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  1. The best place to ask is in the Firestorm support group. You might also try using the linden Lab viewer, to double check whether it's a problem with Firestorm or something with either your account or your computer.
  2. From the looks of it, your account has a past due balance. You should probably check to be sure that your payment method is still valid and that it has a balance sufficient to pay the amount that is due. Linden Lab will automatically charge your payment method for the renewal fees, but if the payment method is no longer valid or cannot pay the bill, the charge will fail. My guess is that's what has happened.
  3. Oh, and all those deals that the cable, satellite, and phone companies give "new customers only". That always irritated me a bit too, but it is what it is. You can go nuts obsessing about things like that. The woman next to you on the airplane got her ticket for $50 less than you did. The guy in the seat behind you at the ball game paid $20 less because his brother gets him an employee discount. Forget about that. If you didn't think your ticket was worth it, you wouldn't have paid the price you did. Compare the price you were offered to the price you were willing to pay, not to the price someone else paid. Enjoy the flight or the ball game and don't waste energy on pointless envy. 🙃
  4. Set a flag when the test taker clicks the object to start the test and then do not allow other clicks until the flag is cleared -- presumably at the end of the test or after a timer has run out. touch_start(integer num) { if ( !iTouched ) // Be sure to make iTouched a global integer { iTouched = TRUE; // start the quiz llSetTimerEvent( 120.0 ); // For example, as a way to tell when the test has ended... } } timer() { iTouched = FALSE; // Ready for another test to start. llSetTimerEvent(0.0); }
  5. Don't feel too bad. I am amazed at how little I know about street language. A perfectly good word can mean something totally different than anything I expected. 🙄
  6. At the risk of sounding unhelpful, let me point out as I have in the past that you need to step back and ask yourself what the script should be doing instead of leaping quickly to ask how to do it. Scripting is not a mechanical exercise of gluing statements together. It is an exercise in logic. Until you develop an intuitive feel for how a script can flow (if you ever do), get in the habit of drawing a map for yourself, just as if you were about to take a road trip. The easy points on the map are the starting point and the goal(s) at the other end. Sit down with paper and a pencil and draw in all of the roads between those points. Mark every intersection where you will have to make a decision about which way to turn. Identify places where you will need to stop and ask for more information. Anticipate places where you may need to make a detour if something goes wrong. Create the shortest, cleanest map that you can, just as if you were giving your grandmother directions to your new home. When you are finished, you will have a "logic map" that tells your script what to do. Then you can set your mind to the relatively easy job of writing the commands so the script knows how to do it. I have been scripting long enough that I have long since given up needing to create an actual map on paper, but I always start by visualizing its basic structure in this way. As I develop the script and begin to understand things that I didn't give enough thought to earlier, I adjust my mental map. I start to fill in side roads and add directional signs so that the end user will trust that the script knows where it's going. I never forget that I am making a logical puzzle come to life. I only begin to worry when I catch myself asking how to make a script do something that I haven't figured out in my own head first.
  7. if (face == 2 && llGetLinkName( llDetectedLinkNumber(0) ) == "my_nice_light_bulb" ) { // toggle the light }
  8. Yes, this sort of thing has been done many times, using many different approaches. You can probably find products in Marketplace or by posting a query in the Wanted forum. You'll want to be able to customize them for your own specific situation, so look for things with scripts that you can modify or at least bolt onto. If you want to hire a scripter to write something for you, just post in the InWorld Employment forum.
  9. Alien landing pads.
  10. I could go for that part of it. I hate subscriber lists. I prefer to just get whatever it is in a simple box, rez it on the ground, copy the parts I want into inventory, and toss the rest, including the box.
  11. if ( message == "Light" ) { iSwitch = !iSwitch; llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast( iLightBulb,[ PRIM_GLOW, ALL_SIDES,0.1*iSwitch]); } or words to that effect.
  12. I wouldn't normally recommend this, but try looking in the Urban Dictionary.
  13. I don't bother with Auto Response, for the same reason that I don't put a cutesy message in my phone's voice mail system. If someone wants to get my attention, it's their responsibility to say something worth responding to, and I get to choose whether and when to respond. It really helps that we can see who's calling in RL and in SL these days. I won't ever respond to blind "Hi!" messages from people I don't know. That includes random "Would you be my friend?" messages in SL. I don't stop what I'm doing to answer a call (unless it's something unpleasant like the housecleaning or something that I can put off without losing my place). I won't interrupt a conversation with one person so that I can get into a simultaneous one with someone else (unless it's an emergency or supposed to be a conference call). And I'm prepared to reverse my normal stance on a whim if I really do want to talk. 😊 If people choose to get miffed because I don't respond right away, that's their problem. If it's really important, leave me a message to explain why I have to answer RIGHT NOW. Otherwise, wait until I am free. I won't usually forget to answer a real call (unless you're a robocaller).
  14. Without body language cues, it is very easy to mis-read what another person in SL says, even in voice. That's doubly true if you don't both use the same mother language in RL or share a common culture. Even within a culture, young and old, men and women do not understand language and issues the same way. In SL, you can't tell for sure whether you are talking with someone with the same age and gender as you. Here's what works for me, YMMV: Rule #1: Don't necessarily assume that someone is deliberately saying hurtful things. It's more likely miscommunication (and it could be that YOU are misunderstanding). Rule #2: Avoid escalating a misunderstanding by overreacting. Corollary: Always leave the other person an opportunity to save face. Restatement: A cornered rat is twice as nasty as one that can slink away. Rule #3 (Miyagi's Rule): "The best defense -- not be there." Life is too short to waste time in conversations that annoy you or make you feel uncomfortable. Just walk away.
  15. You pay the purchase price for the land. That's a one-time cost. Then, as long as you own the land you pay a monthly land fee. Think of it as property taxes, if you like. All landowners in SL pay monthly fees. And if you were renting instead of being a landowner, you would be paying a rental fee to the landowner, who then has to pay his fees to Linden Lab. Somebody always has to pay. That's what keeps the servers going. It's how we keep SL alive. Please read this land articles in the Knowledge Base very carefully, starting with this one: I also strongly suggest taking @Lindal Kidds free class in land ownership and management, offered at Caledon Oxbridge University every Saturday noon SLT. She will probably be along here shortly to tell you more.
  16. It's an honor to be in this fraternity/sorority/guild/whatever-it-is. There are so many talented and insightful people to learn from. Fun too.
  17. Thank you, Molly! I hadn't seen this before. I've just bookmarked it. The KFM scripts I keep coming back to for insights are Dora Gustafson's at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Dora_Gustafson . Dora was a gifted mathematician, so there's a lot of very clever stuff in her work.
  18. Ooo! Are those fish new? I didn't look way up there when I visited the other day. They are very colorful. It's a great place to sit.
  19. That will work. You've probably noticed, of course, that it's not a teleporter. You've created a vehicle-like object to carry you to a named spot in the region (or at least any named spot within 96 meters). If you're willing to sit on an object to go from one place to another, there are many ways to write variations on a standard sit-teleport script, too. Your options increase if you are willing to put a simple script in the target objects so that you can follow a scheme like this: 1. You sit on Object A, thus triggering Object A's script 2. Object A uses llRegionSay to ask "Object B, are you out there?" 3. Object B replies, "Here I am!". 4. Object A uses Object B's UUID and llGetObjectDetails ( OBJECT_POS) to see exactly where Object B is, and then 5. Uses llSetRegionPos to move to that position and then 6. Unseats you and either returns to where it started or dies.
  20. I can usually check for visual centeredness prettily easily. In Firestorm, I have "Limit select distance" unchecked, and "Disable camera constraints" checked, also "Allow the camera to move without constraints through prims" checked (which I don't believe are all viewer defaults). Then I alt-left-click to center the camera on what I want to work on, and spin the camera around the point I've chosen by just using the left and right arrows. I zoom in using the scroll wheel on my mouse. If that's all old news to you, I do apologize I post this nice graphic each time some version of this question comes up, always remembering to give credit to Chosen Few, who provided it many years ago: Mouse-click plus Shift/CTRL/Alt is far easier than the silly on-screen camera widget, or even the arrow keys.
  21. It is correct in the current Knowledge Base article on Linden Homes, which is your most reliable source of information about Linden Homes other than the wiki page (which only deals with the new Linden Homes):
  22. Left, right, up, and down. Next question, please.
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