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  1. THAT was a great series! I watched it a couple of years ago and enjoyed every episode. 😎
  2. Alwin is a little too brusque at times. He can't answer, and nobody else can either. All shops in SL are owned by SL residents. They come and go whenever residents join or leave SL, and when they change their minds about selling things. A shop could disappear because the owner closed his account or left SL. Who knows? The Answers section of the forums is for asking about how SL works (or why it doesn't seem to). We can;t answer questions about individual SL members or their likes or behavior, and we can only guess about why Lindens do things. We are all residents here, just like you.
  3. Hmmm.... I have never thought of mermaids as weird, creepy, or supernatural. Special, maybe ...
  4. I stopped eating most fast food years ago, except for Wendy's salads, but I stopped KFC ages before that. Back in the 80s maybe. It's way too greasy and salty.
  5. Not having access to broadcast TV, I never knew that it was on regular programming, apparently sometime about 5 years ago. It's a cool premise for a series ... the ultimate AI. It's been so many years since I had broadcast access (or used it, when I was somewhere that I had access) that I discover a lot of "old" programs long after everyone else has forgotten about them. It's entertainment for my end-of-the-day brain, so I don't need more than a few discoveries a year to keep me happy. 😊
  6. Yes. index is a counter that the script is using to keep track of which slide is the current one being displayed, and to reset to the start of the list when the current slide is the last one.
  7. That's the bottom line, and I'm pretty sure that's what the Lindens had in mind by leaving some leeway in their wording: "... you may customize it by adding tasteful extensions, as long as they are compatible with the theme and style of the house." Be sensitive of your neighbors as you decorate, and be tolerant of your quirky neighbors' tastes. It isn't all one-way, and there's plenty of gray room for compromise.
  8. I can't receive broadcast TV here, so anything I watch is on Netflix, which is the only service I subscribe to. Really, though, I watch no more than an hour a day at most, just before I go to bed. My "binge" watching of a series can take months at that rate. Right now, I am partway through Person Of Interest, which I started sometime after Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll finish it by Valentine's Day. Some binge.
  9. A wandering fool underestimates libelous TALES,
  10. Find real enjoyment near Detroit. AUTOS
  11. The last time I reported on a swimming exploration was on Christmas Eve, just a little more than two weeks ago. (Wow! Has it only been that long? I seems like last year...) Anyway, I ended that trip after dark on a small rocky island west of Bartlesmoor. I feel bad about how dark my last photo was, so I went back earlier today to take one in daylight. It really is a lovely spot. Since I was already there, I decided to take a brief swim south across Kelp Bottom to see what's there. Most of the seafloor is pretty flat and uninteresting, as it is almost everywhere, but I did discover a small fishing shack tumbled among the rocks, along with some household goods. I don't really understand how a building like this gets dumped so far offshore, although I suppose someone might have used it for ice fishing and then had to abandon it as the ice broke up. It seems like a waste, but accidents do happen. The coastline east of Kelp Bottom is beautiful and sandy, and there are some prominent high points. This one at Port Tack provides a lookout across the cove back toward Bartlesmoor and also to the south. I met another mermaid cruising here while I was admiring the area, but didn't have time to ask much about other local points of interest. She did mention a very exciting recent discovery farther south, however, so I decided not to hang around here much longer. From Port Tack, I headed out to sea again, swimming southwest across Fog Bank and Three Fathom. There's a mid-sized island in La Manche that has a cluster of houseboat docks on all sides. I have to be cautious around places like that because there's often toxic debris in the water. Of course, there are also often motorboats to play tag with too, so houseboat communities are a mixed blessing for mermaids. Today things were quiet, but I gave the houseboats wide berth and hooked back around to the southeast, into Flotsam. The seafloor in Flotsam is surprisingly irregular, as if major bottom currents have flowed through here not long ago. Maybe a monsoon? I don't know much about the weather in these parts, but something large must have happened. Large rocks are exposed in several spots, and the sandy bottom is sculpted into a tangle of hillocks. There's a rather deep east-west trench extending from the middle of the region eastward through Cormorant Luck and probably beyond. I was tempted to follow along it -- and may do that later -- but I wanted to find the discovery my new mermaid friend mentioned. I searched back to the northeast, into Jonah's Keep.... .... and there it was, an immense building, much larger than the fishing shack I saw in Kelp Bottom. This is a major structure and it's much too far from the southwest coast of Bellisseria to have simply drifted loose from its moorings and slid into the deep. This certainly was dropped here by heavy storm waves, maybe during the event that caused some of the other irregularities I saw today. It's huge. Close up, it appears to have been intended to serve as an entertainment spot. The sign suggests that it may have been owned by pickle merchants, but I can't imagine much of a market for pickles here. Who knows, though? It's a crazy enough idea that it just might appeal to some people. Or maybe it's just a metaphor, like The Big Apple. In any case, it's not doing much business where it is now. I had fun poking around and looking for a way inside -- I didn't find one -- and then admiring the scattered debris around it on the seafloor. I feel sorry for the land-bound folks who must have enjoyed this place while it was still on the shore. I bet it was quite an attraction. Of course now it's a wonderful place for mermaid gatherings. It won't be long before the crowd starts to appear.
  12. Follow Moirakathleen's simple instructions. However, don't be surprised when you find out that your Premium membership does not revert to Basic right away when you cancel. Your membership is prepaid. If you cancel today, your membership status will change to "Pending downgrade". You will continue to have all Premium benefits (except being able to own property on the Mainland estate) until the end of the period that you have already paid for. So, you may use Premium sandboxes, enter Premium-only areas, collect a weekly stipend, and so on. But you will not receive a refund for all of the time that your downgrade is pending. For that reason, it's usually wise to wait until the end of your membership period before you cancel. You might as well still be able to enjoy your Linden Home until then. You paid for it, after all.
  13. The answer to your first questions is "It depends, but probably not." First of all, you didn't mention whether you have permission to modify the house. I suspect that you do, but if not all bets are off. Then, assuming that you have permission to modify it, I doubt that all of your furniture is linked to the house. That would be highly unusual. If it is, then you might be able to resize everything at least a bit. Otherwise -- the normal case -- you have to resize everything individually. If you have permission. The answer to your second question is that you cannot change ground texture at the parcel level. Only the landowner of the region can do it, and then only on a region-wide basis. If you want to affect the ground texture in your own parcel (and it the region owner allows it) you will have to add a tastefully-textured prim or mesh surface, as you are suggesting. Be very cautious, though. There is a fine line between "effective" and "ghastly". Your neighbors may tell you when you have crossed it.
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  15. I doubt that any of us know how many Lindens there are in the Governance team or how many ARs they have to process daily. A handful are the really serious, high-priority ones that involve theft, griefing, etc. I hope that they always move those ones to the top of the stack. Out of the rest, I suspect -- I really hope, actually -- that most of them are pretty trivial things that can be dealt with easily. And then there are ones that are not top priority but will take time to resolve because they involve going in world and doing some investigation or remediation. If Bellisseria residents are submitting a pile of ARs about covenant violations, many of them are going to lie in that last category. Depending on the size of the Governance crew, it might take a while to handle all of them. There are just too many unknown factors for us to figure out what a "normal" response rate ought to be, especially as Bellisseria gets bigger and people are being more diligent about watching for violations.
  16. Yeah, frustrating but not the end of the world. A week goes by pretty fast when you have other things to do. 😉
  17. Es verdad. Esas son las condiciones que acordó seguir cuando se unió a Second Life. Si posee tierras, puede decidir a quién se le permite ingresar. Ese sería su derecho como terrateniente, tal como lo es en la vida real. Si posee una casa o un club privado, puede cerrar las puertas con llave e impedir la entrada de cualquier persona que no sea su familia y amigos cercanos.
  18. It's likely that you tried a Display Name that uses illegal characters. Some people do that -- using high-bit characters that look fancy to replace real letters of the alphabet. Those are very difficult for scripts (and people) to read. Some of them cause enough difficulty that the system will simply reject a name that uses them. I suggest sticking to the standard font and using only alphanumeric characters.
  19. I think that was Pussycat's point. We don't need to have fashion police reporting people who have a crummy design sense. If bad decor hurts your eyes, derender it. The gray line lies in the covenant words "in theme". Some things are not merely rotten design but also clearly out of theme with the region -- like a space ship on the roof of your trailer, or a glowing pink palm tree next to your Victorian. It's not easy to know what to do with the "visually upsetting and maybe out of theme" ones, but I guess that's what Linden Lab pays their AR crew to deal with.
  20. Nope. Exactly the opposite. With llMessageLinked and link_message you can send messages between scripts no matter what links they may be in. Link messages are meant for message transfer within the same object. Read http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Link_message
  21. Voice was invented about three months after I joined SL. Except for a handful of times when I have had it enabled so I can listen to a voice-only conversation, I have never turned it on. I don't have a mic, of course, so On/Off is a moot point. Text preserves my feeling of immersion, gives me time to think about what I'm saying, provides an archivable record, and opens up a whole world of puns and double entendres that would be lost in voice. I am a two finger typist with arthritis, so I make dumb typos. Still, that's no worse than mumbling in voice, and it's become my endearing trademark.
  22. There's a large, peaceful lake in the middle of Thomsbury, in the western side of South Bellisseria. I have been wandering in that part of the world this past week, finding some beautiful parks, places to sit and enjoy the neighborhoods. I was sitting by that lake this morning when I remembered someone telling me about a park in Port Tack, not too far away, where you could get a magnificent view of the coast. I had my good walking shoes on, and the sun was shining, so .... ... I set out, headed south. The tree-lined streets in this end of Thomsbury are straight, rising gently into Sykesbury. Easy walking, as long as you stay on the sidewalks. I love what residents have done with the homes here. Unlike the older traditional neighborhoods in Northern Bellisseria, where they have shown a strong preference for one home style, these neighborhoods are a joyful mixture of four different styles. Their owners have chosen colors freely and, of course, have added their own flourishes, so that each street has a distinct character unlike the last one. And the flowers! I haven't seen such a profusion anywhere but in South Bellisseria. The scents are almost overwhelming. From Sykesbury, I turned westward into Cape Edward, where a tangle of smaller streets led me to their community's central park. Their lake is smaller than Thomsbury's but just as pretty. I swear I could hear ducks as I strolled around its banks, but I could never spot them. Perhaps they were hiding on that little island. In Cape Edward, I could smell the sea air and hear distant gulls. When I reached the eastern side of the region and stepped into Lower Barensmouth, there it was. There's a delicate cove there, and a stretch of public land right along the shore. From there, I could see my destination, the overlook in Port Tack My friend was right! That's quite a splendid hill, with a very steep climb to the top. I really don't know how they expect a horse and carriage to manage a slope like this, and I am very glad that I hadn't decided to ride a bicycle or one of the scooters that I have seen around recently. It was enough of a challenge to walk up. Slowly. It was definitely worth the effort, though. The view from Port Tack Overlook really is breathtaking. To the north, you can see across the cove into the neighborhoods of Lower Barensmouth and, farther off to the west, the cape that is Bartlesmoor. To the south, you can see far down the sandy Barstough coast to Cathanth. On a very clear day, I imagine you might even see the point at Jonah's Keep. The park itself is grand, especially the double-tiered fountain in its middle. It's a bit windy, so I was glad that I had remembered to pin my hat on sturdily this morning. I am so glad I made this walk today. I could visit here a dozen times and enjoy every one. There was another young woman here while I was sitting and thinking. She was wearing a rather tattered pink theatrical dress and doing lazy pirouettes along the path. Not doing anything purposeful, just clearly letting herself float free and take in the day. Isn't it wonderful that there are places like this in Bellisseria where you can enjoy life like that -- I mean, just throw yourself into the day, breathe in the sea air, and dance?
  23. Read all about it in the Linden Homes wiki >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:New_Linden_Homes_2019#Sharing_your_Home
  24. The easy answer is that you do not have ANY obligation to answer when someone sends you an IM. If you want to be left alone, just ignore them. Most people will understand. The almost easy answer is that you can use one of the options in the pull-down menu at the top of your screen to put yourself in BUSY or DO NOT DISTURB mode (the wording varies from one viewer to another). When you do that, your viewer automatically sends a canned response to anyone who IM's you, and then saves their message until you come back out of BUSY mode. Personally, I don't like doing that because it also blocks any deliveries. If you have bought something or if a friend sends you a gift, it will be returned, and you will never know what happened. I much prefer just ignoring messages if I am too busy to answer at the moment.
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