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    How does your avatar look today ?

    (/me checks his Nomex suit) You were hoping for poodle?
  2. Parhelion Palou

    How can I get 1500 linden free ?

    The OP asked their question nearly 6 years ago. Why are you waking the dead thread?
  3. Parhelion Palou

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    If you look at the LI of something that you put in Edit from another region, you get zero for the LI. You'll see the LI if you're on the same region as the object you're editing. ETA: Missed Theresa Tennyson's response on the bottom of the last page. Sorry about that.
  4. Parhelion Palou

    Is SL's Player Base Declining?

    Viewer 1 was a mess. The problem is that the viewers that came after were worse.
  5. Parhelion Palou

    A Derail Thread

    Are you responsible for this, young lady? No more space-time discombobulators for you.
  6. Parhelion Palou

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Though perhaps not totally in the spirit of "me and my alt", here I am with my fourth alt:
  7. Parhelion Palou

    0 is greater than 0? Why?

    That's cool! I don't remember if I'd heard about those computers ... my memory is wearing out and replacement parts aren't available yet. I do remember using analog computers in college. Those were lots of fun.
  8. Parhelion Palou

    change face to black on touch

    ZERO_VECTOR is just a constant that exists to be used by people who write LSL scripts. By the time the server sees it there's nothing there but numbers. I've been using <0.0,0.0,0.0> for black for a little over 12.33 years now. I've never had a failure from doing so. If it's something that happens every 12.5 years, I'm not going to worry about it.
  9. Parhelion Palou

    Deal with the Bot accounts already LL...

    I get bots on my region that have been around for nearly 10 years.
  10. Parhelion Palou

    Premium purchased, but where's housing

    As Chic said, you need to request the free home. Log into your Dashboard at https://secondlife.com then look on the right for this: Click on Get Your Home Now, then follow the instructions. After you click on Accept you'll be taken to a page that gives the information on the home's location.
  11. Parhelion Palou

    Looking for a script that auto-teleports users across sim

    I use llTeleportAgent with a landmark rather than llTeleportAgentGlobalCoords, but the behavior should be the same. The world map is not presented; you just end up at the target location. The look_at vector is in both functions, but you can set it to ZERO_VECTOR if you don't care what direction the teleportee is facing at the other end.
  12. How do you know that the person who owns the account is a child? The avatar's appearance has nothing to do with the age of the person behind the avatar. If you know that the person with the child avatar is under age, file an AR.
  13. Parhelion Palou


    You can role play pregnancy and births. You don't need to be in a maternity hospital to do so. If you're on a region that's owned by a maternity hospital then they can make the rules for their own land. If that's the case then go somewhere else.
  14. Parhelion Palou

    Remedies to declining SL?

    Sinespace is a Sansar competitor rather than a SL competitor. One thing that the new worlds don't have that SL does have is the ability for everyone to build. Sinespace and Sansar are for individuals to create their own little worlds for others to look at.
  15. Parhelion Palou

    Remedies to declining SL?

    Yes, they're captioned. My speakers are temporarily dead, so that's how I was able to tell what was going on.
  16. Parhelion Palou

    Remedies to declining SL?

    The only Orientation Island left is Orientation Island Public. It and the two Help Islands beside it are basically time capsules. New residents aren't directed to them, though some manage to find them. There are 9 Social Islands of which all 9 are active. The social islands have an intro video for Social Island (those people you see *are* people, how to get along), tutorials for building, shopping (in-world, marketplace, where to find purchases in inventory, how to unpack them), exploring (landmarks, use of the world map, portal park), where to get Lindens, and probably others I missed. There are challenges that earn local Lindens (can be used on Social Island to purchase things but disappear off of the islands). The challenges are a maze (controlling your avatar), boating (use of vehicles), and one that pushes camera skills. LL updates the Social Islands periodically (based on statistics they gather from how newbies use the islands) to try to improve retention. I know that Helping Haven sometimes has people on the Social Islands; I'm sure other groups do as well. As I said before, anyone can go to the Social Islands.
  17. Parhelion Palou

    Remedies to declining SL?

    The current system takes newbies through walking, jumping, flying, etc in a first region (not accessible to current residents). They have to fly in order to get to the teleporter that takes them to one of the Social Islands, which has various activities to hone their skills. The Social Islands have a portal area that leads to a randomly chosen location (out of around 4 possibilities) for each of several areas of interest. The Social Islands are accessible to anyone, so of course that's where the griefing begins. The process isn't Caledon Oxbridge, but it's not bad.
  18. Parhelion Palou

    Scripter or Builder ?

    Is that because the person with coding experience never checks references or talks to anyone else? That seems unlikely. I'd say the person with experience is likely to be well aware of the advantages of examples or reference materials, and to have a better idea how to find and use them. I also don't like the idea that the best way for coders to take on a new language is to have their memory wiped. This thread has been comparing newbie programmers with programmers with a little experience. The only ones likely to be smug and think all languages behave the same would be someone who has only learned one language. Anyone who has already learned a few computer languages knows that they don't necessarily work the same. Finding the differences and what you can do with the new language is the fun part.
  19. Parhelion Palou

    Have i been banned from SL ?

    If the learning centre is one of the Social Islands, the Lindens you earn there are for practice. They can only be spent for items on the island. They don't exist in the rest of SL.
  20. Parhelion Palou

    Second Life on Steam?

    You've been in SL long enough. Don't you remember the BS people were spouting back when SL was at the peak of its hype wave? The internet was going to a big virtual world. We'd shop in virtual stores just like we shop in real ones. People would hold business meetings in virtual worlds. Companies were jumping in like crazy for fear they'd miss the next big thing. (CEOs have *got* to be the most gullible people on Earth when it comes to technology.) What came of it? We're not all in virtual worlds because they're not efficient. If you want to buy something, use a search engine to find what you're after, get the best price, and buy it. There's no need to spend hours wandering around virtual stores. Why get in a virtual world to go to a meeting? It's done much better in real life with teleconference rooms or even webcams. I've heard that some people even talk face-to-face with no electronic assistance at all. Those Luddites! 😉 VR got hyped too soon. It's now dead to the mass market. Facebook put the Rift 2 on the shelf. FB is pushing cheaper standalone VR goggles, and the biggest use of those is watching movies. I don't know why, but that's what FB claims. AR has a shot, but I suspect it'll mostly be as an assistive technology. AR could tell me that the familiar-looking person coming toward me is one of my sons. AR could warn me to step back because a self-driving car is headed toward me on the sidewalk. Useful information.
  21. Parhelion Palou

    Second Life on Steam?

    The problem with that is currently the experience owner is the only one who can edit the experience. Having to buy, place, and adjust objects for each of the curators would get to be really annoying.
  22. Parhelion Palou

    Inventory catastrophe with Firestorm

    I suggest trying: https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_missing_inventory, especially "Method 2 - Inventory Copy from SL Viewer" (a bit over halfway down the page) since your inventory appears to be intact in the SL Viewer.
  23. Parhelion Palou

    Recurring things in Second Life

    The avatar was a project ... after reading about the fun of working with mesh bodies in the forums I figured I'd try it. My female alt got a body first (the selection for guys wasn't so hot at the time), then I got one. I ended up with two hairs that I wasn't terribly fond of because that's what was available and my prim hair was incredibly expensive in terms of complexity. Anyway, I still have the system head & it's likely to stay that way. I'd taken pictures with standard me and with a Cthulhu head for a post awhile ago. I wanted to use the Cthulhu head for the forum picture but wasn't having much luck fitting it into the tight space, so I used the normal-looking picture. I've been too lazy to come up with another. I have mostly non-human avatars, but they tend to put the nonprofit people off for some reason (especially the snake avatar), so I end up human. Ah, Maddy just posted. Yes, I have the male version of the little devil avatar. I wasn't about to give her one without a way to fight back.
  24. Parhelion Palou

    Recurring things in Second Life

    I was pointing out that there are exceptions to what sounded to me like an absolute rule. If all of SL was canvassed we might find that over half of the residents don't care about the visual appearance of avatars, making your point invalid (or at least not general). There's no way to canvas SL, and even LL has no clue what all the uses for SL are. Therefore I can't say, but I doubt the survey would invalidate your point.
  25. Parhelion Palou

    Recurring things in Second Life

    Yes I would. I got into SL to create things. At the time I had no intention of talking with anyone. I avoided contact (and still do for the most part). SL is a creation platform to me.