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  1. Send the vector as a string and then recast it when it's received: llRegionSay(secret_channel, (string)llGetPos() ); and then listen (integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { vector vReceived_vector = (vector)message; }
  2. Several carefree enthusiastic nudists, exercising NAKED.
  3. It's really hard to diagnose something as complex as this from a distance. As others have said, it could be a problem with your Internet connection (my first guess), or your boat's script (few boat scripts really work well), or it could just be a bumpy region crossing. Moving from one region to another involves transferring control of your av and any attachments from one region server to another and keeping track of the positions and trajectories of anything that is moving. The more stuff there is to keep track of, the greater the task, which is why you try to simplify as much as possible. Regions do not all run on the same server versions, either, and they may have different amounts of load as well, so the handoff from one region to the next can be complicated. You may be able to resolve some of these problems by tweaking preference settings or managing how much you are carrying, or by buying a better boat or stabilizing your Internet connection, but some things are beyond your control.
  4. Ten cents isn't a financial hardship for most people.
  5. From the Knowledge Base: How to end a partnership The person who "divorces" is charged L$25. <<< --- This is approximately $0.10 US Follow this procedure to dissolve a partnership: Open the Partners page. Select "I, (your name), would like to dissolve my partnership with (your partner's name)." Click Submit. Your partnership is dissolved and your now-ex-partner is notified.
  6. You can always explore and see for yourself. The Bellisseria continent is quite large, so there's a lot of ground to cover. Pick a nice, central region like Bellisseria Fairgrounds. Then use your map and start hopping around, or take the more fun approach and fly. Sample traditional neighborhoods, houseboats, camping trailers, and anything else you find. Another approach is to start sampling the threads in the Linden Homes subforum of the Land forum, There are several long threads full of photographs and commentary from current residents, some of which have quite useful suggestions about how to get a home and what to do with it once you have it.
  7. Rolig Loon


    Are you in an old-style Linden Home? Contact Live Chat during working hours.
  8. Tummy ache sufferers traumatize easily. BALMY
  9. Rolig Loon

    Merging Land

    Merge, as in join adjacent parcels to make a single, larger one? Assuming that you own both parcels and that they are in the same region, you right click on the ground in one parcel and select Edit Terrain. Then, use your mouse to draw a small rectangular area that straddles the boundary between that parcel and the adjacent one. Select Join from the open editing window. That's it. Voila! You have one parcel where there used to be two of them.
  10. Good luck with the deadline. Writing is a great challenge and it leaves you with a glow of satisfaction when you can hold the finished work in your hands. Deadlines, however, threaten to suck all the joy out of writing. Well, deadlines and -- if you're writing books -- all the fiddly business of the end material (foreword, table of contents, index, glossary, end notes) and the dreadful business of getting a signed release for every illustration you use. Oh, and creating chapter-end problem sets and thought questions, if you're writing textbooks. I used to slog through all of that part, relying on pure momentum to make it to the end. I envy a couple of my friends who have written novels, which don't have any of that anticlimactic material. They just say "The End" and live happily ever after.
  11. Turning off your AO should help to get you standing on the helm instead of sitting in the air. And you can also compensate for an odd floating position by adjusting your Hover Height temporarily Right click on yourself and select Appearance >> Hover Height.
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