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  1. Definitely. As I said, I was very good at it. Like Pam, though, I had to approach it as role play. When I was in a classroom with a couple of hundred students, I was playing a part. And on the walk back to my office afterwards, I was taking off the greasepaint and sliding gratefully back into quiet time. The place I felt most comfortable was in the lab, at night.
  2. Maddy, you are what the professionals call a Poor Subject or a Bad Team Player. Once you are familiar enough with the test, you can play it like a violin. Anyone can. All you have to do is answer dishonestly. But of course after you've taken it a few times, it's no longer possible to be objectively naive. You are forever corrupted, a broken, dishonest subject, no matter how you try to redeem yourself. You might as well set yourself on fire and be done with it. 😈 (EDIT: I should confess that I, too, am hopelessly broken. The last time I took the M-B test, I was an INFP. I was tryingg to be as honest as possible, so that's possibly a real result. However, I have had a scatter of results over the years, just as you have. )
  3. No, you shouldn't expect to hear the dialogs. After all, they are all addressed to llGetOwner(). As soon as you deed the object to a group, you are no longer the owner. The group is, but a group isn't a person or an object, so it can't receive messages. If you want the dialogs to work, replace llGetOwner() with the UUID of someone who can hear, like yourself or the person who touched the thing.
  4. 1. Once you are actually a Basic member, you do not have access to Live Chat. However, your Premium membership is prepaid, so you are a Premium member until the end of the period that you paid for. You may use Live Chat, Premium sandboxes, get your weekly stipend, and all the rest. However .... 2. As soon as you announce that you want to downgrade, you enter an in-between state where you are Premium Pending Downgrade. In that status, you cannot own land on the Mainland (including a Linden Home) because you have to abandon that land in order to downgrade. That's why it's wise to wait until near the end of your Premium period before annoncing that you want to downgrade.
  5. Well, not a big step. After all, as a Premium member, you have access to Live Chat, and they will assist if you say that you regret having decided to downgrade. Remember, you are still a Premium member until the end of the period you have paid for. So, call Live Chat, reverse the downgrade, and wait until a few days before the end of your Premium period. THEN downgrade.
  6. Those of us on the Introvert end of the spectrum have known for a long time -- and it's well-supported by research -- that introverts can usually fake being extroverted, at least for short periods of time. Extroverts have a much harder time of it. I spent 40 years teaching large classes and then managing administrative affairs before I finally retired. I would always take 10 minutes or so before a class or a large meeting to psych myself up, getting into the role of a crowd person. Afterwards, I would feel the tension relax as I returned to "normal". I was a good teacher and administrator, but I have always been energized by being alone or in a small group setting. I can fake being a crowd person, but it takes effort.
  7. And, to your specific case, we're in a gray area in SL on matters that should be covered by professional licenses in RL. In role play, anyone can play the role of a doctor, a police officer, or an engineer, but there's no requirement that says you should wear a tag that says, "I'm not really a doctor, but I play one in SL." The unspoken assumption is that anyone here is always in a role, regardless of what our credentials may be in RL. So, don't trust your SL doctor/lawyer/policeman, engineer to give you good professional advice or to follow other standards of RL. Sadly, that's not always well understood, so it is very easy for us to stumble into situations that are unethical, if not illegal. As Lindal says, that's a gray area that has never been tested in the courts, as far as I know.
  8. That's a very good question. As I said earlier, though, what matters to me is what I feel for myself. If I am using IM in a group of people, I feel that I am being rude to the other people around me. That's enough to discourage me from starting an IM conversation and enough to make me feel uncomfortable if someone else starts it. If I get an IM from someone at a distance while I am sitting with friends, I feel compelled to say, "I'm in the middle of something. May I get back to you?" If i really do have to continue the IM, I will almost always tell the people around me, "Sorry, I just landed in an IM. Excuse me for a minute." To my mind, then, the question is rarely whether other people think I am being rude, but whether I do.
  9. In SL, as in RL, there is no such thing as "free land." You paid for it with your Premium membership fees. What you get is a land fee waiver that you can use to offset some of the monthly fees that all landowners in SL pay to Linden Lab. You may use that waiver in either of two ways: 1. You can buy land in the Mainland estate -- paying the purchase price for the land itself, of course. Your land fee waiver will pay for the entire monthly fees on up to 1024 sq m of land that you bought. This does not apply to land in private estates or land that you rent. 2. You may request a Linden Home, which comes on its own parcel of the Mainland. You get the land, and Linden Lab throws in a home that you do not own but have exclusive rights to. You can read about Linden Homes here: You should be aware that there are older Linden Homes, in abundant supply, and much newer homes, which are much scarcer and are in high demand. If you follow the process in that KB article, you will most likely be offered an older home. Getting one of the newer ones requires patience and luck. I suggest reading this thread very carefully >>> and then following some of the threads in the Linden Homes subforum of the Land forum to get a feel for how to proceed.
  10. Rolig Loon

    Linden Homes

    Yes indeed. You have explained it well, and you understand the basics of the process. The only thing that's missing is that the new Linden Homes are in such high demand right now that it takes patience and a small amount of luck to get one. Linden Lab is producing new homes at the rate of at least a region every day, so there are new homes daily. Also, there's a brisk turnover as current home owners swap one home for another -- sometimes a different style, sometimes just a different location. So, you just have to ask at the right time. That's the tricky part. Read this thread first: Then start reading other threads in the Linden Homes subforum of the Land forums here. You'll catch on fast enough. Good luck!
  11. Yes, unless we are out of chat range. When I'm using Firestorm, the text field for local chat is always right there, easy to use. It takes an extra step to open an IM, so why would I bother? When I use the standard LL viewer, the interface makes local chat slightly harder to use, but still one step easier than opening an IM. I'm lazy.
  12. More Three Meter Island cooling towers?
  13. That's certainly one way to look at it. People should indeed be much more careful about what they put in writing. At the same time, there are situations in which you can say something confidential to a person who should be trustworthy but who turns around and repeats your words to the world. It's a familiar dilemma: Who do you trust, and how much do you say? The easy solution, as you suggest, is to retreat into paranoia and never say anything that you wouldn't want to see plastered on a billboard. The trouble with that it puts all the blame for any bad feelings back entirely on you when, in fact, at least part of the blame belongs to the person that you trusted to keep her fat mouth shut. In the end, we have to trust each other. We also have to take reasonable care not to say things that might come back to bite us later. Somewhere in that balance there should be an understanding that if someone tells you something confidential, you shouldn't repeat it without permission.
  14. As for your other question, I can't test right now, but it looks to me as if you can solve the problem by removing the "+1" from:
  15. There's no way to close the dialog automatically, but the easy solution is to simply open a final dialog box with llDialog( id, "Congratulations! You won!", ["OK"], CHANNEL); That will replace any previous dialog that may still be open and will encourage the user to close it manually.
  16. For me, group chat is a non-issue. I can't recall the last time that I was in a group chat (as opposed to sitting with a group of friends and talking in local chat). I don't use groups as a way to talk. Like you, I am much more comfortable in small groups than in a large social environment. The difference for me is that I love the sort of free-for-all that happens in local chat when several of us are talking at once. I am a poor typist, so I have long since given up all hope of typing out anything without loads of typos. I just type as fast as I can, hoping that others will see my stumbling mistakes as nothing worse than mumbling or stuttering in RL. That also means that I am also very tolerant of other people's typos and verbal faux pas, and of the sort of clumsiness that comes from talking all at once, with delays. It's all rather funny, and leads to humorous side conversations -- metaconversations -- about the chat itself. When I am with friends, we often end up commenting on each other's typos and unintended double entendres as much as we do about the actual topic of conversation. While it's true that we could have the same sort of experience in IM, it's less likely. IMs just don't have the right level of flippant gaiety.
  17. There ^^ That's a much better way of saying what was on my mind. Specifically, the bit about It's not just that it feels dumb to IM when I am standing right there looking at the other person, although that's part of it ( In the same sense that I think it looks dumb to see people in RL talking to each other on cell phones when they are obviously close enough to shake hands). It's also that I think it's implicitly rude to everyone else. Even if other people nearby may not be aware of the IM conversation, I still have the feeling that I am talking behind their backs. I'm being exclusive and elitist in the same way that teenagers chatter behind their hands in little cliques. Thank you, Maddy -- it just doesn't feel right.
  18. I don't tend to use IM unless the person I'm talking with is out of local range. For me, IM is for "long distance" conversations or those fairly rare times when I really do have something private (or just catty) to talk about. As a result, I can often fail to notice that someone has opened an IM conversation until long after she has given up on me. When I get together with friends, we are all in local chat, and none of us ever uses voice.
  19. Yes, exactly. Many campus IT systems will deliberately throttle non-academic use except during very inconvenient hours -- like from 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. The campus network is intended for academic use. As a concession for students who can't think of anything better to do in the middle of the night, IT will sometimes lift the restriction for that brief time only. If you really want to use SL, find a friend off campus who will be willing to let you log in from her modem.
  20. If you want to hire a scripter, the place to post is the InWorld Employment forum.
  21. That is right. So I was trying to find or produce a script for it. So, I was on the right track. If so, then Maddy's comment was a relevant addition to my own: In other words, even if you can do the calculations, it's not likely to look at all smooth
  22. Sorry. That's even more confusing than the original explanation.
  23. You can never get Firestorm versions that are more than two versions older than the current release. Previous versions are blocked. The only "older" versions, therefore, are the ones at https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_older_downloads
  24. This thread is a duplicate of Please do not post the same question in more than one place. That can make it difficult for potential responders to know what others have already suggested.
  25. Contact Live Chat. They are experts at fixing jammed control panels in the older Linden Homes. That's one of their shining talents. Now that the new Linden Homes use a mailbox system, Live Chat is getting lonely. A call from you will perk their day up.
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