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  1. My other avatar when im on her MP, it sorts normally. Still looking for answers.
  2. How do i change my default sortby to relevance? Every time I search it just goes by 'newest'.
  3. Ah I see. So it’s not telling you what the actual highest bid. Thanks for explain. I had to reread it several times.
  4. @Lindal Kidd I know how the auction works. But its disconcerting that if at 10:34:21 I place a bid, and get outbid at 10:34:21 by someone else. It should be near impossible be outbidded in the same second, let alone millisecond. For this to happen 8 or 9 times in a row should be astronomically unheard of as a 'coincidence'. I think Molly has got it, that they're botting to always get highest.
  5. This is unfortunate, every land i've tried has this problem
  6. So i was trying my luck at land auction, and ever time i place a bid, it says someone has out bid me, to the same millisecond. I dont understand how someone can outbid me in the millisecond. :T Or if its just trying to bloat the price. Can someone explain this to me, or if it is just screwing me over? Status: You are not the leading bidder. BID AMOUNT DATE/TIME L$850 (0.83 L$ per M²) 2020-05-01 | 20:32:37 SLT L$840 (This is your bid) (0.82 L$ per M²) 2020-05-01 | 20:32:37 SLT
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