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  1. Anyone with experience creating fantasy themed lands, please IM me. Must provide slurs of work done
  2. I have seen an animation of floating little hears between a couple. Does anyone know its name or can you share the MP link? Thank you
  3. Thank you very much! Indeed I do not find trolls and trespassers amusing
  4. Madelaine, that is not funny or cute to me. To each his own. I pay for my private home and if I say trolls stay out, they stay out.
  5. Someone bypassed the door lock I believed I set up. A member of the community group helped me check the access. For those dying to be in a premium home, private lands are less laggy and more secured than these ones, in case you want to know...
  6. I just had an audacious, unknown individual walk into my premium home. "Oh well, you didn't have your security on" she said. I set up my security list allowing some friends but it was obviously to no avail. The region is Rabelais. What is the setting to lock the house door? All I see is the avatars getting kicked out after 15 seconds, from the parcel. Can they be restrained from doing this to anyone at all? If so, how? Thank you
  7. I can't say enough praises about Jackson. We are delighted with his work and talent. I can't recommend him enough. But see for yourself what he did for us: Gabriel and Brooke's Wedding Five star videographer. High class all the way!
  8. Wedding to be held in one week, at 1 PM SL time. Do not need photos, just a video. Please contact me if available. Approximate recording time: 30-40 minutes
  9. Thank you. I would like to upload my own list. Any affordable recommendations?
  10. How difficult is it to make your own customized stream? I can't find any working one with Celtic music. Thanks
  11. I just bought a landmark giver script. But I cant figure out where the slur goes. Can anyone please help me? It reads like this: default { state_entry() { // Edit the text below to name your landmark. llSetText("Click for Landmark.", <1, 1, 1>, 0.4); } touch_start(integer num_detected){ llGiveInventory(llDetectedKey(0), llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_LANDMARK, 0)); llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(), "LandMark giver at " + llGetRegionName() + " has just been used by " + llKey2Name(llDetectedKey(0)) + "!"); } } Where do I copy and paste the location coordinates? Thank you
  12. I am mind numbed already, visiting sites inworld and not finding what I want. Look for the following: A private island, at or over 3000 prims, no neighbors (to avoid region lag). Or at least, no immediately adjacent parcels. Please PM me if you can lead me in the right direction. Thank you
  13. Look, just trust me. It IS done. The software used is just not out in the MP or available to the average Joe. That is all I say. Be well and have a nice holiday!
  14. And I think you dwell in your illiteracy. Disrespectful post yours is. Sorry that you just found out that there ARE ways to confirm alt accounts and Internet presence, and there IS software that does just that. But mainly available to law enforcement and certified ethical hackers, for which there is a certification. But again, you just found out
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