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  1. Rolig Loon

    Useing teleport objects

    I can only guess, since I can't see the script in your object. There must be someplace where you have to tell it the name of the region you want to teleport to. Or it grabs the name from something that you have to put in the object (a notecard, maybe?). Check that spot, wherever it is. If you have forgotten to give a region name, or have misspelled it, the script will look like it's working but it won't teleport you because it doesn't recognize the destination.
  2. Rolig Loon

    Question about Linden labs and sl?

    Especially if you submit an AR right now to let LL know about the scammer. Do it now.
  3. Rolig Loon

    lladdtobanlist not working

    Certainly. Create a global list (call it lAllAvs, maybe). Then, every time someone collides with your object, have it check to see whether the person's UUID is on the list. If not, activate the dialog and add the person to the list. If the person is in the list, ignore her/him. So .... collision_start (integer num) { if ( !~llListFindList( lAllAvs, [ llDetectedKey(0) ] ) ) { lAllAvs += [ llDetectedKey(0) ]; // Do the dialog stuff } } The only serious problem is that you won't dare to reset the script. If you do, the list will be wiped clean. You can get around that by adding a touch_start event that is only accessible to you and trusted allies (or maybe do it with a timer). Use that event to send the entire list (with llDumpList2String and then a llMessageLinked) to a separate script in a child prim that serves as a backup repository. Then figure a way to dump that backup copy back to your main script if you ever need to. If you have access to an Experience, you could do a different version of the same idea -- and much more securely -- to save the user info in a unique Experience key. A secondary problem, much less serious unless you are on a busy region, is that after a while you may accumulate so many UUIDs in lAllAvs that your script runs out of memory. If that happens, you have no choice but to restart the script and wipe out everything. You can beat that problem in two ways. One is to store a compressed version of each UUID, so that each one takes less memory. The other way is to deliberately remove the oldest UUIDs in the list if the script is getting dangerously close to running out of memory. You'll find an example of a script that uses both methods at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Rolig_Loon/High-Capacity_Greeter-Counter EDIT: BTW, a question like this truly belongs in the Scripting forum, where it's likely to attract the attention of other scripters (other than me ).
  4. Rolig Loon

    lladdtobanlist not working

    That's quite reasonable. A simpler solution, though, is to rate your region either Moderate or Adult. By definition, anyone who is under 18 cannot go to either type of region. So, if someone lies to you, they have also lied to Linden Lab -- thus comitting a TOS violation that can get them banned from SL. The point is that LL has already done the work for you by asking every resident that same question. All you have to do to cover yourself legally is to be sure you set the region's maturity rating properly and believe that LL has already determined the person is an adult. If you uncover independent evidence that a visitor is a liar, submit an AR.
  5. Rolig Loon

    lladdtobanlist not working

    Like many of the land LSL functions, llAddToBanList will only work if the script is in object owned by the landowner and if the landowner is in world. The best way to guarantee that the owner is in world is to deed the land and your object to a group, since a group is always in SL. On the practical side, I'm sure that you have 100% trustworthy visitors to your region, but most people don't. What's to keep anyone from lying?
  6. Rolig Loon

    Texture zoom :: llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast

    Klytyna's right. Remake the texture or use a circular prim instead of a square one. And if you ever do want to change the scale on a texture, I think you'll find that the easiest way to get the right numbers is to do it manually and then just copy the numbers from your editor into the script.
  7. Rolig Loon

    Where are the regulars?

    Sections with unanswered questions are bolded. Click the one that's named at the right side of the section's name. That's the most recent unanswered one. Or simply open the section itself and look at the bolded ones. Most recent ones are at the top.
  8. Rolig Loon

    Recover lost group?

    Nope. It's gone forever. Group names are like account names (login names). They are unique. Like the Highlander, there can be only one. Once a group is dead, its name cannot be reused for another group. EDIT: When you create a group, step #1 should always be to invite your own alt to join so that you have the minimum of 2 people and the group does not collapse.
  9. Rolig Loon

    Subtle Texture Animation

    Flexiprims seem to be out of fashion these days, since people have moved so heavily to using mesh instead of prim construction. In the Old Days, though, we used to simulate wind by making a tree flexi and then setting its params to respond very gently to wind but be fairly stiff, so it didn't wave about like a flag. Because flexi objects stay fixed at one end but move at the other end, it was a pretty nice way to simulate wind rustling a tree. It had the major disadvantage of looking goofy on trees build with intersecting flat prims, of course, but nothing's perfect. Sadly, we can't make flexi mesh, so that's not an option. I imagine that your approach with animated textures is the best way to go, but I don't see a way to rotate the texture around a point other than the center of the face. IIRC, llSetTextureAnim ignores any settings for offsets, scaling, and rotations of the texture itself, but I might be wrong.
  10. Rolig Loon

    copyright/dae/blender related noob questions

    Threads don't "close." As long as people wish to comment, they are alive forever. Unless, of course, someone starts breaking the forum rules. If that happens, a moderator can put a cork in the thread to prevent further posting. The bottom line in this question is that when you buy something in Marketplace or in world, you are buying a single instance of that item. You are not buying the intellectual property from the creator, so you do not have permission to modify and re-market the item unless you were given that right explicitly. This is very much like copyright and trademark rules in RL. SL's internal permissions system addresses a somewhat different question. It concerns what you are allowed to do with the particular instance that you have bought. If you have transfer permission, for example, you may sell or give your specific item to someone else in SL. You may not represent it as your own creation, however, and you do not have permission to trade it outside of SL. Similar restrictions apply to Copy and Modify permissions. If you have questions about Linden Lab's Intellectual Property policy, consult http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Intellectual_Property . If you ever have questions about other policies in SL, start at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Official_Information_and_Policies_Portal .
  11. Rolig Loon

    pay pal

    Yes, I know. I'm already regretting having stepped onto this merry-go-round. 🙄
  12. Rolig Loon

    pay pal

    So, you have TWO problems: (1) your PayPal account was not set up correctly. It has not been verified by a bank account. And (2) Your daily trading limit is $0.00, so you may not sell L$ at any price until your account is activated for trading. Solve problem #1 first, then buy at least L$500 and wait for 30 days before your trading limit for sales increases above $0.00. When you have verified you PayPal account correctly, it will take 30 days before Linden Lab increases your trading limits. This has been explained to you many times in this thread already.
  13. Rolig Loon

    pay pal

    You are not selling at the Market Rate. That is a Limit order. Close it and create a new order at the Market rate.
  14. Rolig Loon

    nametag hider

    There's a simple griefer trick that I'd rather not share here. Basically, though, the hover tag is one of the best ways that we have of keeping the bad guys of SL from being totally invisible among us.
  15. Rolig Loon

    Five word Story Game

    ( jelly and lima types included )