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  1. No, actually, it doesn't. It's increasingly common for builders to use alpha masking as a way to beat the alpha sorting problem, instead of using alpha blending. Wander around in SL, especially in areas that have been built up within the past four or five years. Use CTRL + ALT + T to highlight transparency. Objects that have alpha blended textures will show up with a red tint. Objects with alpha masking will be tinted blue. Look to see where the alpha sorting problem is worst.
  2. You have it backwards. Hair creators use it all the time. It's alpha blending that generates the problem. If they used alpha masking instead --and some creators do -- the problem would be much less common. Unfortunately, alpha masking brings its own problems -- mainly a lack of partial transparency. Alpha masked textures have 100% opaque areas and 100% transparent ones, nothing in between, so they can look harsh and jagged. No alpha glitch, though.
  3. Not quite, but close. You can use llGetObjectDetails to get information about any object, whether it's a prim or not, so mesh counts. Depending on what information you are interested in, you can use that function to get information about avatars too. Some of the attributes (like OBJECT_BODY_SHAPE_TYPE and OBJECT_GROUP_TAG) apply only to avatars, in fact. You're right, though: it would be handy to have more options for looking at non-objects.
  4. That all depends on how fast the timer runs and how much the color vector changes each time.
  5. If nothing else, you could run a timer event that triggers llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast every time and updates the color vector used in PRIM_POINT_LIGHT gradually each time.
  6. It depends entirely on the type of singing and the specific person. I could listen to Bryn Terfel for hours, possibly because he has a rich Welsh baritone and possibly because I just happen to like his choice of music. I also enjoy listening to Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, again partly because they have lovely melodious voices and partly because of the tunes they choose to sing. I can rarely understand a word of what anybody sings in any language, so it's the melody I react to, not the text. All that counts is that I enjoy it.
  7. I don't either. Please explain what you are trying to do. If you are working on a script, maybe show us where you are having trouble.
  8. Ideas about what? If you are writing a script and want to trade ideas or moan about things that are not working the way you expected, you're in the right place. It helps if you are as specific as you can be. If you're looking for someone to write a script for you, try posting in the InWorld Employment forum.
  9. My guess is that you didn't buy any L$ at all. You placed an offer to buy them at a suggested limit price, and nobody has agreed to sell them at that price. If you use the Limit Buy option and set an unreasonably low offering price, the sale could take forever to go through. The LindeX is a currency exchange, where residents buy and sell L$ to each other. It is not a shop. If you cancel your current order now, the money that Linden Lab has been holding in escrow pending the purchase will be transferred to your account's USD balance. You may then use it to place a new order. Until you
  10. When you want to use a Gyazo image, try using the option "Copy Direct Link" instead of "Copy Link" from their "Share" menu.
  11. I think you got lucky when you used that card earlier. Linden Lab does not usually accept debit card or prepaid cards of any kind. You will probably have better luck with a PayPal or Skrill account, but be sure that it is verified with a bank account or a credit card as the backup source of funds.
  12. In the Build menu, UNCHECK the Option >>>Show Light Radius for Selection
  13. I spent part of a winter in Uppsala one year. The sun was up from late morning until maybe 3 p.m. (well, "up" was maybe 30 degrees above the horizon). It was a nice, gentle sort of daylight. And the night sky was lovely.
  14. You and everybody else. The biggest challenge is always to figure out which reference frame to use. If it were easy, everyone would be a scripter.
  15. You have been rotating the prim to make its +Y axis point at the root, so you need to turn the sit rotation by 90 degrees from its default, which is relative to the child prim's local +X direction. Then, to make the sit rotation a true local rotation, you need to correct not for the root's rotation but for the rotation of the entire linkset. So return llEuler2Rot(<0.0,0.0,PI/2>)*rotvec/llGetRot(); EDIT: In case that's not clear, the rotation that you put in llSitTarget is normally intended to be a local rotation relative to the prim you are sitting on. In this case, t
  16. Je ne comprends pas très bien ce que vous demandez. Vous avez créé des "formes"? Voulez-vous dire des boîtes de prim en bois? Vous avez également dit que vous ne voyez pas de texte survolé. Sur quoi? Avez-vous créé le texte de survol et maintenant il a disparu? Si vous créez quelque chose -- un arbre -- sur votre colis, vous devriez pouvoir le supprimer facilement. Faites un clic droit dessus et sélectionnez "Supprimer". Mais peut-être que j'ai mal compris.
  17. Well, you did say "...something that you think changes the way you can see, understand, at or experience the world." Scripters deal with rotations every time we have to open a door or make a vehicle change direction, and this one concept is a key to understanding how they work... OK, so it's wee bit wonky .... 🤓
  18. Gosh. I had a flu shot two weeks ago and had no reaction at all. I guess I dodged a bullet.
  19. Gee, maybe you've been hired as Lindal Linden. 😎
  20. When you receive more than X amount of money from them, the IRS requires LL to file a 1099 form to report your "earnings". They obviously need your SSN to complete that filing. I'm not sure why they want a W-9 specifically, unless you are an employee, but that's certainly one way for them to get your SSN.
  21. Same here, but for me the big advantage is that conversation in typed chat is slower and less filled with "er...um... uh", so it's easier to follow. Also, I can scroll back and read anything I might have missed (or misunderstood). I can step away from the keyboard for a minute for ... um..important stuff ... without missing whatever was said while I was gone.
  22. Two possibilities: First, Any login info that might be stored i your copy of the Firestorm viewer is unknown to the SK viewer, so you have to re-renter it. Second, if you have recently had a Windows 10 update -- like I did this morning -- all your saved login info has been lost in your viewers. Again, you'll need to re-enter them. Be sure that you click the little "Remember Me" box if you really want to save your login info. (But don't do that if you are on a computer in a public area!) If the answer isn't either of those two things, come back and tell us.
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