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  1. Won't you take me to....FUNKY TOWN?!?
  2. When I logged in, she was standing next to an egg! I think she just laid one! What should I do?!?
  3. I know, weird question, but this is a half-hearted attempt to bring some levity.... (if your avatar(s) are not your preferred gender, for the sake of this topic, pretend there's a version of it that is or something.) I'd date my female human avatars.
  4. I'm pretty much a soft RP or a character-centric person in Second Life (the virtual world itself, not in the forums). In-world I avoid discussing some real life stuff like their "real" characteristics or mine. I may discuss real life current events but not very often. Any substantial discussions I have are usually related to business (like the sale of virtual products.) Basically, I come to Second Life just to play around and have fun in my weird little way.
  5. https://youtu.be/GsFJhY4cDcE I think of some bare-chested long haired guy wearing a a lei, serving tropical smoothies in a tiki hut....
  6. I'm not sure, but I think I do have "real" friendships in Second Life. I must admit that some of my "real" relationships are formed because we do business (sale of virtual product) with each other.
  7. https://youtu.be/Nen6uu4IlW4 Title is "Welcome to Earth" (Yes, I searched Will Smith's famous line on Youtube.) I liked the movie but it was kinda predictable....
  8. But...we were so close to getting to Mars!
  9. Hey Beth! I'm good, thank you for asking. Hope all's well with you!
  10. I'd like to think it's a round planet, with the sun and moon rising and setting over the horizon, the concept of the cardinal directions present on Earth (North, South, East, and West), and you can't see to the edge of the world. Although, there are no time zones like on Earth....
  11. ...into Lindens. I got the idea from various MMORPGs that have offers which allow you to earn free credits for submitting unwanted gift card codes.
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