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  1. Actually, the InWorld Employment forum is a better idea, since the OP is looking for someone to create custom work.
  2. If you are looking for a script that already exists, you really should post in the Wanted forum or look in Marketplace or any number of script libraries on line or in world. If you are hoping to find a scripter willing to write a custom script to meet your needs, you should be posting in the InWorld Employment forum. If you are a scripter and are looking for guidance about how to write your own script (or a shoulder to cry on when it doesn't work), you've come to the right place.
  3. I've never bothered to figure out the game, but it's hard to avoid hearing about it. I just nod my head a lot. The few times when I have gone to a real game, I have learned to stand up and look excited when everyone else does. It works.
  4. I've done a lot of household repair/remodeling over the years, and have made and repaired furniture. My welding skills are mildly laughable, but I can build or repair some metalwork too, as long as "strong" is more important than "pretty". My Dad taught me that it's important to know how to maintain the things you can, and to know what the professionals are talking about if you have to call them in for the tough jobs.
  5. Carcinogenic odors usually get horribly FATAL.
  6. You should be able to find a simple script in Marketplace or in many script libraries around SL. If not, just post in the Wanted forum.
  7. Howard, a cantankerous kitty, spits FLAME.
  8. Both of the llSetPrimitiveParams statements belong in the object that lights up. not in the HUD. The HUD just sends a message to the light. The light does the actual lighting. Just think through the logic. You've got it mostly right, just in the wrong object. If you want to be mildly more sophisticated, there are better ways to build a HUD than with separate ON/OFF buttons, but the way you are doing it will work just fine. Hehe ... What Wulfie just said ^^.. He types faster than I do. 😃
  9. Simple answer..... 1. Put all objects into the rezzer. 2. Write a script that includes (or creates) a list of those objects, in the order in which they should appear. 3. Build a 60-second timer into the script, designed to use llRezAtRoot to create a different object each time it triggers. Just be sure that the objects are rezzed as temporary objects, so that they disappear automatically about a minute later. 4. Tell your script that when it has rezzed the final object, it should start all over again. This will introduce you to the basic behavior of lists in LSL. Voi
  10. Perhaps the missing bit of information here is that the shape for a mesh body usually does not include a head. Heads are sold separately, often by a different creator. When you buy a body, the smart thing to do is get a demo that you like the look of and then go shopping for demo heads that look good with it. When you settle on a combination that you like, then go back and buy the real body and the real head.
  11. Yup. You are looking at demo bodies. Most designers offer free versions of their work to you can try it out before spending a lot of L$. Desigfners aren;t dumb, though. They know that some people would gladly just take the demo body instead of buying the real thing after they have given it a trial run, so they sabotage the free version by giving it big feet or a big nose or blocky hands. ALWAYS try out the demos before you buy, but don't expect to get many good quality products without paying for them.
  12. It just occurred to me that if you couldn't hear that cello transcription, you probably also couldn't hear one of my favorite songs, posted last week:
  13. Bummer. Those are lovely transcriptions for four celli. Try this .... https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=Sp5FWxekMyc
  14. That reminds me of a novel by Frank Herbert, perhaps the most frightening science fiction novel that I have ever read >>> https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/white-plague-frank-herbert/1100353731
  15. "Have one!", very elderly lady GRINS. 😈
  16. Ooops. That one won't work. The last letters to seed a new entry were SLYLY , not PVDME .Try to leave your new set of five seed letters for the next person in the form of a word if you can.
  17. This is one of the challenges of scripting from a distance. I can't see the effect of any script suggestions I make, so I can't immediately say "Ooops!" and fix a typo. So, I made a mistake. I had to write llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(link, [PRIM_POINT_LIGHT] + light + [PRIM_GLOW, link, 0.1*Glow]); but that variable I just highlighted in red should be the face that is supposed to have glow, not the link. The problem is that I don't know what face that is, at least from a distance, and it's hard to explain how to find out, except to suggest that you try replacing that word link with a
  18. The greatest share is converted to USD and used to pay land fees. After that, I buy items that I am either too impatient/lazy/untalented to make myself (mostly plants and other landscape whatnot, animations, and stuff to put on my av) or that just strike my fancy.
  19. Well, that's because your script really doesn't affect glow at all. The parameter that is named "Glow" in that script is just a toggle that turns a point source light on and off. (And has a silly, non-consequential coding sloppiness in it. That variable should either be equal to 0 or 1. Not 2. Please change that in the two places where it says Glow = 2 ) The reason that there is any real glow in your fire prim is that you have set a value for Glow in your viewer's editor panel manually. From the looks of it, it's set to something excessive, like 1.0. I doubt that you really need any gl
  20. That's not a particularly well-written script, but you can make it do what you want by replacing Alpha = 0.0; with Alpha = 1.0; (and vice-versa) in the touch_start event. That will at least fix the problem you identified. It won't do a thing about the fact that half of your fire is not in the fireplace. More of your flames are on the hearth than in the logs. 🙃
  21. Some antivirus programs, notably AVG, often flag Second Life viewers with a false positive. Also, some AV programs are overly aggressive, scanning every single file that is seen by your viewer. That behavior can slow down performance dramatically. Take a look at the Firestorm wiki >>> https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/antivirus. That may not be the issue with your friend's case, specifically, but it is one to be aware of.
  22. Heh. Some of us don't spend a lot of time shopping, I guess.
  23. Rolig Loon


    And of course you can always buy a region from some other resident. It's often cheaper than buying one directly from Linden Lab. Look in https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/284-regions-for-sale-full-private-island/ .
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