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  1. As Pam says, it's a matter of how things round off. If your item had a calculated L.I. of 2.3, it would round to 2 in world. When you add a prim cube with L.I. 0.5, that makes the calculated L.I. 2.8, which rounds to 3.
  2. Your Premium account is prepaid, so if your cancel or downgrade today, you will still have all of your Premium benefits until the end of the period that you have already paid for. So, plan to sell or abandon any property that you own on the Mainland just before the end of the current payment period, and then downgrade. As a Basic member, you will be able to keep and land that you own on private estates, and you may rent anywhere. Linden Lab does not give refunds, so you have no other choice as far as your money is concerned. When you are ready to downgrade, follow the instructions at
  3. That is a very good question, but not one that we can answer. This is a public forum, and we're all SL residents like you. We couldn't access your account if we wanted to -- and you definitely wouldn't want that. If you have a non-technical issue related to billing concerns, you can call the Linden Lab billing team at the following toll-free numbers at any time 24/7: Local Toll-Free numbers US/Canada: 800-294-1067 FREE France: 0805-101-490 Germany: 800-724-4552 FREE Japan: 800-100-3060 FREE Brazil: 800-878-3076 FREE Spain: 90-083-9074 UK: 800-086-9081 FREE Long distance ( not free, but you can use Skype to save some cost ) : 703-286-6277 **Note: Support is offered only in English
  4. It scrolls in 1 second, so set a timer as it starts scrolling. When the timer triggers, turn the texture anim off.
  5. Study sections in the LSL wiki for llDialog and llSay. The first example in the page for llDialog should be very easy to adapt for your use.
  6. ... addressing only link 0 (the root in a one-link linkset). I didn't know how many links you had in yours, so opted to use the more general construction with PRIM_LINK_TARGET just so you'd see that it's an option. If you really do have only one link, though, Innula's setup is much simpler.
  7. So do llSetTexture twice: one time for face 1 and the second time for face 2. Or use SLPPF with its PRIM_TEXTURE parameter and repeat the command twice in it, using PRIM_LINK_TARGET: llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_SET,[PRIM_LINK_TARGET,0,"My_texture",1,<1,1,1>,ZERO_VECTOR,0.0,PRIM_LINK_TARGET,0,"My_Texture",2,<1,1,1>,ZERO_VECTOR,0.0]);
  8. Well, that's certainly simpler than my math, although I think the two should be equivalent. Dora and I seem to be using the same approach. The bottom line, though, is that if the simpler math works, use it! Simpler is always preferable. Thanks, @Ruthven Willenov
  9. That's odd. Until I am back in the land of reliable Internet, I can only speculate, and I'm not speculating well so far.
  10. I'm on vacation far from home, so I can't log in to SL from a motel's Internet connection to see exactly what you are doing. My best guess, though, is that your door is not hinged where the script expects it to be. With a cut prim door, there are two possible choices, as the notes indicate. The door is either flattened on its X axis or its Y axis, and the hinge is always its Z axis. The script can distinguish between those two possibilities. It can't guess correctly if you have a door built some other way, as a mesh door might be. Also, once you get your door set up, be sure that the door is closed and then reset the script so that it knows what "closed" means.
  11. As you can see from other answers so far, all we can do is make wild guesses. You haven't told us anything at all about your computer or how you are connected to the Internet. Most important, you have not explained what you mean by "crashing". We can't guess when you are crashing, or whether you are even crashing at all, rather than disconnecting. Exactly what happens? When does it happen? Exactly what messages do you get? What's the last thing that happens? What have you already tried? What have you changed recently?
  12. In Marketplace, look for the dropdown menu right in the middle at the top of the page.
  13. Oh, I see what you mean. You have a PayPal account with a cash balance but you can't use it in SL. Yes, that might be true, but it's very easy to fix. The requirement is that you must have a verified PayPal account. PayPal offers two ways to verify your account, either of which will work for SL. You may verify it by providing PayPal with a credit card as backup, or you may give PayPal a bank account number. That's PayPal's way to verify that they know who you are, and that they have a way to guarantee that you have cash to pay your bills to SL. You get to choose which verification method you want to use. Once the account is verified, it doesn't matter how you put money into it. The verification is just PayPal's guarantee that you have a backup. The only slightly annoying limitation is that banks cannot transfer money to PayPal fast enough for Internet sales. If you don't have a cash balance in your PayPal account and they have to ask your bank account for more, the bank might take as much as a day or more to send it. Meanwhile, PayPal doesn't have money to send Linden Lab, so they will deny your purchases. The solution is to always keep a cash balance in your PayPal account if the account was verified by a bank. If you verified the PayPal account with a credit card, that's not a problem.
  14. I don't have any idea what you are ranting about, but do you have a question?
  15. Probably not. Many things will not show up with area search, and many objects are too small (or too thin) to be easy to spot, even if you highlight transparency. If the object is texture with a full transparent texture and is using Alpha Mode Masking, it won't show up with CTRL+Alt+T, even if it is elephant-sized. I assume that you know almost exactly where the object was rezzed, so you don't need to search the entire region. A beacon set to look for scripted items ought to work, but you will need to look very carefully and from several different angles.