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  1. It's probably not a good idea to use the Limit Buy option until you really understand how it works. My guess is that you offered to buy at a price that is so far below the going rate that nobody is interested in selling L$ to you. The LindeX is like any RL currency exchange. You are making an offer to buy L$ from other SL residents. They obviously want yo sell as few L$ as they can for your $, and you want to buy as many L$ as you can. You have to agree or there's no sale. The best strategy is to look to see where the greatest dollar volume of pending orders is sitting right now (L$251 / $1 at the moment) and offer a slightly better deal. In this case, that means offering to buy L$250 or even L$249 for your dollar instead of L$251. That way, your order will clear before all of those people waiting to get more L$ for their dollars. For right now, I suggest cancelling your order and placing a brand new one (or simply buying L$ at the Market rate). When your order is canceled, the $$ that Linden Lab has been holding in escrow for your purchase will be released to your USD balance in the LindeX, where it will be available for the new order. Incidentally, in case you haven;t already figured it out, it is always wisest to buy and sell in large amounts because each purchase costs you $1.49, no matter how many L$ you buy. Clearly, buying a small amount makes that $1.49 a higher percentage of your total cost. Rule of thumb .... buy at least L$5000 at a time. More, if you can afford it.
  2. default { state_entry() { llSay( 0, (string)llFrand(10.0) ); } }
  3. Oh, wow. I'd like a double cone, please. Vanilla. The heat index here is over 100 today and I am dying. I really detest summer. 😵
  4. Well, if you're not there, it doesn't make much difference who visits. As long as you haven't set your parcel up as a public sandbox, they can't rez garbage there, and nobody can ever mess with your stuff unless you gave them permission. If you are there when you get an unwanted visitor, you can always eject/ban them yourself. You don't need an orb to do that.
  5. That's not a bad suggestion. For my money, the goal should be to make controls as as simple and clear as possible. My binary button and your choice of labels would serve both goals together. It beats
  6. Not at all confusing. When you have a binary choice ( ON / OFF, TRUE / FALSE ), what can be simpler than showing either or ? Why display both choices when only one is available? The button IS the option. ( The extra line of text above the button is unnecessary, but there as a generic tag to show that the script clearly knows the current state of the toggle variable. That variable can then be used to make the machine do or stop doing whatever it does.)
  7. The other popular way to indicate which options are current is to display only the active ones, toggling them when they become inactive. So llList2String(["Deactivate","Activate"], (iButtonState = !iButtonState) ) toggles both iButtonState and the displayed option at the same time. Then you use the new binary state of iButtonState to go ahead and make the actual changes. Users are never confused about whether the feature is activated or not because they only see what's possible at the moment.
  8. If one dies, you have two choices: (1) get another guinea pig or (2) get a cat.
  9. Materials can help, so adding a bump map or specularity might be the answer. In some circumstances, adding a local light source might be a good idea. Too many factors affect the way a texture looks, and you don't have control over most of them as a creator. Aside from the time of day and sun angle, windlight settings vary from one region to the next, people use different viewers, and each person's monitor has its own peculiar color balance and resolution. You can go nuts trying to compensate for things that are beyond your control.
  10. Matching poetry with poetry ... "All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost." J.R.R. Tolkien
  11. ?" "Bah," said the squirrel, sheepishly. [My punctuation at the end of Love's sentence closer isn't a word, so it doesn't count in my 5.]😉
  12. For heaven's sake, girl, don't you ever bathe? 🙃
  13. Archeology is only part of the job. There has to be a back story behind some of the place names, a clue to where the first settlers came from or what they did on the land before modern day Bellisserians arrived. Who was San Jocoso, for example, and what's the story behind Shady Corners? People have speculated about Penitent Beach, but what about Myopia Falls? Local historians should be digging into these things, writing pithy articles for the papers. Enquiring minds want to know.
  14. My version of the OMG-I-can't-believe-I-did-that moment is the one in which i decide to change outfits and click Mermaid instead of Medium Blue Skirt and Sweater, which is just above it alphabetically. It's not exactly a pet peeve moment as much as a dope slap one, followed by a quick jab at the Home button. Just Me and Light Pink Sun Dress work the same way. Not that it has ever happened .....
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