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  1. Do official (paid) name changes in world no longer migrate to your forum profile? I changed my name over a month ago and it still shows my old name here...
  2. really looking forward to walking thru the new Mediterraneans later today- the exterior colors on the few we can see are so vivid
  3. I am just so in love with having enough yard to decorate finally! And the night time ❀️ Tree Houses are just perfection in LHs
  4. Same... I used the Rage Spell to have as much of an open feel & windows flung wide to let the outside in... but for me it was always about the night flora & soundscapes, I love this area and think it'll be more popular with the introduction of the Tree Homes! I'll post some before & after shots :
  5. I'm still waiting on my plot to update ...GIMMEE my TREAT! I LOVE these
  6. Waves at my first Bellisseria Home in Graff that I grabbed back that April. I hope someone now is enjoying the lovely beach view from the front door. May Bellisseria thrive for many more years to come.
  7. I do tend to drag the original unpacked boxes into a searchable storage prim (Artizan) for backup. So I'm just tidying up since I gathered up my nerve to finally jump from Maitreya.
  8. I did try that first, with only objects & created by others selected: unfortunately, at least in Firestorm that produces a weird behavior wherein the last folder with Maitreya items has the Maitreya objects highlighted... and then a couple of folders above that are highlighted, but not the objects in them...and nothing else above that is highlighted at all. I think I'll go d/l the Second Life Viewer or Catznip & see if they have similar behavior. .... Yep same behavior in SL Viewer: https://gyazo.com/1c5f80f1451d13cea351e5cdb8f95886
  9. Speaking of which... I've recently switched mesh bodies and if there was any way to mass delete after searching & highlighting clothes by *name of previous mesh body* which does not involved CNTRL clicking on hundreds of objects one at a time in my inventory- well that would make my near future less tedious. Ideas?
  10. Kat's Witch Haven house is ready for candy gobblers! (yay I'm happy it's Bellisseria Spoopy Season again)
  11. Yes, much gratitude to Jon and Reesa, I cannot wait to go to Snowhaven this weekend and take some photos of this lovely build!
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