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  1. Probably not. Once you have emptied the Trash folder, anything in it has been deleted forever. You may try submitting a support case to ask your question to Linden Lab, but I don;t expect their answer to be encouraging. Provavelmente não. Depois de esvaziar a pasta Lixeira, tudo nela foi excluído para sempre. Você pode tentar enviar um caso de suporte para fazer sua pergunta para a Linden Lab, mas eu não espero que a resposta deles seja encorajadora.
  2. @Madelaine McMasters That's a fascinating video. I can't figure out how that player piano works. The person at the keyboard is doing something rhythmic with his feet -- rhythmic but not on the same time scale as the tempo of the music -- that I interpret as pumping the machinery. But what the heck is he doing with his fingers? He seems to be manipulating buttons of some kind with each hand, but why? I can't see any pattern to the button pushing that seems to correlate with the music. It looks completely random. And then there's the white box-looking thing in the place where you might expect a piano roll (or sheet music in a regular piano). It's a bit hard to tell without being able to zoom in, but it looks like something is moving on the boxy thing, but the box itself isn't moving. What is it? Do you have any clues, or is this one of those mechanical mysteries that will have me still guessing at 3 a.m.?
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    Very odd. You might try using a different web browser to see if that makes a difference. Sometimes it does. If you're using Chrome, try Firefox or Opera. If all else fails, contact Live Chat or submit a support case.
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    I have no idea. You should be able to log in with your current password and go to Account >>> Change Password and see this page Assuming that you type the correct current password and do not have your Caps Lock key down, you should be able to simply supply a new password, confirm it, and then hit "Save Changes". Notice the important comment that "Weak passwords are not allowed". That means that the system will reject a password like "12345" or "My Password" or "P@ssw0rd". You really need to come up with something more imaginative and harder to guess, like "D%398&xu7". If you think you'll have a hard time remembering that, or if you are not using a password system like Last Pass that does it for you, yiu can still try something like "@BitB3tter$38", which is relatively easy to remember but hard to guess.
  5. One major difference may be that I was fortunate to fall in with a group that was not only very active but owned its own region (several, in fact), so we had many years of team-building to cement our friendships and many common interests to keep us engaged in growing with SL. Many of us have moved on to other interests in SL since 2007, but we continue to see each other socially. It also helps that I have maintained my own region as a gathering spot where we can dance, swim, or just sit and chat, or that we use as a jumping off point for exploring elsewhere, and where some of us live. I worry every once in a while about what will happen someday if I am unable to keep the region alive, but I don't plan on bailing out of SL myself for a long time.
  6. That's a tricky problem. I suppose the answer depends on what level of detail you want to know. llSensor would be my first inclination but you are right. It won't tell you where the surface of the object is. However, if you check llDetectedPos() and llVecDist() and compare results with llCastRay(), you ought to be able to tell whether you are inside something and where you are relative to its center. You at least have a rough idea of which way is "out".
  7. Some of us are still here. Quite a few, actually. Some of the first people I met in 2007 remain my closest friends in SL to this day. Our cadre has changed over the years through newcomers and through normal attrition (and a few untimely deaths, sadly), but we the faithful persevere. I am presently surprised by the number of "old timers" that I get to know through these forums and in chance encounters in world. We're not over the hill. We are the hill. ⛰️
  8. It obviously works. Think through the logic. As I said earlier, Figure things out for yourself and trust your own judgment. And keep testing.
  9. In the real world, consultants call these kinds of people "clients" 😉 And grifters call them "marks."
  10. At the risk of stepping too deeply into the never-ending debate about whether SL is a game, I'd point out that there are as many fluffy definitions of "entertainment" as there are of "games". We're all entertained by different things -- often things that don't entertain many other people -- so saying that SL is used for entertainment doesn't really add much to the debate. As in RL, almost anything we do can be viewed as entertainment for someone, in the sense that they give us pleasure or a sense of accomplishment.
  11. That's someone's modification of the basic hinge script that Void Singer wrote and posted in the Scripting Library, here in the forums, several years ago. It's possibly the most commonly used basic door script in SL. The best way to tell whether your own changes are "right" is to see if they do what you expected them to. If so, you got it right. There is no better test and no better judge. Personally, I would just continue to use Void's original script and modify it on the fly as necessary, rather than trying to write a more complicated version that will look more like a Swiss Army knife, but that's my own personal choice. We all learn by playing and testing ideas like this. Have fun with it. 😎
  12. Yes, I do. Banks typically do not transfer money as fast as internet businesses expect when they say that they want "instant" transfers. When you buy L$, Linden Lab will send a payment request to PayPal. If PayPal can't say that is has your money NOW, Linden Lab will withdraw the request. Major credit cards either transfer money very quickly or, I suspect, have worked out agreements that assure PayPal that they will get their money even if the Internet is having a slow day. With some likely exceptions, individual banks can't give PayPal that sort of guarantee. The bottom line is that if your PayPal account is backed up by a bank account, it's wise to keep a cash balance in PayPal so that Linden Lab doesn't have to wait even a few extra seconds to get paid.
  13. It almost looks like you have a face light glommed onto your right hip. The experimental EEP viewers do that sort of thing, but Firestorm isn't in that game yet.
  14. We have cheeseheads in my end of the world, but I have never run across a pizzahead. Must be a Florida thing. 🤔
  15. I arrived in early 2007, just after flexi and before Voice. It was an exciting time. Almost everyone was a newbie, because the big growth spurt had been launched and we outnumbered the ancient elders. Lindens roamed the world freely in those days, and Torley was in top form, pumping out new videos as fast as he could. I was ugly as sin but didn't know it, because everyone else was just as ugly. It wasn't until I decided to try pole dancing -- and SL creators were turning out skins and attachments that made the effort worthwhile -- that I made a serious stab at improving my appearance . I discovered that I could make my own clothes and write my own scripts, and that some people were willing to buy them. I have rarely bought L$ since then. Fast forward 12+ years. I own a private region and have a wonderful community of friends, most of whom have been in SL as long as I have. I live here. I am much more attractive in my mesh body and head, and my wardrobe doesn't look like something I got from Goodwill. I can't make clothing any more because rigging is beyond my feeble skills and I can't compete with the quality of even the average designers now. However, scripting has become way more fun, thanks to some major leaps forward in LSL and thanks to my 12 years of practice. Materials have made a huge difference to the way things look. Flexi is useful in a limited way, but no longer in vogue (sadly -- skirts just don't swish and flare the way they used to). I still have no use for Voice and couldn't care less that the number of allowed groups has increased twice in recent years. Experiences have opened up exciting possibilities, many of which are unrecognized by the average resident-in-the street but have made the new Linden Homes and the new generation of LL games like Linden Realms possible. All in all, I find myself nostalgic for some features of the SL I joined in 2007 but not enough to want to go back to them (OK, except for flexi skirts). I could live without some improvements of the past decade, but they are things that many other residents truly like. On balance, I prefer 2019. No contest.
  16. Correct. It's the next to last thing. The last thing is (and I know you know it!) the "ultimate". All of which leads to yet another minor peeve. I hear more people these days saying "second to last" when they are referring to the "penultimate." I don't know where that bit of idiom came from, but it's wrong. The "second to last" item in a sequence should really be the "antepenultimate" -- that is, the one that comes just before the one that is "next to last," which we agree is the penultimate. So, the proper sequence is: Second to last = Antepenultimate Next to last = Penultimate Last = Ultimate
  17. OK, then I suspect tthat the card you tried to register was not a real credit card. It was either a debit card or a prepaid credit card of some kind. Those sorts of cards are almost always guaranteed to fail in the LindeX. The system may appear to accept them initially but when it does a verification check to be sure that they are capable of handling transactions (1) instantly and (2) reversibly, the system rejects them. If you do not have a regular credit card, your best option is probably to open a PayPal account, verify it (through PayPal) with your bank account, and then feed it a cash balance either from your bank account or from your current debit/prepaid card. PayPal can handle those cards.
  18. That's hard to say. What kind of an error? Were you buying directly through the LindeX from your dashboard at secondlife.com, or were you trying to buy through your viewer or (heaven forbid!) the Marketplace?
  19. The reason has been explained in these forums many times. The serious problem is that many store groups and land groups use group chat to send messages to members, who then use the chat to carry on long conversations. Each message is then copied to every single group member. The more groups people have, and the larger those groups are, the heavier the traffic on the servers that handle all that chat. It creates enormous lag in the system and can stall the servers. Limiting the number of groups you can have is LL's way of keeping all that traffic under control. In a way, it's like the common problem that people have always had with group e-mail. If everyone uses "Reply All" without lopping off all the previous messages first, each new e-mail grows longer and longer and longer. The more people replying, the worse the problem gets. In the e-mail case and in the SL group message case, the best ways to limit the problem are to(1) limit the number of people who can send messages or (2) limit the number of people in the group. Limiting the number of groups that you can join is an indirect way of doing both. There are disadvantages to both options, and people will get ticked either way. The way LL sees it, there's even a bigger disadvantage to not having limits at all.
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