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  1. That should tell you that it's not a problem with your account. It's more likely the connection. Again, it has nothing to do with whether your Internet is "super fast." The issue is whether it is dependable. Unlike online games like WoW, SL updates information on both your viewer and its servers in real time, 45 times a second. Packet loss and long ping times can really mess things up, so that your viewer and the servers are out of sync or are missing key information. It's usually not an issue in your ISP's shop (although I had a problem years ago that was traced to a corroded connection at the street), so check out your own equipment carefully before you turn to them.
  2. The tips that you have tried usually work. When they don't it's often because you have an underlying problem with your Internet connection. It has nothing to do with your download speed. It's about reliability. When you log in (and again, when you move from one region to another), there's a flurry of activity between your viewer and the SL servers. Your local inventory cache needs to update, and a number of files that contain information about your avatar need to be verified and then made available to the region and to nearby avatars. The bottom line is that there is a lot of data in transit. If any of it is delayed or corrupted, you can't finishing logging in properly, can't edit, can't do several other things. One immediate problem is that your avatar can't finish loading, so it stays in its default "cloudy" state. Connection problems can often be traced to your modem or router, so one common fix is to unplug both of them from the power for a minute or more, then plug them back in and restart everything. In some cases, it can help to add a new DNS server to the list that is already in your router, Many people like Google's free DNS servers for that. While you are checking hardware, take a look at cables and connectors to be sure that cat hasn't been chewing on them again and you haven't been rolling over them with your chair. Finally, consider the possibility that your model or router are simply getting old and need replacing. They are fairly inexpensive components, so swapping them out every three or four years is not a big cost issue. It can also be wise to avoid connecting with wifi, if you have that choice. Wifi signals can be easily corrupted by local electrical noise or can simply lose strength as they pass through walls. For that reason, Linden Lab neither recommends nor supports wifi. If you've tried all those things and still have problems, you may need to get your ISP's attention. Doing that often means getting some basic test data to wave at them. Take a look at Nalates's blog for suggestions.
  3. No, it's not, actually. The Creation forums are designed as places for builders, scripters, and other creators to talk with each other. We trade ideas and wish lists, and we spend a lot of time moaning about things that don't work the way we expected them to. If you are looking for an existing product, the places to look are the Marketplace and the Wanted forum. If you want to hire a creator to make something for you, the place to post is the InWorld Employment forum. You'll have much better luck there. As another possibility, you might try visiting Builders Brewery, Caledon Oxbridge University, or other places in world where there are frequent free classes that teach beginning and advanced skills. That's how a lot of us got started.
  4. That was a good idea. For something as important as this, though, you shouldn't settle for wise but unofficial guesses from other SL residents. Give the billing office a call tomorrow. If you are outside of North America, use Skype or a similar service to save costs.
  5. If I understand you correctly, the e-mail address that you updated is the address that PayPal uses for communicating with you (and vice versa). Tilia knows how to find PayPal. To transfer money for you, the information that they need is your PayPal account info. If that hasn't changed, I think you are probably OK. In the interest of being sure, instead of taking the word of anyone here who is just giving you their best guess, I suggest that you call the LL Billing Office in the morning. The billing team is available from 6am to 2pm PST, Monday through Friday. Call toll-free in the US/Canada: 800-294-1067 or 703-286-6277
  6. It's also consistent with the way that favorites are commonly handled in web browsers and other apps that new SL residents are likely to have used before, so it's a logical step toward helping newcomers learn how this place works.
  7. You mean like the ones at Builders Brewery?
  8. I did the same. I got the Hobbit and the LOTR trilogy for my 8th birthday. They are still on my shelf today, except for the second volume of the trilogy. In a moment of weakness, I loaned it to a visiting cousin and never got it back. I had to buy a replacement years later. I credit Tolkien for stoking my lifelong fancy for language (and languages) and for introducing me to fantasy literature. I read those books with my own children as they were growing up, and my son has been reading them with my 8 year old granddaughter.
  9. Oh, I quite agree about the ills of social media, the groundswell of poor grammar and awkward writing skills, and the overall scruffiness of youth. I was there once myself (well, not the social media part, but we had all the fun of the 60s, which makes a lot of today's idiocy seem tame). Sadly, unlike you, I can easily find people in their 60s and beyond who carry the same baggage with them. Even a few in these forums. Instead of focusing on the evils of being young, I think it's probably wiser to zoom in on the behaviors themselves, regardless of who's displaying them.
  10. As a not-young-for-a-very-long-time person, I sometimes have the same knee-jerk reaction that you do, but it can't be that simple. I have known way too many insensitive, immature, impatient people my own age to put it all on the backs of "kids". After all, who invented, "GET THE F$^*%#@!! OFF MY LAWN! ?
  11. Light will not be stopped by prims, unless it's projected light (which you could try, but your lights would need to project UP instead of down, so that's not a great idea). Your only hope, really, is to reduce the range and intensity of your light sources. That could give you nice moody local lighting too.
  12. I agree. There's a difference between disagreeing and being nasty. In my opinion, it's a mistake to go overboard by tamping down on disagreements when what we should really be doing is getting people to use a civil tone when they disagree. THIS ^^ That's why I don't usually get into forum catfights. I have better things to do with my time and blood pressure than dealing with mean people.
  13. Yeah, my parents got a color TV after I went to college. We had black and white through the early 60s. Big console set with a picture tube that took forever to warm up, and then you had to mess with the rabbit ears to get decent reception.
  14. We didn't have a TV till about 1957, but I remember going to a friend's house to watch Mickey Mouse Club before that. And some cartoon show with a cowboy (No, not Howdy Doody, but that was good too). Oh, and Shari Lewis, with Lambchop (who had the most amazing mouth movements). At home in the years before that, I remember listening to comedy programs on the radio on Sunday nights. My parents let us stay up even though it was a school night.
  15. Take the social science approach. Do a survey. "Pardon me. I'm in the next stall. Can you smell my pee?"
  16. And if you eat asparagus but can't smell the fragrance, you will never know how many other people can tell that you just peed your pants.
  17. Thank you for spotting the cleverly-hidden weasel word. 😇
  18. English doesn't share German and the Scandinavian languages' habit of making long words by gluing tons of shorter ones together, but we do love to jam (thankfully spaced) nouns together as if they were adjectives modifying some cleverly-buried root word. Many years ago, my uncle sent me a newspaper headline (probably fictitious) that reported on the Salt Lake City Opera House Architecture Headquarters Elevator Operators Pension Plan Administrators Board Election Eve Fracas Lawsuit Postponement
  19. I'm much smarter in SL than I am in RL. It's part of a clever disguise.
  20. Oh, if you're looking for long place names, there are several bodies of water you can choose from. My own favorite is in Massachusetts, Lake Char­gogg­a­gogg­man­chaugg­a­gogg­chau­bun­a­gung­a­maugg. The name comes from the Algonquian language where it means something like, "Fishing Place at the Boundaries—Neutral Meeting Grounds". Except to impress tourists, locals call it Lake Char.
  21. Mark Twain didn't actually say it, but it's still a good quote:
  22. I think it depends on context, but I agree in general. If there's much of a chance that I might actually be interrupting, in other words, I will almost always start with an apology for entering the person's space. So, if I am looking cheese in an unfamiliar grocery, I might stop a stranger to ask, "Excuse me, can you tell me where the cheese is?" If I am approaching a stranger at a social gathering, though, I'm more likely to just say something inane like, "Boy, are my feet tired!"
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