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  1. A couple years ago i went to this sim where you do combat with vehicles, but in order to get more vehicles, u had to rank up if i remember correctly. But no matter how much i try, i cant remember nor can i find the objects i got there in my inventory and when i try to do a search like "deathmatch" it gives me nothin and then i tried to search using "vehicle combat" and all it gave me was sandboxes where u can rez vehicles and all that garbage. Does anyone know what sim i'm talking about or know of a sim that does combat with vehicles?
  2. ok so i have made a spanker hud that lets u spank anyone if u click it. integer dlgHandle = -1; key id; integer dlgChannel = -9999; list avatarList = []; list uuidList = []; reset() { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llListenRemove(dlgHandle); dlgHandle = -1; } default { touch_start(integer total_number) { llOwnerSay("Scanning..."); avatarList = []; // Look for any avatars within 10m. llSensor("", NULL_KEY, AGENT_BY_USERNAME, 96.0, PI); } sensor(integer num_detected) { integer i; while((i < num_detected) && (i
  3. Not even sure if this is remotely right default { state_entry() { llSay(0, "Hello, Avatar!"); } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_LINK) { key agent = llAvatarOnSitTarget(); if (agent) { if(agent != llGetOwner()) { llSetLinkMedia( 1, 0, [PRIM_MEDIA_CURRENT_URL, "https://emulatorgames.online/games/n64/bomberman-64", PRIM_MEDIA_AUTO_PLAY, TRUE, PRIM_MEDIA_WIDTH_PIXELS, 1.2, PRIM_MEDIA_HEIGHT_PIXELS, 0.7, PRIM_MEDIA_PERMS_INTERACT, PRIM_MEDIA_PERM_ANYONE, PRIM_MEDIA_PERMS_CONTROL, PRIM_MEDIA
  4. Hey does anyone know of a store that sells men's clothes and gives them away as lucky chair prizes for mesh bodies? Edit: Oh and the only store ik of is ADN
  5. i tried removing everything that dealt with banking but then my dang car wouldnt turn
  6. Here's my script: float gMaxTurnSpeed = 12; float gMaxWheelieSpeed = 5; float gMaxFwdSpeed = 30; float gMaxBackSpeed = -10; float gAngularRamp = 0.17; float gLinearRamp = 0.2; // These are true globals whose values are "accumulated" over // multiple control() callbacks. float gBank = 0.0; vector gLinearMotor = <0, 0, 0>; vector gAngularMotor = <0, 0, 0>; default { state_entry() { // init stuff that never changes llListen(19864, "", llGetOwner(), ""); llSetSitText("Ride"); llCollisionSound("", 0.0); llSitTarget(<-0,0.0,-.1>,ll
  7. I got both the male and female classic bodies. The female body(havent tried male) when u put on a shirt with sleeves, it doesnt line up with the arms. Is it possible that i have the wrong clothing for the wrong legacy body?
  8. To be exact, about.... 50. 45 are in the hud, 2 in the shirt mesh of the outfit, 2 in the skirt and 1 in the leggings. I first tried doing a touch event that went like: default { touch_start(integer total_number) { integer linkNumber = llDetectedLinkNumber(0); if(linkNumber == 1) { //Lines of code } if(linkNumber == 2) { //Lines of code } etc, etc. but that did nothing
  9. Ok this startingt post is gonna be a bit long so bare with me. OK so I'm making a HUD and the picture below shows u how it looks: Mind you, this is a HUD for an Outfit I've made. the outfit has 3 parts to it: Top, Skirt and Leggings. The Top has 2 faces that indicate the shirt's main texture and the back strap texture. The Skirt has two faces as well indicating the Skirts main and trim textures and the leggings are only one face. Now on the HUD in the picture above, (where you see Shirt, Backstrap, Etc, Etc) below is the the codes for the Shirt and Backstrap buttons: ======= Shi
  10. Hi I'm new to using redelivery terminals. I'm trying to figure out how to link one to ur mp store or if anyone can point me to a redelivery terminal on MP that does this.
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