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  1. Basically as the title says, I'm playing SL in 4k with some sims around 12 fps other sims that are less populated and a bit more empty with naturally higher fps @ around 60ish+ all of which on Ultra. The one setting causing all the ruckus is the Advanced Lighting Model which literally takes my frames from 130+ to the above mentioned. I know this game is poorly optimized but here's the system specs and before asked, I already went through the Nvidia Panel and forced / enhanced SL settings both for quality and performance and saw barely any flux in fps for the game. CPU: I9 9900K @ 5.2ghz MB: MSI Godlike MEG Ram: 16GB TritonZ @ 3khz GPU: Asus Strix 1080 (Stock Overclock) OS: Windows 10 Drive: 970 Samsung EVO PCIE SSD (Which SL is On) and a secondary mechanical 3TB Drive. Can't think of anything else that might be relevant to the discussion but if I missed something please be sure to contact me. I could play with advanced lighting off but I feel like with the rig I have it's really a waste not to be able to play the game at it's fullest. I know the game is poorly optimized once again and I also know that SL is more CPU heavy than GPU heavy, my 1080 is being utilized about 30% with a little flux here and there.
  2. I'm saying that headroom is wasted, playing on 4k alone drags frames or did you miss the part I said I played in 4k in a later post?
  3. I'm going to stop responding in general, I'm not looking for a war between people, I was making a reasonable request.
  4. This topic has strayed so far from a simple request of utilizing better hardware that's its turned into a war with those with lower end systems that seem to be scared of the game becoming unplayable for them should they improve it. The only arguments I see are from those with lower end systems which is why I say that. I'm asking for performance increases, sliders, further optimization, performance in general yet everyone seems so intent on saying "it's fine" when the only thing I ever hear about the game is how poorly it runs. I'm suggesting upgrades to keep it current. How long do you think 1920x1080 systems are going to be around? how long do you expect them to be relevant with the advancements of technology in general? This is a good example of why people avoid posting on the forums, someone asks for something actually reasonable and everyone jumps in to attack them, a perfect example of the community that is SL. Why don't you take a look at graphic card utilization statistics? Performance in general, settings that tank frames for no reason whatsoever that should have been optimized ages ago. Instead of spouting off about that, none of that matters in the face of actual performance in the game. I'm calling for real results in the game Qie not theoretical or things they are "Trying" performance upgrades too the game that affect the player base a whole while in the actual game itself.
  5. Turning on shadows alone tanks frames from 70 down to 25-30.
  6. You just answered my own question Thorin, playing on 1080p I can achieve frames up over 120 with everything turned too max including draw distance. The problem is having to downgrade a higher grade system to play a game at decent frames. Since when has asking for better performance been considered whining?
  7. Believe me, going to 1080p or even 2160x1440p on a native 4k monitor gives you the quality of 720p. The frame gains aren't worth the quality loss in picture. Play in 4k sometime or another if you can push it that far, dunno what your rig is like thus why I said that.
  8. No matter what way you look at it, SL is a game while unique in it's own right and not the traditional type of game it still is what it is. Listed as both a game and chat program in most search engines. There are various things to do but it and even games too play but at the end of the day it's a game that is played wrapped in a virtual world created by the players. It's a sandbox open world game that is updated to some extents here and there though not at all to improve the performance. You can't improve the game with mesh and things of the like and continue to push the envelope without sorting out performance issues otherwise it's going to be like playing Skyrim with so many mods the game becomes unstable.
  9. You're misunderstanding my intent, I wasn't saying to adjust the game and push out the smaller PC's much like MMO's that host higher settings for those with better computers SL could very well do the same thing while allowing those with lower end PC's to accomplish the same tasks they have been.
  10. None taken, I was looking at the usage on my GPU and seeing the 30% usage was a bit depressing to say the least.
  11. But do you play in 4k, ultra graphics and everything turned to max minus the shadow quality?
  12. Currently, the account that I'm on I've been on SL for 8 years and 1 month not that I see how that's relevant to the topic. My oldest account would be when the game first launched.
  13. Lemme first start off by listing my hardware: I7 3770k OC to 4.5 GHz, GTX 1080 Strix OC to 2100hz with 8gb of video memory, 8gb of 1600hz ram, SL on my SSD, Windows 10, the other stuff not really relevant. Looking at my hardware granted some parts a little outdated you would expect decent frames, but not really the case in most sims, usually average between 20-30 frames with advanced lighting, ambient, shadows (Sun and moon only) turned down to 1 shadow quality. This game while widely known as very poorly optimized, only uses about 30% of my GTX 1080 sometimes even less. A lot of the graphic presets are stuck in the past where GPU's only had a max of 2gb-2.5gb of memory while good for its time, that time has passed becoming obsolete with the newer cards out on the market today, you can pick up a 6gb 1060 for fairly cheap prices. I love the slider bar but for the game's memory buffer but to only use 30% of a beastly card is absurd, to say the least, leaving a lot of possible headroom wasted. I know the code is old and would require a bit of rework but quite honestly with the advancements in technology ever growing at rapid paces I don't see this game lasting another 5 years if that, there are already more sims than players and most sims only house about 2-4 "Actual" people the rest usually bots just to drum up traffic a bit, this game in my opinion has a lot of potential. I know quite a few people that have left just do too the unbearable lag in many situations, be that through poor connection to the game or poor utilization of the hardware available. This game needs an update to support the newer tech that's come to the market. I doubt this will ever happen or see the light of day, it seems devs don't really care about updating the game with things that actually matter toward performance sadly, some of the code may require a major overhaul, but even if it took 6 months or a year or so to do, the results, in the end, would be well worth it. Perhaps as a bridge gap and allow the game to use more of the available memory on the newer cards.
  14. Thank you to all those that IM'd me in game. I have someone that's graciously taken on my request. =^.^=
  15. What I'm looking to have made are two leg holstered pistols (One for each side) for the Kemono Mesh Body exactly like these with one minor difference that the glow in the design around the handle be blue instead of a light pink like in the picture. This isn't for RP purposes so it doesn't have to be scripted but would pay more for it if it was. It comes from the anime The Irregular at Magic High School and the character that uses them is Tatsuya Shiba. The blue would be to match my current outfit I'm putting together that is also in my profile picture. I can also send you a copy of the profile picture in game if needed. Please message me with your quoted price. Payment will be made upon completion of the work. http://mushybilla.deviantart.com/art/Project-Silver-Horn-Trident-483235637
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