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    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    I didn't say he couldn't criticize creators or offer suggestions. Calling them shady is implying wrong-doing. That's going too far. Back to the original question: I have no problem with no-mod clothing. I find perhaps 6 things a year that I'm interested in. At that point I'm so happy to find *something* that I don't care if it's mod or not. I generally won't buy home and garden items that aren't copy/mod, because I almost always need to resize them or make some other modification so they'll work for me.
  2. Parhelion Palou

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    Your argument is irrelevant. A company that makes RL things rarely has the ability to make an unmodifiable product. In SL doing so is easy, and if a creator wishes to sell their items as no mod it's their business and only their business. You, as the consumer, are free to purchase an item or not. If enough people refused to buy because of no mod items, a creator might change their mind. Or they might decide to quit making those items. It appears that most people don't care much whether clothing is modifiable or not, so it's highly unlikely you'll get your way. There's a lot of template clothing out there. It comes with enough information to add your own textures. I suggest buying that if you want to play around with doing your own textures.
  3. It's unwise to set a land group so that anyone can join. It's asking for trouble. I suggest changing the setting.
  4. Parhelion Palou

    Please let us see bots.

    If LL was ever crazy enough to implement this, I'd see if I could register myself as a bot. People would think there's a new breed of illogical bots wandering around.
  5. Parhelion Palou

    Issues with new Environment Settings

    Try the Second Life EEP Viewer (you can get to it through Downloads via the link in the More Viewers section). The official LL viewer isn't set up for EEP yet. That said, the Social Islands look the pretty much the same to me (Firestorm viewer) as in Whirly's second picture. I didn't try turning off Advanced Lighting, but it's too late at night for me to log in again.
  6. I tried SL sometime in 2004 or 2005, but it didn't last long. I logged in and started looking around, then saw someone headed toward me. I logged out & didn't come back ... SL was too crowded. Unfortunately I lost track of that account. I tried again in early September 2006. I got through Orientation Island as fast as I could, took the teleport to mainland and found a quiet spot. I played with the viewer, found the minimap, and started what became my favorite game: avoid the green dots. I bought a parcel of First Land shortly after, sold it to a neighbor after two weeks (too few prims and way too crowded), and rented 2K sqm on Anshe's Dreamland. I spent the next year renting parcels when they came available, going through the LSL wiki to try everything that seemed interesting, building, landscaping, doing my own textures, and exploring anywhere that other people weren't.
  7. Parhelion Palou

    Do LL works in progress affect your SL budget?

    The upcoming projects aren't affecting my spending. It's been years since I routinely had roaming animals in my builds so I'm not that interested in animesh. BoM won't affect me ... all that's on my mesh body's layers is skin. I haven't owned any mainland since September 2006 & won't go back, so the updated Linden homes aren't interesting. What I'm waiting for is EEP, and perhaps global experiences.
  8. Parhelion Palou

    Please let us see bots.

    I could terraform and decorate a region without moving, and that would easily take a day. I'd go from green to red. I wouldn't want to add that feature to the world map. It's slow enough without having to query every avatar on a region to find out its movement status.
  9. Parhelion Palou

    still same bugs after years...

    True, but since sacrificing the goat is generally considered to be detrimental to the goat's health, it's better to try power cycling the router first. If the problem isn't solved, sacrificing the goat would be the logical next step. Note: The steps may be reversed if the goat was about to be converted into the main ingredient of a nice stew.
  10. Parhelion Palou

    looking for houses

    I get a rough idea using the minimap. The camera location shows on the map (at least in Firestorm) and I know where the object is because that's where the camera started.
  11. Parhelion Palou

    Guys its 2019 what can we bring to SL this year

    What SL needs in 2019 is a mutton, lettuce, and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe. You can overlook a lot of things (like lag) if you have a good MLT in your hand.
  12. Parhelion Palou

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    If we're going to outlaw things to protect addicts, SL's shoe stores are in trouble. 😉
  13. Parhelion Palou

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    Those junk toy machines used to take a quarter (my kids are far too old to be interested in them any more), which is a little over L$62. That seems about right for a gacha machine. I'd let the kids use 4 quarters to go for something they wanted in one. That sounds like a gacha machine to me.
  14. Parhelion Palou

    could use a little advice on land.

    You have to own a full region in order to buy a homestead, so the OP's only choice is to rent a homestead. It is a good idea to only pay for a week or two initially.
  15. Parhelion Palou

    Groups In SL

    Yes, they couldn't fit the round peg into the square hole without breaking the peg & making the whole effort pointless. I agree on a megagroup being a bigger part of the problem than many small groups. Unfortunately, what the OP wants is the ability to join more megagroups (store groups).
  16. Parhelion Palou

    Groups In SL

    The industry standard system didn't work out. The performance was worse than what they already had. I suspect it comes down to how badly do you want to break SL in order to fix groups? I would have created social groups to go with land groups and set it up so that messages could go directly to avatars no matter where they were. That may not be possible in SL's architecture without knocking down the whole house of cards.
  17. Parhelion Palou

    Groups In SL

    Where are the people who know things? I used to, but I'm forgetful. Here it is as I remember it: Groups most definitely have a cost to LL because they affect simulator performance. A more accurate term for 'group' is 'land group'. LL created them so that groups of people could administer a parcel/region. They weren't meant for mass communication across the grid. At the time it must have made sense for group chat to go through the simulator. Odds are the people administering a region would be on the region, so the simulator running the region could handle the group chat and all would be good. When group members are on different regions and use group chat, each message has to go from the simulator the originating avatar was on to all other regions who have group members. It may be a broadcast to all simulators, for all I know. Each simulator that gets the message has to check every avatar on the region to see if they're a member of that group. If so, that avatar is given the message. Increasing the group limit per avatar means the region has a rapidly increasing amount of work to do. More groups to search through for each avatar and more messages in general.
  18. Parhelion Palou

    I don't ''get'' Sansar

    So .... the person wearing the goggles doesn't have much of a field of view. Excellent, excellent. They'd have no idea if someone was coming up behind to, for example, set them on fire? I don't suppose there would be a way to tell who is wearing goggles, like make the avatars wear mesh goggles while using the viewer? No particular reason for asking -- a friend of mine is curious.
  19. Parhelion Palou

    I don't ''get'' Sansar

    LL couldn't get the framerates they needed in SL to keep people from losing their lunch with goggles. Considering that VR isn't that popular in Sansar or anywhere else, I doubt LL will try it again.
  20. Parhelion Palou

    I don't ''get'' Sansar

    Sansar *is* in beta mode. It'll be a couple years before it's ready to be released at the rate they're going.
  21. Parhelion Palou

    bitcoin to L$

    Sure -- convert bitcoin to US dollars, use the US dollars to buy Lindens.
  22. Parhelion Palou


    The thing you were seeing didn't need to be attached to you. It could have been something like an octopus that was scripted to go to you (or whoever the owner targeted) ... basically a follower with a follow distance of zero. Nobody steals permission to animate you. They fool you into giving them permission. In Firestorm you can try 'Stop avatar animations & revoke permissions'. I don't know if any other viewer has something like that. As for the brute force thing: You weren't being brute forced. What you were seeing is a warning that the password you wanted to use is too simple and therefore easily guessed. The website likely made you try again until you came up with a sufficiently secure password. The days of using 'password1' as a password are long gone.
  23. Parhelion Palou

    Hi Second Life-ers!

    Not Safe For Work ... though that depends on where you work.
  24. Parhelion Palou

    What are you doing today!? :D

    I used to love going through the 3D recreations of Van Gogh paintings, so I checked this place out. It's very cool.
  25. Parhelion Palou

    An insight on retaining new users

    The Social Islands have some challenges in which you're paid L$ that show up in a Tutorial L$ Balance window. They can be used to purchase things on the Social Islands, but don't exist in the rest of SL. People have asked in the forums how to get to those L$ once they're off the Social Island, so it would've been nice to name the tutorial Lindens something else. The region a newbie starts in isn't accessible to anyone other than beginners, but after learning basic movement they're teleported to a Social Island (9 or 10 of those) where anyone can go. That makes the Social Islands much like the old Help Islands; there are helpful people, people who are not so helpful telling newbies that without a mesh body/head they'll be social outcasts, those who've never left to explore the rest of SL, griefers, scammers, and newbies. Look in the world map for Social Island and pick one from the list. I just went to a less populated one (only 10 there) and found 3 newbies with the rest ranging from 90 to 1500 days old.