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  1. I'm away from home and on a mobile phone so I can't test anything, but can you just add an if text in the on_rez event to see whether if (llGetAttached() == -1) // Don't execute the on_rez stuff ?
  2. People. An avatar at roughly your own elevation is a green dot. One who is above you or below you is an arrow that points either up or down.
  3. You have discovered the phenomenon called "bake fail." Is the SL equivalent of the common cold. The fluffy cloud is the default shape that your avatar takes until your viewer has received all of the parameters that define "you." Usually, your viewer receives that information in a few seconds as you log in, so the cloud disappears. If you have trouble logging in, or have an unstable connection, you can be stuck in that cloud for ages as your avatar fails to bake. You can solve the problem in several ways. Simplest, perhaps, is to replace one of the four basic components of your avatar temporarily: your skin, your shape, your eyes, or your hair base. You can also try replacing your entire avatar with one of the free avatars in your Library's clothing folder in inventory. If this is a chronic problem for you, give serious attention to your internet connection.
  4. I can't bring myself to be that pessimistic about the future of humanity, although I have some severe worries about the growing trend toward nationalism/ isolationism. Having lived through the political and social upheavals of the 60s, I have mild confidence that we'll find our way out of the many messes we're in now. My mother had a cartoon on the refrigerator for years that summed up her attitude on the matter. It showed a curmudgeon on a rocking chair, with the caption: "I love humanity. It's people I can't stand." If people would just relax and take a few deep breaths, humanity might actually muddle through.
  5. Apparently, you missed requesting PERMISSION_CONTROL_CAMERA. I suggest doing that when the driver sits down, as part of your startup sequence. Remember that you will need a run_time_permissions event to put your camera control parameters in. If you are doing other things that require permissions, like triggering an animation, you can bundle them in the same operation.
  6. That sounds like RL to me. Special snowflake kids get helicoptered and protected from their own stupid mistakes while elders are pushed to one side and laughed at for not being able to keep up with the pace of change.
  7. Yes, always refer to links by name rather than by number. The system that KT suggests is straightforward and simple, and it gets around the problem you have identified. For your main question... you may want to consider making a separate texture for each set of your buttons and then defining "hot" areas on each texture for your buttons in that set. Use llDetectedTouchST to determine which button the user touched. That reduces the number of prims that you have to keep track of and it also solves your problem of how to switch from one set of buttons to another. Instead of moving a child prim's X coordinate, just change the texture that's displayed. Of course, if you really do want to move child prims around, take KT's advice.
  8. If you think that someone has violated the TOS, the correct thing to do is to submit an Abuse Report. There is nothing that anyone here can do. This is a resident to resident forum. Lindens rarely come here and they will never deal with an abuse claim in this way.
  9. That's been an issue as long as I have been in these forums. Some of it can be excused as newbie inexperience and a lot can be blamed on the fact that we have a bizarre number of sub forums and each one can have dozens of threads with non- obvious titles. Still, it's ANNOYING to see the same whiny question posted over and over again. Excuses aside, people ought to take a little time to read before posting.
  10. Even then, of you move the root prim of a linkset, the entire object will move. To move only the root, you'll need to move the whole thing and then reposition the child prims to put them back where they were. It's awkward, but remember that "local" means "position relative to the root," so moving the root relative to itself means moving everything.
  11. Why? Because voice is annoying, cluttered with background sounds, and it's highly variable in quality. Text forces people to think about what they are saying, instead of filling conversation with a lot of "er","um" noise and a lot of voices chattering over each other. And it gives you a record of what everyone said, so you can scroll back and read the bits that you missed. Text is far superior.
  12. To transfer funds from your USD balance to PayPal you will need to submit a credit transfer request. It would be smarter, though, to just leave the funds where they are. The next time you want to buy L$, LL will use your USD balance first.
  13. And then have the unlinked parts talk to each other with llRegionSay or llRegionSayTo.
  14. The "clock"is there basically as a way to discourage people from creating a throwaway account and using it for one day to import a huge amount of money, and then export it right away ..... money laundering. LL could get in a lot of trouble with the feds if they made that sort of scheme too easy.
  15. Well, for starters, you told the script in the state_entry event that you wanted it to ask the owner for permissions. If you are still the owner, nobody else can use the device. I suggest restarting the script on CHANGED_OWNER
  16. Because you are not a scripter, your best move is either to hire one to write a custom script for you or to hope for a generic motorcycle script that you can drop into yours with only a little tweaking. This can be a learning experience either way, but it's likely to be frustrating and maybe expensive.
  17. See? I told you it would be pretty obvious. 😉
  18. As Qie says, we can't tell you much without seeing the script, but if you can read it yourself, you should be able to make the small necessary changes with little trouble. It's pretty obvious coding.
  19. I will be glad to look if you are still having problems when I return in July. I can't do anything until then.
  20. You can certainly add a notecard reading function without much trouble but frankly that's overkill. It would be much simpler to just read the price from the object's description field. I would write a simple bit of code for you now but I am out of town and can't script on my cell phone. It's basically a one or two line change, though, so anyone else here can write it for you.
  21. I don't have time now to go back through notes that I took several years ago, but you can start down your own trail by looking at the discussion on llGetAgentSize in the LSL wiki at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Talk:LlGetAgentSize . IIRC, that's where I started when I was curious about the same thing. I just don't recall right now where the trail went from there.
  22. That's almost certainly true, since I am capturing vSpinAxis with touch_start and there is no other action in the script until you release the mouse button and trigger touch_end. Notice, by the way, that llTargetOmega isn't spinning 100% reliably around that axis. If you click the same face several times, you get slightly different results from llDetectedTouchNormal. The axis is wobbling, or precessing, or something. Still, the curious thing is that it's defined at all. As I said, there are times that it would be very handy to be able to click on an animated object like this and know where your viewer thinks it is and which way it's pointed -- as opposed to where the servers know that it is.
  23. Yeah, that's what it looks like to me too, but I didn't think that was possible. You have to feed llTargetOmega a real vector to rotate around, but I can't think of a reliable way --- or even an unreliable way -- to grab a vector from an object that you only know about client-side. It looks like that's just what this script does, though. This could be handy to know about in some applications.
  24. Dancing in a friend's island hideaway. The view from here, partway up the slope, is fantastic. I'm not a tropical person, but I could enjoy this for a while.
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