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  1. I'm like Lindal, retired and normally at home anyway, so my basic daily routine -- what, I have a routine? -- hasn't changed much. I have a little trouble keeping track of what day it is, but retirement is as much to blame for that as CoVid-19 is. Overall, then, my stress level isn't a lot different from normal. I do rankle at the restrictions on movement, especially the fact that I have had to cancel a long-planned vacation trip and any visits to/from my kids and grandkids for the forseeable future. I'm also increasingly concerned for many friends who own small local businesses or who work in them. It's not just that my hair is getting long, for example, but I am greatly concerned for the woman who cuts it -- an enterprising woman who came here from Bosnia in the 90s, became a citizen, and finally opened her own independent salon last Fall. So yes, like Lindal, I am not overly stressed on a daily, personal level, but I would welcome an end to all of this. Sadly, even when the politicians declare an end to the restrictions, I do not see an early return to normal life.
  2. This is a great opportunity to develop your camera skills. I recommend being sure to Disable Camera Constraints in your Advanced Menu (CTRL + Alt + D ) to make it easier to move the camera though obstacles. Then, I really suggest getting rid of the clunky camera widget that you have on your screen. I think you'll find it a lot easier to use your mouse and the arrow keys on your keyboard. Then, follow Lindal's directions. Retrieving an object inside another one can be tricky business, but it really does sharpen your fine motor skills and test your patience.
  3. Oh, well then.... I was only playing off the example that you showed, in which all of your anims were named AnimationX. When all the names are the same length, it's a snap. When they aren't, you have to be slightly more imaginative. Either use list temp = llParseString2List(llList2String(localmem,i),["@"],[]) ; and then look at string Anim = llList2String(temp,0), or use integer idx = llSubStringIndex (llList2String(localmem,i),"@"); to find the first occurrence of "@" in a line of your data from your notecard and then read string Anim = llGetSubString(llList2String(localmem,i), 0,idx); In any case, it's simply a matter of looping through localmem one element at a time and examining that first substring. (WARNING: There's almost certainly a typo in something I just typed above. Debugging is half the fun of scripting. )
  4. Try this: integer i; integer len = llGetListLength(localmem); while (i < len) { string Anim = llToLower(llGetSubString( llList2String( localmem, i ),0,9)); if ( Anim == llToLower( POSE_NAME) ) { //Got a live one. Do something } ++i; }
  5. As long as your train stays within the region, you can use a sensor in a follower script in each car to follow the car in front of it. As you have discovered, cars using this approach can't follow each other across region boundaries. Better than a repeating sensor, then, run a timer that checks for vector CarPos = (vector)llList2String(llGetObjectDetails(UUID_of_car,[OBJECT_POS]),0); assuming that you grab UUID_of_car early on in the script, so that the script knows which car to follow. If you use this second approach, you won't have to worry about what happens at region boundaries, since llGetObjectDetails will return information about an object in an adjacent region. Something like this should work (not tested in world): key UUID_of_Car; default { state_entry() { llSensor ("Thing 1","",ACTIVE|PASSIVE,10.0,PI); } sensor(integer num) { UUID_of_car = llDetectedKey(0); llSetTimerEvent(0.5); } timer() { list temp = llGetObjectDetails(UUID_of_car,[OBJECT_POS, OBJECT_ROT]); vector CarPos = (vector)llList2String(temp,0); rotation CarRot = (rotation)llList2String(temp,1); llSetPos(CarPos + <-0.7,0.0,0.0>*CarRot); llSetRot(CarRot); } } So, you set a script like this in every car, telling it to follow the one in front of it. Then you reset all the scripts at once so that they each grab the UUID_of_car for the car in front of them. When the engine at the head of the train starts moving, the others should follow. I hope. EDIT: No, that's not quite right. The rotations will all end up matching, which isn't what you want. It's close, though ....
  6. I suppose that all depends on how you define "need". I don't truly "need" to know what your name was before last weekend. After all, I didn't know much about you then and I still don't know much about you right now other than your current name. However, I can't figure out which one of the many new names in the forum since Thursday might be someone I have known here for years, disguised under a new name. I don't want to ban any of them but, dammit, I need to know who my friends are now. A UUID isn't the "next best thing" when I can't recognize a friend. ( This feels like an artificially induced senior moment. I have too many of the real ones already. )
  7. But that wasn't the question. The OP asked how to find a person's previous name,. and you can't do it with those LSL functions. She didn't say anything about wanting to ban people, or whatever. There's a whole thread in this forum about people not being able to recognize each other now that they have changed names. If I didn't already know who you used to be, Paul, there's no way I would be able to find out with those functions.
  8. Yes. Just include a llGiveInventory statement in the script's money event.
  9. If you haven't tried these suggestions, give them a shot ...
  10. Always check the Grid Status blog when you have login issues, to see whether there is a general problem. This morning ... Update - There are currently internet-level issues causing problems across Second Life, including logins. Our engineers are working on improving connectivity to work around the external network outages. Please watch this blog for further updates
  11. That depends on what you were banned from. If you were banned from a single region or estate, you can try contacting the owner to ask for a review, but the owner doesn;t have to do anything unless he wants to. A landowner may always decide who is allowed to be on his land. He doesn't need to explain or even have a reason. If you were banned from SL, only Linden Lab can tell you why. They send you an e-mail that explains their reasons and tells you how you may appeal their decision. In the end, they own SL, so they have the right to decide who gets to use their product.
  12. Nope. llRequestUsername will return the user's current username, not any previous one. If you already know a user's previous name, you can use llRequestUserKey to get the user's UUID and then use llRequestUsername to get the current name, but not the reverse.
  13. list temp = llParseString2List(My_list, [ " @ " ],[ ]); If you examine temp, you'll find that it consists of strings of variable length, each containing one of your commands. I included the blanks on either side of the @ sign, so ignored them as part of the separator, but I don't know if that's what you intended.
  14. I am in the middle of doing some scripting that its own dialogs that have to interface with AvSitter. It would be really handy if AvSitter sent one of its numerical flags when a user clicks on its [Back] button, but I can't find any mention of that sort of flag in the documentation. I just want to be able to reset a couple of variables and clear a list in my script when I know that the user is backing up a level in the AvSitter menus. Anyone?
  15. If you didn't know this person, chances are that nobody else who matters will know him either, and anyone you know will just ignore him. Just walk away and ignore him.
  16. It looks like your time triples from 14 msec to 38 msec just before the signal leaves your ISP. Unlike MMO games, which are run from software on your own machine, SL depends on keeping activity on your computer in sync with what's happening in SL servers all the time. The SL servers need to keep track of all objects and avatars within your region and communicate them continually to every person logged in to that region. If your signal is delayed, it compromises the reliability of all that information, so the SL servers drop your connection. I had a similar problem many years ago, which the ISP finally traced to a corroded cable connection in their box at the street. I suggest sharing the data from your tracert test with your ISP and asking them to do a full scan of their system from your front door to the Internet gateway.
  17. I'm in sort of a funny position because I'm not Premium and therefore don't have a Linden Home as either myself or an alt. As much as I admire the homes and what people have done with them, I am not particularly interested in living in one. I do love exploring in Bellisseria, though. I enjoy the variety of landscapes and details that LL has created and I am astounded by the creativity that everyone has put into decorating their own parcels. So I get out and wander. Thing is, I wander as different people -- not different alts, just different versions of me -- depending on my mood and the sort of place I am exploring. Outwardly, what changes is mostly clothing and sometimes hair. I can find myself being a young outdoorswoman in jeans and riding boots, a Victorian lady in a full-length dress and feathered hat, a suburban woman in a short sun dress, or a mermaid. I am no longer surprised but I remember thinking that it's odd how my personality and behavior change when I become a different character. As a Victorian woman, I pay more attention to the detail in flowers, fountains, and statuary. When I'm in my sun dress, I travel fast on my scooter and look at wider landscapes. My outdoorswoman pays no attention to buildings at all, but talks to her horse and keeps looking for places to swim. And the mermaid ... is just out there having fun. And she's a real mermaid, without itchy seashells to cover herself. I really didn't plan it this way, and maybe the differences between my selves are not as apparent to other people as they are to me. I'm not "playing" roles. I just seem to be different people when I start one of my explorations. Hard to explain.
  18. Remember that the LindeX is a currency exchange, not a shop of some kind. When you buy or sell L$, you are trading with other residents. Linden Lab simply maintains the machinery for the platform and charges a small commission for that service. Orders are filled as other residents agree to sell at or below the price you have set as your limit, so the order in which trades are completed depends on both the order in which they were submitted and the number of residents who can meet your price. As the base market rate fluctuates, residents who are selling at the Market rate at any moment may be selling at a price that is somewhat lower than the limit you have set, so will fill quickly. Once those orders are exhausted your other orders may be filled at a higher rate.
  19. Also, note that if your orders were canceled, the money that was being held in escrow pending the purchases is now in the USD balance of your account. It's not lost. It's there, available for making a future purchase or, if you wish, for transferring back out through your PayPal account. (If you do that, of course, you will pay a transaction fee, so it's wiser to leave the USD balance in your account until you need it.)
  20. I have been spending way too much time recently in the newly-opened regions of Bellisseria in the east. Don't get me wrong -- they are beautiful. So far, though, I haven't found many small ponds and lakes like the ones where I like to swim in the hills of the northwestern corner of Bellisseria. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I decided that it was time to go back and revisit some of those favorite spots. As soon as the sun was up this morning, then, I slipped a bridle onto my horse and headed for Paislee Springs. There are several nice ponds along the ridge in Paislee Springs, but I really like this one best. It's ringed by a high rock wall on three sides, grassy on the bottom, and just deep enough to dive in, but shallow enough that it warms all the way to the bottom once the weather is nice. I could spend hours here. In fact, I was there for much of the morning until I could see that my horse was getting restless. He's patient, for a horse, but self-centered. Once he saw that I was relaxing at the edge instead of paddling around, he started making those annoying "chuff-chuff" sounds that mean it's time to dry off and move on. I dug a little treat out of my pack and told him that he was a good horse, which is mostly true. He is a good companion. I mounted up and we headed northeast along the ridge. The ridge is a natural divide between the neighborhoods of traditional homes to the north and a wide region of camping trailer sites to the south. It's quite pretty up there, grassy with plenty of trees. It beats getting around on the dirt roads or on paved streets, and you can a great view of the land too. There are a couple more ponds in the northeast corner of Paislee Springs -- shallower and closer to private property, but still fun to splash around in when there's nobody in sight. For some reason, my horse has always liked this one. It's a little too public for my taste, but I suspect he likes it because of the flowers or maybe the butterflies. He heads for them first thing. When he does that, I'm the one who has to be patient. He gets pouty if I drag him away too quickly. At the northeast corner of the region, you can look down into the streets of Colchester and all the way to the ocean at Hartnell. On a good day, you can even see the houseboat community at Bowhead. As I recall, those are great neighborhoods with some imaginative gardens. Even late in the morning, there weren't many people around, but that's normal here. The ridge narrows a bit as you wander along it and into Badger Mounds. This makes my horse a bit nervous, which is understandable. He doesn't mind heights, but the wind unsettles him, so I have to keep whispering encouragement until we are past the open areas. As you can see, the ridge is not really all that high. It's barely above the rooftops of some of the trailers on the south side, and it gets lower to the northeast. What surprised me, though, was discovering a lovely small pond almost to the end of the ridge. I could swear that I have been here before, but maybe it was late enough in the season that I couldn't see the water through the trees. Anyway, I missed it before, so we had to go take a look. And there it is ... not much of a pond, barely 40 meters across but still very pretty. It's grassy all the way around, and there are trees and low bushes for shade. Even my horse seemed impressed. I dismounted and told him he could wander around and nibble the clover. I had a bite of lunch before I got into the serious business of seeing how deep the water was. The pond turns out to be pretty shallow but still fine for casual swimming. I could still push off and take four or five strokes to swim from one side to the other. And it was warm. Altogether, this doesn't count as a major discovery, but it was a nice find for a bright spring morning. I think my horse liked it too. At least, he was quiet and let me float.
  21. Just right click on it and select EDIT. The movement arrows should be visible. If the HUD ever goes off screen, use your editor to select a different HUD, then scroll out on your mouse wheel to display a larger screen area. Right click on your wandering Maitreya HUD and use the edit arrows to drag it back where it belongs.
  22. Also, regardless of what the variables on your notecard look like to you, as a human, the script will read them all as string variables. Sometimes you can get away with expecting a script to do implicit typecasting, but I rarely trust it. I suggest always typecasting variables explicitly. So, for example, gFace = (integer)llList2String(tempData,1); instead of gFace = llList2Integer(tempData,1); I will often go farther than that if I am writing a script that will be used by someone else, because I know that most SL residents don't know the difference between a vector and a rotation, for example. Even those who know what a UUID looks like may mistype one by putting a "-" in the wrong place. I will therefore build in a quick check to verify that the value that the script reads is actually a valid vector, rotation, or key.
  23. You're looking for an attached event. attached (key id) { if (id) { // Do stuff } } You could continue to use the touch_start event to toggle the animation once the HUD is attached. Just set textureIsBeingAnimated = TRUE in the attached event to initiate it.
  24. Really? Elephants, begin eating leaves QUICK !
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