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  1. Your mesh body should have come with a HUD to do that. If not, and if you can figure out how the modeler assigned faces on the body, all you need to do is write a script to add to the body (assuming that you have mod perms) that will change the alpha on selected faces (llSetLinkAlpha) and a HUD with a dialog that sends specific signals to the body to tell it which faces to change. The big limitations have to do with how much you know about the body and how much you can modify it.
  2. Say more. What do you mean by an "alpha HUD"?
  3. All true. It is much easier (not easy, just easier) to prevent copying than to deal with things that have already been copied.
  4. The formal answer is that you submit a written complaint under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) to Linden Lab. They are obliged by law to remove the offending items from their web site (Marketplace or whatever) util there is a legal resolution. Read >>> https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/intellectual-property-infringement-notification-policy . If you have used foresight and have included a watermark or other identifying information in your textures, that will make your claim more substantial.
  5. Maddy in for the save! It's a three-point shot! The crowd roars!
  6. Read this >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Creating_Terrain_Textures
  7. Well, not everyone. I'm not logged in, and I don't even know where you are. No way in the world I can see you.
  8. Slo Mo https://ak2.picdn.net/shutterstock/videos/5909462/preview/stock-footage-popping-a-water-balloon-in-super-slow-motion-shot-with-phantom-camera-at-frames-per-second.webm
  9. I haven't been to a club in years. It's just not my idea of a fun way to spend in-world time. When I am not scripting or doing something else creative, I am chatting with friends or exploring. I spend a large amount of time just wandering around. Even after 12+ years here, I find new sights every day.
  10. To follow up that point ... the Mainland estate is huge and has thousands of resident-owned parcels on thousands of regions. As a scripter, I get nervous goosebumps thinking about all the things that could go wrong if LL let an automated system automatically toss residents off of their land the second that their Premium membership downgrades to Basic. The risks are much lower if they tell land owners that it's their responsibility to abandon land before they downgrade.
  11. Once you stare at entries in the LSL wiki for a while, it will start to make more sense. The basic syntax for any function is shown right at the top of the page for that function. It will tell you what each input parameter means, and what the output looks like. For a complicated function like llSetLinkPrimitiveParams, things are a bit messier, but the syntax details for each parameter are spelled out on that parameter's line as well.
  12. Unless she specifically told LL not to renew her Premium membership, it has renewed automatically. See the TOS, Sect. 4.3: "if you have purchased or redeemed a subscription-based product or service, each time your subscription comes up for renewal, we have the right to charge your credit card or debit your account the then-current renewal rate plus any applicable taxes we are required to collect, and you authorize us to do so. " So, your friend can call Live Chat and ask for specific help. I suspect that her payment method simply didn't have enough to pay the bill when it came due, so the transaction bounced. They'll be able to tell her, though.
  13. Well, no, that's actually only true for the brief instant when you teleport into a new region. Scripts shouldn't make any difference to lag while you're in the region.
  14. I truly miss swoosh. When mesh came into vogue, the loss of swoosh was the big reason why I quit making clothing (well, that and I never could figure out rigging). I kept some of the best flexi dresses and skirts that I made back in the day because they are lovely to dance in, but they definitely have a retro look now. You just can't get that free, flowing look in mesh.
  15. That would be great, but I haven't seen it yet. Actually, I haven't shopped for hair recently.
  16. I wear mine because I'm likely to change shoes or some other bit of my appearance and then have to change my foot position or alpha out different parts of my body. Even when I don't change clothing, I always seem to discover while dancing that some body part starts poking through unexpectedly. If I wasn't already wearing the HUD, I'd have to dig around in inventory to attach the thing. I'm just lazy enough to say, "Screw that" and leave the HUD attached. That doesn't do anything to my complexity and it makes me happy.
  17. There are lower limits that I will not compromise on. As I said earlier, my butt naked complexity is 29,739. Some of that is my Maitreya mesh body and HUD and my LAQ head, which I will not stop wearing now. I also will not stop wearing my favorite flexi hair, despite the fact that I know it bumps my complexity more than mesh hair would. I just tried wearing the new Delerium hair from Truth, which drops my bare naked complexity to 22,445. It's lovely, but it's static like all mesh is. I won't give up the beautiful, dynamic look of my flexi hair even if it does drop my complexity by 25%. Now, if someone would invent flexi mesh ......
  18. I don't really worry a lot about it, but I don't have many attachments that lift my complexity dramatically. If I go butt naked, with nothing but a pair of earrings and my favorite hair, I clock in at 29,739. Wearing heels and a relaxed summer dress, I'm up to 35, 967. Switching to mermaid mode, I go up only slightly more to 39,403. The highest that I reach with any of the outfits that I use often is 61,856. That's wearing my animesh horse and my Woodstock finery. If I end up looking naked in a crowd, it's because I choose to, not because my complexity has swamped someone's ability to render my outfits. 😎 [ETA: All my outfits include my Maitreya HUD and at least one other HUD, but even those don't make much difference to my complexity.]
  19. I agree, Maddy. The tone in Answers has stayed pretty upbeat. We've had an occasional "helper" who decides to make snarky comments or try to deliberately snow some poor newbie with technobabble, but the regulars are a pretty good lot. Most have been with Answers for years, so we don't have to spend a lot of time guessing what the OP means or how to find an answer. We each have some special area of interest and expertise too. I typically defer to Nalates on hardware issues and I step aside to let Lindal handle land questions. They usually wait till I grab the scripting questions. I started hanging out in Answers in about 2008, when Void Singer made some comment about getting tired of answering the same questions over and over again. It turns out that she meant "in the Scripting forum," but I took it as a suggestion to do what I could in Answers. It just became a habit. I suppose I would have stayed solely with Answers and Scripting if the tone in GD hadn't changed a few years ago. I'm fairly even-tempered but I don't have much patience with trolls and others who are deliberately nasty. Since about 2014, it seems that a number of those people I had been avoiding in GD left, and the ones I enjoyed reading were on the ascendant, so I wandered in and have been enjoying myself.
  20. Don't bother reinventing the wheel. Use Sendao Goodman's classic script, which I retooled and posted in the LSL Library ages ago >>>
  21. I really don't know. It's a triage system. Sickest people first, especially those with life-threatening issues. Then the rest of us. Usually no more than a couple of days, though. I REALLY don't know. You'll just have to watch and see.
  22. Uh-oh. So it's time to make another call to Support. I hope it's something simple and that you are just checking faster than they can enter the corrected information into their computers . If not, then you can think about panicking.
  23. Yes, there's a logical contradiction in the process. Your Premium membership is prepaid, so you have all the benefits of being Premium until the end of the period that you paid for. However ... if you want to downgrade, you have to first divest yourself of any lands that you own in the Mainland estate. So, you do that and your downgrade is "Pending..." You can still use Premium sandboxes and get your weekly stipend. If you try to buy land again, though, you can't. You can still be a Premium member, but because you are "Pending downgrade", you have voluntarily given up that Premium benefit. The only way to resolve the contradiction is to do as Alwin suggests: revoke your downgrade and wait until near the end of your Premium period to do it.
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