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  1. Creating hud, have a small question...

    I was searching for the right words, but I think you just nailed it, arton. @sgtmarkoes, those scripts are hardly suitable for a HUD. To rotate the HUD, you don't need to add a line to those scripts. You need to write a totally different script. If you're not up to it, the best solution is to post in the InWorld Employment forum to attract a scripter who will write a custom script to fit your situation.
  2. My avatar

    There are many possible answers, depending on what you mean by "not loading". Alwin suggested one, bake fail. Take a look at the link he provided and see if it helps. If not, come back and add more information here so we can give you better answers instead of just guessing.
  3. Is sharing a chat log a breach of the TOS?

    Generally not. Things change so quickly in SL that perfectly good advice that we posted to a question in 2013 can easily be outdated and flat out wrong today. Adding new discussion to an old thread puts all that dead information back into circulation again. As you can see in this case, people who read a necropost can very easily miss the fact that they have been sucked into reading very old discussions. It's better to let those old threads die a peaceful death. If you find an old (more than a year old) thread, ignore it. If you have a new question , start a new thread.
  4. Creating hud, have a small question...

    It sounds as if you are "hiding" the HUD by making it transparent. That's not a good idea, as you have discovered. You can still click a transparent object. Take a look at this thread for better ideas >>>
  5. i lost my lindens

    Follow these instructions immediately >>> Then select the object and use your editor to get the name of the last owner and the object's creator. Submit an Abuse Report with that information and any other information (where you got it, how much L$ you lost ...). Then delete the object and remove it from your inventory.
  6. Lumiya Help needed

    Lumiya is pretty amazing for what it does. It's designed for people who either don't own a real computer or who just need to be able to log in briefly to check on their in-world business while they are away from home. It handles most of the primary functions of the standard viewer and gives you basic graphics, which Radegast doesn't (and no other mobile viewer ever did either). No, it can't do heavy lifting, but you can't expect to do everything when you log in to SL on a smart phone.
  7. Best Scripter Tips and Shortcuts

    So you write on_rez (integer startup) { if (startup) { llSetTimerEvent(5.0); // or llSetLinkPrimitiveParams (LINK_THIS,[PRIM_TEMP_ON_REZ,TRUE]); // or change state to a new state with a collision_start event in it. // or whatever other trick strikes your fancy. } } And then be sure that you pass the object a non-zero startup parameter from the llRezAtRoot statement in your rezzer script. That way, your object disappears in a flash if it's rezzed from the script but it lasts forever if you rez it from inventory.
  8. Question

    Gotcha. So maybe the trick is to anticipate what the wrong way looks like and squish it before they get there. Good luck. At least we all speak more or less the same language.
  9. Question

    Every place does. That's why we learn to be sensitive when we are in an international community. Chic's right, though. Unless your rudeness rises to the level of harrassment, Linden Lab will treat is as a dispute between residents and will ignore any ARs about it. But, yeah, don't do it just because you can get away with it. I have had many polite, jovial friends from Oz, so I know it's possible.
  10. is vr gear required for sansar?

    Sansar is optimized for VR, which means that you will have a much better experience if you use it. It's not required, though.
  11. Linden support took it all? why?

    It's possible that one of your tenants paid you with stolen money. That can happen, as it can in RL. When it does, and LL can track it, they will return it to the original owners the same way that the courts in RL would. All you can do now is wait.
  12. Linden support took it all? why?

    That generally means that the Lab has reclaimed L$ that had either been placed in your account by mistake or had been stolen from another SL resident. In either case, you may have been an innocent party in the error that they have corrected. If so, you may get an explanation in response to the support case you filed. If not, you should expect to hear shortly about that as well. The bottom line is that the money was not yours, so it has been removed from your account and returned to the rightful owner. As a reminder, this is a public, resident to resident Answers site. We are all SL residents like you and have absolutely no way to look into your account to answer the details of a question like this. Lindens rarely come to this site, and will never comment on the specifics of an individual case here. You will need to wait for a response to your support case.
  13. Can someone explain how L works?

    Surely you know enough about statistics to know a biased sample when you see one. How many people are likely to post here when they have no trouble at all using the Limit Buy option? If there's a gigantic flaw in LL's system, it's in naming that option "Best Buy". It's only "best" in the sense that you can get a good price if you understand how currency markets work or have taken the time to read and understand the Knowledge Base information, if you are patient, if you are buying/selling enough L$ to have it make any difference, if you can read a table and handle basic mathematics, and if you speak English. Otherwise, your "best" choice is to use the Market Buy option.
  14. Changing Premium Homes

    You cannot rent your Linden Home to someone else easily, because you do not actually own it. You are renting it from Linden Lab. If you sublet it to another person, you will have to create a group, invite that person to the group, and give that person rights to rez objects there. Even with that, though, there are functions of the house that will only respond to you, and the new renter will not have access to Live Chat for making trouble calls. You will still be responsible if your tenant does something that violates the covenant, like using the property for a business or putting up a skybox. Also, from a practical perspective, what SL resident is going to want to sublet a Linden Home from you rather than renting an equal size parcel and building a house of her own liking? It's much smarter to simply abandon the Linden Home and apply your Premium land fee waiver to the monthly fees on another 512 sq m parcel elsewhere on the mainland. If you want to use that property as a rental parcel while you go and find somewhere else to live, that's fine. Plenty of people do that.
  15. Turning off swirling particles?

    Then either something has changed very recently or you have done it wrong. The swirly particles are only visible to the person that the scripted device is sending a message to, and -- contrary to my own post at the top of this thread -- can be toggled on/off with that debug setting. Many debug settings are only temporary, however, so they revert to a default when you log out of SL. I can't be sure right now whether EffectScriptChatParticles is one of those temporary settings -- I am away from home and cannot log in to SL to test -- but that would not surprise me. If so, you'll have to set it every time you log in, or just relax and live with the swirlies like all the rest of us.