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  1. My sim, Shining Star Isle --inside the castle doors is a freebie giver--things I've collected over the years, all legit, several hundred items--mostly women's skins, shapes, hair, eyes as well as clothing of all sorts: outfits, shoes, jewelry, tats, including furniture, toys, and more.
  2. This message appears in my local chat on my sim. No one else was there, and I also got the 2nd similar message: Drill4 click to turn on or off. What is Drill2/4 and how do I delete them--turn them off?
  3. Griefers can be such bastards. Look in view for 'Highlight beacons' will show where the item is to punt if if you've the estate rights to do so.
  4. It's likely personal preference to be petite. Psycholigically shorter folks are non-threatening and more approachable. My several avs are of different heights according to the characters needed to play and the background story each has.
  5. Check the market place for free male hair, A&A often has a few out. Also Damselfly, Alady and Gurlywood have styles that can be worn by either m or f. Often much no-mod hair is mod for size and even color changes.
  6. Tuty has a free AO in the marketplace that is pretty good, I also like the Vista and the Henmations AOs. The latter is pricier but very natural looking
  7. Often when log on is very slow--heavy lag--inventory items will not load. Log off and wait 5 min and relog with another program like Imprudence, Emergence, Singularity or Phoenix. Sometimes it even takes a day or two for lag to clear. I've nearly 30k items and sometimes 15 min pass and 'inventory loading' is up to 1-2k only. Also, if you got an IM or email from SL saying that certain items were removed for creative content theft--you weren't the maker or the seller but the innocent buyer of stolen illegally copied content. LL was informed by the originator (the orignator did not see what
  8. Rhein Xaris

    Prim Counts?

    Rezz the item, right click on the item--Edit--will show prim count of the item. This will not work for clothes but then it doesn't have too, only for prim clothing like belts, boots, certain skirt parts, collars, cuffs, etc. Any item rezzed will count toward your total prim count. Any item worn will NOT count toward your total prim count. Items in inventory which are not rezzed will not count toward prims.
  9. You can lease space to other residents and divide the costs that way: leasing out 3/4 of the sim while you live on 1/4 of it.
  10. If you have the bed script set to ALL then anyone can use it. Usage is Owner, Group, or All on most SL scripted items. Those are the settings. Alternatives: put a security orb around the bedroom limiting access to users you list on the orb, take the bed back to inventory so when you are on you rez it and use it, set the bed to Owner only so you can still enjoy company but you will be the only one in control with the partner of your choice.
  11. There's all sorts of poses --free sets, as well as free photo studios with poses on XStreet, laying, sitting, leaning, standing, jumping, or bring in a chair with a sit pose, and take your pix :} Also, turning off the AO will rest your av to basic minimal movement.
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