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  1. From birds to flowers. Where will it all end? While we're on a roll, here's another fun linguistic fact. The name "dandelion" comes almost directly from French, where it means "lion's teeth". Strangely, however, the French often avoid the name dandelion themselves. Instead, they use the much more colorful name Pis-en-lit. If you dissect that name with your first year French dictionary at hand, you'll find that it means "piss in bed". Strange? Not really. Dandelion leaves are a fine -- even tasty -- salad garnish, but they are diuretic (look that one up if you really have to). The Fre
  2. I will give you the point for burping and farting. Okay, two points. That humming demo, however, is pretty thin. Most of the noise in that clip was a humming air conditioner, which the parrot was accompanying by singing a private lullaby. Slapping a label on the video to claim that the parrot was responsible for the humming is false advertising. You've been flim-flammed.
  3. Fun fact: Parrots can be taught to handle basic arithmetic ( see https://stalecheerios.com/conference-notes/mathematical-abilities-african-grey-parrot/ ) , thus qualifying as true Pollymaths. I find no evidence, however, that parrots can hum or belch.
  4. All of your if tests are still asking what the color of the detected face is. if(llGetColor(llDetectedTouchFace(0)) == g_URLcolourRED) //if the clicked face is Red You said that you wanted to have the if tests ask which texture is on the face, so the script should not ask about color now. Think carefully. You can figure this out.
  5. Use llGetTexture instead of llGetColor and look for the texture UUID instead of a color vector.
  6. All the nice places were around when UV was all the rage, but now their suns have died and the inhabitants have moved to the tropics.
  7. ... especially since you were probably first detected when you entered the region, which is when all sorts of scripts in your attachments are likely to wake up and do something. Your greatest load on region servers is in the first seconds after you arrive. It's dumb to make decisions about your "normal" script load right away.
  8. strMyFavoriteURL = "https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/471088-llset-texture-url/?tab=comments#comment-2288867";
  9. I don't understand what color has to do with it. If you want to activate some web link when a particular face is touched, just write touch_start(integer num) { if (llDetectedTouchFace(0) == iNumberOfMySpecialFace) { llLoadURL(llDetectedKey(0),"Yay!, you touched my face!", strMyFavoriteURL); } }
  10. You may have run across a very old script that had the functions llSetPrimURL and llRefreshPrimURL, but those functions were depreciated years ago. They won't do anything today. As Wulfie says, you do that sort of thing today with Media On A Prim. See llSetPrimMediaParams in the LSL wiki.
  11. Here's one to keep you awake wondering... You can have one noodle, a single poodle, and a free-spirited doodle if you wish, but can't have just one oodle. Oodles come in pairs or flocks -- I'm not sure what the correct collective noun is -- but you never find one grazing alone. They are uncountable and so incredibly social that an isolated one would die of loneliness in seconds. The same is almost true of caboodles. I have never seen a caboodle by itself, or accompanied by another caboodle. It makes me wonder where little caboodles come from, or if they do. I get the impression th
  12. Yeah, it's a pretty wussy hum, but you can get great effects by humming and whistling at the same time -- if you like bagpipe drones, at least.
  13. The place to ask is the InWorld Employment forum. Provide enough detail that a potential scripter can figure out what you want done, and discuss terms up front. The Wanted forum is the place to ask for scripts that someone has already written, not custom work.
  14. It's not a special version, but you do have to be sure that it's sampled at 44100.
  15. Right. When you rotate the root prim of a linkset, you always rotate the entire linkset. The only ways to rotate just the root are: 1. Change the link order and make some other prim the root or 2. Rotate the root and then rotate everything else back by the opposite amount.
  16. Also, you can use the HOME key on your keyboard to toggle flying on or off. I've been doing that for years.
  17. I'm afraid you will have a hard time finding a laptop in that price range that will give you more than mediocre performance in SL. Even at the top of that range, a laptop will probably be only slightly better than the Surface you already have. Expect to pay at least $700 for a machine that will be significantly better than that. It is better to save your money toward a better machine later than to throw it away on a cheap one now.
  18. Here's one that always stuns me... There are close to 37,848 cubic km of fresh (non-oceanic) water on Earth. Of those, 29,200 cubic km are in glaciers (roughly 77.2% of the total) and 8,350 cubic km are in ground water (another 22.1% of the total). That means that all of the water in the world's lakes and stream amounts to only 0.7% of all the fresh water in the world. That's still 230.25 cubic km of the total but it's nothing compared to what's locked up in ice or underground. (The oceans, of course, are much huger. They hold roughly 1,320,00 cubic km of water, or 97.3% of all the
  19. That laptop is designed for light home office use, not for a demanding graphics environment. Its graphics are handled by an integrated Intel 600 chip, rather than by a dedicated graphics card, which will probably make it disappointing for use in SL. It also has about half the graphics memory that it would need for handling the torrent of texture information that SL tosses at it, so should expect to spend a lot of time waiting for images to rez completely.
  20. Thanks for that extra information. So, not a temperature issue, at least at the instant you took that screen shot. It's remarkable that you are getting 80 fps (unless you are in a skybox). For most residents, the average fps is closer to half of that. I get 75 to 90 fps in my skybox but it drops to about 35 fps on the ground, depending on where I am, and I am running with a 1080 with 16 GB on the card. For the moment, I'm at a loss to explain your stalling problem, then. I assume that you've checked to be sure that your Internet connection is stable -- not just fast, which is a differe
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