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  1. Not as far as I know, but I am far from a mesh maven. My uploads are always gray. It's not much of an annoyance, and hardly a challenge to change, so I've never given it much thought.
  2. I'm going to guess that you are using Windows 10. If so, read Firestorm's advice >>> Note that it may not be possible to upgrade the drivers on some laptops that use an Intel graphics chip rather than a dedicated graphics card because Intel does not offer drivers appropriate for the OpenGL environment that SL depends on.
  3. It actually crashes, rather than disconnecting? So you are just suddenly out of SL without any sort of error message? If so, it's unlikely to be due to a viewer or server issue. It's more likely to be a problem with your computer or your Internet connection. One of the scariest possibilities is overheating, either of your CPU or your graphics card. SL is very graphics intensive, so it puts a heavy load on your graphics card, generating a lot of heat. You should not be surprised by a temperature rise of as much as 20 degrees C in normal use. If the temperature monitor in your computer consistently measures a GPU temperature above 80 C, though, you can be damaging the card. The computer will try to prevent damage by dumping you out of SL -- usually after only a minute or two. To be sure that's not your problem, open the case and blow out accumulated dust bunnies and cat hair. Make sure that your fans are all spinning properly. And pay attention to your temperature monitor. If you're working from a laptop, be very sure that you have good airflow around it, and consider having it professionally cleaned. Overheating is not the only possibility but, as I said, it's probably the scariest one, so rule it out before you go much farther.
  4. The best way to guarantee that the textures are not only high quality but also not ripped ones that some pirate posted on the Internet is to make them yourself. Take a photo with a digital camera or your cell phone and manipulate it in Photoshop or GIMP to get whatever you want. You'll find a zillion tutorials on line that explain how to make a seamless texture (like this one >>> ).
  5. It's impossible to say without seeing what the script is doing, but I suspect that the answer is fairly simple. There are many different ways to track time in SL. If you use llGetTimeStamp, your output is real time relative to UTC, accurate to a millisecond. llGetUnixTime, similarly, yields real time relative to the Unix origin date. Neither is affected by server behavior, so they are excellent choices for stopwatches or the sort of thing you are doing. Similarly, llGetTime is also unaffected by time dilation. It marks the time since the most recent script restart. If your script marks the passage of time by counting ticks in its own timer event, though, you'll get wild results because the script may pause for a few milliseconds hare and there as the servers need to divert attention to higher priority tasks. If I were you, I'd monitor llGetUnixTime to see the real elapsed time for your task.
  6. It's certainly doable, but it's a violation of the TOS. Read the Gambling Policy: "It is a violation of this policy to wager in games in the Second Life® environment operated on Linden Lab servers if such games: Rely on chance or random number generation to determine a winner, OR Rely on the outcome of real-life organized sporting events, AND provide a payout in Linden Dollars (L$) OR Any real-world currency or thing of value."
  7. I'm not sure that I understand what you are asking. What do you expect to be "locked," and what difference do you expect it to make?
  8. I doubt that you'll see much of hit at all from three or four simple sensor-relay scripts. If you're worried, though, you can always put a single script in the shuttle (or incorporate a wee bit if new code in the shuttle's script, to report its position every 30 seconds or so. Send that info back to the display board and update its arrival estimate.
  9. Why not just place sensors along the route that trigger when your shuttle passes by? All you'd need to do then is send a short update message to your display board that says,"Next shuttle arriving in about XX minutes."
  10. If you really meant "OpenSim" when you typed "openworld", you have come to the wrong place. This forum is for dealing with questions about Second Life, the main grid. OpenSim worlds are independent, not managed by Linden Lab and not operating with identical software. Many of the solutions we might offer to problems on the main grid will not be relevant in OpenSim, so you'll have to find a help site there instead. You should be aware that Linden Lab will not respond to a support case about OpenSim.
  11. It's done all the time. You just have to be sure that your script addresses the links that are meant to rotate. The complexity of the script depends on the complexity of your door, but it can be as simple as
  12. Arton is probably right, especially in your case. Keeping any channel open all the time means that the region servers will need to devote time to evaluating every message, deciding whether you are within listening range and are the intended recipient. If there are a lot of people in the region and a lot of messages, that can add up to a lot of work and can restrict the amount of resources available for other things. That means lag for everyone. You can look at your Statistics bar (CTRL + Shift. +1) to get a feel for how much time is being devoted to messaging. I suspect that it's not much on your region. In general, though, it's good practice to close listeners unless you really need them. Chat lag can be serious once you have many people in a region.
  13. I doubt that you will find that specific script, but I could be surprised. It would be extremely easy to write, though. Just add a money event to your existing script and make the invitation depend on payment. If you are not a scripter, post a short note like this one in the InWorld Employment forum to attract someone who will write it for you.
  14. Try
  15. That is very strange. I cannot imagine what's causing the problem, but it still sounds like a region server issue. Submit a support case to ask LL to have a look.