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  1. What is SL Water?

    SL water is the simulated surface that fills the void between regions and exists in all region at a level of about 20 m. It's what ponds and canals are full of and what boats float on. You cannot make it flow out of a faucet or fill a glass. In fact, you can't do anything TO it --- just swim or sail on it or enjoy its role in the environment.
  2. Group Liability

    No, but you can. Just open your Transaction History (on your dashboard at >>> Account) and look to see which group you are paying. Group liability is your proprtional share of the group's expenses for maintaining a listing in Search or placing classified ads or whatever. In some groups, the owners decide to pay those costs themselves. In many others the costs are divided equally, so that nobody pays more than a few pennies a week. If you don't want to pay your fair share, try talking to an owner or just leave the group.
  3. random touch to rotate wheel

    I'm not sure that's right. I believe it's exactly the opposite. Since the servers are aware of what's happening to a physical prim, they ought to know where it ends up when it stops spinning and not "unwind" at all, unless I am misunderstanding your use of the word. I'm away from home now, so I can't even pop in world to do a quick experiment. I suspect, though, that if you could make a spinning disk that is physical, animate it with llTargetOmega for a random number of seconds, and then stop it, the servers would be able to figure out exactly which segment was pointed up, or whatever direction your pointer is aimed at.. That said, I'm intrigued by Ruthven's idea. Rotating the texture instead of the wheel sounds a lot less chancy. Just use llSetTextureAnim in ROTATE mode and make the texture rotate for a random time. When it stops, translate the total number of rotations into an angular measure to figure out which segment is "up".
  4. change group of prim from rezzer

    You can take advantage of a hack to make it work, for now at least. Rez two prims and put your rezzer script in each one. Set one of the prims to one group and the other prim to the second group. Link the two prims. They will each stay set to their original group and I think that they may rez objects that are set to their own group too (not 100% sure about that last part). Unfortunately, though, that hack does not survive if you take the object to your inventory. When you do that the object takes the group of its root prim.
  5. Viewer 2 windlight

    Yeah, I wondered about that myself, but figured that it was a typo. Nobody has used a viewer with that number for years (2010?).
  6. Designing for Second Life - Where to Start?

    Read these forums. That's where you're likely to get the most relevant answers to the most common mesh building challenges in SL. And if you can't find the topic you are looking for, ask.
  7. Teleporter Camera Override Problems

    The difference is that the teleporter moves you instantly, so your camera lags and can't keep focused on you. In a vehicle the cam has a much easier time following you. Many years ago, Dora Gustafson did some trials with a system for tricking the cam into staying with you through a teleport. I have used her code a few times, with limited success, but it's not perfect. It is still best to simply hit ESC becore you TP.
  8. Teleporter Camera Override Problems

    That's expected behavior. Essentially, you have moved on and your cam is still focused on where you used to be, unless you force it to focus on you by hitting ESC. Incidentally, do not use warppos or anything like it. That hack has been unnecessary since about 2010. Use llSetRegionPos instead.
  9. lindex exchange transter

    It sounds like you have done something that you didn't intend. You should not have a USD balance at all unless you sold L$ on the LindeX. If you are hoping to have L$, you should not have done that, and you should not now be trying to process a credit transfer to take your USD out of SL. All you have been doing so far is costing yourself a lot of money in fees for buying and selling L$. To be clear, when you bring money into SL, you are buying L$. You are not depositing USD in your account. The L$ are available immediately for spending in world or in the Marketplace. If you turn around and sell the L$ again to put USD in your balance, you will no longer have L$ to spend. You can't have it both ways. Processing Credit means "taking my USD out of SL to my PayPal account." I have no idea why you are doing that.
  10. lindex exchange transter

    There is only one balance assigned to your account, so it doesn't make any difference whether you perform transactions in the LindeX, through your viewer, or in Marketplace through your web browser. The transactions all affect the same balances in your account. Therefore, it does not make sense to say When you want to buy L$, it is generally smartest to buy directly through the LindeX, as you have. Your viewer can be slow to recognize that your account has changed, so you may occasionally even need to wait until relogging for it to update. You cannot have a USD balance in your account unless you have sold L$, which is not possible if you have been in SL for less than 8 days. If you have been around longer than that and sold L$, then you may transfer USD to your PayPal account with the Credit Transfer option to take the money out of SL.
  11. Couple days in - already banned

    If you find an easy way, export it to RL. That's where we really need it. The culture shock you get from logging in to SL and traveling around is a very mild version of what you experience if you travel in RL. No matter how many guide books and YouTube videos you watch before vacationing abroad, you're never prepared for being there. You have to bump your nose into unexpected cultural walls yourself before you learn how to adjust your brain to accept them. Even with lots of help from the natives, the burden of learning is always on your shoulders, not theirs.
  12. Texture by notecard

    You've already figured out the logic pretty well. As you said, simply put the texture names and UUIDs in the notecard, and read them in with a dataserver event. You could store the information in a single strided list or in two parallel lists, whichever is more convenient for you. Then use a dialog to select the one you want to display at any given time. As Xijia says, you don't really need to read the information from a notecard at all if you are always going to use the same selection of textures. The notecard approach just gives you added flexibility for when you want to use texture UUIDs that are not hard coded into the script.
  13. Show and Hide and Prim Count

    Yes. That is exactly how a rezzer works. It rezzes things in the objectcs inventory (not yours).
  14. SL a California based virtual world

    No, embarrassingly enough, it's worse than that. My mind doesn't extend Europe to the Urals.
  15. SL a California based virtual world

    No, I'm really only sure about a few things in this life. And every time I turn around, another one of those sure things has gone up in smoke. Thank you for double checking.