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  1. Yes, it is. Read these instructions >>> https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/accounts-overview-r3/Section_.5.2 The $9.95 reinstatement fee is sometimes waived, but don;t count on it. Also, note that there's no guarantee that your inventory or account balance will still be intact, especially if it has been a while since you closed the account. Your family member who can;t remember his password should read Linden Lab will almost certainly ask to see a copy of some document that verifies his identity, but let them tell you what to provide.
  2. It's a little hard to give a solid answer because there are some pieces of information missing. We'd really need to know exactly what the messages you got said, not just your interpretation of what they said. I'm going to guess, though, that you didn't BUY L$ at all. You offered to buy them with a Limit Buy order. Unless you understand how a currency exchange works, take time to read before you place your next order >>> https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/buying-and-selling-linden-dollars-r46/Section_.1.2 When you place a Limit Buy order, Linden Lab charges your credit card for the amount that you will pay when the order is finally filled, and they place that money in an escrow account. If the order never fills, because you have set your offering price way too low, the money will sit there forever. You may get occasional messages that tell you that your order in still unfilled (not "declined"), but unless you close the order (on your dashboard at secondlife.com >>> LindeX >>> Manage >>> LindeX Order History), that's all you will hear. At this point, I'd suggest cancelling any orders that you have open and starting over. The money in the escrow account will be transferred to the USD balance in your SL account. Use it to buy L$ with the Market Buy option until you are confident that you know how Limit Buy works.
  3. /me remembers Robert Heinlein fondly.
  4. In that case, please do not delete your question. In fact, leave it and a short note about how you "sorted it out". Your question and answer might be useful to other people with the same challenge.
  5. This can sometimes happen, especially if you are new to SL and don't know how to respond to the various messages you get when you buy items in world. Typically, the system will send you a dialog message that says you have agreed to pay the vendor a certain amount of money. It asks if that's correct. You'll also get a message from the vendor that says it is sending you the item you just bought. It asks whether you want to accept it. If you say "YES", the item shows up in your inventory, usually in one of the main system folders (like "Clothing") but sometimes in a new folder of its own. If you say "NO", the item is not delivered. However, since you have already agreed to send money for it, you won't get the L$ refunded. You'll have to send a note to the owner to explain that you rejected the purchase by mistake. Include a complete copy of the transaction from the Transaction History on your dashboard at secondlife.com >>> Account. And do be patient. As Alwin explained, merchants have real lives and are not always around every day.
  6. Marigold is quite right. You do have a mystery but two things are certain: (1) Nobody can steal stuff from your house and (2) there is no such thing as a fake sim. You may have objects returned to you if the servers for your region determine that the land's L.I. allowance has been exceeded, or if your landlord decides to evict you. In those cases, your items will not be lost. They're simply returned to the Lost & Found folder in your inventory, as Marigold explained. Read https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/building-tips-r13/Section_.1 A "sim" is the simulator, a program running on the server that manages your region. We sometimes use the word "sim" to mean the same thing as a region. There is absolutely no such thing as a "fake sim". The concept makes no sense at all. A region may be inaccessible because it is off line, or because its owner has blocked entry, but it exists. You'll see it on your world map, you can search for it, and you can find all sorts of details about it at http://gridsurvey.com/index.php
  7. It's also worth noting that llGetAgentList returns a list of UUIDs, not a list of avatar names. If you want names, you'll have to do a little song and dance to llGetDisplayName or llGetUsername or whatever from each UUID in the list. Also, because avatar names are almost guaranteed to be more than 12 characters long and therefore too big to fit on dialog buttons, you're better off using a different multipage system, like
  8. Mira cada una de las respuestas anteriores en este hilo muy antiguo, especialmente el que escribió Irene. ¡Bienvenido a Second Life!
  9. llsleep()

    Terrific! Thanks, Innula.
  10. llsleep()

    That's an interesting link. It's an older thread than the one I was remembering. This one reaches a different conclusion, though. Void is saying that collision and touch events are simultaneous if they are within 0.1 seconds of each other, but I could swear that I have seen the opposite in a more recent thread. Maybe in SLU? For some reason, I can;t seem to search the ancient forums at all now. My links all redirect to this new forum, so they are useless. How did you do it, Innula?
  11. I haven't tried this, but the thought in my head when I suggested llMoveToTarget earlier in this thread was that you set a target that is, say, 3.2 m in front of your current position and tell llMoveToTarget to get there in 2.0 seconds instead of 1.0. Then you run a timer that does a llStopMoveToTarget in 1.0 seconds and re-initiate the llMoveToTarget with a new target if the control event is still receiving a signal from your keyboard forward arrow. I think you could leapfrog ahead like that effectively. My hesitancy, on later reflection, was because I had not tried it yet and began doubting whether the attachment would in fact move the avatar. You know much more about collars that I do, Innula, so you've restored my confidence. I have no idea whether that's a sensible use of server resources, of course.
  12. llsleep()

    Yes, the number_detected is virtually useless in a collision event. If you walk into a collision prim twice, that's interpreted by the script as two separate events. You register as llDetectedKey(0) both times. Unlike a sensor, which can detect several objects/avatars in the same scan, a collision never detects two events "simultaneously". I wish I could find the thread, now several years old, in which someone (Strife? Void?) did an exhaustive test showing that. Unfortunately, it's buried in unsearchable archives by now.
  13. I can only guess without actually examining the objects, but the most common reason for seeing "No Contents" is that there are no contents, at least where you are looking. When I am scripting objects and don't want to make them easy for a new owner to screw up, I put important scripts and animations into child prims -- sometimes small, transparent, and buried inside. If you examine the root prim, you won't find anything. That's not a common thing to do with an AO, because I'd expect the owner to need to add and remove anims. It might account for at least some "missing" contents, though. As I said, however, I can't guess beyond that without actually seeing the items.
  14. I agree with KarenMichelle. That particular machine will run the SL viewer but you will be disappointed by performance. As a rule, if you are looking for a machine to run SL or any other graphics-intensive program, avoid buying one that handles graphics with an integrated chip on the motherboard. Those machines are fine for browsing the web or watching YouTube videos, but not adequate for handling gaming-level graphics. You will experience low frame rate, slow image rendering, and low quality images, and your machine will run hot. Look instead for a machine that has a dedicated graphics card. I will go farther and point out that you can almost always get better quality for the same money in a desktop computer than you can in a laptop, so it makes sense to go that route unless you truly need portability. A desktop also has much better air flow and heat dispersion, so it's less likely to overheat and destroy itself. IMO, though, the major advantage of a desktop machine is that you can replace components that die unexpectedly or that simply need to be upgraded with relatively little trouble. I have had the same basic machine for ten years now, but have upgraded the graphics card four times, replaced the power supply and hard drives once each, have upgraded the monitor three times, and just replaced the case. I could never have done all of that with a laptop.
  15. Oh, well. Worth a try. On reflection, that should have been obvious, since any command like llSetPos, SLPPF with PRIM_POS, or llMoveToTarget is going to move the attachment, not the avatar. So, Innula's suggestion is probably the best one. Try llApplyImpulse.