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  1. Always be sure that you send L$ to a person's LOGIN name, not to a Display name. Otherwise, you might send it to the wrong person. Check the Transaction History on your dashboard at secondlife.com >>> Account to see where you actually sent the L$. Ask your friend to do the same.
  2. Name the links and then collect the link numbers in state_entry integer len = llGetNumberOfPrims(); integer i; if (i < len) { ++i; name = llGetLinkName(i); if (name == "Heart") { iHeart = i; } } Save iHeart as a global integer variable. Then direct your actions at iHeart when you want that specific link.
  3. Scripters are often called upon to script double doors that will swing together when either one is touched. There are many ways to do that, depending on how the doors are constructed. Here's one. In this example, we have two identical doors ("Left Door" and "Right Door") that might be simple prims or mesh objects. They are parts of a linkset in which the root is the black prim below the doors. The doors might be linked to a building or a wall, in which case the root of that building or wall would take the place of the black prim in this image. The doors are named "Left Door"
  4. And did you try the repair suggested above?
  5. If a landowner has banned you, you will simply not be able to go there. Typically, banning expires after a while, but "a while" could be months. As a general rule, the best advice is to move on. You know where you are not welcome, and there are plenty of other places to explore.
  6. And it's been missing since June 2017? At this point, I think all hope is lost.
  7. Here's a way to fix it yourself :
  8. Those extra hinge prims are going to be a complication. Let me show you another way. First, arrange your doors like this: So, two identical doors made just like your two but without the prim hinges, plus a small flat prim at ground level that will be the root prim when you link the three together. This script goes in that new root prim: integer intSwing =90; rotation rotSwing; vector vOffset; default{ state_entry(){ rotSwing = llEuler2Rot(<0.0,0.0,(float)intSwing>*DEG_TO_RAD); //90 degrees on the z axis vector size = (vector)llList2Stri
  9. Interesting. It worked just fine for me an hour ago, and I tried it again just now with no problem.
  10. So .... why can't you restart it from your dashboard? Open Land Manager >>> My Regions and click on the region you want to deal with. Then click Restart.
  11. Since you say that you have gone through suggestions on the Firestorm wiki, I assume that you have tried the most obvious things, like detaching and reattaching any stubborn HUD, or wearing a backup copy. Have you tried going to a different region, or at least a different parcel? If you are on land where the own has turned off permission for others to run scripts, most scripted devices will refuse to work. The exception will be things like AOs and vehicle control HUDs, which are usually designed to continue running in a no-script area if you start them somewhere else.
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