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  1. Have another noun. (Don't look, LINDL).
  2. Be sure that you are always watching the Land Impact of objects that you put on your land, not the number of prims in them. The two figures are often the same, but not always. The only number that counts -- the one that is shown in World >> About Land >> Objects -- is Land Impact.
  3. In general, your best bet for Firestorm questions is always the inworld Firestorm Support group. The "shiny lights" you see are a particle stream that is aimed at whatever you are editing. You can turn those off in the Firestorm's preferences by UNchecking the "Enabed selection beam" box in Firestorm >> Avatar:
  4. If you want to go down that road a different way, you could use a single click to trigger one action and a double click to trigger the other too.... float gHoldTime; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { float now = llGetTime(); if (now - gHoldTime < 0.3) { llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL,"Double clicked"); // Trigger one sequence of actions } else { llSetTimerEvent(0.32); } gHoldTime = now; } timer() { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); if (llGetTime()-gHoldTime &
  5. Thank you. That's a very good point. I didn't take time to deal with it in this quick reply to the OP, but I did address it in a more complete version of the script, posted in the Door sticky thread at the top of this forum: Even there, as Prof points out, information about link numbers will be lost unless you reset the script after adding or removing a link from the structure. One easy solution would be to reset the script in a changed event if CHANGED_LINK is detected. I'm not sure why he considers that a tedious solution. Another simple solution, though, is to ignore the problem. I'
  6. That's the general idea, yes. I assume that you are passing the integer "1" in the llMessageLinked statement in the script selection dialog as an indicator that the message is intended for the texture changer script. In that case, you'll want to be sure that the link_message event in the texture changing script only accepts the message if (num == 1). Then you do the same trick, using the integer "2" as your indicator for the resizing script. Now, I'm a little confused about why you have a llMessageLinked statement in the state_entry event of the texture changing script. Unless ther
  7. Beaten, after this thankless year...... COVID (blech)
  8. Change the touch_start event in each to a link_message event, and then write a simple menu script that sends a llMessageLinked poke to the appropriate script when you chose one of them. With any luck, and if you had written those two scripts yourself or had mod perms, you could combine everything into a single script and save overhead.
  9. Not to drift too far from the topic .... I think that if anyone took the time to poll the people participating in this thread (and if they would give honest answers), you would find that a hefty number of us are closer to your age than you think. In fact, I can assure you that you are not the oldest. So ... let's all forget the silly comments about senility. 🤪
  10. It really depends on where your router is, relative to your computer. 5 ghz wifi doesn't penetrate solid objects like walls as well as 2.4 ghz does, so it may not be a good choice if you are in a different room from your router. I almost always log in to SL with my desktop, which is connected to the router by cable. If I use my laptop, though, I have no choice but to use wifi. I've had to install a wifi extender in the stairway to relay the signal downstairs for those times when I connect from the family room. Without it, the signal wouldn't make it past the floor. I would use the 2.4 ghz
  11. Linden Lab has advised against using wifi for many many years, back to at least 2010 and probably before that. There are way too many potential sources of interference from nearby electrical equipment and your overhead fluorescent fixtures to your neighbor's garage door opener. You're almost always better off using a direct cable connection. Having said that, many people use wifi all the time with no trouble at all. It all depends on how reliable your router and modem are and how noisy the area around them is.
  12. You can't change someone's active group with a LSL script. Sorry. The person will have to do it herself. The best you can do is send a friendly reminder.
  13. Yup. Don't you hate typos? I fixed it. Thanks.
  14. Always be sure that you send L$ to a person's LOGIN name, not to a Display name. Otherwise, you might send it to the wrong person. Check the Transaction History on your dashboard at secondlife.com >>> Account to see where you actually sent the L$. Ask your friend to do the same.
  15. Name the links and then collect the link numbers in state_entry integer len = llGetNumberOfPrims(); integer i; if (i < len) { ++i; name = llGetLinkName(i); if (name == "Heart") { iHeart = i; } } Save iHeart as a global integer variable. Then direct your actions at iHeart when you want that specific link.
  16. Scripters are often called upon to script double doors that will swing together when either one is touched. There are many ways to do that, depending on how the doors are constructed. Here's one. In this example, we have two identical doors ("Left Door" and "Right Door") that might be simple prims or mesh objects. They are parts of a linkset in which the root is the black prim below the doors. The doors might be linked to a building or a wall, in which case the root of that building or wall would take the place of the black prim in this image. The doors are named "Left Door"
  17. And did you try the repair suggested above?
  18. If a landowner has banned you, you will simply not be able to go there. Typically, banning expires after a while, but "a while" could be months. As a general rule, the best advice is to move on. You know where you are not welcome, and there are plenty of other places to explore.
  19. And it's been missing since June 2017? At this point, I think all hope is lost.
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