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  1. Yup, it is. And we also have llGetDayLength, which does exactly the same thing at the parcel level. Not surprisingly, there's an almost identical example in the wiki at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetDayLength#Examples . As you noted, the wiki says, "llGetSunDirection is the vector to the parcel's sun, llGetRegionSunDirection is the vector to region's sun. If there is no custom environment set for the current parcel llGetSunDirection returns the direction to the region's sun." Its mention of a "custom environment" at the parcel level seems to imply that llGetSunDirection is EEP-aware. Like you, I hesitate to mess with parcel-level EEP, so I haven't verified it. It's jarring enough to encounter different settings as you cross region borders. A patchwork of environments in a single region might be really unsettling. However, I can imagine situations where that's exactly what you might want to do, so it's good to have the flexibility.
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    Hmmm... I can't find any place named RustysDen, but according to your profile, you have a group named Rjustys Den. It's supposed to be open enrollment, so anyone can join without a special invitation. Is that what you mean?
  3. That was my reaction too. I have no idea why you decided to quote a comment from a different thread that had absolutely nothing to do with LAQ heads, but I figured that you had buried a joke in there somewhere so I ran with it. 🙃
  4. where can I find it in LAQ HUD? I know maitreya has no body And I know nothing about the LAQ HUD. I couldn't see any point in shelling out a lot of extra L$ for it. However, I suspect that it doesn't have a blue button for controlling your skybox. 😏
  5. Any script that you write to toggle an effect on/off at dawn and dusk ultimately depends on knowing where the sun is. That what the LSL function llGetSunDirection does. Just put it into a timer event and watch the vector that it produces each time you ask. Specifically, watch the vector's Z component, which tells you how high in the sky the sun is. If Z is greater than zero, the sun is UP. So, there's your trigger: timer() { vector Sun = llGetSunDirection(); if (Sun.z >= 0.0 ) { // It's daytime! } else { //It's nighttime! } } In practice, you will almost certainly find that you need a little nuance, because the sky doesn't become instantly black the second that the sun drops below the horizon, but that basic function gives you the idea. You can take a slightly different approach with recently-introduced functions, llGetRegionDayLength and llGetRegionDayOffset, which are handy because they help take into account any regional adjustments that the owner may have made to the day cycle. Take a look at the example at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetRegionDayLength#Examples, which lets you calculate the sun's progress in terms of a percentage of the total day length, where 0.0% is midnight and 0.5% is noon. You can decide experimentally when the sky is dark enough to call it "night" or light enough to call it "day". For me, 22% < daytime < 78%, so I use those two marker percentages as the triggers to toggle lights, particle effects, and whatnot. That should be enough to get you started on writing your script. It's a nice beginning project for a new scripter. If you are not confident enough yet, you can find a willing scripter by posting in the InWorld Employment forum. You'll also find scripts in Marketplace and in various on-line script libraries, or by posting in the Wanted forum.
  6. Don't count on the refund. From the Linden Lab TOS: 4.4 Linden Lab has no obligation to accept returns or provide refunds of any amounts paid for products or services purchased from Linden Lab. Except as set forth above or in any Additional Terms, purchases of Linden Content (including but not limited to Usage Subscriptions, Virtual Tender, and/or other Virtual Goods and Services) are final, non-refundable, have no monetary value (i.e. are not a cash account or equivalent) and are purchases of only a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-assignable, personal, and non-transferable license to use content Inworld, even if they come with a durational term (e.g. a monthly subscription). Also, your Premium membership is prepaid and remains in effect until the end of the period that you have paid for.
  7. Humm.. That looks like the one I recommended too. Strife gets around.
  8. Don't feel too frustrated by the fact that you don't understand how rotations work. If you start comparing notes with other scripters, I think you'll find that we've all been there (and still find ourselves in rotation hell from time to time). I can only think of a small number of scripters (Void Singer, Dora Gustafson, Grandma Bates, .... ) who seem to have reached rotation Nirvana. The quest to get there yourself, though, is a powerful motivation. I'm not sure how much enlightenment you may get from it, but take a look at the short example that Chalice Yao posted several years ago when someone posted a challenge related to yours >>> https://www.virtualverse.one/forums/threads/kept-simple-rotate-object-towards-another-object.178/ She's describing a simpler setup than yours, because she's dealing only with the case where the Z axis is vertical. Still, it might help.
  9. True. That's one thing that engineers and scientists have in common. I think that's why we feel relaxed in the presence of mathematics. Scientists enjoy using math to peer into the clockwork of the universe. Engineers love using it as a tool to make more clever clocks. We're all happiest when we can quantify things. Leave it to the artists and English majors to describe the fuzzy beauty in it all. I stand in quiet awe of people with native talent in the arts and literature and am happy when I can experience second hand some of the joy that creative artists must feel in their work. As hard as I try, I can only dabble my toes in their world. When I venture into their territory I just hope to keep from embarrassing myself by doodling in the margins. I suppose that I get the most pleasure in RL and SL when I am around people who like to explore the universe in different ways and are willing to share what they discover. My goal is to understand as much of it as I can.
  10. Hehe.... Lindal and Maddy are engineers -- goal oriented, practical types who are happiest making a new toy (or torturing it on a test bed). We scientific types rise above such mundane things as practicality. For us, life is full of "Oh, look! A shiny new puzzle!" moments. Once we figure out why the universe is doing something strange, we lose interest (or hand it off to the engineers to make toys out of) and move on to the next puzzle. That's why engineers make tons of money and retire with a stack of patents while scientists get the Nobel prizes and retire poor with a stack of theoretical publications. ( I've stopped waiting for my phone call from Stockholm, BTW. The theoretical publications are enough. ) Although a nice toy is fun to play with too. 🙃
  11. @Rocky Haystack It's hard to find hair that doesn't use any alpha at all. It would look very much like a football helmet with a picture of hair painted on it. That's why it has confused things quite a lot to refer to some mythical "alpha-based" hair. Having said that, you can use alpha textures with alpha masking instead of alpha blending to avoid the conflict that you have observed. If you're lucky and have hair you can modify, you can try setting the alpha mode to see how it works. It's done most effectively when a creator has use alpha blending on the outermost elements of the hair linkset and kept alpha blending for the others, because alpha masking can leave rather sharp cookie-cutter edges. My own favorite hair is a shoulder-length blonde flexi hairdo that I bought many years ago and was able to modify the alpha modes on. Not only does it get around the alpha conflict issue, it flows beautifully in the breeze and as I move my head. I have bought some very nice mesh hair more recently, but that flexi one is still the best I have.
  12. Apenas uma vez, e é temporário. É um processo padrão usado por muitas empresas. Não envolve uma transferência real de dinheiro - é apenas um teste de dados que simula o processo de envio de dinheiro de um cartão de crédito para a empresa e um reembolso imediato de dinheiro para o cartão de crédito. É um teste para verificar se o cartão é capaz de enviar e receber dinheiro. Se o cartão passar no teste, ele será aprovado. Leia isto >> https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/base-de-conhecimento/pagamento-de-contas-r208/#Section__10_5
  13. No, Linden Lab does not charge a fee for registering a payment method. You have either misunderstood or are being charged a fee for something different. Não, a Linden Lab não cobra uma taxa pelo registro de uma forma de pagamento. Você entendeu mal ou está sendo cobrada uma taxa por algo diferente.
  14. Molly's got the best thought. There are loads of ways to mis-type information into a text box or into local chat. If it's coming in through a text box, llStringTrim will get rid of any bogus line return character that shows up if the user has hit ENTER before clicking the box's Submit button. It's a bit laborious, but it's a good idea to anticipate all those possible typos. In addition to using llStringTrim, you might consider adding a function to verify whether the input really IS a vector (like the one in the wiki at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:LSL_Vector#Example ).
  15. Hooray! So now you are essentially back to Square One. You have the US$ that was to have been used for your original order again. It is now in the USD balance in your account in SL, available for buying L$ or for paying any other obligations (like monthly land fees, if you own land). So, if you want to place a new LindeX order, go right ahead. If you think that you have figured out how to use the Limit Buy option now, you could use that option, but I think it might be less nerve-wracking to p[lace this next order with the Market Buy option. It won't be as much of a bargain, but it will go through instantly. Linden Lab will use money in your USD balance first. If there isn't enough to cover the cost of your purchase, they will charge your payment method for the remainder. I'm sorry that this was such an unsettling experience. To be honest, I think a lot of people are a bit intimidated by the process at first. It's a common process that you'd find if you were using any RL currency exchange, like the Forex, but that's not something that most of us do every day. Once you've made a few transactions, though, it will all seem quite natural. Then you can explain it to the next person.
  16. But what did she mean by this? 🤔 I wondered that myself. I mean, what is "alpha-based hair"? By making a point of mentioning alpha, is the OP suggesting that she likes hair with no alpha? My mind does a nostalgic trip back to the helmet hair of 2007 -- almost pre -prim and certainly pre-flexi. Back in those good ol' days, hair was definitely less flimsy, but I don't really remember it looking realistic. Or maybe my memory is playing tricks again.
  17. To look for a job, watch the InWorld Employment forum or place your own post there.
  18. Set your inventory's filter to show only Animations. If you have accidentally dragged some files into an odd folder, that should show you where they are, In any case, your inventory is in the LL servers, so if all else fails you should be able to clear your cached version and force the viewer to download a new copy. See https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_cache_clear
  19. If you're standing right there, right click on the person and select PAY. Otherwise, either open the person's profile or open an IM conversation with them and select PAY.
  20. Hair does not have any intrinsic value. It's worth whatever people are willing to pay for it. The creator guesses, sets a price, and stands back to see what happens. If customers buy it, the creator must have guessed right. The real question is whether you agree. It's up to you.
  21. It was also pretty clearly the inspiration for the Rumpole Abbey region in Bellisseria. If we had a Ramsbottom region too, maybe someone could create a zoo there so you could claim that last name and take young Albert to view the lions. 🦁
  22. Rolig Loon

    group owned Land

    If you are a member of the group and have the ability to buy and sell land, activate your group tag and set the land for sale to TerryTatar Resident for L$0. Then Buy it from the group. If you don't have that ability, ask the group owner to sell the parcel to you (or ask her to set the ability for you to do it).
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