  5. Thanks everyone for the assurance. @CoffeeDujour, I actually am not really interested in dating another actual person in SL...rather I just like admiring my female avis appearance from time to time, that's all.
  6. I just realized the main reason as to why I like using female avis...it's a way of making my dream girl come to life, so to speak. I'll admit it, I'm a single guy who's never had a relationship. I guess that female avatars are a way for me to create my dream girl and allow me to transfer my ideas of what my ideal woman would be like onto the avi. It's kinda like having a girlfriend in a way. Go ahead, laugh at me. I know it's pathetic.
  7. I wouldn't, although I could imagine what that would be like.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions! Beautiful lobbies! As for my skyscraper, the building itself is 77 Land Impact (55 prims.) It was made by Anna Erotica who is known for making relatively low prim buildings.
  9. I made this topic to get an inspiration for what I should do for the atrium lobby of my skyscraper. I generally like spacious lobbies that allow ambient sunlight to come in. The Hyatt in Chicago is one example I can think of.
  10. I just wanna see more about the movie. I need to sate my curiosity! I'm still excited because James Cameron wrote the story for this movie.
  11. I don't travel to many sims but the futuristic sim I was most impressed with was probably Insilico. I like the design of the buildings.
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