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  1. This very odd indeed. So if I understand correctly, something that is attached to you is sending a group invitation to random people around you, which they are refusing. I assume that each of the lines in the chat excerpt that you posted earlier has an actual name in it ( not just xxxxxx Resident but something like Alice Resident). The list of worn items that you just posted is quite small and only includes one thing that might have a script in it ... the Invisible Avatar. I suggest removing that temporarily and replacing it with another avatar. Any of the Linden-provided avatars that you get when you click the Avatar button on your task bar will do. If that doesn't make the messages stop, I am totally out of ideas, but I suspect it's the solution. That avatar is bugged.
  2. I've been out doing errands all day and have only had a few minutes to look at your current script, so I will probably miss something. KT and Qie are right, though. Until the sensor has done its job, you don't have a current version of avatar_list to drop into a llDialog. The place to call llDialog, therefore, is at the end of the sensor event. In fact, that's where you have put it in your latest post. However, you are calling llDialog there instead of calling the dialogue_box routine that does all the multipage stuff. The multipage dialog always starts with the the first (oldest) elements of avatar_list and then displays younger ones ten at a time on successive pages. That's what you should be calling. You can get rid of the llDialog statement at the start of the touch_start event as well, since you already call dialogue_box three lines later.
  3. Does it happen if you go somewhere else, or does it follow you wherever you go? If it only happens in one place, then you are hearing an object that is nearby. Find it by right clicking on "(Unnamed)" in one of those chat messages to find out where it is. If it's on your own property, return or delete it. If it's somewhere else, talk to its owner, submit an AR, or leave the area. If the chat messages follow you, then you are wearing the object. Look in the Worn tab in inventory. If you don't recognize anything suspicious, start taking off attachments, one at a time, until the messages stop.
  4. Yes, in the Advanced menu at the top of your screen. If the Advanced menu isn't showing at the top of your screen, be sure to choose that option in Preferences >>> Advanced
  5. I have owned my own region for many years and have no thoughts of giving it up or of becoming Premium to qualify for a Bellisseria home. I love exploring, though. Even after the Moles have finally built it out to full capacity, I expect the continent to continue evolving, so there will always be reasons to wander around. This is the first large, modern landmass in recent SL history.
  6. Poetry is not About competition but Poets often are. 😏
  7. With some imaginative poetic license, though, you can almost make it say something: "Perhaps I was Caesar and am now Brutus. Caesar is in everything. In this way, so also is Brutus." It's all deeply philosophical, in the way that Abbey Road is deeply philosophical if you play it backwards.
  8. The commercial mesh avatars all come with a HUD that lets you make selected areas of the body transparent, so that they don't poke through attached clothing as you walk or dance. You can use that feature to your advantage if you want to keep people from seeing what's up your skirt. Just make your pelvic region transparent. That will create a big empty space between your thighs when you sit down, of course, but then you don't have to even think about underwear.
  9. You may have noticed -- or maybe not, depending on how your hair is textured -- that using Alpha Masking has one small drawback. It does not allow for partial transparency. A pixel is either visible or it's not. There's no translucency option. Under some circumstances, that will make for sharp, rather unsightly edges between opaque and transparent areas. The two big advantages to alpha masking are that (1) it avoids the "alpha glitch" problem that you noted and (2) it reduces some rendering load. The design challenge, then, is to balance the pros and cons of alpha blending and alpha masking, recognizing that neither one is always the "best" choice.
  10. Yes. There's hardly any market for clothing designed for the system avatar. Until the Baked On Mesh project is finally released -- whenever that happens -- those old system clothes are essentially useless. With Baked On Mesh, some of them may become useful once again, to the extent that they can be applied to mesh bodies without looking dated or totally stupid. Even then, I doubt that many creators will step back to creating clothes for the standard avatar body.
  11. No haiku conveys The complex feel of this world. You have to be here.
  12. You seem to be overthinking things. Try this ... default { touch_start(integer total_number) { vector vHere = llGetPos(); // Here I am float fGroundHere = llGround(ZERO_VECTOR); // Here's the ground under me vector vThere = llGetPos() + <20.0,0.0,0.0>*llGetRot(); // This is 20 m in front of me float fGroundThere = llGround(vThere - vHere); // This is the ground 20 m in front of me float fDist = llVecDist (<vThere.x,vThere.y,fGroundHere>,<vHere.x,vHere.y,fGroundHere>); // Here's the horizontal distance between the spots float fSlope = llAtan2((fGroundThere - fGroundHere), fDist ); // And here's the calculated slope llSay(0, "Slope in radians = " + (string) fSlope + " Slope in degrees = " + (string)(fSlope*RAD_TO_DEG) ); } } You'll have to make appropriate adjustments if the surface under you isn't the land surface, but the principle will be the same.
  13. That sounds good to me. As a scripter, I tend to get fiddly about cleaning up loose ends and making my work as efficient as I can, In the end, though, what always has to count first is that the script does what you want it to. Just be sure that those names are all truncated so that they don't kick up a script error. The odd high-bit ASCII characters won't look like anything readable, but if you can identify which avatar is which, that's enough.
  14. That's what Princess Margaret always said too.
  15. Many hands make light Work, but if you left click it Will happen faster. 😎
  16. You're almost there. You have packed the names into visitor_list, which is almost the list that you need to hand to llDialog as llDialog(kAv, "\n Pick a name ... any name... ", visitor_list, my_dialog_channel); You need to do only a tiny bit more cleanup. First, you need to truncate (or somehow reshape) the names to fit into 12-character dialog button labels. Or you can put the names into a numbered list in the dialog message and then use numbered buttons >>> ).. Second, you need to provide a dynamic way to remove names from visitor_list if the target avatars are no longer in sensor range. Wiping the entire list clean with "Reset" is overkill. Having done those things, you really can just drop your polished list directly into the llDialog statement. Then you just have to figure out what to do when the script hears the response from a dialog button, but I'm sure you have plans for that. Edit: Thank you, Fenix, for pointing to that script. There are quite a few dialog/menu scripts in the Library that you can build on, or at least use for inspiration as you write your own. I think most scripters have found that it's easiest to customize someone else's rough model to fit their own needs.
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