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  1. Yeah, it's the same one. There's only one in Miller's Pond, and it's quite sunken. This photo's from almost the same angle as yours.
  2. These days, being maladjusted seems the norm. 🙃
  3. When I was a newbie, I used to change on top of a large building in a nearly unoccupied region, or head underwater in an ocean region. I haven't worried about such things for years. Once you develop the habit of either applying whole outfits at once or replacing clothing in layers, you can change anywhere. On the other hand .... If you do any shopping in crowded areas, you've probably seen enough naked bodies to last a lifetime, and countless people have seen your naked body at the same time. In these days when almost everyone wears a mesh body, incomplete rezzing is unavoidable. Once you get past the newbie surprise, any worries about what gets exposed seem pointless. Relax and embrace the uncertainty. You can unpack boxes anywhere that you have rez rights. Once you own or rent land, it's a real non-issue. Until then, if a group you belong to owns land and gives you rez rights, that's almost as good. Otherwise, there's always sandboxes.
  4. Wow! Lookit what's in Miller's Pond! Edit: Oh, @Chic Aeon already found it. Sorry, missed that, Chic.
  5. Pthaa ... We don't need no steenkin' furnishings. We're free spirits of the open seas. 😉
  6. Oooo! Mermaid competition! I love it. The Bellisseria oceans are big enough for all of us.
  7. Agreed. Hence "... unless you really need to." Sometimes you really need to, because there's there's no other way to do the job. This may be one of those cases. It's still worth asking whether the whole script is worth doing. Rather than offend the OP, let me point to a different example -- tummy talkers -- which are widely regarded as a scourge on the SL landscape. There's probably no way to make a tummy talker work more efficiently, but that doesn't make tummy talkers a good idea. Whoever thought up the product in the first place should have taken a step back and asked, "Should I really be creating this?"
  8. So, now it's time to look back at what I said at the end of my earlier post: When you listen on the public chat channel (channel 0), the servers are being told to pay attention to every single thing that is said in the region and then decide how much of that is within your own chat range. That's a lot of listening, even if nobody says anything. Now, if someone does say something, you are going to ask the servers to listen to every single word and decide whether the word is "ass." That's a lot of extra work, especially if there are lots of people saying things, as in a club, for example. This is the sort of script that can create measurable chat lag and get people really ticked. A bad idea. That's why one of the basic rules that responsible scripters learn very early on is
  9. Yes, 60 seconds was way too long an interval, for exactly the reason you discovered. The challenge is that it's almost impossible to hit the target times of 48600 and 54000 precisely. When the timer is set to trigger only once a minute, the chance of triggering it at exactly the target second is really low. Triggering thee timer every single second increases your chances of hitting the target precisely. Unless it's truly important to hit 48600 and 5400 right on the nose, though, that's still overkill. In this case, do you really care whether the bell rings a few seconds early or late? Instead of asking "Is the time 48600?", it's wiser to ask, "Is the time about 48600?" Give the timer some wiggle room and don't make the script work quite so hard if ( time > 48595 && time < 48605) // ring the bell. Then you can afford to run your timer with a ten second interval, since you know that it will have to trigger somewhere between 48595 and 48605. Now, about that very first timer .... That's a jump start. When you reset the script, the timer event will trigger almost instantly, 0.1 seconds later. After that, you've told it to trigger once a second. You didn't really need to give it that first kick, but doing it meant, "Don't wait! Start right NOW!" It was an important jump start when you were running the timer once a minute. Now that you've sped the timer up, it's not as important.
  10. You don't need to ask if (message == "ass") since you already filtered for that in the llListen statement, but the redundancy shouldn't keep it from working unless you're typing "ass" incorrectly. My guess is that Wulfie's right.. Try writing the listen handler as llListen (0,"","",""); and then asking if ( llStringTrim( llToLower( message ), STRING_TRIM) == "ass" ) and then be sure that you have the anim named correctly. Oh, and avoid listening on channel 0 unless you really need to.
  11. Yeah, I closed it when mesh came in. I couldn't compete. I am a scripter, not much of a mesher.
  12. A couple of issues: First, the simple one that's probably causing most of your trouble is that you have used "=" instead of "==" in the if tests in your timer event. Second, 8090 seconds after midnight is a little before 2:30 a.m. -- not the time you were hoping for. Third, you're triggering the bell sound a second time only 10 seconds after the first triggering event, not an hour and a half later. Aside from that -- and purely from an aesthetic perspective -- you can simplify your touch_start event by writing touch_start(integer total_number) { if (llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner()) { llSetTimerEvent(60.0 * (run = !run)); } } EDIT: Incidentally, I'm sure it has not escaped you that a day in SL is only 4 hours long, so 1:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. in RL won't translate into meaningful times in world unless you rethink your definition of time.
  13. Comme l'a dit l'actrice à l'évêque. Honi soit qui mal y pense. 🙃
  14. I agree, and that's why I put them in my shop (well, that and the fact that it was sort of a novelty). The basic design of a system like that needn't be difficult. Basically, you have two objects with separable functions: (1) a rezzer that creates the object and (2) the object itself, which has the functions of any normal vendor. You script the rezzer to create the object on demand and then you script the object as you would script any other vendor (click to Pay the object and have it send you a copy with appropriate perms), plus a timer that kills the object after X seconds or when the buyer pays. You can load it with other features (sounds, particles, rotating display .... ) but that's icing and puffery. The basic design doesn't need to be difficult.
  15. Cela dépend de qui est mort. Nous avons chacun un seul décès, et c'est rarement un petit événement, en ce qui nous concerne.
  16. I've made a few of those vendors myself, back when I had an in-world shop. They were fun for things like shoes. Some builders still use them for displaying houses and other structures. I suspect that they are less popular now for a few reasons (some more trivial than others): 1. Rezzing objects always causes a region's servers to stall briefly, thus adding to lag. If you have a lot of rezzers in a region, this can make a hefty potential difference. 2. Whether an object is rezzed "permanently" or is only there for a brief time, it adds to the parcel's land impact. Again, if a region is at all busy, these vendors can compete with each other and with other objects for precious L.I. 3. In general, rezzers like this require a bit more customization than simple vendors that display a picture and send a purchase to the buyer. The average shop owner doesn't have the skill or patience for customization. [This one is trivial, and probably most important for small shops, but still worth thinking about.] 4. Whether the rezzed items use up valuable L.I. or not, they do use up space. It's hard to jam many 3-D vendors into a shop without eating up floor space that you need for other things. All in all, I think those vendors are fun and certainly have a place. That's why I used to make them. They should probably be used sparingly, though.
  17. Goose down [ OK, double entendre time .... ]
  18. Depending on which "time" you want, llGetGMTclock llGetTime llGetUnixTime llGetTimeOfDay llGetWallclock llGetTimestamp Whatever fits your situation best.
  19. No, it's a time-honored tradition in the financial world. It makes sense, and I agree with the concept in principle. After all, it costs a company some small amount of time/energy/storage space to keep track of an account that's just sitting there, doing nothing. Even if it's just a mindless machine doing the tracking. They might as well charge you a parking fee to cover the effort (and to encourage you to close the account). In my case, the irony is that I had already closed the account and not been able to claim my 20 cents. It's one of those Dali-esque parallel universe things. But we digress.....
  20. Rolig Loon

    i cant log on

    And if you have been banned, don't try making alt accounts to get back into SL. The TOS says: 3.4 Other Eligibility Requirements for Use of the Service. You may not use the Service (i) if you have been terminated from the Service by Linden Lab (including, for avoidance of doubt, if any Account of yours has been terminated); or (ii) at any time if you are a person barred from receiving the Service under applicable law. If you violate that section of the TOS too, your chances of having a successful appeal will just go down the tubes.
  21. Parenthetically, I closed an account with one RL place years ago. They refunded my balance but made a small error, leaving about 20 cents in the account. I tried to get the tiny remainder returned, but they said the account was closed. Then I started getting a yearly notice that I was being charged an "inactivity fee", so the balance was being reduced by a penny. It's dropped by about ten cents now. I can't wait to see what happens when it goes negative.
  22. See? Now it's got you all riled up. And it made you use a bad word. Well, not exactly a "bad" word, but one that is out of favor because it's mistaken for a bad word. Anyway ... even the gods give gifts with strings attached, and the OP doesn't like loose strings. Life is too complicated already without stuff like this.
  23. When I sit down to compare my bank statement with my own records, I can fuss for ages over a discrepancy of a few pennies. It's a mini OCD problem. I just hate it when things don't balance, and I can't just say, "Oh, I'll just subtract those few pennies to make things look right." Maybe the OP was zapped by the same evil fairy as a child. It's a lousy 8 cents, but it doesn't come out even!!! 🤬
  24. This is a logic question, so think it through... Timer: What time is it? -- is it 1:30 p.m. or 3:00 p.m.? -- Is the bell control switched on? Yes? >> ring the bell No? >> don't ring the bell -- Is it 10 seconds after 1:30 p.m. or 3:00 p.m.? Yes? >> stop ringing the bell Touch toggle switch: Would you like to turn the bell control on? Yes? >> Turn it on No? >> Turn it off
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