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  1. @Alwin Alcott is correct. Per CasperTech: "CasperTech has a strict policy of only providing support to the avatar which owns the product in question, and not to business partners, managers, affiliates, or customers of our customers. This applies to everyone, even customers that we are familiar with." CasperTech will not respond to people who purchased something from a CasperVend unit. Contact the seller (Belleza) and give them the information you've provided here. If Belleza can't fix it then they will contact CasperTech.
  2. I went to the Takaroa region and had no trouble at all. The region is damage enabled. I started at the landing point that you find in search, got a visitor tag, and went to ground level. It's an average-quality build with 8 buildings for rent, of which 7 are available and 1 is expired. The combat areas are three skyboxes at various altitudes for jousting, sword fighting, and archery. The jousting and sword fight are both standard two-person games and archery is target shooting. The start area has landmark givers to two non-existent GoT locations. My guess is this region is a failed roleplay attempt. Back to the question: The start area has a sign stating "Wearing Progeny gets you kicked". I spotted a "Progeny Shield" gadget below the jousting skybox. It could be that whoever made the shield was having some fun and does the kicking via fireball. BTW, the region owner has nothing to do with the contents of the region. The region is being rented from the owner.
  3. It wouldn't help; the Sansar developers don't know much about SL. Most of the existing developers never worked on it. Why were you commenting on an event that happened a month ago?
  4. OK, this time I'll quote the entire post. There's an introduction that leads to your thesis: Creativity in Second Life is in serious trouble. There are 6 paragraphs talking about how people in SL are losing their creativity because creation is now off-line. Toward the end you mention art, but partly to say you hope that exposing the SL population to art will reinvigorate creativity in this "slowly atrophying platform". First, other than in the very beginning, SL's population was never that creative in terms of making things. There's always a small subset of a population that's into making things and the rest of the population uses what was made. Before mesh people bought prim houses, prim furniture, prim trees and plants. Clothing was more a matter of working off-line to create textures. Sculpties showed up & could be used to add onto clothes (or body parts), but sculpty creation was generally off-line as well. Most people in SL use others' work so they can do their own thing, whether it's roleplay, boating, sex, music, etc. What's different with mesh is that creating something like a house is more off-line than it was with prims, but who does that affect? I doubt people got a lot of entertainment going to someone's workspace to watch them build a house. For that matter, you can still build a nice house using mesh components and prims, or just with prims. There's creativity all over SL, but it's not necessarily for making art. (I'll skip over trying to define art as well.) Lots of creativity in roleplay, for example. How about music? I've seen plays and ballet in SL. There are (were?) the sky dancers -- their shows were extremely creative. There are people who are extremely creative with light and sounds. There was a wonderful Van Gogh exhibit that had 3D representations of his paintings. You could walk around in them. Amazingly enough, you don't need a single bit of mesh to do that. A few random thoughts: Maybe 10% of SL's population ever heard of the LEA, and I'm sure I'm being generous about the 10%. It's not possible to make art relevant and present to more than a small fraction of SL's population. Even LL can't get a message to more than maybe half of the population. A dirty little secret: artists don't necessarily create their art so people can find new meanings. Sometimes the artist wants to evoke memories or feelings. And sometimes it's just for a paycheck ... see the portraits in galleries? We admire the brushwork and skill of the artist, but it wasn't generally meant to be much more than a way to obtain funds. Long ago I saw in the National Gallery of Art (modern art section) a broomstick fastened to a canvas and the whole thing painted blue. Have fun finding new meanings in that. How creative was the person who made the mesh trim set I bought? (As in baseboards, chair rail, crown molding in various styles.) More creative than the person who uses it as part of the house she's creating? Yes, landscaping, building houses, etc. are about design, but it takes an artist to make it really special. I mentioned Selene in my post because it's mostly her landscaping in the top picture and her work shows an artist's touch.
  5. I'm sure SL's interior decorators, landscapers, etc. would love to know that all they're doing is plopping stuff down. Here are two pictures: The top one is very current (as of yesterday). It's almost all mesh save a few sculpty trees. It contains mesh items from perhaps a dozen mesh creators. The walkways, some of the waterfall, the pond at the top all come from mesh components from various creators. The second picture is from a few years ago; it's mostly mesh with prims and some sculpties in there somewhere. It's part of a build I did on a homestead that had a fantasy area (part of which is in the picture), tunnels, underground launch pad through a retractable pond, underground Steampunk harbor with sliding stone harbor door, beach, a stormy weather room (also underground) so you could sit in a thunderstorm, and a lot more. It seems to me that creativity was involved in both cases, but the persons involved in creating the top and me in the bottom didn't create any of the mesh. Guess we weren't creative after all. Plop, plop, plop. Note: Selene took my work creating the park (hill, pond, waterfall, etc.) and made it beautiful. And it's not done yet.
  6. Since she said several times this year, which rules out Tilia, I'm betting on the first idea. My apparent location isn't always in the state I live in.
  7. My objection is calling SL a social platform or any single thing. Giving it a name restricts it in the minds of those who hear the name. Advertise SL as a social platform and a lot of people will think of Facejunk and decide not to try SL. SL can be used for socializing, creating, roleplay, sex, etc. but it shouldn't be implied that SL is only one of the many things it can be. That's why advertising it is so hard. How would you advertise Earth to potential alien vacationers?
  8. Second Life is a sandbox. It's cool if you want to be social in it, but please don't tar everyone with that brush. (Announcing the new Unsocial Club of SL ... membership applications can be found in a file cabinet in an unlit room in the basement of a building somewhere in New York.)
  9. When I bought my region in 2016 it took about 15 minutes. It takes longer (probably a day) to show on the map. If I remember correctly, LL sends the coordinates to you when it's created.
  10. Nonprofit Commons had a region-opening party in spring 2008 that got up to between 70 - 75 avatars. The region was fairly simple, but at that point things just stopped. A couple of Lindens came in and tried to fix it, but in the end they restarted the region. I doubt anyone could get to 100 for long. ETA: Fairly recently I've been on a region that was near 100 avatars and I could still move around. There weren't many resource-hogging avatars though.
  11. Though I often place a house at ground level, I haven't 'lived' in one since around 2007. I use a high platform as my home location since that's where I spend a lot of time working. So here it is: The messy end of the platform isn't in the picture. A series of teleporters on the right and a building that's effectively my home. There's not much inside it; I usually don't get much further when I'm trying to decorate an interior.
  12. Florida allows people to gamble in Florida. What they don't allow is for people in Florida to gamble on the internet. That's why LL can't allow people who appear to be in Florida (based on IP address location) to go to gaming regions in SL. I live in a state that has both casinos and horse racing, but internet gambling is illegal and therefore I can't go to gaming regions. In my case, I have no interest in it so I don't care.
  13. The person claiming Sansar is a failure is likely right. It's not a failure yet, but it's unlikely to succeed.
  14. The first person was right, though being annoying. Sansar will never be Second Life, because Sansar isn't meant to be. It's a different design with different goals. Its target market is the people who want to create experiences for the millions of VR goggle users who will surely appear someday. The experience creators' market is those millions of people. (They shouldn't hold their breath waiting.)
  15. Assuming you don't check your balance or otherwise touch your USD account, the most LL will do is take the $0.08 after a year has passed. Or buy some more Linden dollars - the 8 cents will be used before your payment method is charged.
  16. True - they could go to Sansar or most any other game that allows user-supplied content and pay the company that owns it a lot more. There's always OpenSim grids though.
  17. Businesses are closing all the time in SL. That's been true since people began setting up businesses. New businesses pop up all the time as well. Nobody is indispensable, though losing CasperVend/Let or Anshe's land empire would hurt a lot.
  18. You can't gamble in SL because Florida has a law against online gambling. They want you to spend your money in their own state.
  19. I ran across it reading the last several pages of this thread in order to catch up. Having done so, what I want to know is: Where's the lock already? Come on, moderators, it's time.
  20. Who is this? I thought Linden Lab owned SL. Gotcha.
  21. Sansar is still in development. It will probably be in development when they pull the plug. However, some Sansar devs have moved to SL. I'd guess they were ones who were doing the cloud work for Sansar.
  22. If LL shuts down, so does Sansar. Even if it didn't, using your USD to get Sansar dollars (Sansollars?) is pretty much the same as having it disappear when SL goes away.
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