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  1. That really sucks pond water, Lindal. I hope the logjam breaks soon for you.
  2. A lady seductive and handsome Became wedged in a hotel room transom. When she offered much gold For release she was told That the view was worth more than the ransom. Clearly in the days when hotel rooms had transoms....
  3. Yes, but are they things that do something? I mean something useful? When my son was about 8, I wired up a black box for him that had a dozen buttons and a few rheostats on it. Basically, it was a tone generator with a some odd filters and a bunch of flickering lights. He loved that thing but it did absolutely nothing but startle the cat. Maybe your AWS panel is a grown-up version of my black box.
  4. I remember that mine was like that once but now that it's past warranty, its little parts keep needing more frequent attention and they cost me more every time I take it into the shop.
  5. You're probably right, but it is abusive and it is a reposted IM. The OP made his point very well without needing to post the message.
  6. Rolig Loon


    Você está no SL há menos de 30 dias. Muitas regiões de Adultos não permitem que novos residentes entrem em suas regiões, porque é muito provável que eles estejam lá para causar problemas. Espere um mês e depois tente ir para essas regiões. You have been in SL for less than 30 days. Many Adult regions do not allow new residents to enter their regions, because it is very likely that they are there to cause trouble. Wait for a month, then try going to those regions.
  7. I suspect that you are the victim of mistaken identity , or maybe a really sick joke. In either case, mute, block, and move on. You've done what you can by submitting an AR. This person doesn't deserve any more of your attention. It's probably a good idea to delete the IM from this thread. You are violating a couple of Community Guidelines by reposting it.
  8. That is definitely odd. I wish I had a good answer. Maybe if I sleep on it ..........
  9. That should not happen if you are teleporting with a landmark or by using a direct SLURL. If you are using your Map view to teleport, though, you do need to enter the exact coordinates, including the Z (height) component into the map's coordinate controls before you click the Teleport button. Sometimes, with some viewers, you have to hit the Enter key after you have typed numbers into those coordinate boxes and before you click Teleport. If you don't, the numbers that you typed aren't in memory yet. The Z value that you typed in will actually be read as ZERO, which will drop you at ground l
  10. Must be your machine. (Pause for mild panic attack) Or maybe the region you were in is restarting and you got logged off by mistake.
  11. My cousin and his wife (both 79) got their shots a week and a half ago in Portland OR. They didn't mention anything about scheduling problems, but their daughter made the appointments for them so who knows? Anyway, yes, I have heard tales from all over about people having a hard time getting the vaccine. It really does depend on timing, location, and luck, I guess.
  12. Gosh. I didn't have to do anything. Last month, the clinic I go to for all my health care sent me an e-mail note to ask me to schedule a time to get my shot. I logged on to their secure site, picked a date and time, and that was it. I walked in at 9:15 Monday morning, got my shot, and was out by 9:40.
  13. The bubble metaphor suggests other properties as well. Like a real soap bubble, a metaphorical bubble is fragile. It has a boundary that is hard to see yet difficult to cross without destroying it and dispersing whatever was inside. It is therefore very tempting to avoid disturbing the bubble, for fear that it will not survive. Nothing may enter or leave. This is a very useful metaphor.
  14. A bubble is an isolated environment, separated from the rest of the world by a transparent boundary. When we talk about a bubble as a metaphor, we mean that people live in groups where they all have the same interests and beliefs, rarely interacting with anyone outside their own group. They are living in a social "bubble", and may not even be aware that other people have different beliefs and interests.
  15. Linden Lab's practice regarding alts is deliberately vague. As people have already pointed out, there are good reasons why a group may need a flock of accounts from the same IP address, and it's certainly in the Lab's own financial interest to let people have several Premium accounts to play the Game of Homes with. The limits in the policy are useful for keeping griefers and gangs of Paleoquest cheaters from spoiling SL for the rest of us. Regarding enforcement, the FAQ page regarding the alt policy says Accounts that have not been paid for and are found to be in violation of our polici
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