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  1. Thank you for the warning. I will avoid the temptation. Now, do not think about an elephant.
  2. That's exactly the way to do it. As you look in the LSL wiki, you'll see that llGetAgentList allows you to collect keys across the entire region or across the parcel that you happen to be in at the moment. In either case, you can always filter the results further by ruling out avatars that are too far away, not in your group, too tall, or whatever. In the years before that function was introduced, scripters invented several other clever solutions, most of which are clumsy by comparison. Some, however, offer suggestions for ways to scan for things other than avatars. My favorites are devices that behave like drones, flitting around the region and making sensor scans in overlapping areas. If you search through earlier incarnations of these forums, you'll find some of Void Singer's scanners that work that way.
  3. You are too young to have appreciated the wisdom of the 1970s, but I recommend taking a few valuable moments to digest two competing philosophical statements that were popular at the time >>> http://dmdb.org/lyrics/deteriorata.html . Neither is necessarily close to the Truth, but both could be, if you accept them. They are self-fulfilling views of the world. Personally, I tend toward the first, except in my darkest moments. I do not believe in an afterlife, or at least not one that involves pearly gates or a fiery pit. We have plenty of those right here. I do believe, however, that I will still be "alive" as long as someone remembers me. To that extent, I have accepted both of your salves. The challenge, as I see it, is to live up to the second one. Whether I have done it so far is not for me to judge. Thank you for your stirring words of confidence. You are wrong about silverfish, however. They are disgusting little bugs, one step down the Icky Things ladder from centipedes, which are already pretty near the bottom.
  4. From the fine folks who created the Firestorm wiki: General If you have DNS errors trying to log in, or simply get disconnected during or immediately on log in, try flushing your DNS cache; how to do that is explained here for Windows, Linux, and Mac. If this doesn't help, then try setting your DNS to Google: Google Public DNS Should using Google as a DNS not work for you then see here for alternate servers, or grab DNS Bench to help you locate one. See below for other causes which are specific to your operating system. Windows DNS errors might be caused by anti-virus software; see this page for more on that.
  5. You are quoting conjectures in old posts in a now-ancient thread. The current, relevant post is Nalates's, just above yours:
  6. Congratulations. She was right. Strided lists are a good solution. Personally, I prefer to work with parallel, unstrided lists that accomplish the same thing, but scripters all do whatever they feel most comfortable with. In the end, the goal is to create scripts that do what they are supposed to. Yes, there is. In fact, there are several ways around it. The easiest is to abandon llSensor altogether and use llGetAgentList, which will give you a list of keys for every blessed avatar in the region (or parcel). You use it, typically, by calling the function in a touch_start event or (if you really want something like a repeating sensor) in a timer event. You have to go through a bit of juggling to create a parallel list of avatar names from those keys, but from there on, you use the results the same way that you are using sensor results now. I think it's unlikely to be due to lag or shenanigans. Chances are good that someone in that unruly crowd has a display name with unprintable characters, adding to the visible ones and pushing the length over the limit. You might try using llStringTrim in addition to the truncation scheme you have now, to see if it makes a difference. In the end, of course, it doesn't truly matter which name shows up on your dialog buttons, because you are the only one who will see them anyway. As long as they are recognizable, your system will do what you intended. I know that you have expressed a dislike for numbered buttons, but that's exactly what was going through my mind as I wrote the script that I pointed out for you. The names that your script collects all show up in the text portion of the dialog box, where they do not have to be truncated at all. Each name has a number next to it, and it's the number that appears on the dialog button.
  7. So am I. Although Camus was the final straw that broke the camel's back and turned me against French literature as an undergraduate, I did enjoy The Plague. As an educator and scientist, I spent my career focused on the students in front of me and the research problems of the day, rather than seeing myself in the great march of human history. I am reconciled to the reality that the things I have accomplished will be forgotten 100 years from now, because I know that they have made a small difference today. That said, the irrational side of my head would dearly love to be remembered as long as possible by someone, as I remember my own parents and others who made only the smallest ripples in the march of history. That's the sadness that runs through my mind as I try to get back to sleep after waking at 3:00 a.m. to pee.
  8. That is a succinct (and more frightening) restatement of the fear that I voiced earlier today ^^ . I hope that we are both wrong.
  9. Aside from a fear of drowning and a visceral dislike of large rodents (and a sense of anxious discomfort in small spaces), I don't really fear much. I plan to be around at least another 20 years and will do everything I can to stay healthy and avoid being hit by a bus, but I am not afraid of death itself. It happens. Over the years, I have lost parents and other family and a growing number of friends. My feeling, though, is that they are still alive as long as they are remembered. For me, then, my own death does not provoke "fear" as much as disappointment that there will be a day when no one knows that I was ever here to make a difference. It's a paradoxical feeling for an introvert, but there it is.
  10. I understand what you are trying to do, but I think you've made things unnecessarily complicated. Right now, you have avatar_list = ["SCAN"]; at the top of the sensor event, so that it's the first thing loaded into avatar_list. My own choice would be to put that line at the top of the touch_start event and then say dialogue_box(); instead of llDialog(llDetectedKey(0),"\n~Press SCAN for a list of avatars~\n", ["SCAN"],cmdChannel); The point is that the dialog_box routine will always give you the first page of a multipage dialog. If avatar_list contains only ["SCAN"], then that's all that will appear in the dialog. No subsequent pages. That's exactly what you want. Stepping back from the immediate question to address a philosophical point ... When I write a script (except for a dirt simple one that I can write with my eyes closed), I have a running dialog in my head, explaining what I am doing in words that my rather intelligent by non-scripting grandmother could have understood. I figure that if Granny can understand what I am saying, then I must have a pretty clear idea of how the script is going to work in world. My point is the not-too-subtle one that computers will only do what you tell them, whether you meant it or not. Scripting is 90% logic. It does not allow for ambiguities. Your task is to write directions that are clear as a bell, do not leave ambiguous or unfulfilled pathways, and try to anticipate the ways that an end user might try to make the script do something that you didn't intend. I have always figured that I have lived up to the task if I can explain my logic clearly enough to satisfy my grandmother. That's why she is in my head.
  11. That's easy. You have two if tests, one after the other: If the first one is TRUE (and it always is, unless you are less than 1 m from the NPC) then you never get to the second one.
  12. This very odd indeed. So if I understand correctly, something that is attached to you is sending a group invitation to random people around you, which they are refusing. I assume that each of the lines in the chat excerpt that you posted earlier has an actual name in it ( not just xxxxxx Resident but something like Alice Resident). The list of worn items that you just posted is quite small and only includes one thing that might have a script in it ... the Invisible Avatar. I suggest removing that temporarily and replacing it with another avatar. Any of the Linden-provided avatars that you get when you click the Avatar button on your task bar will do. If that doesn't make the messages stop, I am totally out of ideas, but I suspect it's the solution. That avatar is bugged.
  13. I've been out doing errands all day and have only had a few minutes to look at your current script, so I will probably miss something. KT and Qie are right, though. Until the sensor has done its job, you don't have a current version of avatar_list to drop into a llDialog. The place to call llDialog, therefore, is at the end of the sensor event. In fact, that's where you have put it in your latest post. However, you are calling llDialog there instead of calling the dialogue_box routine that does all the multipage stuff. The multipage dialog always starts with the the first (oldest) elements of avatar_list and then displays younger ones ten at a time on successive pages. That's what you should be calling. You can get rid of the llDialog statement at the start of the touch_start event as well, since you already call dialogue_box three lines later.
  14. Does it happen if you go somewhere else, or does it follow you wherever you go? If it only happens in one place, then you are hearing an object that is nearby. Find it by right clicking on "(Unnamed)" in one of those chat messages to find out where it is. If it's on your own property, return or delete it. If it's somewhere else, talk to its owner, submit an AR, or leave the area. If the chat messages follow you, then you are wearing the object. Look in the Worn tab in inventory. If you don't recognize anything suspicious, start taking off attachments, one at a time, until the messages stop.
  15. Yes, in the Advanced menu at the top of your screen. If the Advanced menu isn't showing at the top of your screen, be sure to choose that option in Preferences >>> Advanced
  16. I have owned my own region for many years and have no thoughts of giving it up or of becoming Premium to qualify for a Bellisseria home. I love exploring, though. Even after the Moles have finally built it out to full capacity, I expect the continent to continue evolving, so there will always be reasons to wander around. This is the first large, modern landmass in recent SL history.
  17. Poetry is not About competition but Poets often are. 😏
  18. With some imaginative poetic license, though, you can almost make it say something: "Perhaps I was Caesar and am now Brutus. Caesar is in everything. In this way, so also is Brutus." It's all deeply philosophical, in the way that Abbey Road is deeply philosophical if you play it backwards.
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