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  1. That's great to hear Animats thanks! I wasn't too worried about running the Window's Second Life viewer on Linux, either Wine or Valve's Steam Proton should be able to run it just fine. I was mostly curious if anything had changed over the years. Tell me about it, if the Window's viewer was availiable on Valve's Steam Launcher it would make this much simpler for a Linux user. In fact I came here feeling disappointed that SL's Windows viewer wasn't availiable on Steam. I was so sure it was though. Lol Darn.
  2. If I remember correctly voice features didn't used to work on a Linux viewer, which is fine it's not something I normaly use. And on Linux I have to create my own physics meshes. I was wondering if anything had changed over the years. I can create everything I need on Linux thankfully. The only thing that concerns me is whether I'll be able to properly upload everything on a Linux viewer.
  3. Hello, I am interested in creating for Second LIfe again. But, I was hoping to build solely on Linux. Do I still need the Windows viewer?
  4. "Well "I" was assuming that the OP graphic was "part" (a close up) of a complete Cycles bake for a project -- mostly since I can't see why you would want to bake a plain texture that looks much like the texture starting out with" Had feeling we understood differently. Baking a texture to your mesh is useful when you paint on your mesh, with brush strokes or projected textures, or both, then later decide to change the uv islands around. Instead of recreating all your work you can bake it to you new uv islands. "Actually a way that DOES WORK (not advising but it does work) is to make the your object islands LARGER. This is how some designers get fantastic looking bakes. So a 1024 coffee cup for example. (And then there was that matchstick example - LOL). That comes at a huge texture download cost however so isn't the SMARTEST method IMHO. Other designers soften the complete texture. It is partly a matter of taste. You can see that there is a threshold that can't be gone under (re pixels per area) easily by making magazine covers :D. There IS a trick there but in general you can only get SO small on the texture plain or it looks really horrible and unusable." It's true optimizing your uv islands for maximum pixel density is a good workflow plan. "Will look forward to hearing your findings" Yeah I'll definitely share it here. Ok hopefully I don't need to edit this later. Lol
  5. Hi Chic. I understood this thread asked how to bake a texture image to a mesh with minimized blur. Which in my opinion is the least Cycles intensive task I can think of. Photoshop, Krita, or Gimp can all resize an image by 2 using a "nearest neighbor" or similar filter easily. Sounds like your using your graphics program a different way. The higher the input image the longer it takes to bake that is correct I forgot to mention that. Actually I haven't tried this on Blender myself and I'm unsure how long it takes to bake, but resizing the input image x2 is how blurring is avoided, if its small by x4. I need to experiment with the cycles engine to see what settings need to be tweaked so baking doesn't take too long.
  6. I'm sure this isn't a Blender software specific issue. I used to have the same problem when baking in other software. I fix this issue by double-ing the size of my input image. In this case 2220x2220 x2 = 4440x4440 baked to 4440x4440. In photoshop up-size your texture x2 using "nearest neighbor". Nearest neighbor resizes every pixel cleanly with even numbers. In Krita up-size your texture x2 using "box" Any blurring introduced by the baking process is on the giant image so when you shrink to your needed resolution the blurring is minimized. You should be ok if your computer has 8 gigs of memory. If you up-size it further to 8000x8000 your computer, or Blender might crash. I would try this without a complicated node setup first. Just a simple bake to try this.
  7. I sure am a super smart shopper. Lol I'm thinking of getting comfortable with a daily building routine. Buying land seems a bit much for a beginner. Although it is a good idea.
  8. I felt this gave the impression I was ok with a premium account. Which I think has great perks.
  9. Premium sandboxes that's it! I wasn't sure how to ask for that specifically.
  10. Likewise Chic very lively and warm welcome! I'm mostly dull and half asleep at the moment. Lol
  11. Has it been that long? I've always been around, not much here though. I think Aditi is the way to go, simple sounds good for now. AviNews, that is a long helpful post and was probably exhausting to write. Thanks!
  12. I can build in free zones like aditi. Buying land only for building sounds expensive. I appreciate the help.
  13. I was hoping for something more feasible like a premium account.
  14. Is it possible to have a private area to build where only I can log in? Not an entire sim but a small private space. Thanks.
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