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  1. Yea, this is why I'm posting this early on to see the response of the community. My goal is to make it react to the system deformers, use of physics, etc... It might not be compatible with everything out there since my main goal is to provide a new avatar for completely new content instead of making it work with current bodies. Since this avatar will have very common body proportions it might fit other current clothing and armor but that's honestly not my priority right now because I won't be able to finish it. I'm very interested in the rest of your list once you get your cup of coffee 🙂 I'm drinking one right now too 😉
  2. Actually, I was doing a male version, so no worries 😉
  3. New fantasy avatar, coming soon. I'm planing to create a modular version so it can be dressed and maybe available for modders, so I'm very curious how many people are interested in getting this Avatar. More pictures very soon, currently work in progress.
  4. True, now that I think about it yea... people should have the liberty to choose what they like no matter the level of complexity to the customization. If people like something, and they want to look unique, they will find the way no matter how hard the process is. SL has showed me how personal an Avatar identity can really be. Thx for your comment 🙂
  5. Interesante. Me pregunto, sueles comprar ropa en eventos para tu avatar clásico? ¿Sabes si de casualidad existen eventos y tiendas que estén al día al sol de hoy que contengan contenido para esos avatares? Gracias por comentar 🙂
  6. I only notice a huge problem, this is mostly specifically for content creators. Having a body and head system where you need to ask permission for getting access to a developer kit really makes this a restriction to newcomers (content creators). Second Life is supposed to be open to everybody and limiting this is something I really don't like since you have to apply to this developer kits and cross your fingers you are going to be accepted. Yes, you can create content anyway, but if you really want to make clothing fit those meshes... you really need them and at the end of the day, people have to create mask systems so people can wear almost every cloth they buy (and this not always work because of the number of brands out there). So... this is something LL needs to fix, this not only to satisfy this issue, but to make things work correctly. If this means content creators already established in the economy needs to modify their mesh bodies products to adapt to a new system created by LL, I think is fair to do so... That's my only issue.
  7. Interesting, thank you everyone for giving their opinion. I'm not looking for exact numbers, just in general to have an idea. ❤️
  8. Yea I agree, still, can you elaborate a bit more about why dare to say the majority does for various reasons? I'm curious. Thanks for your time.
  9. Yea, I like a few of those meshes but people are getting crazy with polycount limits... this makes SL even slower... I really can't understand why is so hard to make the community to adapt to such standards for a platform that runs on the web.
  10. Question, how many people roughly still use classic avatars instead of bento heads and bodies? I'm very curious about those who don't decide to spent money on this meshes.
  11. Work in progress, a little bit more for today. 
  12. Hello guys, here working on my first line of clothing work in progress, get ready for Post Nuclear explosion, if you want to see the process I can setup a broadcast to share some skills and ideas. I'm making this meshes "next gen" lets see if it fit the project Sansar soon. Softwares: Blender / Zbrush 
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