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  1. Profile Notes

    No, but you could start keep a record for yourself in a notecard. Or in the Notes space on your own profile.
  2. GPS Possible?

    Cool. The rotation should be easy. The map will need to rotate around its normal axis to match your vehicle's rotation in world (or at least its rotation around the global Z axis). Your map's rotation axis will be local, relative to the vehicle. The only thing you really need to watch out for is to be sure that your transparent prim or dot also rotate by that same amount, so that it stays in sync with the map.
  3. the tv in game will not work

    "The" TV? You'll have to be more specific. TV sets, like everything else that you buy in SL, are made by individual residents. There are dozens (hundreds?) of different TVs in world. Many of them are probably relics that were created with ancient technology many years ago but are still available. There's no way that anyone here will be able to guess how your TV works or why it doesn't. Your only hope is to follow the instructions that came with it or contact the creator.
  4. Group money

    No more than a day, I believe.
  5. names above head

    "Add", as in "put the words 'Marcus baby girl' " over your head? There are two ways. One way is to create a new group and set the group tag for your role (Owner) to "Marcus baby girl". If you do that, read the instructions carefully and be sure to add your own alt (not your best friend, your partner, or your mother) to the group as co-owner. A group with fewer than 2 member will be deleted automatically within 48 hours. The other way is to buy a "titler" in Marketplace (or create one yourself). Wear it as an attachment to your head and follow the instructions that come with the titler to set the floating text to "Marcus baby girl".
  6. Help needed

    Well, now you have learned what I tell my grandkids ... NEVER share your passwords and logon information with anyone. In case that's not clear, the TOS (Sect. 4.2) uses more formal language: "You are solely responsible for all activities conducted through your Account whether or not you authorize the activity (except to the extent that activities occur because someone gains access to our system without using your identifiers and password). In the event that fraud, illegality or other conduct that violates this Agreement is discovered or reported (whether by you or someone else) that is connected with your Account, we may terminate your Account (or Accounts) as described in Section 5. " Enough scolding. Time to recover. Follow these instructions immediately >>> If there's any chance that your ex-friend had access to your credit card information, alert the card company so that they can stop payments and issue a new card.
  7. Grid Status

    You don't. Some notifications from Linden Lab (grid status, Marketplace sales, ..) are always delivered because they are important enough that you really ought to pay attention. If you rez no-copy objects or make some financial transactions during a maintenance period (scheduled or unscheduled), you could lose valuable things.
  8. GPS Possible?

    Yes, you could either move a transparent prim with a dot or you could move a microprim around to mark your position on the map. Either way, the math is not particularly hard. You just need to run a fast timer that polls your current region position (llGetPos()) and then reduces the scale from 256m x 256 m to whatever the dimensions of your GPS screen are. Apply an offset to make sure that the center of your GPS screen corresponds to the center of the region and you're done. Well, unless you want the display to rotate, in which case you'll have to include that rotation in your calculation too.
  9. a simple question about Gifs

    Yes, this is quite an old thread with an even older question. The solution you're suggesting is the same one that I was offering back in 2012, when Peregrine Salon was the only game in town. If you do a quick Google search, you'll find that there are several similar services now, all converting an animated gif to a multi-frame png image. It's a decent solution, although limited by the number of frames you can show without losing a lot of resolution. The sort of solution that Virtual Kitten was hoping for still isn't possible, though. You can't unload an animated gif to SL.
  10. Group money

    And remember that group income is shared evenly among all members who have that "ability" in their role within the group. So, unless you have the sole ability to share in all income and liabilities , your friend's membership fee will be distributed among the whole group.
  11. LSL Editors

    We have this discussion a couple of times a year, but it's been at least since Christmas since anyone asked, so it's about time again. Innula convinced me a couple of years ago to try Sublime Text, and I use it pretty heavily now. It has good diagnostic comments and some handy functions for global search and replace, and it helps keep track of where scopes begin and end. Despite that, I still find myself using the in-world editor for doing quick and dirty scripting. It's pretty basic and stupid, but it means not having to fire up an external editor.
  12. Email to Upgrade To Premium

    Or, more simply .... The number of lifetime members who are still around in SL is so small that it's hardly worth doing the extra scripting that's necessary to filter the e-mail list to identify those few before sending out a mass mailing. If I had been given the task, I would have suggested sending a separate mass e-mailing first to lifetime members, containing some pithy, cheerful announcement like "Thanks for staying with us all these years! We hope you've had an opportunity to enjoy some of our recent new features, like Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches and to see what's changed this year in the Halloween ride, which opened to the public on October 19. You'll be seeing a separate note from us soon, encouraging members who haven't had Premium benefits to consider upgrading. If you know someone who might be interested in upgrading to share some of those Premium benefits that you have enjoyed, be sure to pass it along."
  13. Transparency and Colour Rotation Help please

    You're going to have to use a timer. As written, the loops is your sensor event will go as fast as lightning ... essentially instantaneously, or as fast as the servers will let them go. You could fake a timer by introducing a llSleep each time you enter a new step in each loop, but that will be really counterproductive. llSleep does exactly what it says; it puts the script completely to sleep for the duration of the sleep period. That means it will be unable to sense or respond to any other input during that time. It's much smarter to use an actual timer event. Remember that you cannot interrupt an event, hopping out and back into it. An event completes all of its activity before releasing control to any other event. Therefore, you will need to trigger the timer in your sensor event but put all of the fade in / fade out stuff into the timer event. You may of course stop the timer after a cycle and then restart it for another cycle, thus separating the fade in and fade out periods. That's simply a matter of installing a toggle switch in the timer to change its behavior at points you designate.
  14. Prepaid card

    Certainly. You are not allowed to use prepaid cards of any kind. Use an authorized credit card or a verified PayPal or Skrill account. Those are your options.
  15. Problem with resizing linked objects

    A coalesced object very commonly consists of several associated linksets. So, for example, a builder might link all of the roof parts together as one linkset, the second floor as a second linkset, and the first floor as a third linkset, and then package them together as a coalesced object. One reason for doing that is to create modular building elements that might be combined in different ways to produce more than one model of the same basic building. Another good reason would be to avoid running into limits on the physical dimensions of a linkset. In any case, it's quite common to have a coalesced object that's made of two or three linksets. So, can you link them together yourself? Maybe, but be sure that you have a backup just in case. Especially if you have scripted components (doors, windows, appliances, lights, ...), they may not play well together if you mess with things that they are linked to. You may also have trouble later if you decide to unlink them. So ... go ahead a try linking them but don't be surprised if it doesn't work. Be prepared to resize individual components slowly and manually otherwise.