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  1. Yes or no? I think they would be cool. Probably help bridge the gap between different languages....
  2. I could be a dragon! Store where I got avatar (although I believe they discontinued it): https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/12733
  3. I'm excited for the movie. I wonder what James Cameron (as the producer) has up his sleeve for the Terminator franchise. From the trailers I'm getting hints that transhumanism will be an important theme in the movie that will be explored (from Grace's cybernetically-enhanced human character to the more human-like Terminators.) I think that's a reason to be excited about the movie.
  4. In Second Life chat itself I tend to avoid punctuation, but this is mainly for the sake of speed. But in other places (such as this forum), I do use punctuation a lot to help me emote. Examples: (Try to guess the emotion!) "I guess...." "Yes." "No!" "Huh?!?" "Yeah?" "Help!!!"
  5. I just like this image of Babydoll's face for some reason: I was wondering if someone can design their avi in such a way so that it looks like this face....
  6. I think many people are drawn to Second Life because of the "adult" content like sex and whatnot. There's a lot of people (especially newcomers) who seem just focused on sex and that's it.
  7. For me it depends on what avi I'm using at the moment and other circumstances. Female avis: I do not use voice for obvious reasons. Male avis: I occasionally use voice if the other person is speaking in voice. Also if I need to sing, pronounce something, or something which I feel is better suited for voice. But for the most part I do not use it because it's novelty has worn of for me.
  8. I also want to be able to see everything that's supposed to be seen (even if it may not be pleasurable) in Second Life. I'm curious about how other people present themselves.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternate_reality_game Basically, the above Wikipedia Article is what I'm talking about in this topic. For example, the promotional material for the video game Halo and the TV show Lost. Are there any games of this sort in Second Life? Games where the organizers pretend it's a real thing happening in the real world?
  10. I would be devastated if Second Life closes. I enjoyed being in Second Life. It was a great experience and I may have even learned a few things too. My replacement for Second Life would probably be IMVU.
  11. Like what are some things that come accidentally or as a side effect of the existence of Second Life? I'd say (and not to be negative, it's what came to my mind first) that pools of "toxicity" have arose in the Second Life safe hubs. They are an example of emergent behavior.
  12. In a way, it has - at least somewhat. Having some female avatars helped increased my confidence for some reason. I guess because I don't feel as strong a need to have a girlfriend in "real life" because I can make my dream girl in Second Life already. My female avis also helped me understand how creepy men can be when they try to pick up women, so I learned some lessons as what not to do when courting someone.
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