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  1. Nope. It's not in local chat. It's a personal message (not an IM) , directed to you.
  2. I have my own private estate, so I have Concierge Support and don't need a sandbox to build in, or a Linden Home, or land on the Mainland estate. A L$300/week stipend would be nice but income from rents, Marketplace sales, and other work amount to more than enough to cover normal expenses, so it's not a big draw for me. I'm not a compulsive shopper, so the extra groups and access to crowded regions don't matter to me either. All in all, Premium membership is a great deal for lots of people but doesn't offer me any more than I already enjoy. (And Linden Lab is getting more from me as a Basic member with region ownership than they would if I paid for Premium, too. Win-win. 😉 )
  3. Did you contact the merchant/creator that you bought it from?
  4. Sure. Just label each of your tabs and use llDetectedLinkNumber to tell which tab a buyer clicks.
  5. @Madelaine McMasters Thank you for the Leo Kottke selection. I bought the Armadillo album when I was in grad school in the early 70s. It's still one of my favorites. Kottke's a "local" -- at least in our corner of the country -- but I have never heard him play live. Some day ...
  6. Nope. As you noticed, the bonus applies to all parcels. You can't single out just one.
  7. Yes, but notice the careful wording (with my emphasis) ... "if you create an army of alts, Linden Lab may charge a small fee of US$9.95 for the creation of each additional basic account as a way to recoup some of the cost." For well over a decade, LL has used that wording to discourage people from creating a large number of alt accounts. I don't think anyone knows how often they have actually charged the $9.95 fee, but it's the ultimate deterrent in case they catch some griefer with an alt army. Personally, I doubt that they would charge it for, say, a school that wanted to create a couple dozen accounts for class work.
  8. Ah, so a punishing script that the landowner has decided to use to enforce his rules about not wearing too many scripted items. That makes some sense in a RP region. Otherwise, it's a pain in the ..... whatever. If you really want to go to that region, all you can do is play by their rules.
  9. We watch. When it's released, we can go there. Anything before that is pure guesswork. I suspect that even the moles and Lindens who work on Bellisseria don't know until the last few minutes when a region will be released. They probably schedule these things, but there is a lot of cleanup and testing to be done, so a schedule is just a rough target.
  10. Aha. That sounds like it is temp attached by an Experience. If it's well-scripted, it should auto-detach if you teleport out of the region, but that is not necessarily foolproof. It might not be detaching. As sandi recommends, highlight transparent objects to see if there's stuff on the screen that you didn't know was there. That's a good observation. If you can edit them, you ought to be able to click activate them too. I assume that you have tried detaching and reattaching them. If their scripts have stalled, that might restart them. You might also try making new copies of the HUDs from the original ones that you stored as backups.
  11. Have you tried detaching the RP HUD yet? That would seem like an obvious first step. There's a good possibility that much of that HUD is actually a huge transparent prim that covers a lot of your screen. That may be necessary for it to work, but meanwhile it could block you from being able to click on other HUDs.
  12. Nah. I haven't seen anyone attacking science yet. A few comments have used loaded language and edged close to name-calling, but that's the way forums get sometimes. For the most part, I think this has been an honest sharing of world views. As a scientist, I know how easy it is for discussions to get lost in technical language. I also know how easy it is to be drawn into a tug of war between what we see and what we believe, as if there is a hard line between the two. In my own comments, I have been trying to explain that science explores "reality" by being skeptical -- accepting the possibility that things may be different than they seem, but not leaping to a conclusion without testing all the ways that we might be misinterpreting what we see. In my own lifetime, I have seen many of the things I was taught a half century ago reinterpreted or completely rejected by later study. It's been a fascinating time to be alive. I expect to see more wonderful discoveries in the time I have left, perhaps in the realm of paranormal behavior. Spookiness does happen. It's fun to speculate why, and it's important to ask how many of the things we learn along the way have been foreshadowed by faith and cultural history. As the saying goes in a very different realm of human behavior, though, I prefer to take each step forward by remembering to "Trust and Verify".
  13. Yes indeed. That's why you find so many scientists in church and why so many of us were pulled to the sciences as young people by reading Edgar Rice Burroughs, Isaac Asimov, Doc Smith, and Robert Heinlein. It's also why European advances in the sciences for over a millennium were made primarily by Christian, Jewish, and Islamic scholars. It would be wrong to infer that faith and science are incompatible. One cannot use the tools of the other to do its work, but that does not mean that scientists don't believe many things they cannot prove, or that people of faith believe everything that they see.
  14. The point is that there's no "right" or "wrong". We're playing different games, with different rules. You wouldn't expect to be able to "win" a game in which one person is playing checkers and the other is holding a deck of cards. That's one thing that is definitely wrong, though. If you are trying to prove to me that telepathy exists, you must use the rules of science, simply because you are trying to convince me. If I try to convince you that telepathy exists, I have to use your rules. We're at an impasse because neither of us will accept a "proof" created by the other's rules. Faith is not there to be proven by scientific methods, and scientific discoveries are not revealed by faith. Absolutely. And we could point to Newton's formulation of gravity, Curie's explanation of radioactivity, the development of plate tectonic theory by geologists in the 1960s, and all the modern understandings of genetics from Mendel to Doudna. Our understanding of the universe will never be complete. That's how science grows. In each case, we make observations, find that they cannot be explained by our current theories, and try very hard to verify that the observations are not flawed. Our job is to test each unexplained observation to be sure that it is not the result of bad methodology or wishful thinking. Those are our "rules" of science. If someone can explain observations of telepathy by those rules, that's great. I do not discount the possibility that someone may be able to do that some day. Until then, the only way to accept telepathy as a real phenomenon is to accept it on faith which, as I said, has its own very good but different rules.
  15. There's no way to debate matters of faith and matters of science with the same rules.
  16. GREAT idea. Get rid of those old outfits. They are messing you up.
  17. And adjust your hover height again. You are standing with your feet in the floor
  18. Yes she is, according to that last screen shot.
  19. Doing all of this remotely and with time lag is frustrating for everyone. I really suggest that it's time for you to just start playing. You are wearing the Maitreya body and the HUD. Take a few deep breaths and try slowly clicking HUD buttons to see what they do. By the way, take that Maitreya Body Alpha layer off too. You shouldn't need it. THAT's a great idea. Get rid of as many unnecessary distractions as possible and just play.
  20. They are not separate items in 5.3. They are built into the basic body. If yours are invisible, it's because you have turned them off in the ALPHA tab in the Maitreya HUD.
  21. OK. According to what your screen shot shows, you are still wearing the Maitreya Mesh Body Hands (both right and left) v 4.1 Maitreya Mesh Body Feet v 4.1 and for some reason you are wearing a box labeled Maitreya Mesh Body Hands (Classic) v 4.1 on your screen as a HUD Get rid of them. EDIT: Yes, and just get rid of those old outfits. It's easier to make new ones than to explain how to edit the old ones.
  22. Are you wearing ANY Maitreya stuff except the 5.3 body and the 5.3 HUD?
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