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  1. Wow! A lot of people don't know how SL works, or they're so desperate that they hope the Catwa regions will magically appear if they stare long enough. Take care of yourself. There's not much you can do for a swarm of locusts.
  2. It's safer (in terms of AR avoidance) to use the Linden one unless you get a 3rd-party security device that can be set to ignore anyone between 400 - 2000 meters altitude. I suspect newer residents tend to rez the gadget then forget about it.
  3. Lindal explained how the system works. There may be bidding bots, but they aren't causing what you're seeing. Only the system itself could respond that fast. Or put it this way: Someone else did outbid you, but they may have done it well before you started bidding when they entered their maximum bid. You enter the highest amount you're willing to pay for the parcel. The system handles the bidding.
  4. That's what I thought when I first saw it. I bought it then realized I'd need somewhere to sail it. I bought a 2K mainland parcel on the water (literally on the water) to dock it. I was lucky; a few months later Bellisseria came down to meet the mainland there. The boat is 40m long, 9m wide, and I've never bothered to measure how tall. Can't dock it at a houseboat.
  5. I found the rez zone at the treehouse dock and tried out my Bambino. Sylvia will be a slow-moving obstacle; at full throttle I got the Bambino to a little over 8 knots. I also tried the paddle wheeler (the Dixie Belle, also at Bandit) again. Size comparison: The narrower stretches are fine as long as nobody else is around. You wouldn't want two of these things passing there.
  6. Parts of SL just aren't that interested in avatar appearance. The education/nonprofit community is still majority system body. I know some who still use the avatar they started with in 2005. They're in SL to work. They don't tend to have homes or get out into the rest of SL much, so trends elsewhere don't take hold.
  7. I've got that boat as well. It's small enough to use on the rivers in my own region, but it takes some practice to get it to turn quickly enough. Except for a very old sailboat, I think all of my boats are from Bandit.
  8. My house is along the narrow stretch, so I can rez on my land and move the boat onto the water. So far I've used a sailboat, 40m long paddle wheeler, a couple of power boats, and a submarine to go up and down that lake. Smaller boats can extend their trip by taking the canal that goes to one of the long oval lakes in adjoining regions.
  9. Even Lindens make mistakes. 😉 I call them regions but I'm not bothered by people calling them sims. I might orbit them, but that's just for fun.
  10. A door lock is no security at all in SL. Never has been. If you're worried about someone entering your parcel, set up the security orb.
  11. Yah, but the graphic card isn't that important anyway. Why aren't we comparing processors, ISP speeds, disk access times (loving my SSDs)? I get better framerates now with infinitely better scenery than I did in 2006 though my current computer cost less than the old one. I'm not going to insist that SL be able to run on a 2006 computer. I'll let someone else tilt at that windmill.
  12. OK, here's a test: My usual settings: Firestorm Ultra with draw distance 304m, shadows on everything Low setting: Firestorm Low (draw distance 64m, no ALM, pretty much nothing interesting) Test Location 1 Note: There's an avatar at the far left in the scene, but definitely not wearing anything mesh. I'm in the scene, so there is a mesh avatar, but a Dinkie is pretty efficient. Usual: 74 fps Low: 109 fps Test Location 2 Usual: 124 fps Low: 270 fps The second location is at 3300 meters with content I control, so it's not terribly far off from an empty region.
  13. I put up 36 copies of an object that had a mere 33,916 triangles for a total of a little over 1.2 million. I got 320 fps with my GTX1060. Yeah, it's way better than the 260 but I've had that card for 4 years. It's not the latest & greatest by far. I'd try the 260, but I think I sent it to electronics recycling a couple years ago.
  14. Such a hard test. Asking a computer to render 1.2 million copies of the same thing. The processor was probably bored doing it and the graphics card didn't have much to do either. You can't use that as a comparison to something you'd find on a typical region now.
  15. 1. This is not a question. 2. Answers is not a place for advertising. There are subforums under the Land forum that can be used. Which one depends on where your rentals are.
  16. I forgot that they were used that way. It's been a long time since it's happened to me. I do see 1 - 2 day olds at some of them. I assume someone who doesn't realize the onboarding process has changed sent them there. LL could do those newbies a favor by putting up teleport signs that send them back to the right place. Right now they're getting signs to teleport them to nonexistent locations.
  17. Maitimo is correct; newbies go through the learning island and then on to a Social Island or one of the official gateways. Linden Lab doesn't send anyone to the infohubs. They're out of date and generally useless. Time to wipe them out.
  18. That's a part of the current sign-up process. You pick male or female and get whatever starter avatar the system gives you. I'm very curious (I'm a cat after all) as to what happened to get that to come up after login.
  19. Please re-read @CoffeeDujour's post just above yours. And no, a second video card isn't going to help. A GTX1060 runs SL just about as well as a RTX2080.
  20. I always thought that song started "I'd like to buy the world some coke."
  21. Two responses to a conspiracy lover are enough, so here's the second: Second Life *never* had an automated ability to change an existing user name until now. Originally the user name was the identifier by which almost all of SL interacted with the avatar. The original naming system was a simple thing to create. Going back through 17 years of code to find and fix all the places where a user name was used rather than the UUID was a very big task, and it's likely LL has missed a few things. LL could change a user name before, but it took having a staff member go through everything to change any reference to the old name to the new name. If name changes were done like that now, they'd probably cost hundreds of dollars.
  22. The name change was added when it was ready. That took a very long time and had nothing to do with Sansar. Name changes became available after COVID-19 caused worldwide "stay at home" orders. Just a coincidence? Perhaps not.
  23. It's not uncommon on estate regions for the renter to buy the parcel with the cost set to one or two weeks of rent. They can then do everything parcel ownership allows, limited by region settings and the covenant. The owner of the region can reclaim the land as needed.
  24. LL says wait 24 hours for the name change to fully take effect, so I'd guess within 24 hours.
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