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  1. Is there a Piggy Bank script?

    Deposit it in what? There's no way that you can use LSL to handle USD, if that's your question. All you can do is use "tip jar" functions to transfer L$ from one account to another. As people have said in response to your other posts, all you have to do is exercise normal self-control and personal budgeting habits. Many people -- merchants and land moguls -- use an alt as a "money manager", to make it easier to keep track of income from their businesses, separate from their personal pocket change. You might try that.
  2. One long list or multiple shorter ones?

    I have done it both ways but, frankly, have never based my choice on how it might optimize the script's speed or memory allocation. As far as I am concerned, I construct lists on the basis of how easily I can handle them without getting my brain all tangled up in index issues. If I have to write complex code to keep track of which list element is which, I am more likely to make mistakes and raise my blood pressure than if I opt for a simpler code. I suppose in the end that my script is "optimized" if it works accurately with minimal hassle.
  3. Bento Animation HUD

    You'll have to ask animators about the best way to handle your main question. As far as LSL is concerned, though, yes. If I were constructing a HUD with slider controls, I would probably use one of the llDetectedTouch functions. You won't be able to click/hold/drag a slider that way, but you will certainly be able to click along the control bar and change settings, much the way that the speaker volume control on your Windows task bar works. Click, read position on the control bar, move a marker to that spot, and use the reading itself to control your animation. It's that last step that you will need to discuss with an animator.
  4. Five word Story Game

    for the beaux and belles
  5. Terrain Issue 2018

    Oh, yes! Torley's region used to have a terraform area. I suppose it still does. I can't log in from where I am at the moment to check, but I believe the name of his region is "HERE".
  6. sent someone lindens in-world and need refund?

    Ah... I didn't spot that one. It does look likely, doesn't it? If so, the price might be reasonable, although still less than what I suspect a good modeller would charge for one-of-a-kind rigged mesh. All of that is beside the point, of course. Regardless of the price, the OP entered into a verbal agreement that is really not enforceable. Whether the creator is a genuine pro or is a newbie or scammer, the result is the same. The OP is probably out of luck unless he/she can work out a settlement directly with the creator.
  7. Terrain Issue 2018

    I have found that the various buttons in the terraforming menu fail to stick from time to time, which can be truly annoying. If you have been raising the land and click "lower", the button may flip back to "raise" all by itself. What you're encountering sounds like it may be a region issue, though, not your terraforming tool. If you've restarted the region and ar still having issues, you may need to contact the Concierge service or submit a support case to ask someone to come out and take a look. Before you do that, though, try a couple of tests, if you can. First, see if someone else can terraform on your region. Just give a friend temporary permission to terraform and supervise as he does it gently. Second -- this may be harder -- find another region were you are allowed to terraform and see if you have trouble there. That will only be possible if you have a landowner friend somewhere.
  8. sent someone lindens in-world and need refund?

    I admit, that thought was in my mind too. Of course, the OP didn't say what sort of mesh item he was hoping to get. Certainly, L$5000 is a very low price for a mesh avatar or a car, but even I might agree to make a customized mesh outhouse for that amount -- and I'm neither a newbie nor a scammer. (Not that I'm offering. Just sayin' .... )
  9. having marketplace age restriction problems

    It sounds like time to submit a support case.
  10. A buy script

    Take a look at this Knowledge Base article for an overview of the basic possibilities: Selling individual objects in world is really quite simple and, as the article describes, doesn't really require a script at all until you start adding bells and whistles. If you do want something fancier than the basics, you can find simple vendor scripts in free script libraries on line and in world. There are several in the script library in the LSL wiki, for example, including this one >>>
  11. sent someone lindens in-world and need refund?

    As others have said, there's no way to enforce an informal contract between SL residents. The best any of us can do is try to limit risk, as you have, by being as clear as possible about our expectations at the outset and then paying on installments until the work is completed. It's all a system of trust between strangers. In your case, the fortunate side is that your total loss is about $10, which amounts to the cost of a light lunch in RL. I know it's not just about the money, but perhaps that helps a little.
  12. I need to make this script group only

    Thank you, Qie. That hadn't occurred to me. As you say, it's easy enough to guard against: key kGroup = llList2Key(llGetObjectDetails(llGetKey(),[OBJECT_GROUP]),0); if ( ( kGroup != NULL_KEY) && (llSameGroup(llDetectedKey(0)) ) { Dialog(llDetectedKey(0), MENU1); }
  13. Five word Story Game

    to disguise any hot dog
  14. Five word Story Game

    blindfold and without a net
  15. Use card to buy something and didn't receive Lindens

    Right, but the minimum order of L$ is L250, which you didn't meet. This is why I said, parenthetically, that buying anything on the Marketplace with USD is a bad idea. You end up losing big time in exchange fees. It's a whole lot wiser to buy a few thousand L$ directly in the LindeX and then make your small Marketplace purchases in L$. No additional fees. I have a feeling that I am still missing something, though.