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  1. Try going through the Portal Park, maybe?
  2. Think through the logic in your changed event. Ask yourself specifically "What is that final else block of code meant to do? When does it become active?"
  3. If you see a tree in the middle of the street, submit a support case so that the Lindens know where to look for it. They can send out a road crew to deal with things like that.
  4. That's not what the message at says. Linden Lab will be providing the security orb.
  5. Rolig Loon

    New Homes House Boat

    Yes, all traditional houses and houseboats have been available since Monday afternoon. Teleport to any region on the new Belliseria continent (like Calm Waves, for example) and fly around. Many of the homes are occupied, so be respectful of privacy and do not wander into someone's home without an invitation.
  6. No, there is not. You request a linden Home and you are assigned one at random in the style you have chosen. If you would rather have a different parcel, you may abandon that one and request a new one, up to 5 times a day. Each time, the assignment is random.
  7. Hehe... I didn't say that it was good practice or that I would do it myself. Steph. I'm too lazy for that. I always use "" , According to the wiki and my own years of experience, though, it's perfectly acceptable to use NULL_KEY. It's not interpreted as a filter in that function. Sometimes "not good practice" doesn't mean that it won't work.
  8. Steph -- here's what the wiki has to say at the entry for llListen: If msg, name or id are blank (i.e. "") they are not used to filter incoming messages. If id is an invalid key or assigned the value NULL_KEY, it is considered blank as well. There's nothing in the Discussion notes or the revision history to suggest that it's changed.
  9. I managed to script a drone a few years ago that did exactly that. A timer updated the drone's position and thus the cam position once a second. It did mean that the camera view was jumpy if the drone was moving fairly quickly, but it made a great drone for remote surveilance if you parked it or moved it around short distances at a time. It's a matter of adjusting your expectations.
  10. Yes, and it works fine as long as you are in an Experience.
  11. Part of the idea, as I understand it, is to meet new friends. It's like moving to a new town and getting to know a new neighborhood. You can always abandon your Linden Home and request a new one, up to 5 times a day actually. With luck, you might get closer to a specific neighborhood. but it's really all random. Fortunately, all of the neighborhoods look pretty nice and in SL we can teleport to visit a distant friend instantly.
  12. You can certainly use alpha masking mode if you wish. That will avoid the alpha sorting problem. If you use alpha blending mode, there's no way to avoid it with something like hair because you will always have two 32-bit surfaces close enough to each other to confuse your graphics card. The big drawback with alpha masking is that the cutoff is hard Things are either visible or transparent, so you can't get some of the subtle grading that you'll get with alpha blending. Personally, I tend to prefer updos for that reason. They have fewer flyaway elements to deal with, and alpha blending still looks fairly good.
  13. It's the New Homeowner Baptism. 🏊‍♀️
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