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  1. When something like that happens, my first thoughts are: 1. Try going to a different region. 2. Try uploading with a different viewer. oh, and 3. Relog
  2. Mine either, but I don't ever want to change my perfect name anyway. 😛 And @Beth Macbain, if I was really interested in making a band name, I'd probably go with Peppermint Rumrunner, especially if I could find a drummer named Crisp Wumpkins.
  3. Well, if I were to become premium, I might consider being Mysterious Puddle or Banana Pancake or maybe even Salty Wayfarer. Might as well double up on last names.
  4. Rolig Loon

    venda de dolares

    Pode ser necessĂĄrio ter paciĂȘncia enquanto Tilia revisa seus documentos. Ou vocĂȘ pode enviar um caso de suporte para perguntar sobre o status de sua revisĂŁo. De qualquer forma, ninguĂ©m aqui pode lhe dizer a resposta real. Somos todos residentes da SL como vocĂȘ.
  5. Nothing has really changed, though. The money was given without expecting anything in return, even acknowledgment. It was a gift. Regardless of what the donor may have had in mind, I think you should be grateful rather than feeling tainted or obliged to make any response. Treat it as a kind gesture or at the very least -- in the words of Woody Allen (?) -- "Don't ask questions; just take the money and run."
  6. Be a little patient with those people. I've known quite a few who have weak eyesight or unreliable balance and are a bit scared to make that first step. You don't have to be old to worry about falling either. I've seen little kids, pregnant women, and men with their arms full hesitate at the start or end of an escalator. Don't be patient with those people. That's what your elbows are for.
  7. Building on the unsolicited advice that I posted yesterday... 13. If you use a script that someone else wrote, dissect it and study it very carefully until you understand how it works. Perhaps add your own comment statements as you figure out what the scripter is doing. This is for self-protection as much as for building your skill set. Other scripters can make mistakes or have blind spots too, so you should be alert to avoid accepting their work blindly. Who knows? You might actually improve on it.
  8. I Might Be Crazy, but perhaps Moles Bury Candy so Maybe Bellisserian Chocolate? ( Maddened By Co-Vid, My Brain Craves it. )
  9. There's a rather large help section, in fact. It's called Answers. You'll find that it has several subsections, including one dealing with Linden Dollars(L$). There is also a good collection of articles in the Knowledge Base (link at the top of this page) that discuss how to go about setting up an account and establishing a verified payment method.
  10. That's likely to be the case, but don't let it discourage you. Take Fenix's advice and spend some time with one or two basic tutorials to get a feel for the structure and logical flow of a LSL script. Then spend a lot of time looking at examples of scripts. Pick short, easy ones to start. Read through them to see if you can understand what they do. Then, pick one and try changing it to do something a little different. You are likely to learn a lot more doing that than you are going to learn by watching what other people here do to make your mildly complicated script work.
  11. You are learning how to debug your own scripts. It's part of the fun of being a scripter. We all do it. Every once in a while someone else can peek into your scripts and spot whatever is wrong with it, but that's a long shot. Nobody knows your scripts better than you do. Nobody else has followed the logic that you wove together as you created them. No matter how frustrated you may feel, you are the best person to fix your own script errors. Here are some things that can help: 1. Make a habit of adding comment statements that will remind you what key variables do or how a loop is meant to function. 2. Develop a system for labeling variables so that you know what type they are (integer, float, vector, string ...) and whether they are defined globally or locally. 3. Develop a healthy OCD about the picky little things (matching brackets, closing lines with a semicolon, ...) that commonly keep a script from compiling. 4. Know exactly how each scope (each state, event, and block of code within them) is defined. Know which brackets open and close them and which variables are defined in them. 5. Be very careful about reusing variable names in different parts of the script. 6. Write scripts incrementally, testing individual parts as you add them, so that you can build upon success as you go. Don't change several things at once. 7. Be very careful about counters ... variable that keep track of which list element you are using at the moment or how many times you have run around a loop. Be sure that you reset them properly and that they don't get reset accidentally in other parts of the script. 8. Insert llOwnerSay statements or other diagnostic messages to tell you exactly what's happening as your script executes. 9. Keep a file of "tricks" that have worked for you in previous scripts, so that you don't have to reinvent them each time. 10. Keep copies of your work as you go along, and assign version numbers to them so that you can step back in inventory to pull out a previous version and start over when necessary. 11. Take a deep breath from time to time. Walk around the block. Play with the dog. Come back to look at your script with fresh eyes. 12. Create your own checklist of things that you typically do wrong. We all make our own unique mistakes. (Mine is improper typecasting. )
  12. Yup. Even better >> InWorld Employment
  13. Just look in the Wanted forum, or post there.
  14. Frustrating, isn't it? Chasing brackets and parentheses and quotation marks is like playing Whack-A-Mole. Yours keep moving around, so now you have them where they don't belong and you're missing them where they do.
  15. I joined on a dare. I colleague bet me that Second Life was going to be the next big platform for online education and I really doubted it. I came in to see what he was talking about and haven't left yet... 13 years and counting. And I won the bet.
  16. Well, if nothing else, you are using a version of Windows that is no longer supported. I suspect that the message about drivers is telling you that those are outdated too. You may need to bring other parts of your system up to date as well.
  17. Look for a missing quotation mark..... 😏 Edit: What she said ^^
  18. Take a good look at the code you posted. There's nothing following that second if test and the first one opens with a curly bracket that is never closed. You obviously meant to finish writing the code, but never did. Nearly everyone I know forgets to match brackets or parentheses occasionally. It's a pretty common mistake. That's where an editor like Sublime Text, which highlights matching brackets for you, can help. It won't help you with missing a whole block of code, though.
  19. Yes, and remove the stuff that has to do with jump too. It might be a good idea to step back and go through a basic LSL tutorial to familiarize yourself with the state/event structure that is the foundation of LSL, then take a special look at how a timer event works.
  20. Start here: and any other articles in the Knowledge Base that relate to land ownership/management. Consider taking Lindal Kidd's free class on owning and maintaining land, offered every Saturday at Caledon Oxbridge University in world. Then start lurking in the Land forums to see the range of prices being set by current landowners.
  21. You're missing a curly bracket to close your last else if test (plus whatever that test was meant to trigger). Add them and things should work. BTW, I know that Xyzzy text has been around for a long time in various versions, but I think you'll probably find Furware Text easier to use.
  22. No one. Your Transaction History is only preserved for 30 days.
  23. Nope, although anyone with decent detective skills in RL should be able to pick up clues if your alt hangs around in the same places that you do, has friends in common with you, and has the same communication style that you do. If my alts ever posted here, for example, it wouldn't take long for people to notice that we both make the same sorts of typos. The only way to be pretty sure that your alts can't be tied to you is to have them lead totally different lives.
  24. Not without seeing the entire script, but you almost certainly cannot share it -- especially in a public forum -- without violating the sales agreement, so don't do it.
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