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  1. A current region (256x256) is 64K sqm (or 65536 sqm). A 1024x1024 region is 1048576 sqm, which is 16 times the area of a current region. The big one should have its maintenance fee set accordingly - US$3664 per month. LL could be generous by reducing it to US$3600 per month.
  2. Patch said you'll be able to choose between all-water houses and ones with land. I assume that means two categories under Select a House when you choose your Linden Home. There are plenty of real stilt houses on land in areas that are prone to flooding.
  3. The moles are back at work. Here's SSPE1129 and its neighbors to the east.
  4. That's the SL17B Enchant region. The homes have lower level decks that can be used as docks (though they seem a bit high to me). The white posts around the houses that are in the water mark the parcel boundaries.
  5. Parhelion Palou

    Bellisseria Home

    In this case, reasonably soon means 5 months or more. Once LL gets the simulators running on AWS (sometime this fall, but don't bet on early fall) the moles will still have to populate the regions. They're planning on releasing thousands of homes at once, so it'll take a month or so to get ready.
  6. The uplift move isn't optional. If there are to be any new regions, it's required. LL's data center is maxed out, out of date, and they're not going to try to replace it. The decision to go to the cloud was made a couple years ago.
  7. Child avatars are allowed on adult regions so long as they stay away from things specified in the TOS, so they're certainly allowed on mature regions. These are not actual children. I don't think you need to worry about some 18 - 80 year old's safety.
  8. Those mountains are LL's solution to a viewer glitch that happens when water at two different levels are in the scene simultaneously. The water level for the cabin area is 50 meters. When you get to the shore the water level is at the standard 20 meters. LL used different water levels in different Victorian regions and people would see the glitch. I saw it while standing in a Victorian region with a higher water level. I zoomed in to the shore of a river that was below me, and everything down there suddenly looked like it was under water. The mountains in the cabin region block the view of the
  9. @Seicher Rae and I exploring Venice. The picture is cropped for aspect ratio and resized so I can post it.
  10. LL can't lease a bunch of new servers. They have nowhere to put them. They own one data center; it's outdated and at capacity. They're stuck until they can get the cloud move done. I hope LL can get that done quickly, but they've been at it a lot longer than they predicted and the problem is complex. They predicted it'll be done this fall. So far their predictions on pretty much everything have been very optimistic. I wouldn't bet on September or October.
  11. They're on the grid, but they might as well not be. None of us can go there. The people who are signed up through the Reg API can go there but nowhere else. They have no contact with any other part of SL. The camp director would have to be using an avatar created through the usual SL registration in order to have a profile that you can see. That avatar wouldn't be able to go to the camp regions; they'd have to use a camp-registered avatar to be in them. That was what happened when my company did the same sort of thing around 2008 -- my avatar registered through the company had no access to any
  12. You're probably seeing Dinkie cats. That's the type avatar I'm using in my forum picture.
  13. They'd give you a few Lindens less. They can save you money, but they can't cost you money. You specified the amount you'd pay. LL can't add to it.
  14. The rate doesn't need to change. You're actually buying Lindens from other residents who are selling them. They specify what rate they're willing to sell them at. If someone happened to put Lindens up for sale at a better rate than existed when your transaction started, some of your Lindens would come from that seller and the overall cost would be less.
  15. I said thanks to this as in thanks for your prayers. I hope your medical situation is resolved successfully.
  16. It looks like the original charge for Lindens you bought was $15.94 but the actual price turned out to be $15.88. The excess 6 cents you paid is the credit. You needn't worry about taxes or such. Nobody cares about the balance until it's cashed out. (And you can't cash out 6 cents.)
  17. You might find the reason for the 6 cents in your account history; otherwise you'd have to ask Linden Lab. It's easy to get rid of the balance; buy some Lindens and the 6 cents will be used as part of the payment.
  18. That exists, but it costs a lot. An organization can still set up region(s) that are completely separate from the rest of SL. The only people who can get there are signed up (using the Registration API) via the organization itself. They cannot go anywhere outside the region(s) and can't access the Marketplace. Companies used it back when SL was still in its hype wave; the company I worked for had one. The COPPA Act, which only allows children under 13 to give out personal information with their parents' permission, would still apply but perhaps the organization would be the responsible pa
  19. Just a clarification: The avatars you see in the Choose an Avatar window are standard avatars with mesh clothing. It's easy to spot the angles on the faces and bodies including the usual glitches. I agree that they're a good starting point. You can still find the old and hideous mesh avatars from several years ago in the inventory library, but it would be a waste of time to use them.
  20. Rezzing was no problem for me, but deleting things definitely was. I'd rezzed a gadget I built long ago to relocate an AFK person into a cave. I couldn't delete or take the gadget afterward, which made it slightly more obvious who the culprit was.
  21. It's unlikely Linden Lab would allow duplicate names except in unusual circumstances. People go by the names, not by the numbers. Two regions with the same name would cause confusion.
  22. You are restricted to the list of last names that's provided. Those names will be replaced with new ones over time. Retired names aren't available. You can see the list of currently available names by going to Account->Change Name in your Dashboard, then selecting the Next Step button. The last names will be listed. If you don't like any of them, there's a link called Go Back to get out of there. I don't know if Clarity has been used before. It's not in among the current choices. You might as well submit a ticket asking for your preferred name to be added at some point. It likely won'
  23. They've been there since at least May 27th. I haven't seen any Mole activity anywhere in the area during the past week. Guess they're busy with SL17B.
  24. The military cannot act against the president. That would be unconstitutional. Everyone working for the federal government must swear to defend the Constitution. (I don't think anybody except perhaps the Secret Service swears to defend the president.) The military can and has refused to obey the Cheeto. The problem is the Republican side of the Senate is acting as if their oath was to the president and is refusing to do their Constitutional duty to be one of the checks and balances. Now they're trying to stack the judiciary. If successful, the US may be done for.
  25. Don't move that slider too far to the right either. A little goes a long way.
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