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  1. Join the party. We all get confused sometimes. If you read the stuff in the Linden Homes wiki ( http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:New_Linden_Homes_2019 ) or in the Knowledge Base, though, you'll find that most of your questions are answered pretty well.
  2. Get a better boat? Or slow down before crossing the boundary?
  3. Of course, you can create informal spots like that anywhere. Some of my closest SL friends get together for an hour or so a couple of times a week just to do underwater Tai Chi in my pond or go dancing in a friend's wooded copse. It's not really for the exercise or the dancing, but for trading silly stories and commiserating about our failing washing machines or sharing vacation plans. It's "I won't touch your hot buttons; don't touch mine" time.
  4. That's never been my sort of thing in RL but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that someone had created a place like that in SL. It could be a relaxing kind of chatty spot.
  5. Fumbling in nightgowns gets annoying. CHILL
  6. I think this is true. It's not a new problem -- we have always had poor readers, or readers who are impatient with lengthy text -- but it is accentuated by the ways that our fast-paced life emphasizes sound bites over discussion. For example: quite aside from social media, people are finding it easier and certainly faster to send text messages than to chat on the phone the way we used to just a decade or two ago. True debates and in-depth analysis used to be common on television but are now replaced by 10 second highlights (except on public television/radio). Social media are simply following the broader trend toward communication by snippets.
  7. 使用Second Life的软件已更改了许多次,因此较旧的版本今天无法使用。 其他软件可能很危险。 您应该只使用Linden Lab的官方软件,或者使用此页面上列出的替代版本:http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory。
  8. 寻找某人为您翻译此信息。 它可能有助于解决麦克风问题:https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_voice ------------- Find someone to translate this information for you. It may help fix the problem with your microphone: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_voice Linden Lab不支持Windows XP的使用,Microsoft也不支持。 如果找到了支持XP的查看器,则它不是可靠的版本。 这可能很危险。 不要使用它。 仅使用批准的版本。 阅读我对其他问题的回答。
  9. 在您的库存中,找到一个与通常使用的形状不同的形状,然后将其磨损以替换您正在使用的形状。 如果这样做不能解决问题,请对您执行相同的操作 系统皮肤 系统眼睛 系统发基 ------------ In your inventory, find a shape that is different from the shape you usually use, and then wear it to replace the shape you are wearing. If this does not resolve the issue, do the same for your System skin System eyes System hair base
  10. 因为该公司在2010年更改了规则。在此之前,每个人都有两个名字。 旧居民可能会保留其原始姓名,但2010年以后的所有新居民都只有名字加上姓氏“居民”。 -------- Because the company changed the rules in 2010. Before then, everyone had two names. Old residents may keep their original names, but all new people after 2010 have only a first name plus the family name "resident".
  11. I enjoy all of the places I have explored in Bellisseria, but I find myself drawn particularly to the northern mountains. Yesterday was another beautiful day, so I headed for one of my favorite swimming spots, the large lake nestled in the highest peaks in Doodah. The sun was warm, the songbirds were in their chirpiest mood, and the water was refreshing. I'm glad I didn't bring my horse this time. He really doesn't enjoy the rocky ground in the highlands, and I just wanted time alone anyway. After my swim, I just sat and daydreamed in the sun for the longest time. It truly is a pretty lake, secluded and deep and with soft grass around its western side. In all the times I have come here, I have never seen another soul. From the ridge above the lake, you can see across Learmont and Burnside, all the way to Washburn lighthouse. That stretch of the north coast was the first land to be settled on this continent. I came down off the ridge briefly into Learmont and then followed a narrow valley south, back into the western part of Doodah. It's almost like a park here. I felt just the tiniest bit guilty about not bringing the horse along, because he would have enjoyed the flowering shrubs and butterflies. At the south end of the valley, I stopped to visit the ranger station, which sits in a steep-walled hollow at the head of the camping region. It is certainly well-kept. The flowers are lovely, and there are two picnic areas at the top of the stairs that lead up to the cabin. The ranger wasn't in but the door was open so I walked in. There was a warm fire crackling in the fireplace and a fresh pot of tea on a table inside the door. I helped myself. Upstairs, there's a cozy den with a small and remarkably quirky library. I spent a few minutes gazing out across the campsites and then picked a book off the shelf. It was fascinating reading -- a technical study on the history of prims -- but it was too nice a day to stay inside. I put it back after reading only the first chapter, making a note to pick it up again the next time I am in the mountains. It's not easy to get to the top of the ridge beyond the cabin. There's only one poorly marked path from the southeast side, and it's fairly strenuous. The view from the top, though, is marvelous. I almost didn't recognize the spot. When I first climbed up here, on August 22 last year, the land to the west was all grass as far as I could see. My horse and I had come up the easier way, from Learmont, and I had hiked the last, steepest part alone. There were no campers then, and very few trees. I remember being able to see the homes in Fishermans Drop, which were new then. What a big change! I'll plan on coming back again -- there really are no better places to swim in Bellisseria than the lakes of Doodah, Whackamole, Copper Kettle, and Orion Falls. And the views are breathtaking.
  12. Rolig Loon


    Oh well, then ... If you want to start cataloging exciting mistakes that neither you nor I have ever made, of course ... .... setting your entire house physical and watching it explode over three regions. .... finishing a complicated structure and absent-mindedly checking the Temporary box when you meant to check Lock. .... setting an object for sale and then realizing that you checked ANYONE can copy instead of NEXT OWNER can copy.
  13. Rolig Loon


    The longer you are in SL, the more likely it is that you will make this mistake. Almost everyone I know has done it at least once. It's almost as upsetting as accidentally deleting your entire house, which also happens more often than you might expect. These are SL's ways of reminding you to keep backups.
  14. Try checking your e-mail's spam filter. Also, double check with your partner to be sure that he really is sending the request. If those don't work, submit a support case or (if you are Premium) contact Live Chat.
  15. M ..o..M! He's looking at me! Make him stop! 😢
  16. Submit a support case and ask Linden Lab to reopen the region so that you can retrieve your items. Unless you have waited too long -- more than a month? -- they will usually be willing to do that.
  17. Historically, punctuation is a fairly recent addition to the writing toolkit, and the "rules" for using it are less standardized than, say, rules for spelling. For some writers, that leads to confusion and a sense that the rules don't matter. However, a writer who learns to use punctuation consistently and pays attention to common conventions is much more likely to create effective word pictures than one who ignores them. Readers are more likely to understand them, rather than being lost in the weeds. It is also true, of course, that a good writer, knowing the "rules", can know when to flaunt them, just as she plays with double meanings and unexpected allusions to jar readers in fresh directions. Consider David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas or much of e e cummings' poetry as examples of how effective "unconventional" writing can be. Flaunting the rules effectively, though, means doing it purposefully rather than accidentally. Clumsy punctuation can make good writing fall flat, the same way that an awkward pun or an insensitive innuendo can. This is true whether the writing is in a formal article or in a relaxed forum post.
  18. Bette Davis knew a bumpy night when she saw one. Of course, she was not the only one to know a bump when she saw one....
  19. And if you are in Bellisseria, look for markers like this
  20. Some oddballs make a difference. TRYIT
  21. You can drive all over the Bellisserian continent, following paved and dirt roads and cobblestone streets and, in some places, doing some off-road exploring. There are well-marked rez zones on public land all over Bellisseria. Some islands are connected to the mainland by bridges, but most aren't. You can get an idea of the variety of sights on the continent by perusing threads in the Land >>> Linden Homes subforum, or you can just take off and start driving.
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