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  1. Suzumja


    I make here a Auction for my old Parcel 5120 sqm 1757 Prims Watersided Start Bid is 1L each sqm so 5120L. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tareezi/169/126/22 Replay what you want to pay the highest Bidder after 24 Hours get the land for his Bid When someone want to buy it direct. You can for 15000L$ simply visit the land rightclick it and buy End of this Auction is 7:00 am Tuesday PST SL Time
  2. 🐴 NEW IN SECOND LIFE 🐴 😺 BREEDABLES AUCTION AND MARKET 😺 Welcome to Oasis Auctions and breedables Market. Oasis is a new marketplace in Second Life offering a versatile selection of animals to breeders. Since our animal marketplace is new, we would like to provide new tenants who desire to stall their animals with us with this very attractive offer. You are welcome no matter the type of breeder you are, we support any type of breedable animals available. Amaretto Horses, ABC Horses, KittyCats, Meeroos, Kreatures etc... At the Oasis market you can rent a stall starting at just 40 L$ Per Week for 50 Prims. As a welcome offer you can pay 2 weeks rent and receive 2 additional weeks of rent FREE. We also offer larger paddock stables with 100 Prims for 90 L$ Per Week 💰 PROMO 2 WEEKS AND RECEIVE 2 WEEKS FREE !!! 💰 300 Prims for 250 L$ Per Week 💰 PROMO 2 WEEKS AND RECEIVE 2 WEEKS FREE !!! 💰 500 Prims for 450 L$ Per Week 💰 PROMO 2 WEEKS AND RECEIVE 2 WEEKS FREE !!! 💰 You are welcome to become a member of a fresh new Breedables community in Second Life. The Oasis Auction & Market is made by breeders for breeders. To visit Oasis in world you can CLICK HERE TO TELEPORT to Oasis in world. When you need help renting a stall or paddock you can IM paigepantheadestiny1 or Count Burks directly in world. We are looking forward to see you at Oasis Auction & Market. *Promo offer is available to new tenants only at Oasis Auction & Market.
  3. Can we give any action to avatar? Like kicking a ball with avatar foot. Or with her hand. OR Can we add any function to context menu??
  4. Over recent days I have been bidding on a few plots up for auction and then seeing what happens next. This has prompted me to ask a couple of questions that intrigue me: 1. A 1024m plot in Nautilus - Shalim sold for L$117,030 (114.29 L$ per M²) and so my question is why, in such a high cost area, didn't the previous owner sell it rather than abandon? I assume the only other possibility is that for whatever reason the previous owner ceased to be premium and therefore no longer qualified for land ownership? 2. A 10752m plot (link and picture below) in Snout on the north east tip of Heterocera sold for L$118,312 and was divided into two plots by the winning bidder. The right became 5088m and for sale at L$9.6/m2. This has now been purchased at currently on sale L$9.6/m2. Again I wonder why the original owner didn't sell rather than abandon, I am also fascinated how long the two plots will stay on the market and if they will go for these valuations? Another enjoyment from the action process that can be very enjoyable! Snout Point Highlighted plot is currently for sale for L$300,000, the right, where the boat is for L$99,500
  5. These connected parcels are located in the Molineux region. Currently divided as 512sqm, 1024sqm, 2048sqm, 3584sqm, 5632sqm parcels. Thus the total area currently available is 12,800sqm. A 1024sqm parcel will be available for full perm use before the year-end. I have skybox renters on the 1024sqm parcel who haven't come online (2+ weeks) since I tried to contact them to move their units to our new private region. So the 1024sqm will be available as those rentals expire during the above mentioned time period. The minimum rate I expect is 69,500L$ for 13,824sqm (~5L$/sqm) due to the special situation, and as am trying to avoid paying the next month tier. The 1024sqm parcel ownership can be changed to a group under the joint ownership of buyer and seller, till the rental expires or I am able to get a response from the renters (whichever is earlier). If required, I can take care of the tier of this parcel till the transfer is complete. I had an adult club, rentals as well as a beautiful hangout place on these parcels. So it is idle for any kind of buyer and has a lot of potential. I have a 4096sqm parcel in the same region connected to the above-said land, which I am not planning to sell at the moment, however, if you think you need that too, I would be happy to add it at a comparable rate. Please leave your bid in a notecard (inworld). Do not wait till the last minute to bid as I might close the bidding if I get a really good rate.
  6. I want to sell the land at an auction. I follow the instructions, I go to "My places", but there is no way to create an auction.
  7. Divine Garden Market Place & Auction House : Hi Everyone we will be running the auction at 5 pm to 7 pm slt all wk auction panels are 5L for 24 hour rental so be here early and grab yours : Also check out our stall rentals and the four stores up for rent : Aloha Spirit Bay (45,96,22) [3:59 PM] http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aloha%20Spirit%20Bay/45/96/22
  8. Hi Everyone we have started back up the WK Breedable auction house on tuesday may 26th stop in and join us for the 10 am to 12 pm slt all wk auction and the 5 pm to 7 pm slt. all wk auction panels are 5L for 24 hour rental so come on down and grab yours : Also check out our stall rentals and the four stores up for rent. Come and buy or sell your favorite WK Breedables http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aloha Spirit Bay/113/96/22 we are looking for dj/csrs as well
  9. So i was trying my luck at land auction, and ever time i place a bid, it says someone has out bid me, to the same millisecond. I dont understand how someone can outbid me in the millisecond. :T Or if its just trying to bloat the price. Can someone explain this to me, or if it is just screwing me over? Status: You are not the leading bidder. BID AMOUNT DATE/TIME L$850 (0.83 L$ per M²) 2020-05-01 | 20:32:37 SLT L$840 (This is your bid) (0.82 L$ per M²) 2020-05-01 | 20:32:37 SLT
  10. Dissident Cathedral BDSM VIP SEX LOUNGE (DC LOUNGE FOR SHORT) IS HIRING COURTESAN AND DANCERS!!! WE ARE LGBTQ FRIENDLY AND WILLING TO HIRE ANYONE!! FURRY, HUMAN, ELF, SCALE, HYPER , ETC. (for hyper please be scaled to a reasonable proportion) WE ARE LOOKING FOR DANCERS AND COURTESAN THAT ARE WILLING TO USE THEIR WIT!! 90% TIPS, DANCING RATES ARE ALL YOU!! COURTESAN HAVE FLAT RATES ACROSS THE BOARD!! Free adboards inside the lounge for staff! Must be 30 days or older, have a mesh body , and if you are new to the business have the willingness to be trained!! Have at least two group slots open. A pick slot open and make sure you have your avatar shots ready on hand! If you are interested please message yazzie.foxdale or dead.rain in world for an application! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ivory%20Moon/208/194/28
  11. RUBY'S CLOUD CASTLE AUCTION Tuesdays at 12 pm Noon SLT KittyCatS Auction ♥ Raffles ♥ Prizes & Gifts ♥ KittyCatS Shop & more! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mul/193/9/614 ♦ RAFFLE KITTY: ♀ 9T AUSTRALIAN MIST - GINGER ♦ WOW!!! ==> Tickets Only 50 L <== On Sale Now! Check it out! https://gyazo.com/3ddbdcbd2aef5b025020da3b16a06e7e *Attendance not required to win, auto notified via note card Auction Panel Set Up July 23rd : http://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=69
  12. RUBY'S CLOUD CASTLE AUCTION Tuesdays at 12 pm Noon SLT KittyCatS Auction ♥ Raffles ♥ Prizes & Gifts ♥ KittyCatS Shop & more http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mul/193/9/614 ♦ RAFFLE KITTY: ♀ CHATEAU CAT - BLACK & WHITE No. 1 ♦ WOW!!! ==> Tickets Only 50 L <== On Sale Now! Check it out! https://gyazo.com/8250ae00383023daf22323bc0e687145 Auction Panel Set Up: http://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=69 FlowerChild Dylan, Teacup, Golden Ticket, Kiwi & more to come!
  13. I want to auction off some land how do I go about it?
  14. KittyCatS Auction ♥ Raffles ♥ Prizes & Gifts ♥ KittyCatS Shop & more http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mul/193/9/614 CLOUD CASTLE KITTYCATS AUCTION TUESDAYS NOON SLT ♦ RAFFLE KITTY: ♂ CHATEAU CAT - Grey & White No. 2 with GREY MATTER! ♦ Check it out! https://gyazo.com/1c997f96ce83a0542999df4b87fad35a WOW!!! ==> Tickets Only 50 L !! <== On Sale Now! Draw July 9th Auction Panel Set Up: http://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=69 Don't be shy, give auctions a try! 1 Panel available when placed this ad.
  15. THIS MONTHS EVENTS TUESDAY 6:00pm Trivia Tuesdays WEDNESDAY 10:00am & 6:00pm Dirty Bingo THURSDAY 10:00am & 6:00pm Spankathon FRIDAY 10:00am & 6:00pm Cumathon SATURDAY 6:00pm Variety Night SUNDAY 6:00pm Open Mic & Karaoke VOICE DIRECTORS AND DJS EVERY DAY FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT ✪ VARIETY SATURDAY EVENTS ✪ May 4th BUMP N' GRIND - Star Wars - Win Lindens May 11th MUD WRESTLING May 18th DICK RODEO May 25th LIVE DATE AUCTION See you here!!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dirty Talk VSL/145/145/23
  16. Hello everyone! I'm trying to place my first time ever bid on a parcel, and I would like to place a maximum bid. What has me confused is there's a text link that reads "My Maximum Proxy Bid" and also a large green button that reads "Place Your Bid". Once I have entered my maximum amount, do I then just click the "My Maximum Proxy Bid" link, or just click the "Place Your Bid" button? What worries me is that if I click the "Place Your Bid" button, it will then enter my current bid at my maximum amount. So, how do I set my maximum bid amount with confidence? Thanks, ChoiceRider AKA Robert
  17. Hello, the new Auction page is not populating for me.? including Open Auctions or Scheduled Auctions, although the Recently closed auctions page does populate. I have tried clearing Cookies, to see if I may have missed a permission thing. Any ideas on how to solve this would be wonderful, Thank you
  18. Hello, i was looking at the land Auction and was trying to figure out once you win a land in the auction do you pay tire to it in the sum you won the bid at, or is it now yours and you no longer have to pay anything for it?
  19. SO lets start with the fact that you are now required to have money before placing an auction bid. For some of us who played the auctions daily we used the same money to pay for plots or would buy the money as needed. THIS IS NOW A FORCED BUY it is not an OK change by any means. It now limits me to bidding on one parcel a week. Rather then trying to win multiple parcels and buying funds as needed. This is going to be a detriment to the way the auctions worked and you will see a lot of people moving away from it. You raised the amount it costs to buy L$ so now not only are we forced to buy money we may not even use but we are also forced to pay more for it. Its a complete scam. A sham, and as a resident from 2005 I am absolutely sadend by the fact that the lindens dont seem to care and only want more money. Sadly. Most of us who played auctions didnt need 100k to bid on two plots all the time, I would use 50k and if I needed to buy more L$ at the end of auction if I won more then one plot. This is absolutely absurd and rude of them to do. #BOYCOTT THE AUCTIONS #AUCTIONSAREDEAD #WAYTOCHEAPYOURCUSTOMERS #UNHAPPYPAYINGCUSTOMER #WHY DO I PAY TO GET ROBBED
  20. Is there a way to know the winning bid for auctioned land?
  21. Izabella Bentham

    Land Auction

    I'm a premium member, and I currently have a linden home. I'm trying to bid on a larger mainland parcel in an auction and it is telling me I should update my account, but won't let the bid go through. I have checked everything there is to update on my account and it is updated. However it is telling me that I do not have a premium membership when I pay for an annual membership and clearly do or would not have a linden home. How do I get it resolved to place a bid on property?
  22. Setting new standards in SL auctions and discussions. Uncensored Connection and BDSM Uncensored are now hiring for the following roles. Join us at the sim to apply. Paying Hourly + Commission General Staff/ Greeters Managers Talk Facilitators http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Regency Park/149/99/38
  23. Theres's a land up for bid that I want to auction on but every time I place a bid it says "you should update your account" does anybody know what that means?
  24. hi. i purchased land at auction yesterday...do i really need to wait 24 hours for ownership to be transferred to me? money was paid immediately and i want to work on land today while i have time...it is over 20 hours now
  25. ♥ ♡ ღ ❤ Sleeping Beauty Silent Auction @ Mystically Bound♥ ♡ ღ ❤ We are offering a one-hour exclusive "Anything Goes" date with a Beauty of your dreams! Feel like dancing and romancing? She's yours for an hour...do with her as you please (within her limits, of course). If you can out bid your rivals! Check out our beauties up for auction here ▽▼▽▼ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tribe/148/23/26 Don't forget the auction is up to March 11th, so come and bid for one (or more) now!
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