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  1. I guess it's a habit from playing video games, but I always keep my mini-map open. Not only do I find it useful to navigate the mainland, I also use it to determine where avatars congregate and as a gauge to how busy a place is.
  2. Note: Yay! Finally I posted something Second Life-related for once! I hear this from at least one person in the Zindra safe hubs all the time. They say that they will get someone else's IP address to find out where they live. I wonder if that's really possible?
  3. I like KFC and those mysterious 11 secret herbs and spices! It's kinda oily but good. Note: Decided to change it up after all the more "controversial" topics.
  4. Ah, good points. I just find these kinda topics (morbidly?) intriguing and I want to know how members of the board think about this. As for why the Axis Powers won? Maybe the allies didn't get to develop the nuclear bomb or the computers or whatever technology they needed to defeat Germany, Italy, and Japan. Maybe the allied leaders were not as effective in their commitment to victory. I dunno, who knows? I'll let someone more imaginative come up with the hypothetical Axis Victory strategy.
  5. Disclaimer: I understand that this is yet another political topic - but after watching a movie recently I was inspired to post this and am curious to see what the Second Life community thinks of this situation. If need be, mods can close this. I think if the Axis Powers won World War II, there would be a power struggle between the victors, just as what happened in our reality. I think the difference would be that Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan would be fighting a more "active" war than the Cold War that happened between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. There would be more direct fighting between the two as they try to conquer the world. Also, territory would be more tightly controlled by the two world powers. The world would have been polarized much more than if the Allies were the victors. I think Japan would slowly progress to a quasi-constitutional monarchy in the Prussian sense - the Emperor would still retain a lot of power but the Imperial Diet and the Prime Minister would serve as an effective legislature too. Voting rights would only be limited to Japanese Males over 18 or something. Their territory would make up most of Asia and the Americas. I think Germany would be a totalitarian empire with no human rights whatsoever (except for certain "Aryan" people.) The Fuhrer Adolf Hitler would be the supreme leader, as well as his descendants or appointed successors. Their territory would be all of Europe, Africa, and some of Asia and the Americas. There may still be some rebel groups in far reaches of the world who would want to restore freedoms before World War II...but they would have to work covertly.
  6. Thanks as always for your input, Beth! I'm in Las Vegas right now for the New Year celebration. I love going to Vegas mainly to dance at bars and celebrations, but since they're not open right now I play at the casino to kill time.
  7. Do you think I have gambling problems if I only gamble for fun (and comps), not expect to win big, and spend within a specified budget?
  8. I don't mean horror of the gorefest kind or just jump scares or whatever. I mean horror that actually messes with your mind and will question your sanity.
  9. You're welcome! So, as Cindy said, your SL display name is your forum name? If so, I will have those Lindens for you as soon as possible! Edit: Okay, the Lindens have been paid! Let me know if you received them! Happy Holidays!
  10. Results of Drawing: https://www.random.org/draws/details/?draw=106489 @LexxiXhan is the winner! Congratulations! Please provide your Second Life username so that I can send you the Lindens.
  11. Just wanted to inform you that one hour is left to put in an entry for the giveaway. After that point, I will not accept any more entries. Eligible List remains the same as last post. Edit: It's midnight, so I'm not accepting entries anymore. But stay tuned for the drawing! Again, we will use random.org's third party drawing service for the drwaing.
  12. Eligible List: Mollymews (charity for kids) clone00345 Seicher Rae Selene Gregoire LexxiXhan LunaBliss (charity: Saint Joseph's Indian School) In less than 3 hours and 30 minutes I will stop accepting entries and will post the results of the giveaway here soon after (again, we will be using random.org as the randomizer.) Thanks again for the great posts!
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