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  1. I've never needed to transfer money to PayPal. The bank lists the transaction as Paypal instant transfer - it goes through immediately.
  2. Maddy is over a decade younger than me, but I'm not sure that qualifies as youth. (Dropping some Maddy-bait: I'd say she's around 29.) As for badnic, I prefer "Allow me to introducing myself. I am Boris Badenov, world's greatest no-goodnik." SL is full of corrupted good ideas ... LL gives us a new thing and we twist it into something they never expected. Then again, not all of their ideas qualify as good ... maybe we made their ideas better.
  3. I never see an "Abandon" button, perhaps because I own the region. 😉 But when I was renting, I was very careful around that button. Maybe there should be a cover over it, like there are over the 'kill power' buttons in computer rooms and labs.
  4. Get off my lawn! Actually, the idea was to mark it as not applicable so the tab doesn't show to other people. Saves time when going through a profile. ETA: However, it would be useful for showing additional picks.
  5. If you accidentally abandon land you're renting on a private region, notify your landlord rather than Linden Lab.
  6. If so, I'd like it to have an option to check "Not Applicable".
  7. Mel and I were wandering around at sunset ...
  8. Holding an air horn and wearing hearing protectors, get about 5 feet (~1.5m) behind a goggle wearer. Set off the air horn. Scrape goggle wearer off the ceiling. So far I haven't convinced anyone to buy VR goggles. Bummer.
  9. There was anaesthetic. You forgot about the whisky.
  10. Considering that this is the only time the cost has increased in at least 12.75 years, it doesn't seem so bad.
  11. My female alt (who has a Maitreya body) is 5' 7". Not too far off.
  12. You're right -- there's no need for premium membership to own any number of private regions. The reason to rent a region is generally to avoid the upfront cost of buying one because you don't plan on using it long-term or you can't come up with the initial cost.
  13. So long as LL doesn't try doing another basic viewer ... never again. I watch my kids (well, they used to be kids) playing video games. I don't know how they keep track of all the key and button combinations needed to play. Any SL viewer seems simple to me after that. But perhaps disabling some of the complex stuff initially, along with an obvious way to get it all back.
  14. Getting the community to like LL's viewer is simple ... mass hypnotism. Or perhaps incentives like free downloads if you use the LL viewer.
  15. The maintenance fee for a full region went down $20 per month. That works out to L$5040 per month for the entire region, or L$78 per month per 1K sqm rented. Since the credit processing fee went from 2.5% to 5%, the region owner will want to offset the increase. That takes L$21 off of the L$78, leaving L$57 per month per 1K sqm rented. That's not enough to increase people's interest in renting. Therefore I doubt Linden Lab was trying to reduce people's rent. It was a small handout to region owners & maybe enough to get people on the fence to buy a region.
  16. Things start getting wonky below 4096 ... not good to raise the limit higher.
  17. This thread is the older of the two and was more formal. People generally listed what they wore in the pictures. The other thread was for informal pictures ... what you happened to be wearing that day. That one has morphed into the thread for the fancy stuff, leaving this one to fade away slowly. Both are too fancy for me, though I'll post twisted pictures at times. I stick to for my more photogenic alt.
  18. LL has their own data center and their own servers in it. The reason they're trying to move the simulators to the cloud is because the data center is now too out of date to support newer hardware, and going to the cloud is cheaper than building a new data center. This is from a talk given by the Linden in charge of the data center. I suspect their Sansar experience caused them to underestimate the difficulty of moving to the cloud. SL would be way more complex ... for a start, the code is old and Sansar doesn't have region crossings. The Linden also mentioned some hardware that wouldn't work right if put in separate racks, indicating very tight timing constraints. They have to get away from that too.
  19. Being able to have multiple (at least 2) experiences would be appealing to me. One for production use (currently just teleporter portals), and one to play with (feel like being a ball in a pinball machine?). I like having 90 days of transactions stored because I tended to forget to collect them every 30 days. Those two are the reasons I'll continue with premium now that it will no longer be profitable (L$400/week stipend from 2006). The increased offline IM count is nice, but wouldn't be necessary if I dropped some of the over-chatty groups. The rest of it isn't important to me.
  20. LL said years ago they wouldn't be moving Sansar features to SL. Sansar is virtual worlds; SL is a virtual world. After that, the code is too different and the architectures are way too different.
  21. From what I remember back when LL improved groups (and found that commercial solutions didn't help), allowing us to get to 42 ... group chat is sent to each region that has someone in that group on it. The simulator sends the message to the group members on the region. There must be a controller that receives messages and distributes them to the affected regions. Anyway, the more people in the group, the more of SL is involved in processing the messages. Add more group slots to avatars and there are that many more groups all sending messages through the system. A group used as it was meant to be used - for administration of a parcel or region/regions - wouldn't stress the system. It's using groups as a chat system that's causing the problem. I wondered years ago why LL didn't set up a second type of group that worked outside of the simulators and went directly from avatars to the controller. I suspect that's too far outside of SL's architecture, or LL tried it and it didn't work well. Clarifications to what I've said are welcome; I think I maxed out my memory capacity long ago. I don't think my alts are in any groups other than my land groups, but I should check. Getting out of unused or rarely used large groups is a good idea.
  22. Pasting male nips over the female ones doesn't work either. 😉
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