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  1. Visiting some friends. Only change was to resize the picture. With warmer Windlight
  2. Ctrl-~ takes the snapshot to disk (if you've set up snapshots to go to disk). Have you tried that?
  3. Groups of bots come in waves. There's a group that's currently active that has virus-themed names for each of the bots. I've found at least 5 of them, but their rez dates are all late March. The way they behave depends on who created them. Most appear in some location, stay a little bit, then poof. One group TPed in around 1000 meters and would drop to ground level before TPing out. Look for similar behavior among several different names, or the same names popping up in regions that aren't related in usage - odds are they're bots. Once found I keep them off all four regions, either by adding their names to a bot ejector gadget or estate banning them. You can parcel ban them, assuming you've been given the ability.
  4. If LL had somehow seen 17 years into the future, perhaps they would have created a covenant. That covenant would've killed SL within a couple years. Mainland is the original sandbox. LL didn't know what would be built when SL started. SL was a place for people to create things together (or on their own). If LL had restricted what was created, those early residents would've dropped SL like a hot potato. In a way, mainland is still like that original sandbox environment. It's the one place in SL where you can buy land that nobody else controls and build whatever you like. To others it might look like junk, but to the person who built it their build is special because it's something they created.
  5. This forum is about discussing education in SL and is lightly used. You are much more likely to get an answer in the Mesh subforum of the Creation forum. It's here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/303-mesh/
  6. Still going on with this? It's not going to happen. Mainland is free-for-all land and it's way too late to change that. It's not Linden Lab's job to keep the people you find unacceptable out of mainland.
  7. This forum covers 2013 till now in 10 pages, so it's lightly used. Perhaps rename this forum Second Life Education and Nonprofits? Also, since event announcements are most of what was in the mailing list, would those be allowed here?
  8. Since many of their responses say almost the same thing as a post only two or three above theirs, I'd go with they only read the thread title.
  9. These are from the SL 4th Birthday event in June 2007. Everything here is prims. (part 1) Apparently the forum won't let me upload anything more in another post. I'll try again later.
  10. Correction: The maintenance fee on non-GF regions is $229 for 20K LI or $259 for 30K LI, so having a grandfathered region saves you $50/month over the current non-GF fees.
  11. Those are bogus prices. Existing regions have the same maintenance fees (not tier - that's for mainland) as new ones. Private regions never had a $600 maintenance fee. Going back to 2006 or so, the maintenance price for a full region was $195/month. It was raised to $295/month sometime later, but existing regions kept their $195/month fee (they were grandfathered in). If you buy one of those regions you can keep that monthly fee for a bigger upfront transfer fee. Anyway, more recently the full region maintenance fee went to $247 (think that's it), and to the current $229/month. The transfer fee isn't set by the seller. It's what Linden Lab charges to do the transfer. It's $100 for a non-grandfathered region, $300 for a grandfathered region. The sellers should be listing the correct transfer fee. If their current maintenance billing date is later than the transfer date, they can add in a prorated amount to cover the time that you'll have the region until you'll be billed. Otherwise you don't pay the monthly maintenance fee as part of the transfer. Basically these sellers are trying to pretend that it's LL that's making the excess dollars, not the sellers. It should be more like "We want $1100 plus the transfer fee of $100." ETA: In case there are scammers listing regions for sale: A transfer is done by the seller submitting an Initiate Region Sale and the buyer submitting an Initiate Region Purchase case to Linden Lab. If the details agree between the two, Linden Lab will withdraw the amount (in Linden dollars) from your account, keep the transfer fee, and give the rest to the seller's account. The buyer does NOT pay the seller. Any buyer who requests that is a scammer.
  12. Another problem with temp rezzers is temp objects only last a minute, which means the rezzer has to rez a new copy every minute (usually more like 55 seconds or so). If there are enough temp rezzers doing their thing at the same time, it affects the region's performance (from creating many objects simultaneously). I've seen region frame rate dips because of them. The covenant for my regions forbids temp rezzers. I'll give one warning, then the renter is out immediately if they use one again. Nasty things.
  13. A way it could happen with only one tenant per parcel is by setting the region's Object Bonus to something higher than 1. Set it to 1.5, every parcel now has 50% more LI available. If the landowner didn't set aside enough empty land to account for the excess LI and enough people try to use all their LI, the region will hit the limit. Some don't understand how object bonus works, others do know but might pack a region full of parcels for rent & use it to make the parcels more desirable.
  14. It's not a server, it's a system. LL has built a system that's tailored to SL - servers, some special hardware, networks, etc. They have to get the same performance out of cloud servers, plus deal with security issues they didn't have in their own data center.
  15. Because the simulator software isn't ready to be on AWS servers. It's currently running in a single Linden-owned data center on a configuration that Linden Lab created. They've been working on it for a couple years, but the simulator software isn't ready to be running on cloud servers. LL thinks they're close. I'd be surprised if they manage it in the fall.
  16. There's no good way to communicate with the entire grid, even for LL. Yes, the new ones are nicer than the old ones. Check out the Linden Homes section that's a couple down from this section in the Land Forum. Lots of pictures and discussion. The new area is a continent called Bellisseria, and it's already as big or bigger than some of the mainland continents.
  17. Parhelion Palou


    You might have better luck searching for Corthidian Belwraith, but I didn't see anything in his profile about places.
  18. In Firestorm, under Preferences->Firestorm->Windlight un-check the top item ("Automatically change environment to use region/parcel settings.") In the Linden Lab viewer, in World->Environment un-check "Use Shared Environment" If you're using a different viewer, the answer will hopefully be similar to one of the above.
  19. You know the demand for homesteads would be high, so why would LL make homesteads available to premium accounts when they don't have the servers to host them? Maybe in the fall or winter when they manage to get the simulators in the cloud.
  20. There are no official rules for renters. The landlord specifies how the rental will work. It's up to potential renters to decide whether they want to rent from that landlord. The situation you're describing is usually found in skybox rentals in which many skyboxes are spaced vertically. The renter is renting the skybox and has a prim/LI allowance to use within the skybox. Since all of the skyboxes share a parcel, the renter has little control over the land itself. The advantage to the renter is the rent is low. I suggest looking around. There are all sorts of rentals around. Ones in which you have full control up to 4096 meters are more likely to be on private estates, but then you're subject to the covenants the region owner has set.
  21. @Beth Macbain I gave your post a 'thanks' -- it was the closest I could get to Bravo!
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