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  1. Every region in SL is surveyed by Tyche's bots once a week You can't opt out and you shouldn't want to. It's the only reliable statistics database in SL, absolutely invaluable and heavily used. If you have never taken a look, please do. http://gridsurvey.com/index.php
  2. What in heaven's name is an "empty account"? And what does changing your clothing have to do with bots? You can't be in world without an avatar. All you're probably experiencing is land survey bots (like Tyche Shepherd's, which maintain the database at http://gridsurvey.com/index.php . They typically visit a region well off the ground, check statistics to verify that the region is still there, and leave in seconds.
  3. There's a lot of truth in this and this Whether I am in RL or SL, I don't use my home as a place to socialize (actually, I don't socialize a lot anyway, but that's a different matter). In both worlds, my home is a place to keep stuff, to work on odd projects, and to use as a refuge. When I want to be with people, I go somewhere else. So Sid's right. I suspect that a lot of SL residents, like Rowan and me, are not party people. I have owned a private region for the past decade. When I am in world, I am either chatting with a small handful of longtime friends who also li
  4. I imagine that you have tried detaching it and reattaching it again. If not, do that. Many/most HUDs are designed to reset on rez, so that might clear things up. If not, then rez the backup copy that you made when you got the thing and start over.
  5. No, you only need those two extra prims if you want buttons to advance the slides manually. If you always want them to advance automatically, you don't need the extra prims. All you need is something with two faces -- one to display on and the other to preload the next slide on.
  6. LL does not issue refunds (that's in the TOS), so you won't get back anything you have already paid. You could try removing your credit card (or PayPal) from your SL account, but that will just mean that you continue being billed and your account will have no way to pay. At this point, I think you'd be smart to contact Live Chat (if you can log in on another computer somewhere, or by using a text-only viewer like Radegast on your mobile phone) or to contact the Business Office. The LL billing team is available from 6am to 2pm PST, Monday through Friday. Call toll-free (or Skype) in the US/
  7. That's always good advice, no matter what you are creating. Creators tend to design for normal conditions and to think only of the most obvious ways that things can go wrong. It's almost axiomatic that the things that trip you up will be the things that you didn't anticipate. Especially for anything that is likely to be used by a large number of people in a variety of weird conditions, it's wise to have more than one really talented (and nasty) person try to break your creation before you release it.
  8. Well, if that's your worry, then use if (CONTROL_FWS & level & edge), so that SLPPF is only triggered when you start holding the forward arrow down. Then use if(CONTROL_FWD & ~level & edge) to trigger your cool-down routine when you stop holding it down.
  9. If you'd rather not keep calling SLPPF so many times, you could trigger it in a control event instead, as if (CONTROL_FWD & level & ~edge) { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_SET,[34,Front_wheel, PRIM_OMEGA,<0.0, (local_vel.x/2)*reverse, 0.0>,TWO_PI,1.0, 34,Back_wheel, PRIM_OMEGA,<0.0, (local_vel.x/2)*reverse, 0.0>,TWO_PI,1.0]); } That way, it's only triggered when you hold the forward arrow key (or W) on your keyboard down.
  10. That, too, is a good point. In fact, I would recommend that you use llGetObjectDetails(object_key,[OBJECT_GROUP]) on some attachment that an avatar is wearing instead of using it on the avatar herself, for that reason. Just use llGetAttachedList(avatar_UUID) and then grab the first key in the list . Attachments will always have the group that the avatar has active.
  11. Second question first ... The problem isn't with the else ; it's the unwanted semicolon at the end of if (llDetectedGroup(0)); To avoid that problem in the future (or at least minimize it), get in the habit of always putting curly brackets { } around the scope of the commands in your conditional block, even if they aren't technically necessary.. Now the first question ... You could try asking for llList2Key( llGetObjectDetails(object_key,[OBJECT_GROUP]),0) and then comparing that with "f87e55b4-c1c5-06b9-b590-d77594b989c0"
  12. You put together a moderately detailed description of what you would like built and then post in the InWorld Employment forum to catch the eye of a hungry builder. Be prepared to give potential builders a copy of the notecard with your description on it, and to answer her/her questions about things you may not have thought about. Agree on when the work is supposed to be done and what things you will each need to provide (the builder might expect you to provide extra scripting or animations, for example) . Then, of course, agree on a price for the work, and when it is to be paid.
  13. Not offhand, but you could trying posting in the Wanted forum.
  14. Try posting in the InWorld Employment forum. You're more likely to catch the eye of a potential tutor there. This forum is designed for people to ask how SL works, or why it doesn't.
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