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  1. Unless you own a Linden Home. A Linden Home cannot be group-owned, so you can't do that trick of sharing with an alt. It will work for other Mainland estate property, however.
  2. The place to start is http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Policy_regarding_inworld_banks . Read that policy carefully and, if necessary, get legal guidance about how your proposal stands up in light of that policy. Then read the Second Life TOS (Article 3) and in fact the entire TOS to be sure that you understand what it says. Then, I suggest submitting a support case to ask Linden Lab [please note: No "S" in Lab] specific questions.
  3. And you will want to look for a scripter by posting in the InWorld Employment forum. This forum is not the right place to post.
  4. Or, "We hope this is just routine but we can't be sure, so don't plan on doing anything important tomorrow...." 🙃
  5. Nope. Each account is completely separate from the others, as if it were owned by a different person. You may use the same payment information for all of them, but you will have to enter the information explicitly for each account. It won't copy automatically.
  6. Well, you could write a simple script to read the value off of each card, add it to the running total, and then tell you the result in chat. You'd still need to cut/paste the chat into a new notecard manually, since you cannot create a notecard with LSL.
  7. Ralph is a high end "toy". My kids gave him to me for Christmas back in the 80s, and he has been on the bed ever since. A trusted silent companion. OK, so not 40+ years. More like "about 40" years.
  8. I talk to Ralph, the stuffed cat who has sat on my bed for the past 40+ years, regularly. When he decides to get talkative too, I'll know I am too old.
  9. Only a couple of problems, actually. Your variable singlet appears in the sending script but is undefined in the receiving one. In the receiving script, it is msg. The block of code that starts with list p = and ends with integer gloss = is not in any event at all. You probably meant it to be in the listen event. Your use of llParseString2List and llDumpList2String are fine. A conversation like this really belongs in the Scripting forum, BTW. 😉
  10. So, post in the InWorld Employment forum. 😎
  11. Rolig Loon


    It's a little hard to figure out what's wrong without knowing more. Have the doors ever opened before? Were they working before you set the house to your group? How long have you owned the parcel, and have you ever rezzed a new house there? What sorts of things have you tried already, other than clicking on the doors? Is it really your house? In the absence of any information at all, I think the first thing I would try is to rez a new house. If the door script in your current one has stalled for some reason, the easiest solution is to simply replace the whole house and try again. If
  12. You can always ask, but the answer will almost certainly be No. All accounts are separate and unique. Even if you happen to own two of them, they are completely separate entities. The Premium abilities that you pay for can't be transferred to another account.
  13. There's a whole subforum for that >>> InWorld Employment. You can either post a description of your own talents and interests and hope for the best, or you can look to see what sort of work opportunities other people have posted. You should know, though, that most "work" in SL is very low-paying. Don't expect to get rich, or make more than pocket change. If you have a RL skill as a creator (designer, mesh modeller, scripter, animator... ) or as a performer (musician, DJ, ... ), you can earn a decent income -- probably not as much as you could earn by doing the same things in RL
  14. No. That's a viewer function, not anything that we have access to with LSL
  15. Start with http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Streaming_Music and http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Live_Performances
  16. Any script that uses llGetSunDirection can detect whatever the local EEP settings define as day and night. See also the new functions llGetDayLength and llGetDayOffset and their region equivalents, described in the LSL wiki.
  17. My own scan object, which I have sold in MP for years, is clunky and brute force, but it works. It's just a spherical object, essentially a drone, that hops all over the region, following a grid pattern and doing overlapping 16m scans. It stores everything internally, cleans up duplicates, and dumps a report out at the end. I made a second one that makes a series of vertical hops from ground level to 4000m. I've never taken the time to make either version very sophisticated, so they don't send data to a remote server or anything. Designing something like that is pretty simple.
  18. I split my time in world between scripting and hanging out with a group of friends who have all been in SL since at least 2007. I like the intellectual challenge of scripting as well as the rush of creation, and I always look forward to chatting, dancing, and exploring with friends. I'm not much of a recreational shopper or an interior decorator, and I have little interest in playing games (although I have tried out each of the Linden Lab games over the years), but I have always enjoyed landscaping and creating outdoors environments. Most of the non-rental area on the region I own is a large
  19. Alpha masking highlights in blue when you use CTRL+Alt+ T
  20. PRIM_LINK_TARGET Combine actions on multiple child prims in a single function call.
  21. One of my RL mentors in how to age gracefully is a good friend who turned 94 last April. She still dyes her hair bright red and wears clothing that we came to know in the 60s as hippie style (flowing, multicolored, and with all sorts of pockets and geegaws). She also wears at least 5 lbs of jewelry every day (including a ring on every finger). That's not my personal style, but I think it's lovely on her. By her example, she shows me daily how to be comfortable dressing the way that I want to at any age. I have another couple of decades to live before I get to her age, but I hope I manage
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