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  1. You are in the Answers section of the forums. If you have a question about how SL works (or why it doesn't always seem to), you are in the right place. If you are interested in a discussion, you should post on the General Discussion section of the People forum.
  2. Not really. If there is a violation of the forum standards, the moderators will generally deal with it. Otherwise, it's up to individuals to be civil or stay quiet.
  3. Red termites itch women's armpits TWOLJ
  4. Nah, too restrictive. From Little Alice's Kitchen -- ENDIVE! OMGHM
  5. "Hacking" is very difficult in SL -- difficult enough that it almost always turns out that people weren't hacked at all. They either gave someone else access to their accounts deliberately, or -- more often -- they were duped into giving access somehow. Phishing exploits are everywhere, not just in SL but on the Internet in general. Sadly, there's no way to look at your login history unless you had taken some steps earlier to collect the record yourself. There are devices available in the Marketplace ( I sell one myself, in fact) that you can use to keep track of your time in world, but you do have to set them up before you need them, not afterwards.
  6. Grandma planted too many eggplants. FHAHC
  7. Like you, Maddy, I have made a decent collection of houses and other buildings that are now languishing in my inventory. Many were made for other people or for the group that I supported for many years. Few were buildings that I ever "lived" in. This one, for example, dominates one chunk of my region now, but I hardly ever go inside. It's all for show. What good's a walled enclave if you don't have a villa in it?
  8. There are many ways to do that. Here's a simple one that you are welcome to modify:
  9. I didn't have a home until I had been in SL for about 5 years, although I rented shops a little earlier than that. I've never been one to spend a lot of time indoors, and I always had access to group-owned land for building stuff, so land ownership didn't seem all that important. Sometime in 2012, though, a close friend offered me a tiny parcel rent free and suggested that I should put up a skybox as a hideaway. A couple of years later, she wanted to downsize and offered to sell me the whole region. I took a deep breath and did it. I have a somewhat larger skybox now and have used the center of the region as a park. My friend, ironically, now lives in a skybox at about the same place where she offered me space years ago.
  10. No, you're stuck. You may have created the original shape, but when you gave an instance of it to your alt with no-copy perms, that particular instance was no longer yours. When you retrieved it, you got that particular instance. Of course, it still shows you as the creator, and you do own that instance now, but it's no longer the original. You still own the intellectual property, but if you didn't keep the original someplace, all you have now is a derivative copy.
  11. Yes, sadly Firestorm doesn't seem to be able to get face numbers right consistently. I always keep a simple utility script handy for that purpose.
  12. The weather in October swings from brisk and windy to beautifully mild. Today was surprisingly hot -- a perfect day for a ride in the hills -- so my horse and I set out to explore more of the land in southern Belliseria. It's an area of lakes and low, forested hills, dotted here and there with colorful camping trailers. I decided to start from the north shore of Lake Tatakaka, the largest of the lakes in this part of the world. At first, we kept to the dirt roads, wandering roughly northwest without a specific destination in mind. We passed the train Station in Stillhouse, not far from the lake. My horse really doesn't like trains much, so we moved along before one could pass by. I'm not quite sure how we got to Somerville, but we spent quite a while roaming through the hills and listening to birds. That's one of the pleasures of the Bellisseria back country. My horse is especially fond of warblers. He also loves flowers, so we had to stop and smell them every once in a while. It's hard to go far in Bellisseria without seeing water, so we found ourselves stopping to admire every little pond and stream. As the sun rose higher, that water looked more and more inviting. I made sure that my horse had a chance to drink and to wade in the shallow water when we could. Residents are getting into the holiday spirit with a vengeance. We had to stop and admire this one incredible display of Halloween pumpkins in Red Bluff. What a piece of creation! It truly was getting hot. This pool at the base of a cascade is obviously a favorite swimming hole, and I was really tempted to dive in. Unfortunately, though, there are trailers right nearby, and it didn't seem right to enjoy someone else's local spot. It didn't seem like a good idea to tether the horse there either. We headed uphill, looking for quieter water. Why uphill? Well, that stream was large enough that I figured that it probably drained some larger body of water in the hills. Besides which, there were fewer trailers up there. And I was right! There's a beautiful, clear lake near the summit of the hills in Red Bluff, nestled among the rocks and bushes, well out of sight. It was just what I was hoping for, the perfect place to get out of the sun and cool off. My horse seemed glad for a chance to rest too, after making that last climb, so I dismounted and let him enjoy a peaceful grassy area. And me? I spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the autumn mountain air and some of the most refreshing water I have swum in for quite some time. What a rewarding day!
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