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  1. Rolig Loon


    Running in place is typically a symptom of a connection problem. You viewer is out of sync with the SL servers, either because you are losing data packets or travel time (ping time) on the route between the viewer and servers is unusually large. Try rebooting both your modem and your router, restarting everything, and see if that helps.
  2. Rolig Loon

    Touch wont work once sat!

    Your sat_down state doesn't have a touch_start event in it, so there's no way you can expect it to react to a touch. That's where you need to add a new llDialog command. Before that, though, you need a listen event in state default. Otherwise, the script can't hear the message from the llDialog command in that state.
  3. Rolig Loon

    Keep getting logged out

    Then don't keep trying to log in to the same region. Log in to a nice quiet region like Smith.
  4. Rolig Loon

    Linden Home not Responding

    Nobody here. You already paid for the Live Chat service. They are experts at fixing jammed Linden Home controls. Contact them.
  5. Rolig Loon

    Contact list

    It's also dumb. My 11 year old grandson can tell you that.
  6. Rolig Loon

    A minor vehicle issue

    That's the OP's problem here. He has a sit target defined, but the script is not in the root prim. When I am making vehicles, I almost always make a transparent prim the root and put the main vehicle script in it. That way, I can readjust the positions of any visible parts (including the entire vehicle model if necessary) without having to mess with the script.
  7. Rolig Loon

    Issue with textures

    It may not do anything to solve this problem, but you really should set the Max Number of Non-imposter Avatars a lot lower than 16. With that weak graphics card especially, you can be using a lot of your card's rendering time displaying avatars at the expense of other things. I normally have mine set at 6, and I have a GT 1070 card, which is a lot more powerful than yours.
  8. Rolig Loon

    Is there an Include function in LSL?

    You can pass strings, integers, and keys directly with link messages. Anything else needs to be coded, so that means typecasting vectors or rotations as strings and them reversing the process at the other end of the transfer. Lists are the biggest headache. You need to llDumpList2String on one end and then parse the list out again when it's received. LSL was not designed to handle large databases (or arrays), and it doesn't handle longs strings and lists gracefully. It's basically meant for moving things around and communicating. With a 64K limit, it does pretty well at those things but we have to do some inventive juggling to do jobs that require lots of data or push the memory limits. I have learned to modularize and then pass data between scripts as smoothly as I can.
  9. Rolig Loon

    Is there an Include function in LSL?

    Not often for a major structural thing like includes. We get new functions and new behavior to enable things like animesh or experiences. I am accustomed to splitting large scripts and using linked messages to pass data between them as necessary so that I don't have to repeat too much code.
  10. Rolig Loon

    Issue with textures

    LittleMe is right on about the draw distance. There's rarely any reason to set it that high. I doubt that your graphics card can handle all of the images that it tries to draw over that range, especially since that is a rather underpowered card. I'd suggest dropping draw distance to no more than 256m.
  11. Rolig Loon

    Catwa Head Scalp Alpha Issue

    And you're wearing the alpha mask on your classic ("real") head?
  12. Rolig Loon

    Harassing Neighbor

    When you submit Abuse Reports, be sure to attach photos of the signs and include reference to specific times when you receoved specific message from the person. Also, be sure to make specific reference to the Community Standards statement on Harrassment. Linden Lab investigates all Abuse Reports but cannot act without clear, verifiable observations and, even then, without reason to believe that there has been a violation of the TOS or a referenced policy (like the Community Standards). Complaints are typically dismissed if they are inarticulate, hard to verify, or amount to little more than "he said, she said" statements that fall into the general category of "disputes between residents".
  13. Not without a valid complaint, submitted by the creator. There's no point in trying to argue here. Lindens rarely if ever come here, and we are all SL residents like you. We are not here to debate policy or justify it. The Answers area is here to help you understand how SL works.
  14. Rolig Loon

    What is worth of creating nowadays?

    You're right. Things made from prims are hard to sell. That's not the only reason to build, though. You can do a lot of good, basic building for your own enjoyment. Buy someone else's mesh house but use prims to make walls, patios, walkways, and all sorts of other items. Yes, someone can make smoother, more professional-looking things with mesh, but THEY made them, not YOU. There's a lot of satisfaction in knowing that you can create some things yourself.
  15. No. You apparently still don't get the point. The federal law, DMCA, says that only the creator of an item has authority under the law to file a complaint. If Linden Lab receives a valid complaint from the creator, they are required to remove the contested item, pending a successful appeal. Otherwise, they can simply ignore the complaint, because it is not clear whether changes were approved by the creator. In practice, Linden Lab generally treats non-DMCA complaints as "disputes between residents" and disregards them, as indicated in the TOS (Sect 6): " We are not responsible or liable for the conduct or content of any user. We reserve the right, but not the obligation, to monitor or become involved in disputes between you and other users."