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  1. If you are looking for a ready-made script, your chances are slim. Because you have to piece longer songs together by gluing 10-second clips to each other, it's usually a custom job. You can hire a scripter to write something for you by posting in the InWorld Employment forum. This LSL Scripting forum is a gathering place for scripters to talk to each other, trading ideas and moaning about things that don't work.
  2. Just before New Year's day, my horse and I went exploring on the new large island east of Pickle Island. We only had time to wander around the southern half of the island, though, and I have been eager to get back to see what's north of the channel that divides the two halves. I was going to take my horse along again, but he's miffed at me for something -- who knows that goes on in a horse's mind? -- so yesterday afternoon I went by myself. This time, I started at the lighthouse in Trafalgar. My horse doesn't care for heights, so it's just as well that he didn't want to come. As I looked south from the observation deck, I could see the houseboats in Wood, near where we started the last trip. As you can tell from the green parcel markers, the houseboats and traditional homes in Wood are still unoccupied. It's a beautiful region, though, so I'm sure those will be snapped up in a hurry once they are released. There's a large seafaring community just offshore, though. It looks like houseboats on all of those small sandy islands are occupied now. This half of this island has a collection of small communities in traditional homes with houseboats along much of the coast, unlike the more rugged terrain in the southern half, which is mostly occupied by camping trailers. When I came down from the lighthouse, I decided to travel along the north shore. To the west of Trafalgar is Hardtack, which is itself split by a narrow north-south channel that is navigable by small craft but, I suspect, nothing with a tall mast that might be blocked by local bridges. I walked along quiet streets in Hardtack and into the little fishing village of Tern Key, which has lovely picket-fenced yards and tall elms. You're never far from the shore anywhere here, so you can hear waves lapping on the beaches and under all of the houseboats in the marina. I spent way too long admiring the landscaping that residents have done here. From the docks at the west end of Tern Key, I could look south across the channel and see the point where my last trip here ended. I had a great time diving off the rocks there. The water was a little chilly, as I recall, but nice and deep. That's Conger Reef over there, by the way. Technically, I guess the marina on this side of the channel is also in Conger Reef too. This is a nice, quiet inlet. It opens to the west toward Pickle Island,which is barely visible if you squint into the setting sun. To the east, as in this photo, it leads into the channel that separates the northern and southern parts of this island. Here's another view, to show you what the marina here looks like. It's very peaceful, a beautiful spot to live if you enjoy the water. Streetlights were starting to turn on as I made my way east into Winters Elm. The streets were largely deserted, it being late Saturday. I imagine that most residents were safely indoors or off at a pub somewhere as I wandered through. Here's a view across the channel at the camping sites that I visited last time. Look how steep the rocks are over there. It's no wonder that it's a popular place for trailer homes. It was getting so dark by the time I walked back along the canal to its eastern end that I couldn't take many more scenic photos. In fact, by the time I got to Wood, the moon was already high in the sky. It was quite romantic, I suppose, but mostly it was chilly. So here I am, back to where I started this little trip. That's the Trafalgar lighthouse again, guarding the eastern shore. The moon is bright, the stars are all out, and I am the only one outdoors. It's time to head home and tell the horse what he missed.
  3. My mini-map is always on. I depend on it for my sense of direction in world. Unlike RL, where I always know which direction I am facing, I can get completely turned around in SL. I have taskbar buttons for the few other windows that I have to open frequently (Inventory, Map, Build, Search, Places), but the mini-map is never closed.
  4. You could trigger it in any event you wish: timer, listen, link_message, .... It all depends on what you are trying to do.
  5. See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_URI_Name_Space
  6. One of the advantages of living in small towns is that you never have to deal with traffic or parking when you stop to pick up something at a restaurant on the way home. One of the big disadvantages is that there aren't many restaurant choices, so there's not much incentive to get something to take out. In this town, the choices are mostly fast food, so there's even less incentive. I stop to get something maybe once a month and I can't remember the last time I had anything delivered.
  7. If you wink, it will mess up the retinal scan. Don't flutter your eyelashes either.
  8. Just in case the sorting isn't complete yet, you might also make a note that each instance of the practice shopping area on Social Island -- look for Social Island with Search -- also has two free private changing areas. Enter and you are whisked to a secure secret location where nobody can follow. (Frankly, although I spent by first year in SL changing clothes on the roof of a building in a very quiet region, I learned a long time ago that the easiest place to change is at the bottom of the ocean --- any old ocean. That is, if you really care who watches. )
  9. THIS is an SST (now obsolete):
  10. Anyone can send you L$, including your own alt, or you can sell stuff to earn L$. The only thing you can't do is buy more L$ until your limit increases. It will, of course, 30 days after your first L$ purchase on the LindeX.
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