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  1. Turn off Commercials streaming in new home for premium account

    You control the stream. World >>> About Land >>> Sound. Replace the stream with one of your own or delete it altogether.
  2. Unsharp Images

    It shouldn't make much difference at all, since images uploaded to SL are all automatically converted to JPEG2000 format, which is compressed. If it does make a difference, I expect it will mean a slight loss of resolution since a file that started as JPG will be compressed twice in the process. Others more versed in the technical details will know, I'm sure.
  3. Can you use your Premium membership to get land for a shop?

    Congratulations! Land ownership can be a complicated business, even if you've got all that you need. I suggest that you take Lindal up on her invitation to join her class next Saturday. She's pretty good at anticipating most of the questions you are likely to have, and introducing you to ones that you have not thought of yet. It would also be a good idea to start reading Knowledge Base articles related to selling in SL.
  4. Comparing Strings

    Hmmm.. It sounds like one of them has a formatting (non-printing) character in it. Or maybe a line feed?
  5. Comparing Strings

    Are you sure that they are both strings? Have you typecast them deliberately?
  6. Door Script with Lighting

    That's a function of where you made the hinge in your mesh door.
  7. Thanks, Lindal. Your explanation is pretty complete. The Lab updated that page in the Knowledge Base within the past year or so, along with many others. It was part of the new look. I suspect it was then that the previous mention of debit cards was deleted. As you know, and as others have said in different ways, almost all debit cards are now unacceptable, so it's much easier to minimize confusion by simply leaving them out of the basic article in the Knowledge Base. That saves going through lengthy discussions and arguments ("But his card works! Why not mine?"). In those few special cases that you mentioned, some debit cards do work, and support can help identify those (sometimes). And, of course, any that were active and grandfathered into the system will work until something is updated by the user or the issuing company. Because debit cards and prepaid cards are almost always problematic, the best advice is still to avoid using them. Also, note that the only way to transfer funds out of SL is through a PayPal account, so that's probably the most useful payment method to choose for SL. As you said, the backup funding source you use for the PayPal account is immaterial as far as Linden Lab is concerned, as long as you always keep a cash balance in the account.
  8. X,Y,Z maybe wrong on mesh when using Car script

    Put the vehicle script in a transparent cube prim and link it to the vehicle , making it the root. You may still need to do some minor triage to get it to recognize child prims correctly, but that's the standard easy solution for dealing with wierdly-oriented mesh. Someone may also suggest adding a llSetVehicleRotationParam command to reorient things. That sometimes works but it can also mess some things up. Give it a try anyway.
  9. Door Script with Lighting

    Just drop in llPlaySound(my_sound, at_whatever_volume) wherever you want the sound to play.
  10. Can you use your Premium membership to get land for a shop?

    It all depends on whether you are taking a "look at the forest" view or a "look at the trees" view. In the end, anyone who occupies land in SL pays a monthly fee for it, either in land fees to Linden Lab or to a landowner, as rent. If you happen to be a Premium member of SL, you are paying the monthly land fee by paying your yearly membership fee. The land you have is not "free". You just paid for it by paying to be Premium. And you lose value if you have a Premium membership and don't use land that your membership paid for. And yes, if you actually buy land, you have to pay the one-time purchase price, no matter what your membership level is.
  11. Can you use your Premium membership to get land for a shop?

    Ummmm .... no. If you own land, you always pay monthly land fees. If you rent land, you always pay rent, and the landowner pays the land fees. ( To clear up another confusion, Tier is technically a level of your fee liability, like a tax bracket. It's not an amount of L$, although many people use the term loosely so it sounds like one.) Read LittleMe's post carefully.
  12. Door Script with Lighting

    That's very easy to solve. Don't use PRIM_POINT_LIGHT. Just give the inner surface of the fridge a tiny bit of glow and use PRIM_FULLBRIGHT.
  13. Door Script with Lighting

    Just out of curiosity, how will a normal person know whether the light ever goes off when the door is closed? And why will they care?
  14. Or the person who sent that e-mail gave you incorrect information.
  15. How to build my own land?

    That's logical but incorrect. Residents are not selling land that they created. They are selling access to server space that Linden Lab continues to own. "Land," like everything else in SL, is a virtual asset in Linden Lab's servers. Each region exists as a virtual construct within a specific server. As residents, we are paying for that server space by paying monthly "land fees" (essentially rent or property tax) or, occasionally, by paying Linden Lab a one-time purchase price that you can think of as a license to use the space for our own purposes. Even when we buy land outright, we continue to pay those monthly fees. I say "occasionally" because, in fact, most land is not sold directly by Linden Lab but is transferred from one resident to another. Land is only sold directly by Linden Lab when a resident pays a large enough price to warrant adding a new server to the system (thus "creating" land) or when the Lab sells land at auction that residents have abandoned by not continuing to pay land fees. In addition to reading articles about land in the Knowledge Base, you may be interested in this article that describes some basics of server architecture >>>