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  1. I was inspired by @Alyona Su's post earlier today, because she described exactly where I and a crowd of daring mermaids gathered yesterday to begin exploring the gigantic maze under the sea to the west of the Lindens' new Pickle Island. I had a feeling that I might be able to find the mysterious sunken ship that I have been searching for all summer, and maybe even it's fabulously rich treasure. And I was right! There it is! Well, not exactly a treasure ship, but a very exciting trawler. That's just the sort of ship that pirates might use to hide the fact that they were carrying booty. I had a feeling that they had been planning to hide the treasure in the maze when their trawler was somehow damaged and sank to the bottom. So, I went searching in the maze ... And ..... ... found it! A HUGE chest full of gold coins! I'm We're rich! Bellisserians will never go hungry again! Now, if we can only keep this a secret, just between us ...... 🤐
  2. I don't spend much SL time inside, so I don't have much use for houses except as places to store stuff. The "house" on my region is for show only. It's an open air villa with an atrium. It was a fun building challenge. The first time I built it I used prims and wanted to see if I could make compound miter cuts to get the slanted roofs to fit properly. A few years ago I redid it in mesh as a practice piece, to improve my modeling and texturing skills. For all of that, I can't remember the last time I went inside. I have made ( and scripted ) hundreds of doors over the years, but I only have a couple installed anywhere in the region. I don't have much need for them myself. My "living" space is in gardens and wooded spots, and around one of the ponds. The "inside" spaces that I use are tiered work platforms in the sky. One is actually designed as a living space, although I use it only as my login location. The others are all full of current or past projects with no particular logic to their layout. I sort of know where everything is, but only because I remember where I was when I was working on it. When I am on the ground, I prefer to walk or trot from one place to another, or to try out vehicle-like things to ride on. If I am in a hurry, I fly, but that's not usually necessary on my own region. I'm not often in a hurry. Except at ground level, I move most of the time in a network of teleport stations that I can reconfigure on a whim. I can pop around from one platform to another or to ground destinations without having to walk more than 20m to another TP spot. Away from the home region, I prefer to walk (or swim) or to ride, so that I can see the sights along the way. I'm usually less interested in where I am going than in what I will find as I go there. My explorations of Bellisseria can take hours as I swim along the coast or ride the maze of streets on my scooter. I am always surprised by how few people I see outside, despite all of the green dots on the map. Everyone else must be indoors, watching TV or doing .... something.
  3. and yet we persevere, to coin a phrase. We did have a hot time that night. It is seared into my memory.
  4. I think I'd wait a little while to see what happens. The seller's message said which suggests that English is not her mother language. You are interpreting the message to mean that she has already sent the refund. It's just as possible that she means, "I will send you L$225 ... ".
  5. This is the biggest challenge for SL. This world appeals to people who not only have imagination but are also comfortable with a certain amount of ambiguity. SL attracts people who like to fiddle and make their own way. When someone who is used to MMORGs with static landscapes comes here, their first reaction is of disorientation -- being overwhelmed by too many options. To truly enjoy SL, you have to be at least a little comfortable with uncertainty. Having said that, there's such a thing as too much uncertainty. We at least need ground under our feet and the horizon to look at. Most of us need more than that, reminders of RL, to feel comfortable. I think that's one reason that Sansar has less appeal than SL. Its slate is too empty for most people.
  6. If you abandoned your old home, then you no longer own it. Your landmark is still good, but the old house either belongs to someone else now or is vacant. If you are trying to get a houseboat, you'll just have to keep trying. They are very popular and hard to get right now.
  7. Quite definitely. It is a familiar discussion, circling back to many that we have had about immersion and whether SL is a "game". As residents, we hold several overlapping perspectives about where we are and what it all means. It only takes a trigger like "backdrops" to send us off on another philosophical conversation. I hope I have managed to convey that I find the plurality of perspectives fascinating. I only feel sad when I worry that not enough residents step back to imagine more than what's in front of them at this instant. This isn't a gallery with pretty pictures on the walls. It's more like an arcade or a fun house, where we and the walls are always moving. And there are some pretty pictures too. Also very true. I fall into that trap a lot. I just hope that I am getting wise enough to recognize that it is a trap, and can wave my hands wildly enough to warn others. Including all those young whippersnappers wandering around taking selfies and burying their noses in text messages. 😎
  8. Rolig Loon


    You not only can, but you should. You will find that there are times when the tools in one viewer are a lot better for doing some important job (like photography or building) than the tools in another one. You'll also find that it's very helpful to be able to switch viewers when you are having some technical problem, to help narrow down possible solutions. (In fact, if you are using the Firestorm viewer and have a technical problem, the Firestorm tech crew will often ask, "Does the same thing happen when you use the LL viewer?" (Linden Lab's support staff will ask the same thing.) Your inventory, friends list, avatar appearance parameters, and other important files are all stored in Linden Lab databases, where you can access them with any viewer you choose.
  9. That's a hopeful sign. As I said, it would be wrong to imply that a digital view of the world is incompatible with an analog one. Anyone who has dived into the fascinating world of mathematics or quantum mechanics can tell you that the universe itself behaves as both a statistically smooth continuum and a quantized one. It's a limitation of our human minds that we find them difficult to grasp at the same time. In my own twisted way of understanding Real Life, I recognize that "destination people" and "explorers" have a lot in common. I'm encouraged by the thought that a comfortable number of people around me can resist the temptation to snap their attention from one shiny thing to another, and can wonder about what lies between them, and what comes next.
  10. I'm not so sure about this Rolig. When you posted pictures of your merself interacting with various things in my underwater garden, it really made my day - because I've been having such a difficult time getting people to be curious and explore. It's surprised me, but it seems like there's been a shift towards looking rather than interacting. There also seems to be less curiousity about what you can do with a prim. Reading this and other posts in this thread leaves me feeling very sad, as if I am watching a world (RL) slowly fading away. I suppose this is what each generation feels as it watches the world change hands. I remember my own mother finally adopting the attitude that, as she said, "It ain't my ship. Let 'er sink." That struck me as much too pessimistic at the time, but I am beginning to appreciate her perspective. Times change, and so do the ways that people frame the world. I grew up in an analog world, thinking of time as a stream that flows smoothly from one moment to the next. That's very different from the digital world that I now live in, where time is divided into discrete chunks. Today, we deal in snapshots and sound bites. We expect to return from a vacation with several thousand photos on an iPhone. Instead of buying an album of music that has been arranged on CD to fill a theme, we plan on grabbing new tunes one at a time from the Internet to create our own patchwork quilt of music. And then we rearrange the collection at will, moving each piece of music as a separable chunk. We even travel in digital ways, visiting the world by hopping from one airport destination to another rather than taking the slow route to see what's between them. It's hard to explain an analog world to people who are growing up in a digital one. It's doubly hard to do it without seeming to imply that the worlds are incompatible or that one of them is "wrong". Neither is true. My feeling of sadness rises when I find myself forgetting to step back and recognize that my framework is not the only one -- that I have lived long enough to learn that the world changes but have not become wise enough to adapt to it. And yes, I feel sad when I realize that some people around me don't even know what I mean by living in an analog world, so they only know of one framework. Thank you, @Bitsy Buccaneer , for your kind words about my mermaid posts. I'm glad that they have done what I intended --- not to be a snapshot album of things I have seen, but to be an invitation to explore for yourself. As Scylla put it, to be a "means" rather than an "end product".
  11. As a scripter, I find the implications of this part troubling, but I don't believe it. It is true that more and more mesh objects are being created by a professional caste of artists rather than by people who learned to build with simple prims and the basic tools in the viewer. They are making assets that could be in any on-line environment, not exclusively in SL. Unlike the past, when builders and scripters mostly learned their skills inside SL, we're seeing a new division between builders and scripters who learned in different worlds. However, I don't accept the conclusion that this means there's less need for scripted items or that mesh creators and scripters can't make even more interesting things together. Large objects -- buildings -- have always needed fewer bits of scripting magic that vehicles, weapons, and household gadgets. They can be almost static, except for an occasional door or drawbridge. A static airplane is pretty useless. So are pendulums that do not swing, lighthouses that don't have beacons, and animesh pets that just sit and stare.. People are drawn to things that they can interact with and that make SL environments dynamic. Even those large, static houses are more interesting when the owner can change wall textures, light a fire in the fireplace, and manage music and lighting. There will always be residents who love to take pictures of their living spaces, but I don't see that those residents are displacing people who want to live in and play with them. Mesh creators and scripters still need to collaborate to meet that expectation. As I look around SL today, I see ample evidence to convince me not only that many items need more than looks alone to compete in the marketplace but also that mesh designers and scripters are keeping up with the demand for dynamic products.
  12. Maybe. Again, it depends on how the wings are made. Simply making them flexi won't help unless they are flexi from the spot where they are attached to her. That would be a lovely effect. It's what I imagined that she was after. As I said, though, she's more likely to get that effect with wings that were designed and scripted to do it in the first place. It's not necessarily impossible to retrofit the wings she has, but it's likely to be challenging and possibly expensive.
  13. It all depends on how the wings are made and whether you have permission to modify them (and on whether you know how to write scripts or are willing to pay a scripter to write something). Given all of that, chances are pretty good that you will be better off looking for wings that are already scripted to do what you want. The one part of your question that is least likely to be possible is the part about bouncing (or flowing) freely as you walk. The only wings that will do that realistically are flexi. If those wings are not already flexi, they won't be flowy or bounceable.
  14. First of all, you can tell whether you have permission to modify the hair by looking at the General page whten you have it selected in your Firestorm editor. (Or you can usually tell by looking at what it says in parentheses next to the hair in your inventory). Then, you can tell which face is which by dropping a simple script into the hair (be prepared to remove the script when you have finished): default { touch_start( integer num ) { llSay(0,"I just touched link number " + (string)llDetectedLinkNumber(0) + " on face number " + (string) llDetectedTouchFace(0) ); } } Firestorm has a built-in system for telling you the face number too, but don't trust it. It is very often wrong, so it is safer to use a script like this. Once you have dropped the script into the hair, all you have to do is touch a face to tell which face it is. I tend to map out all the faces in an object, creating a table that records which texture is on which face and, ultimately, what similar textures with different color variations might go there too. You can identify the textures by clicking the "Face" button in your editor so that all surfaces that belong to the same face are highlighted at the same time. This is likely to be a little confusing on hair, though, but give it a try. When you have a face selected, you can go to the editor's Textures tab to see which texture is associated with that face. If all of the textures you received are in your inventory, the system should highlight the correct one in your inventory. So, go through all the faces in your hair, filling out the table as you go so that you have a reference to remind you later. If the creator has been kind, she will have labeled all of the textures that might go on each face with a logical system (like face_1_sandy, face_1_platinum, face_1_white, and so on). If not, you'll have to go to the trouble of working out your own system. When you are all done making the table, actually placing optional textures on the proper faces is relatively easy.
  15. "Multiple textures" usually means that the object isn't putting the same texture on every face or every link. A creator would normally script a HUD to match the proper texture to each face individually. If you can identify the faces manually, you can do the same thing yourself. It can be time-consuming and a bit tricky. If you can handle your editor comfortably and are patient, though, you should be OK. ( I assume that you have mod perms on the hair.)
  16. I think that's my blind spot. I can appreciate a good, artistic photo, but that's rarely in my mind when I take photos in SL. I take a photo to document something, or to show someone else what I find interesting. In your terms, I am interested in the photo as a "means" of conveying information. I try to take photos that are not just grab snapshots, of course, but I am not thinking of the photo as an "end" product. Putting a fake image of an environment that is not in SL wouldn't have occurred to me. Thank you for showing me a different way to think about it. Not my Flickr feed. I haven't found a need for one yet, so I'm safe. 😎
  17. Me either, Belinda. It's fascinating to read this thread and discover a SL feature that I was totally unaware of -- one that seems useful to some people too. I can't imagine any need for a backdrop myself, but Scylla and others have pointed out some situations when a backdrop could be a nice, low-cost, convenient alternative to using a "real" SL location for photography. I learn something new every day.
  18. No, no, no. I told you before, it's "Click three times ... "
  19. To troubleshoot voice issues, start here >>> https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_voice . Then, if you have tried everything and are still having trouble, contact the Firestorm support group in world. Be sure to tell them when you have tried. Don't bother submitting a support case to Linden Lab unless you have been having the same problem with the standard LL viewer.
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