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Found 9 results

  1. I have a trad. Linden Home at a 1024 sqm parcel at Bellissario. I am running out of available LIs, though the parcel size is okay. I understood that the amount of available LIs is bound to the sqm figures I own. Q: If I upgrade my land tier via Land Manager to e.g. acquire an additional 512 or 1024 sqm, without actually relocating from my current Linden Home 1024 sqm parcel, will I then be able to use these additional LIs from this upgrade land tier on my current 1024 sqm Linden Home parcel ? (Note: I do not want to buy any larger land or take part in a land auction and relocate. because any neighbor can e.g. block my view to a neat landscape nearby. I want to stay where I am, but just want more LIs available on this existing parcel. I checked the alternative to acquire 2 Linden Homes on an adjacent parcels, but the covenant, as I understood it, rules out to join the parcels and remove the hedges between them and remove one of the Linden Homes).
  2. https://gyazo.com/6e905fbf2ea4c6f31b29ebf1bad19202 Look at my build window. It says 5. Look at area search. It also confirms 5, but if you wanna get all stickler semantic-y about it, it says 4. Apparently there is a discrepancy with mesh objects and the like ... Firestorm group chat has confirmed that we all go by LI now because of what mesh tends to do (be off in count, either up or down, depending --which is why I assume they put LI in the build window and not prims). Now... If I sell something I make, and I advertise how many prims it is, am I going to use what shows up in my build window, or what shows up under "prims" in my area search window? (You can arguably also use Build>Pathfinding>Region Objects, but that also just gives LI, so pretend we're lazy and we'll just use area search.) If I am building something and I need to keep my limit under 50 prims, am I going to use my build window to add up and determine how many prims I have with unlinked objects, or am I going to build with the area search window open? Will I have to ask each contest I participate in how they count prims so that I play by the rules? If I am going to hold a build contest, and each entry is allowed 50 prims, how do I know that they adhered to the prim rule? --Would I individually click on their items and get the build window information + temporarily derender things I have already counted ...or am I going to use area search? And if I use area search, will I go by LI or by prims (as sometimes things do not show a LI, it simply gives "...")? ...How do I be fair? Should I tell participants that we're playing a semantics game with everything under the specific word "prim" or do I count these things the way "everyone" does via LI? ...What do you all think? Please and thank you.
  3. I'm over on the beta grid, uploading escalators in different sizes. They're all the same, except that the center part has been stretched in Blender. 7m, 3m, 30m, and 60m escalator frames. The dimension is floor to floor. Land impact Height Land impact 3m 10 7m 16 30m 116 60m 205 These all have exactly the same number of triangles: 5040 at high LOD, 92 at medium, low, and lowest LOD. This is a linkset of two objects, uploaded together. The LI for the 30m and 60m escalator frames is enormous. Here's the upload estimate for the 60m big one. (No, I don't really need a 60m escalator, that's just for testing.) The cost is mostly "Download". Which is strange, because the mesh data isn't any larger just because of the object size. The big 60m upload was very strange. The escalator frame became thinner. It's normally 1m, but somehow it shrank in width during upload. The wood cube is 1m^3, for a size reference. So what's the deal with download weight going up this fast?
  4. Hello! How does unwrapping and the number of faces affect LI? I noticed that the same model with a different UV and the number of faces has a different LI. why is this happening and how to save resources on this?
  5. I am thinking of subscribing and getting a Linden Home but can't find the LI / prim allowance anywhere. Which Linden Home gives the best allowance? Thanks
  6. I wonder why/how? Parcel is 160 m Parcel land capacity 54 Parcel land impact 668 Owned by parcel owner: 0 Owned by group: 0 Owned by others: 668 Auto return other resident's objects (minutes, 0 for off) 0 Parcel owner does not own more land in the region, and it is not group owned. --- Slurl removed
  7. I remember something similar on a large scale a while ago but just now I got a message from my lag meter that "Prims are getting low...." so I looked in land and it said 109 left Well I knew last night when I logged off we had at least 700 left so it completely threw me where did 600 LI go overnight. I restarted the sim and it is back to what it should be. Any clues or anyone else had a problem?
  8. Hola una pregunta, e comprado lindens en best rare buy si cancelo la orden el salgo gastado de mi tarjeta de crédito vuelve o no?
  9. How to reduce land impact? Hey. Why when I uploading meshes it turns out such big land impact? Here to take for example such simple boat hull. It have 723 vertices only, physics set to high. But why LI is so huge? I prefer to use high LOD for my buildings. Help please! How to reduce LI? Thank you!
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