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Found 13 results

  1. Thank you for taking the time to click my ad I am new to SL, I am currently looking for anything that is hiring. Fast learner , team player and willing to learn what ever needs to be taught. Personality is open minded, loving and can sometimes be quite chatty. Looking for something full time, hopefully long time as well. I want to help your business grow as welll as you client list. Able to work Monday through Sunday , I am the East coast so my time right now is 4;14 in the morning. I have voice chat/webcam, role play, and many more opened door. Message me or even reply on the add. Love Safairyya
  2. I just received a long IM while I've been offline. Between many insults she's telling me I'd try to sexually exploit kids through a game, I'd also be a "*****", a "nazi", a "paedo", a *****, my mother would open her legs for anyone. I have no idea who she is. I never did anything bad to kids ever! Neither in SL nor in RL. I have no idea why she's doing that to me. Also she said I should better call the police. I reported her to Linden Labs, not sure if this helps. Could you please help me? If you want to read her full IM:
  3. Frage, ich sehe den Feuersturm Viewer- Seit neusten kann ich im nichts mehr schreiben und auch nichts hören zum hören. da geht gar nichts mehr. Im offenen, da geht es. Auch beim Secondlife Viewer funktioniert alles. Ich hab noch einen Mac, dort funktioniert alles tadellos. Nur über Windows Pc geht es nicht. Hat da wer einen Tipp war das sein heißt. Herzlichen Dank im Voraus
  4. Hi all, I'm still just learning to script so please forgive me if this is obvious. It's difficult to search, because usually people abbreviate to "IM" which is too short and too common a sequence to search effectively. Is there a way that a script can detect when the avatar wearing the scripted object sends an IM to a group or to another avatar? Note - I don't want the script to actually *read* it or store it or interfere with it. Just say "hey, one was sent" and then trigger unrelated things. I know from the existence of RLV that you can *prevent* sending an IM, or allow it only to certain people, but I don't want to prevent it or interfere with it, only to note it and take another action. The only reference to IMs I seem to be able to find in the lsl wiki is for llInstantMesssage, which doesn't seem to be what I"m looking for. Also: if this IS possible, can it differentiate between IMs made to other avatars directly and those to groups? Thanks!
  5. Type in the local chat without opening "conversations" window, is it possible? IM from friends, groups, all in separate windows, is it possible? Is it possible to unlink them from the Conversations window? Chat(IM, chat local) in the second life viewer is very bad. Change, is it possible? pls An example of what I'm wanting to expose are these same functionalities in alternative viewers as firestorm. All separate, each one with its own window.
  6. Hey everyone, please read this and let me know... This is about private region owned in SL and I want your opinions And possibly help if you feel I haven't done anything wrong or I haven't done that big of a violation to be treated like that. I work as a manager in the power couple contest and as a way to get more people and spread the word, I am promoting this contest. Many of you might have got a message from me about it. I am fairly new to SL so I don't have much friends or contacts... Similarly inworld , I look for groups that have their member list and have not mentioned I can't message them and send then ONE SINGLE message - a brief about the contest and if they are interested. Nothing after that if they don't reply. No follow up, no asking , no nagging. Like many of you must have seen. Yesterday I messaged some people from my rental and one happened to be the owner's alt. And without any warning, any intimation she banned me from the sim. I apologised to her since I thought maybe she was not okay with the idea, I explained to her that I was unaware of such a policy and even told her I have paid for 3 weeks rent with my hard earned money and please give me one last chance and consider. She never replied , nor did the support there. And MY friends who got the same rental yesterday requested to her too and they were banned as well. So I want to ask if what I did was such a huge thing that warrants a ban ? My idea of communication is word of mouth, we all have our dj and host friends who tp us or have conferences about their gigs. Do we ban them? I don't think so, or else how are people going to know about that club or about that dj or in my case .. about that contest. Please leave your opinions as comments have a nice day
  7. Hello, forum friends.. I'm pretty sure that most of us have had friends who do not speak English well.. if at all. I was wondering if there is such a thing as a real time translator for use in IM. I have one that I got from mp several yrs ago, but, it can only be used in open chat. I've been having to copy/paste from an online translator and that is a real pain. Is there any help for me?
  8. As part of my work on workarounds for region crossing problems, I need for a vehicle script to be able to talk to seated avatars during the semi-broken condition of a half-unsit, where a region crossing has failed. I want to tell the avatar to teleport itself back to the vehicle. This works when vehicle and avatar extension can communicate. The communication is a problem: llShout will work up to 100m across region boundaries, but sometimes the avatar is more than 100m from the vehicle. Seldom if ever more than a few hundred meters, though. llEmail has a lot of open bugs dated back to 2005. Discussions consider it broken. llTeleportAgent will work if the avatar is the owner of the vehicle. Otherwise not. llInstantMessage can't talk to an object. llRegionSayTo is only useful within a region. llMessageLinked can't talk to an attachment (and might not work when avatar and vehicle are in different regions, which is what this is all about) Setting up an external server for HTTP communication is a bit much. This isn't some big coordinated system under one owner. Have I missed anything?
  9. Hi! From july 2017 I did not receive any IMs from second life. I review my SL account and my preferences and all is rigth? What can be the reason?. Thanks
  10. Hi! From july 2017 I did not receive any IMs from second life. I review my SL account and my preferences and all is rigth? What can be the reason?. Thanks.
  11. Couple questions. When did the update take place that stopped my IMs from being sent to my email because my email address was unverified take place? It started happening to me sometime in the past couple weeks but I would like to know how many days of email I have missed. Also, because IM to email turned itself off when I wasn't looking, would my offline IMs still have saved to my appdata chat transcripts? Thanks in advance.
  12. Good morning/evening/whatever! When I open my "Communication" box I only see "Nearby Chat" unless somebody IMs me. I used to have a "Contacts" tab, which showed all my Friends on or offline with the online ones emboldened. I could then IM straight from the Communications window, as well as easily seeing who was on line. NOW - I only have the basic Nearby Chat tab unless a friend or Group IMs me when they appear in the Comms window on the normal tab. If I want to IM a friend, or one of my groups, I have to open the "People" Window and go from there, which works but is irritating when I had everything in one place before. As a byproduct of this problem of course, I can no longer easily switch groups from the Communications window where there used to be a group entry in Contacts. I uninstalled Firestorm and did a clean re-install and this appeared tro sort the problem, but when I restored my settings the problem returned. The issue is not present when I run Firestorm on my second PC. So somewhere I have either changed inadvertently or lost something from my preferences! Anybody got any ideas? ps sorry about writing War and Peace!
  13. I know that you can transfer chat IMs to another computer. But can you install them in the viewer, so they will show up in the chat history? I got a new computer, and I would like to transfer all the old IMs to my new computer. I use the Singularity viewer. The computer is Windows 10.
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